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           TO TAKE PLACE ON

        WEDNESDAY, 2010-DEC-15

           4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.

             AT THE KIN HUT

                     Cilaire Streetlights – Summary for Residents


The City of Nanaimo is planning major infrastructure repairs to the Cilaire Subdivision for 2011
and 2012. As part of the investigation for the project, the streetlights were assessed and found to
be in need of replacement.

The City of Nanaimo‟s electrical maintenance contractor reported that “Since the conduit has
rotted, it makes it impossible to pull in new conductors without first replacing the existing
conduit runs,” and that the lamp standard bases are “unusable for any upgrade to the electrical
system because new piping cannot be adapted to the existing bases. In addition, many of the
electrical panels are past their useful life.”

In addition to this assessment, the electrical consultant for the project found “that the existing
lighting levels are well below the City of Nanaimo‟s Design Criteria.” The consultant also
stated, “Since the current post top fixtures are inefficient and the spacing is irregular, we
recommend replacing the existing fixtures”. The new design should “include service bases, new
conduits, bases and fixtures.” If not replaced, the lights will continue to deteriorate.

The City of Nanaimo determined replacement of the existing forty-four (44) lights with the
City‟s standard lighting - a Flat Glass Cobra head style would be the least expensive and are
energy efficient. Engineering held an open house in June of this year to ascertain the opinion of
the Cilaire residents concerning the proposed lighting.

Subsequently, a petition was submitted to the City of Nanaimo requesting “a more attractive
alternative, more suitable to the design and aesthetics of the neighbourhood.” The petition was
signed by a majority of the residents in the subdivision.

A working group was formed to explore possible options. The selected members were
Engineering‟s project manager, the electrical consultant for the project and three Cilaire
residents. The group had no decision making powers and its purpose was to look at alternative
lighting solutions.

The original design displayed at the open house used the City of Nanaimo‟s Manual of
Engineering Standards and Specifications for the streetlight standards. Research showed that this
standard is slightly higher for local roads than those used by the Transportation Association of
Canada (TAC). Engineering established that the City of Nanaimo could apply TAC standards in
this design.

Because the existing lights do not meet these current standards, any new design will require more
Working Group Considerations

The working group met three times and looked at a number of options. Several options were not
further investigated by the committee based on high costs or unsuitable appearance. (See
Appendices „A‟ & „B‟)

The electrical consultant was asked to model two possible solutions as described in detail below:

1. the 70 watt Cobra head lamp with a shorter pole (7.6m – 25 ft. high) and
2. the 100 watt decorative style Cyclone Domia, (6.8m – 22.3 ft. high).

Note: Existing decorative lights are 6.8m – 22.3 ft. total height.

The Cobra Head, Short Poles

The Cobra head style with flat glass is the standard light used by the City of Nanaimo in new
installations. It is a 70 watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp with high power efficiency and a
long lamp life (24,000 – 30,000 hrs).

Pole height would be reduced from the standard 9 meters to 7.5 meters.

The lamp produces a yellow-orange hue. It is “dark skies” friendly; the flat glass fixture is flat
across the bottom of the fixture directing the light down to the street and eliminating glare

Installation costs for this system are similar to the system proposed at the June open house.
Sixty-five (65) lights are required.

The Cyclone Domia

The Cyclone Domia has a 100 watt metal halide (MH) lamp on a 6.8 meter (22.3 ft.) pole. The
Domia style is similar to the new lights in Maffeo Sutton Park.

The lamp produces a white light. It is slightly less power efficient and has a shorter lamp life
than the HPS lamp (20,000 – 24,000 hrs) but produces a truer colour rendering. It is “dark skies”
friendly; it has a covered shade which directs light to the street and prevents it from shining
upward. Sixty-two (62) lights are required (or as determined by the final design).

Installation costs would exceed the original system proposed at the June open house.

Other Styles

The working group considered a „Shoebox‟ style light. This style was rejected because it needed
more lights – eighty (80) compared with sixty-two (62) for the preferred „Domia‟ style. It was
also less appealing aesthetically.
Some „green‟ styles were considered by City of Nanaimo staff prior to the June open house
including LED and induction lighting. Both of these alternatives were found to require at least
double the number of lights to achieve the same lighting levels. This requisite raised the cost for
installation to more than a million dollars. Energy savings over the lifetime of the lights would
not compensate for the difference in initial costs. (See Appendix „B‟).

Working Group’s Proposal

The working group‟s preference is the decorative style Cyclone Domia light which is more in
keeping with the neighbourhood aesthetics. The working group would like to proceed with a
formal petition to the residents asking them to vote to accept the Cyclone Domia style light with
a cost share to cover the added capital costs incurred by this design change. The cost share
amount per property is $425.00.

If this initiative is not accepted by residents the working group requested that the Cobra Head,
Short Poles (7.5m – 24.6 ft.) be installed in lieu of the original proposal presented at the June
open house at no extra charge to the property owners.

A second open house has been set for December 15th, 2010. An information package with a
contact number(s) will be sent out to the residents before the open house. In addition,
information will be put up on the City of Nanaimo website. There will be a large display in the
Engineering hallway showing the lighting model and the lamp style. Alternatively, residents can
call Engineering and make an appointment to discuss the proposed lighting system.

Report to Council

November 15th, 2010 City of Nanaimo Council approved the installation of the Domia style
decorative streetlight upon the receipt of a formal petition by a majority of property owners to
agree to a cost share amount of $425.00. Council also approved the installation of Cobra head
style lights on a shorter pole should the petition not be signed by the required number of owners.

Petition Process

Following the open house, the petition will be mailed to Cilaire property owners who will have
six weeks to return the petition to the City of Nanaimo. If you are in favour of proceeding with
the installation of the Domia lights at a per property amount of $425.00, you must sign and
return the petition. The petition must be signed by at least 50% of the owners of the properties
and represent at least 50% of the assessed property value within the area.”

Important Dates

November 26th, 2010 – Information package mail out to property owners

December 15th, 2010 – Open house 4 – 8 pm at Kin Hut on Departure Bay Road

December 16th, 2010 – Formal Petition mailed out
January 27th, 2011 – Petition deadline

February 14th, 2011 – Information Report to Council

Contact Information

City of Nanaimo – Wendy Needham, Project Manager – (250)755-4409

                    Tom Kraft, Engineering Projects Manager – (250)755-4409


Cilaire Working Group – Maggie Walsh – phone: (250)760-0045, email:

                           Douglas Anderson – (250)754-1877 (office); email:

                           Yvan Gosselin – (250)756-9475; email
                           APPENDIX ‘A’ - CILAIRE LIGHTING COMPARISONS

                   Standards                                          Energy          Number of                         Cost to
     Style                          Decorative          Skies                                            Height
                      Met                                            Efficiency        Lights                          Residents

    Existing           None               Y                N               N               44          6.8m (22.3’)

                     City of
 Cobra Head -
                    Nanaimo /             N                Y               Y               64           9.1m (30’)        None

 Cobra Head -          TAC /
                                          N                Y               Y               54           9.1m (30’)        None
     Tall              CSA

 Cobra Head -          TAC /
                                          N                Y               Y               65           7.6m (25’)        None
    Short              CSA

Cyclone Domia
                       TAC /                                                                                          Approximately
Working Group                             Y                Y               Y               62          6.8m (22.3’)
                       CSA                                                                                             $425 per lot

Dark sky friendly lighting focuses the light downward to the ground to prevent light pollution in the sky.
TAC = Transportation Association of Canada
CSA = Canadian Standards Association
                                     APPENDIX 'B' - STREET LIGHT DESIGN COMPARISON

  Lamp Type        Wattage &       Height      Approx.       Average      Uniformity      Approx.       Approx. Cost        Comments
                   Lamp Type        (m)        spacing        (Lux)                       Quantity      Estimate ($)
                                              Irregular -                    14:1 or
Existing                  100W       6.8                      Below 2                         44             n/a        Not to Current Stds
                                                40 -140                       more
Cobra                100W HPS        9.1           55            6            6.0:1           64            313K          Original Design
Heritage             100W MH         6.8          46             6            6.0:1           76            415K         Too Many Lights
                     116W LED        6.8          22             6            6.0:1          159            1031K        Too Many Lights
                         85W E       6.8          18             6            6.0:1          194            1019K        Too Many Lights
Cobra                100W HPS        9.1          65            5.4           6.0:1           54            279K          No extra costs
                     100W HPS        7.6          54            7.2           6.0:1           65            321K       (Galvanized Steel Pole)
                      70W HPS        7.6          54            4.7           5.7:1           65            321K
Shoe Box             100W MH          7           44            8.2           5.8:1           80            380K         Too Many Lights
                       70W MH         7           44            5.6           5.6:1           80            380K         Too Many Lights
Cyclone Domia        100W MH         6.8          53            5.5           5.5:1           62            400K       Approx. $425 per lot
                       70W MH         7           43             4            3.1:1           81            476K         Too Many Lights

HPS denotes high pressure sodium lamp (yellow-orange light, good spread, high power efficiency)
MH denotes metal halide lamp (blue-white light, good spread, excellent colour rendering, power efficient)
LED denotes light emitting diode (white light, good point light, poor spread, long lasting)
E denotes induction lamp (white light, new technology, theoretical efficiency and long life span)
W denotes wattage
                     Cilaire Residents - Questions & Answers

1)   Why do the existing lights need to be replaced?

     The system was installed in the 1960‟s and has deteriorated to a point where high
     maintenance costs are being incurred. These costs are being borne by the taxpayers
     of Nanaimo. If not replaced, the system will continue to deteriorate.

2)   Why were options not available from the beginning?

     Several options were reviewed by staff and consultants and evaluated for capital
     costs, operations and maintenance costs and current standards.             A final
     consideration was residents‟ opinion of the proposed lights which determined a need
     for an open house in June, in order to provide Cilaire residents opportunity to

3)   Can the proposed lights be shorter and a different colour?

     Yes. The cobra heads brought forward for comment at the open house are fiscally
     the best option. Other options have been investigated but were more expensive with
     higher maintenance costs.

     The Cilaire Working Group has selected a decorative alternative. The Cyclone
     Domia style is being recommended to the residents as an alternative. If the Domia
     style light is not chosen by the residents, the City of Nanaimo will install the
     standard Cobra head lights on a shorter galvanized pole.

4)   Can we replace the existing lights with something similar and the same height?

     Yes. See No. 3 above.

5)   Why do we need so many lights?

     Because the existing lights do not meet current lumination standards, any new
     design will require more lights.

     The standards have been relaxed to a degree, however, safety, security and
     liability still need to be addressed. The lighting system has been designed to a lower
     lighting standard for local roads than that given in the current City of
     Nanaimo standards but follows those set out in the Transportation Association of
     Canada (TAC) Guide for the Design of Roadway Lighting.
6)       Why are we not considering light pollution?

         Both the Cyclone „Domia‟ decorative and the standard Cobra head styles are “dark
         skies” friendly; the light is directed down to the surface eliminating upward glare.
         The existing lights are inefficient, spreading light in all directions.

7)       Why is the second open house being held at such a busy time of the year?

         The project will be tendered in early 2011. In order to complete the design, the type
         of streetlights being installed has to be resolved. The design can‟t be finalized until
         the results of the petition are known.

8)       What if I can’t make it to the open house?

         Information is available on the City of Nanaimo‟s website. Contact Engineering
         250-755-4409 and arrange a time to come in and discuss the options.

9)       Why do we have to pay extra?

         The extra cost is the difference between the cost of the standard Cobra head lights
         and the higher priced decorative style recommended by the working group.
         Additional maintenance costs will not be charged to the residents.

10)      When and how do we have to pay the extra amount?

         The cost share amount of $425.00 will be added to the 2012 taxes as a one-time levy.
         Residents can opt to pre-pay some of this amount with their 2011 taxes.

11)      Can I defer this portion of my taxes?

         Yes. If you qualify for a tax deferment (families with children & 55 yrs or older) you
         can defer a local improvement levy. More information can be obtained from the
         Provincial government website: Tax

G:Capital Projects/Design/2009/Cilaire Subdivision/Street Lights/Residents – Questions & Answers
Cost of Decorative Streetlights*
(Cyclone Domia Light)                             $ 400,000


Original Streetlight Design Cost*
(Cobra Head Light)                            -   $ 313,000

Additional Expense                                $ 87,000

Divide by Number of Properties                /        205

Per Property Amount                           =   $    425

*Based on Preliminary Design Cost Estimates
                             Petition FAQ for Residents

1 - When will we receive the petition?

The petition will be mailed out on December 16th, 2010 following the Open House. 
2 - How long do I have to return the petition?

The deadline for petition returns to City Hall is January 27th, 2011. 

3 – What happens if I don’t receive a petition?

If you have not received a petition by January 4th, 2011, contact City of Nanaimo 
Legislative Services Department at 250­755­4405. 

4 – What should I do if I want the Cyclone Domia streetlight (my cost share amount is

If you want the Cyclone Domia style lights and agree to pay the added cost, sign the 
petition and return it to City Hall by January 27th, 2011.

5 – What should I do if I want the Cobra head, shorter pole option (my cost share
amount is $0)?

If you want the Cobra head style lights on a shorter pole, there is no need to return 
the petition. A lack of response is considered a no to the cost share petition.