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									    Climate Change

  Hour Getting Late                                  is

   Yoga teaches us to become aware and make changes in the world, but too often it
   is only directed inwards. Yet, as David Spratt suggests, if we take seriously the yoga
   teachings, we must face the inconvenient truth of global warming and become active

   in efforts to avoid climate catastrophe.

   Yoga teaches that ignorance – of              which we are adapted”. He urges “a                   Even today our cave in Nepal is no
   ourselves and of the world – is painful;      sustainable retreat” as a better option        safe retreat. Researcher Mark Lynas tells
   attachment and emotional resonances           than the alternative: “a rocky path to a       the story:
   draw a veil over our perceptions. The         Stone Age existence on an ailing planet,             “As the mighty glaciers of the high
   first verse of chapter two of the Yoga         one where few of us survive amongst the        Himalayas melt, the run-off they
   Sutras by Patanjali says that discipline,     wreckage of our once biodiverse Earth.”        produce tends to pond up behind walls
   study and surrender constitute the                                                           of moraine rubble left behind by the
                                                 Retreat into yoga?
   practice of yoga.                                                                            retreating ice, forming legions of new
                                                 Part of us yearns for better news,
         If study is a path to discernment,                                                     glacial lakes. These lakes hold huge
                                                 because climate change will unsettle our
   what more important object of study can                                                      amounts of water behind their unstable
                                                 lives, and many, many millions will not
   there be than global warming, which                                                          natural dam walls, and breaches can
                                                 survive. Bob Dylan captured it in the
   threatens the world in which we live?                                                        trigger catastrophic mudflows which
                                                 lyrics to All Along the Watchtower:
         Every day the evidence gathers                                                         hurtle down river valleys, sometimes for
   around us. Water shortages afflict all the       “There must be some way out of               distances of up to 200 kilometres,
   mainland Australian state capitals, and a       here,” said the joker to the thief,          wiping out everything in their path.”
   sunburnt, drying land is becoming desert        “There's too much confusion,                       As a shocking example, Lynas
   as the Murray-Darling system collapses.         I can’t get no relief.”                      reminds us that in 1985 a 10-metre-high
   America’s Great Plains are turning to dust,         If yoga provides a space for self-       wall of water from a glacial lake swept
   and the North Pole’s floating ice will be      reflection, and cultivates a distance          down the Bhote Koshi and Dudh Koshi
   gone in summer within decades as polar        between the swirl of the world and inner       rivers and destroyed a hydro-electric
   bears stagger towards extinction, their       calm, cannot yoga allow a retreat from all     plant, 14 bridges, and 30 houses. The
   habitat melting from under their feet. In     this confusion? In our practice, yes.          torrent even undermined the Everest
   2004, when global temperatures had risen      How about in our world? Can we retreat         airstrip at Lukla.
   just three-quarters of one degree, the first   to our own cave in the snow?
                                                                                                How hot is too hot?
   extinction directly attributable to climate         Unfortunately not. Even in the
                                                                                                  “No reason to get excited,” the thief,
   change was recorded: the last Golden          Himalayas, our cave will be under threat.
                                                                                                  he kindly spoke,
   Toad died in the Monteverde Cloud             As the Himalayan ice sheet melts
                                                                                                  “There are many here among us
   Forest of Costa Rica, unable to breed as      relentlessly with rising temperatures, the
                                                                                                  who feel that life is but a joke.
   the water pools it called home dried out.     long-term water flows into Asia’s great
                                                                                                  “But you and I, we’ve been through
         There are good reasons not to want      rivers and breadbasket valleys – the Indus,
                                                                                                  that, and this is not our fate,
   to know more: it is painful to admit that     Ganges and Brahmaputra, the Mekong,
                                                                                                  “So let us not talk falsely now, the
   human behaviour may become                    Yangtse and Yellow Rivers – will fall
                                                                                                  hour is getting late.”
   responsible for the death of most of the      dramatically. If global temperatures rise by
   world’s       species.      The      great    three degrees, and that’s becoming the               The world has been aware of the
   environmentalist James Lovelock               unofficial target for Western governments,      greenhouse effect for several decades. As
   suggests that “the acceleration of the        water flow in the Indus is predicted to         humans relentlessly pour more carbon
   climate change now under way will sweep       drop by 90 per cent by 2100. The lives of      dioxide into the air, global temperatures
   away the comfortable environment to           two billion people are at stake.               rise. But while journeying through my

44 australian yoga life
                                                                                                  The Hour is Get ting Late

recent years as a yoga practitioner, a yoga
teacher for a while, and a working life in
a yoga business, I had assumed that
international agreements, governments
and peak green organisations were doing
their bit to stop the world short of
catastrophic climate change. But that
isn’t the case and the hour is now late.
  “Outside in the distance a wildcat
  did growl,
  “Two riders were approaching, the
  wind began to howl.”
       Thus concludes Watchtower. So how
can we make sense of all of this?
       The average global temperature has
risen 0.8 degrees Celsius since the late
1880s but, due to lags in the system, there
is a latent temperature rise still to come of
about 0.6 degrees which will, in the end,
result in a rise of 1.4 degrees for the
present level of atmospheric greenhouse
gases. British researchers calculated that
an increase of just one degree would
eliminate fresh water from a third of the
world’s land surface by 2100. Yet our           subsequently causing devastating water        exceedingly unlikely to occur. That’s
emissions are increasing quickly. If we         shortages. Europe will be hit every           only eight years away and ... global
continue like this then global warming is       second year by heatwaves like the one in      emissions are growing very strongly ...
headed for four degrees or more.                2003 which killed 22-35,000 people,           on the current trajectories you would
       Global warming writer George             caused 12 billion dollars in crop losses,     have to say plus three degrees is looking
Monbiot says that “all climate scientists       reduced glacier mass by 10 per cent, and      more likely.”
are now agreed … that to avert                  resulted in a 30 per cent drop in plant            So what will a three-degree world
catastrophic effects on both humans and         growth, adding half a billion tonnes of       look like? It is a world of positive
ecosystems we should seek to prevent            carbon to the atmosphere in that year.        feedbacks (where one climate warming
global temperatures from rising by more                                                       event triggers the next), where tipping
than two degrees above pre-industrial           Are we getting the third degree?
                                                Whilst bodies such as the UN and the          points (when human action will no
levels”. James Hansen, the Director of
                                                European Union have set a target of two       longer be able to stop the process) will
NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space
                                                degrees, unbelievably politicians and         be crossed such that global heating will
Studies, says warming of more than 1.7
                                                their bureaucrats have lifted their target    continue until the climate system
degrees will constitute dangerous climate
                                                to three degrees. In his report to the        restabilises at five-to-six degrees, even as
change, and warming of two to three
                                                British government last year, Sir Nicholas    much as eight degrees above pre-
degrees would produce a planet without
                                                Stern said keeping the temperature rise       industrial levels.
Arctic sea ice, a catastrophic sea level rise
                                                to two degrees is “already nearly out of           In 2006, predictions on the final
of around 25 metres, and super-droughts
in the American west, southern Europe,          reach” because it means emissions             demise of the Arctic’s floating ice were
the Middle East and parts of Africa.            “peaking in the next five years or so and      brought forward from 2100 to 2030-40,
“Such a scenario threatens even greater         dropping fast”. In other words, it would      and its melting is now considered
calamity,” he warns, “because it could          require strong action now which Stern         unstoppable. Data presented to the
unleash positive feedbacks such as              judged to be neither politically likely nor   American Geophysical Union last
melting of frozen methane in the Arctic,        economically desirable.                       December suggests that the Arctic may
as occurred 55 million years ago, when                Instead, Stern said, three degrees      be free of all summer ice as early as 2030,
more than ninety per cent of species on         was a more practical target. So did           “a positive feedback loop with dramatic
Earth went extinct”.                            Australia’s lead delegate to the May 2007     implications for the entire Arctic region”
       Even two degrees is far from safe.       climate change meeting in Bangkok,            according to Dr Marika Holland, because
At this level, over a third of species will     Dr Brian Fisher, who said a two-degree        the earth would lose a major reflective
be committed to extinction. Glacial loss        target shows “the peaking times for           surface and so absorb more solar energy,
in the Andes will reach 40-60 per cent by       carbon dioxide for low level                  potentially accelerating climatic change
2050, reducing summer run-off and               concentrations in 2015 – frankly that is      across the world. With no ice, the Arctic

                                                                                                                      australian yoga life   45
    Climate Change

                                                                                                  production to below the sustainable
                                                                                                  level of half a tonne per person, but in
                                                                                                  Australia our production is five tonnes
                                                                                                  per head, the world’s worst. The Great
                                                                                                  Barrier Reef is on the edge of extinction,
                                                                                                  and Kakadu and the north Queensland
                                                                                                  rainforest will not be far behind.
                                                                                                        The really inconvenient truth is
                                                                                                  that the world is charging towards
                                                                                                  uncontrollable climate heating where
                                                                                                  dramatic temperature rises become
                                                                                                  unstoppable. It is now too late for half
                                                                                                  measures; only bold and sweeping
                                                                                                  changes and quickly executed deep
                                                                                                  cuts in our carbon emissions can steer
                                                                                                  us away from that fatal moment.
                                                                                                  This global emergency requires us to set
                                                                                                  aside other priorities in an effort to
                                                                                                  prevent catastrophe.
                                                                                                        To avoid a three-degree increase we
                                                                                                  need a crash program now to reduce
   region will begin to rapidly heat up, by as     carbon dioxide ... vegetation and soils        emissions. To achieve a 50 per cent
   much as 12 degrees. This will put further       start to release it. So much carbon pours      chance of preventing more than two
   pressure on the Greenland icecap, whose         into the atmosphere that it pumps up ...       degrees of warming requires a global cut
   irreversible melting, together with a sea       global warming by another 1.5 degrees.”        of 80 per cent by 2050 and a 95 per cent
   rise of five to seven metres in as little as a         And it’s already happening.              cut by 2050 for high-polluting nations
   hundred years, now seems inevitable.            A recent study found that the calculated       such as Australia, according to new data
         Global warming so far has been            increase in carbon lost by UK soil each        from Oslo’s Centre for International
   greatest in the high latitudes of the           year since 1978 is more than the entire        Climate and Environmental Research.
   northern hemisphere, particularly in the        reduction in emissions the UK has                    The seriousness of our
   sub-Arctic boreal forests of Siberia and        achieved between 1990 and 2002 as part         circumstances is articulated in a recent
   North America. This has severe                  of its commitment to Kyoto.                    report by Christian Aid and EcoEquity:
   implications for the rate at which vast               With an increase of between two                “... the pace of our response has
   quantities of methane held in the               and three degrees, the Amazon                  been profoundly inadequate ... and
   Siberian permafrost will be released into       rainforest will turn to savannah, as           science now tells us that we’re on the
   the atmosphere, driving the level of            drought and mega-fires first destroy the         verge of committing to catastrophic
   greenhouse gases upwards.                       rainforest, then turn trees back into          interference. Given the slow progress to
         Mark Lynas found that, at between         carbon dioxide as they rot and                 date, a heroic effort will now be required
   two and three degrees, effects verge on         decompose. “‘Catastrophe’ is almost too        to have a high likelihood of averting a
   the catastrophic:                               small a word for the loss of the               climate catastrophe, which the emerging
         “Warmer seas absorb less carbon           rainforest,” wrote Richard Girling in          consensus takes to mean keeping overall
   dioxide, leaving more to accumulate in          The Times newspaper in March. “Its             planetary warming below two degrees.”
   the atmosphere and intensify global             seven million square kilometres produce              The report shows that emissions
   warming. On land, matters would be              ten per cent of the world’s entire             must peak in 2010, and then drop off at
   even worse. Huge amounts of carbon
                                                   photosynthetic output from plants.             a resolute 4 per cent per year. In
   are stored in the soil, the half-rotted
                                                   Drought and heat will cripple it; fire will     Australia, where our emissions are so
   remains of dead vegetation. The
                                                   finish it off. In human terms, the effect       high, that means a cut of more than
   generally accepted estimate is that the
                                                   on the planet will be like cutting off         95 per cent by 2050. Such a target means
   soil carbon reservoir contains some 1600
                                                   oxygen during an asthma attack.”               a challenging program of action in the
   gigatonnes, more than double the entire
   carbon content of the atmosphere. As            Cut emissions – or face catastrophe            developed world that would end the
   soil warms, bacteria accelerate the             Humans are producing double the                period of affluence in which we have
   breakdown of this stored carbon,                amount of atmospheric carbon that the          splurged our way to gross
   releasing it into the atmosphere.”              biosphere can absorb, and greenhouse           overproduction of carbon emissions,
         The carbon cycle will be thrown into      gas levels are rising at an increasing rate.   massive environmental destruction, and
   reverse, Lynas says: “Instead of absorbing      Globally we need to reduce carbon              increasingly commodified identities.

46 australian yoga life
                                                                                               The Hour is Get ting Late

A yogic response: aware and active
It’s grim, so how do we respond to                                          [things to do]
climate change? Is ignorance bliss? Is it     Be informed:                                 • Ring talkback radio; write letters to
easier not to want to know?                   • Read a book such as Six Degrees              the paper
      A year ago I became aware of my           by Mark Lynas (Harper Collins) or          • With others, make an appointment
glaring lack of knowledge about the             Heat by George Monbiot (Penguin)             with your local parliamentarian and
detail of climate change, so I set out to     • Sign up to receive a once-a-week             raise specific points and demand
educate myself on the issue. It requires        email summarising recent global              specific answers
                                                warming news: send a blank email           In the yoga world:
some effort, but there is more than
                                                to: carbonequityproject-                   • Ask your yoga school to make
enough information for a lifetime of            subscribe@topica.com                         available copies of informative climate
study. In understanding the issue, we are     • Download this article from AYL's             change information, for example this
invariably drawn to act. Talk to friends        web site and send on to others:              article or fact sheets from sites such
and colleagues. Learn how to reduce your        www.ayl.com.au                               as www.greenpeace.com.au
own carbon footprint, how to change           • Check out the climate change               • Ask your yoga association what they
your workplace, how to make your voice          special at www.newscientist.com              are doing / saying about the issue
heard. Why aren’t we hammering on the         • Have a look at carbon rationing at         In your world:
doors of our politicians every day,             www.carbonequity.info                      • Find out how you can adjust your
demanding they take action? Why do we         Make your voice heard:                         lifestyle – have a look at sites such as
let them off the hook? We have the            • Talk to friends and work or study            wwf.org.au/ourwork/climatechange/re
technological know-how to build a low-          colleagues                                   duceyourimpact/
carbon economy. In Australia, the             • Set up a climate awareness group at               "Be the change you want
problem is political and social.                work or in your neighbourhood                   to see in the world" – Gandhi
      Yoga is about seeing ourselves and
the world as we really are. This includes    students of yoga is our challenge. The         David Spratt is the manager of
global heating and what we must do           yoga community is large and growing,           Yarraville Yoga Centre and
about it. Incorporating this                 and together we can make a difference.         spokesperson for the Carbon Equity
understanding into our daily practice as          It is not too late to act, but time is    Project www.carbonequity.info
citizens of our planet and as teachers and   short as the winds begin to howl.

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