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									I have had both the 1G and 2G iPod Touch before and just bought the iPod touch 3rd
Generation 32GB model of the Apple store last night. My experience with the iPod
touch was nothing short of amazing, and although I love my new toy, I'm a bit
"disappointed that it is not much offered in terms of improvements. I recommend it
for people who have never conducted because the touch is a great device, but simply
not worth buying if you owned a previous model.
  iPod touch 3rd Generation has always been a great device (1) Your input touch
screen is impressive, even if competitors tout ever touch now, few seem to have "done
well" ... my LG Dare, for example, is also an MP3 player with touch screen but I find
it very frustrating to insert the text with precision or accuracy to navigate the menus.
  (2) Web of integration is perfect. S is a breeze, as it is incredibly intuitive. Surfing
the web on Internet devices that I was surprised to see how the experience under the
average for the Internet. iPod touch 3rd Generationh is really like a notebook.
  (3) The App Store is truly amazing. Since it has been around for a while 'time, there
is a wide selection of programs available for download. It is important to note that
competitors to the iPod Touch, even if they have their own application stores
(Marketplace Windows, for example) do not allow a selection as broad of
applications ... (yet?).
  Improvements over previous models Although this new model has a camera for
sports as I expected, do have room for improvement. For starters, the storage space is
convenient because it means that 32 GB can store even more music, videos,
applications, but if space is never a problem for you, you might as well go for the 2G
8GB. Apart from storage space, the new model with a faster processor, but do not see
much difference, but I am sure that with very intense game that should be released as
Assassin's Creed or Grant Theft Auto, the difference will be noticeable. The
earphones have a microphone, which is useful in some applications, but I usually use
my own Skullcandy SCS-SCBP3.5 Skullcrushers subwoofer Stereo Headset (Black
Stripes) Anyway, probably will not use the microphone much. On the other hand, this
new chip is apparently a wireless N technology and FM radio, but the software still
does not support this (which means that perhaps a software update those two features
would be available). N networks are much quicker than the standard wireless G.
  LIMITS No camera! I was reading a lot about the buzz surrounding the iPod touch
3rd Generation, and was excited that there should be a camera. Sure, it would not be
capable of spectacular images (the camera I saw the iPhone in action, and it was not
anything special), but it handy to have a camera in one powerful device that can
access Internet. Unfortunately, no camera. But tear up the device available on the
Internet shows that there is room for one, which means that it may be available on
future models.
  No physical keyboard that I have the Sony Mylo, and although I love the device as a
whole, I love that, in addition to its touchscreen interface, has a detachable QWERTY
keyboard. The lack of a physical keyboard on the Touch surely makes the placement
of large amounts of text difficult. But in the short, simple e-mail surf the Web, the
touch screen keyboard is good.
  A few notes FINAL THE 8GB '3 G 'is actually a reprint of a 2G: I bought the iPod
touch 3rd Generation 32GB model, like the 8 GB, although classified as
"third-generation three is only the 2nd generation 3G 8 GB repackaged as a model .
There is no difference between this and the previous generation '3 G 'is not only a
cheaper price. So if you want an iPod Touch before, but could not afford a party, the 8
GB would be ideal for you. But I wanted something new and different (with
ownership of the previous models), I found the 32GB model, which is 4 times more
storage space due to the cheaper, faster processor, and headphones that have a
  MODEL has 64 GB of storage space, but not better than an extra 32GB model: did
not think 64GB model was worth it because the practice will have to pay more for
more storage space only (no added features), for I do not have space management
problems in my contact, I think more than 32 GB. Others may find more useful space,
but as I said, there is an improvement in half (32 GB) and above (64 GB), the price
level in the storage space.
  FINAL THOUGHTS AND CONCLUSIONS If you have never owned a iPod touch
3rd Generation and want to see, finally, everyone was so excited, you can now buy
one for much cheaper than previously available. However, if you already have an iPod
Touch, the third generation is not different enough to justify the purchase. Maybe next
year if the model has a camera (as it is called for), or if there is one other significant
improvement, then pull the trigger, until then, its current 1G or 2G should suffice.
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