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									The Internet is truly the gateway to hundreds of different opportunities to make
money online. One of the biggest and fastest rising opportunities today is for
application makers for the Apple iPhone. But this is not quite as simple as just making
the application and then expecting people to flock to it automatically. There are a lot
of factors that are involved in becoming a successful app creator and iPhone app
marketing is definitely one of the most important ones. This is because there are so
many people on the Internet that you literally have to make yourself be seen and heard
before anyone will even pay attention to your application. Here are a few statistics for
you that were unveiled at Macworld 2010:
  For the palm pre, there are currently 1,000 applications available, for Android by
Google there are 20,000, and for Apple's iPhone there are over 140,000. That's a lot of
competition and a lot of people that have the capability to drown you and your
application out.
  By the end of 2010, the development of iPhone applications can triple the current
number, and it will reach a minimum of 300,000 apps. That is a sign of a very fast
growing network, and having the right iPhone application marketing is going to get
you ahead of the pack.
  There has been a whopping 30% increase in the number of iPhone developers in the
last 3 months. That means that each month, the number of people that you have to
compete with rises as much as 10%. Can you imagine with that is like if there are over
140,000 applications for the iPhone?
  Now that you know what your competition looks like, you must be more and more
convinced that you need to take iPhone app marketing very, very seriously. Doing this
right may just be the thing that you need to make you successful. If you are serious
and you want to make the most of what this budding industry has to offer you and
your application, then heed the following marketing tips and tricks:
  For those of you who have not yet created the application, make sure that you do
your research first. There are a lot of ways to be able to tell what kinds of articles are
in demand the most. This is a race to produce the best kind of application that are in
  After creating the right application, you then need to name it properly. IPhone app
marketing will be a whole lot easier if the name of the app is fun and easy to say.
Think of something that will roll off the tongue.
  Now the first thing you have to do when you start your marketing process is to make
sure that your application's website is quite compelling. What you need here is a site
that will be able to give all the information in a span of few seconds. You also need to
make sure that the navigation, if there is any, is easy to understand and that the
website loads easily and that it does not have a lot of bells and whistles.
  Do not hesitate to spend money on your iPhone app marketing. It takes money to
make money, and spending money on a great web designer, for example, may just pay
off more than you think. Creating something mediocre because you did not want to
spend extra cash will just end up making people think that your application is
mediocre as well.
  Get your application reviewed. There are many websites that cater specially to
iPhone application marketing, so submitting your application to be reviewed in these
websites will automatically give you an open market that is searching for applications
that are good enough to be reviewed on a website.
  Create a free or trial version of the application. In the same way that food is given
out as a sample when it is first released, you need to let people try a version that is
free. Create a limited version of the app and send it out for people to try. Chances are,
if they love the application, they will be running to your website to buy the full
  Make a big fuss about your application! Your iPhone application marketing will only
be as important as you make it out to be. You yourself need to make a big deal about
your application, or else no one else will.
  Make use of the press! Make a press pack for the press, and give it out to all the right
people. Making friends in the press is a big step for your iPhone app marketing, so
make sure that they stay happy.
  These are just some of the marketing strategies that you can make use of. Do not be
afraid to explore on other things you can do! Remember, even if you have the greatest
application that has ever been created in the history of iPhone applications, no one is
going to know and care if you do not market it properly.
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