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									The first iPhone was develop and launched in USA in year 2007. Within short period
it was available world wide. Today market has great demand and the new launch of
iPad has completely changed the views of mobile users. There are several features
which makes iPhone completely unique which contains various built in application as
well as user can customize application as per their need. There is one more feature
which attracts user and that is phone needs very minimal hardware requirement which
has build-in, non-removable battery.
  On contrary developer has expanded their side to iPhone application development.
The iPhone application development has given wide opportunities for iPhone app
developers to create innovative applications. After launching SDK (Software
Development Kit) by Apple in 2008, there is tremendous boost in iPhone application
development which comes up with unique and customized applications for iPhone
users. SDK help iPhone application developer in order to create eye-catching iPhone
  This software development kit is well equipped with technologies to change and
create iPhone Mobile Apps. Some features and tools that SDK include is Xcode
(Integrated development environment), a program that helps in modifying application
for iPhone. It is mainly used for debugging and building application. Other inbuilt
utility is the interface builder which is mainly used to develop individual interfaces.
There are several other SDK utilities that professional developers can use to their
  With the launch of iPhone 3G Apple has complete shock the users. It provides a
complete user interaction & Access to all iPhone functions. Today iPhone 3G web
development has increased and competiveness for software development companies.
With the rise in the number of mobile web surfers, mobile phones are becoming a
better medium to advertise.
  Today, many companies are outsourcing their work to India since there is plenty of
talent and scope to create the latest gadgets and application for iPhone. Customized
solutions are offered by Indian iPhone App Developers and therefore most iPhone
apps are developed in India. There are companies offering viable solution in iPhone
3G mobile application developments, Android application development, Windows
mobile app development and more to clients worldwide. With 5 million mobile phone
connections and 50 million mobile phone users from India and China, mobile web
marketers have an opportunity to boost their businesses. OpenXcell Technolabs is an
offshore iPhone 3G apps development, offering iPhone game application development,
iPhone theme and icon development and iPhone apps developer on hire, all at
affordable price.

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