Introducing OpenIndiana - The Community Replacement for OpenSolaris

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					OpenSolaris - Sun's project to provide an open source Solaris - was a great success.
OpenSolaris was useful to sysadmins and developers, because with access to the same
source code that Solaris used, they could quickly debug issues with production
systems, and work around buggy behavior.
  After Oracle purchased Sun, contribution to OpenSolaris dried up. Previously
beneficial and involved developers from Sun where blocked by Oracle policy from
being open and sharing information with the community. Promised OpenSolaris
distributions did not be delivered, in spite of assurances from Oracle that there were
on their way.
  The OpenSolaris Governing Board were left with zip to govern - no project to steer,
no respondent vendor to work with. With nowhere left to turn, they resigned, and
OpenSolaris as a distribution ended. OpenSolaris the project continued, with code
being released and updates making their ways into the numerous source code
  The final blow from Oracle came from a leaked internal memorandum, which laid
out Oracle's future plans for the project. A return to commercial-only distributions was
planned, with source code only being released some time after each update to Solaris.
OpenSolaris as a project was dead - and this impacted a sizeable number of people
that had built up business around the robust and feature-rich OpenSolaris code base.
  These events spurred the inception of 2 new projects from the community. First,
Illumos - an absolutely open implementation of the OS / Net consolidation - the
kernel and core of Solaris. Secondly, OpenIndiana - a full distribution, made from the
updated OpenSolaris code base. Although OpenIndiana initially uses the last release
ON consolidation from Oracle, the plan is to swiftly move to the Illumos ON and
have a totally open distribution.
  OpenIndiana offers a continual upgrade from the OpenSolaris 2009.06 distribution.
All of the powerful OpenSolaris technologies are there, working in the same way they
did before - but with almost a year's worth of updates, bug fixes, and enhancements.
Enhancements to ZFS, Zones, dtrace, configuration, management - all have been built
and rolled into the first OpenIndiana release.
  In addition, as OpenIndiana continues the goals of OpenSolaris - to introduce new
features but remain binary compatible with the commercial Solaris operating software
- existing Solaris applications that work with Solaris 10 will run with OpenIndiana.
  The OpenIndiana project has been enormously successful in bringing a feature rich,
dynamic, and serviceable inheritor to OpenSolaris. In doing hence the OpenIndiana
team has continued to offer a dynamic, open source UNIX environment for
developers, start ups, and sysadmins everywhere. Golden Apple Enterprises is a
technology consultancy providing UNIX, SAN, security and infrastructure expertise
to all sizes and sorts of business. Our talents cover Solaris, Linux, UNIX, OpenSolaris
and OpenIndiana, providing a selection of best of breed solutions for your business.

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