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Interior decoration_ decoration and design


									Clever addition to scorch carpet ?X If you inadvertently burning the carpet, we can
repair method to eliminate, as far as possible with a hard first char Officebrushbrush,
and then the rest can be fluff carpet cut with scissors, and then stick it in the charred
viscosity Department, with the equivalent of books, with flat light and heavy objects
on top until the adhesive dried, glue the hair firmly, and finally with a softbrushcan
gently comb.
  Interior decoration (Interior Finishing): Finishing the final completion of the
meaning of the word, interior decoration focus on engineering, construction
gardening&nbsp technology and construction practices such as the name suggests
mainly refers to the civil engineering construction is complete, the interface for each
Aluminum doors and windows&nbsp, partitions, etc. final decoration. Taipei Interior
Design(Interior Design): modern interior design is a comprehensive environmental
design, which includes the visual environment and engineering aspects, including
sound, light, heat and other physical environment and atmosphere, mood and other
psychological environment and cultural connotation content. Often heard in the home
decoration "taste" the word taste in the end is what? Dictionary that product:
evaluation, measurement. Taste: purport, significance. Taste is the taste of the
meaning of taste. Decorated with taste and taste out of a reasonable diet.
  Interior decoration&nbsp, decoration and design
  Removal of carpet stains ?X Carpet plant and animal traces of oil, cotton dipped in
higher purity can be used to clean gasoline. Fruit juice and beer signs, first detergent
solution with a soft cloth dipped in clean, warm water then add a little vinegar
solution, scrub. Ink traces can be pollution spread Xiyan end office, and then warm
soap brushing. If milk is preferred infiltration thing of the past while, then
softbrushcan be brushed, dipped in milk.
  Carpet&nbsp cleaning ?X Percentage of the flour, salt and gypsum powder, the ratio
of (6:1:1), heated cooling water into a paste and make it a dry bulk, and then pressed
into small pieces, and threw dirt in the carpet, and then hardbrushto make the carpet
roll, roll up into a powder, then the net can be vacuumed. With the further
improvement of people's standard Interior decoration or decoration, interior
decoration, interior design, a few commonly accepted by people, but the inner
meaning of meaning is the difference between fact. Interior decoration or decor
(Interior Ornament Decoration): Decoration and decoration of the original meaning
refers to "objects or commodities appearance" and "modification" (see "Ci Hai" No.
4387) is to control from the outside, the visual arts perspective to explore and research
questions. Such as interior floors, walls, ceiling and other interface processing,
selection of decorative materials may also include furniture, lamps, furnishings, and
variety selection, configuration and design.
  of living, new homes in the renovation, the carpet because of its rich and elegant,
comfortable foot feeling more and more families are chosen, but in the process of
using some of the shortcomings of the carpet so that people are a headache, such as
easy to dirty not easy to take care of, so convenient collection. Here we introduce
some carpet cleaning to the maintenance of skills, in a nutshell is the hard and
softbrushand make, easy to take care of the carpet.
Source: gardening, decoration, Carpet, Aluminum doors and windows,

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