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					Intel CTO Justin Rattner described over a future in which devices learn more about
themselves not only where are you, but where you go, to use his words. Intel is
working on context-aware, which uses the API is not only physical sensors, smart
phones and tablet(such as accelerometers and GPS) but also soft sensors, including
social networks and personal preferences infer what youre doing , and what you want,
and communicate those requests to the context engine that can cater to your tastes. It
is currently being tested in an application by Fodors Guide Company on Compal
MID , which provides a dynamic restaurant and tourism suggestions based on these
factors, as well as social services cloud(demoed a prototype of the plate), which may
show what your friends are up to(using the game as avatars!) on the road. Rattner told
us that the API is not quite so like a typical experiment with Intel Labs while there is
currently no plans to APIs available publicly stated that the engine was made to the
context of software standards specifically so it can become a product you should be
out of technology. In other words, Intel simply can consent to all this heavy lifting the
next generation of applications. How sweet.Intel presentation of context-aware
applications and travel Fodor in IDF 2010

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Via: Intel research context-aware API for smartphones, tablets, and TV teams with the
dynamic applications Fodor Travel
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