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          EDITION 2
        NOVEMBER 2009                                   Chairperson’s
                                                        End of Year Report
                                                                 By Laura Swart

                                            Another year has flown past and my tenure as
                                            Chairperson will soon draw to a close. It has certainly been an interesting year
                                            economically, both globally and nationally and I take this opportunity to thank my
                                            fellow committee members for their continued support and Elmarie de Marillac in the
DELAY IN THE                                office for her ongoing hard work in handling the associations’ administrative tasks. It
                                            looks as though 2010 will be a challenging year with the local economy centered
REGISTRATION                                                                                 that
                                            around the soccer world cup and I firmly believe th as a united industry, much can
OF TECHNICIANS                              be accomplished. We are often asked "What does the FDIA do for me?" and I
                                            encourage members to start looking from within to ascertain what each can offer the
                                            industry, based on the standards and knowledge that the FDIA has imparted on its
                                            member companies. It must be remembered that FDIA committee comprises
                                            dedicated volunteers as the membership fees do not warrant the recruitment of
                                            highly skilled permanent staff to fight our battles or an infrastructure that
                                            accommodates the like.

FIRE INCIDENTS                              With the ever changing business environment, the benefits of our association follow:

RECENTLY IN THE                                       Industry representation on relevant, identified and influential bodies.
                                                      Promotion of interests of the industry
NEWS                                                  Access to established, implemented and industry enforced Code of Ethics and
                                                      a body that provides conflict resolution between members and other
                                                      Access to information that keeps members abreast of relevant national and
                                                      international trends
                                                      Access to subsidised training courses
                                                      Access to workshops and other events
                                                      Access to industry related information that has been interpreted on behalf of
                                                      the members
                                                      Access to advice, support and services to promote compliance with standards
                                                      Opportunity to attend relevant networking forums
                                                      Adherence to minimum entry and operating standards
         LOG BOOKS                                    Differentiation for FDIA members amongst clients

                                            While much has been achieved over the past 11 years there is always room for
         Visit our website:                                             ll
                                            improvement. The FDIA will continue to support your interests as long as you
                    continue to support the association.

All Newsletter submissions to be                                      On behalf of the committee, we wish all
   sent to and
  marked “Newsletter Article”
                                                                      our members a festive Christmas season
                                                                      and a prosperous 2010 – Safe travels!

WELCOME                                                        Installation of fire detection systems is easy, it's just a
               TO OUR                                          panel, a few devices connected together with a pair of
                                                               wires and the panel operates a couple of sirens when a
            NEW MEMBERS                                                              n
                                                               detector operates. In many instances the real purpose of
                                                               the fire alarm system is lost.
     Atlas Fire Security (Pty) Ltd
                                                               The primary function of the fire detection system is to
          ITS Technologies                                     sense a fire condition at the earliest possible moment and
  Provicom Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd                                              s
                                                               alert people of its presence to enable them to evacuate the

  DELAY IN THE REGISTRATION                                    The fire detection system is installed for the following
       OF TECHNICIANS                                                   1)       The protection of life
                                                                        2)       The protection of property.
The continuing process of trying to establish registration     The prime objective of fire detection should be to keep the
of fire technicians has taken another step backwards as        corridors clear of smoke to ensure a clear exit for the
ECSA, for the fourth time, have refused to accept                               ical
                                                               inhabitants. Optical smoke detectors are designed to see
registration of technicians engaged in fire detection or       the smoke so it is these detectors that need to be installed
gaseous extinguishing systems.                                 in all escape corridors before consideration is given to
                                                               protecting individual rooms or offices.
An agreement was struck between SAQCC Fire and a
working group at ECSA provided for registration of             The primary route of escape is via the corridor to the
cablers, installers and first line commissioning technicians   external door, however, many times the fire detectors are
with SAQCC Fire and commissioning technician’s level 2,                                                          unprotected.
                                                               installed in the offices and the corridor is left unprotected
designers and inspectors registering with the Engineering
Council of South Africa (ECSA).                                According to the South African Code of Practice for Fire
The SAQCC Fire has completed its task of defining              Detection SANS 10139, one cannot install any category of
qualification and experience levels for registration but                            m
                                                               smoke detection system without smoke detectors in the
the board of ECSA has not come to an agreement to              corridors.
provide a specialised category of “Fire engineering”,
therefore delaying the entire process.                         Another overlooked area is the installation of manual call
                                                               points. The human being is the best fire sensor available so
                              Meanwhile Government             give him the opportunity of raising the fire alarm.
                              Gazette No 32395 has             There can be no compliant smoke detect detection system without
                              issued a new pressure            manual call points. Manual call points shall be installed at
                              equipment        regulation.     all fresh air exits and at all storey exits from a building.
                              This states that all persons
                              with an involvement with         Once the fire condition is sensed either manually or
                              high      pressure       gas     automatically, it all becomes a pointless exercise unless the
                              cylinders be registered          facility is available to warn the people within the building
with the appropriate authority. This includes the fire                                                            pre-recorded
                                                               via means of fire sirens, bells, strobe lights, or pre
protection industry and the FDIA are now researching as        messages. All occupants of a building should be warned
to who “the authority” is.                                     with a sounder pressure level of 65 db or greater.

Both the FDIA and the SAQCC Fire are urging a meeting                             providing
                                                               Any system not providin all three of these facilities in
with the Department of Labour to clarify the position and      unison is pointless. Not enough money to provide ALL
meanwhile ECSA are to continue with the process of             these things is unacceptable, if there is not enough money
accepting “Fire” as an engineering di                          for all three things then live with nothing!!!!

                                                               Keith Norgate
   THE FDIA KEEPS YOU INFORMED                                 FSIB Fire Systems
                                                                        Modingoane said the Johannesburg Property Company
       FIRE                                                             (JPC) would conduct an engineers’ assessment of the
                                                                        structure when the EMS’s report was received.
                                                                        “Such an assessment will enable the JPC to take the
     INCIDENTS                                                          required steps to stabilise the structure and the
                                                                        remaining walls and to address possible safety risks.”

    RECENTLY IN                                                         Modingoane said the JPC entered into negotiations with
                                                                        the Gauteng Provincial Legislature in 2002 to rehabilitate
                                                                        the building and use it for offices.

     THE NEWS                                                           “The legislature’s plans could not be realised because of a
                                                                        lack of funds,” he said.
                                                                        “The council subsequently approved the redevelopment
                                                                        of the building and a publ tender was issued on 29
Old JHB Post Office gutted in fire                                      August 2009.
JOHANNESBURG - A fire that gutted the post office building in the       “The main objective for the city was to ensure the
Johannesburg central business district was put out on Monday            historical preservation of the site.”
(2/11/09) morning, emergency services said.                             He said the tender closed on September 25. The JPC was
“Fire safety officers will now visit the scene to determine the cause   evaluating the proposals received when the fire broke
of the fire,” said spokeswoman Nana Radebe.                             out.
As many as 30 fire fighters worked to extinguish the blaze, which       - Sapa
started around 8.50pm on Sunday.
Radebe said the building, across the street from the Gauteng
Legislature, was currently under construction. This made it difficult
for fire fighters to enter it.
The fire was finally extinguished around 4am on Monday.
No one was injured in the fire, said Radebe.

Steps underway to preserve remains of burnt Post
Steps have been taken to preserve the remains of Johannesburg’s
post office which was gutted by fire, the city said on Monday.
Proposals to restore the national monument were already under
consideration when the fire broke out on Sunday night, city
spokesman Nthatisi Modingoane said in a statement.

The building’s roof collapsed in the blaze, which started at 8.50pm.
The flames consumed the building’s wooden floors, but appeared
not to have resulted in death or injury.

Located across the road from the Gauteng Legislature, the post
office building was declared a national monument in 1978.
It was considered a provincial heritage site, said Modingoane.
“An initial assessment of the damage and cause of the fire is
currently being undertaken by the EMS,” he said.
“This will be followed by a detailed investigation into the cause of
the fire. The findings will be made public once the investigation has
been completed.”

     END OF YEAR                                                            LOG BOOKS
   TROPHY AWARDS                                        Every fire system whether it is a fire detection or gas extinguishing
                                                        system shall be issued with a log book.
A successful function was held at Cesco’s Portuguese
                                                        Any system handed over to a client without a log book is non-
Restaurant, Randburg to celebrate year end and
                                                        compliant to the South African Codes of practice.
award the industry trophies.
                                                        SANS 10139: 13.2.1 states:
The event was initiated after two years absence and
                                                        “A log book needs to be kept for the purpose of
was attended by 80 members and partners.
                                                        recording all events that occur in respect of the
Paul Williams of Westec was awarded the “Ball and       system, including fire signals, fault signals and work on
Chain” award for missing two consecutive FDIA                               information
                                                        the system. This informatio may be of value to the
committee meetings and narrowly escaping being                  ation
                                                        organisation that services the system and if special
“fired” from the committee.                             action is taken to address false alarm problems.”

Technoswitch was awarded “Company of the Year” for                                             system, the client and the
                                                        The log book records details of the syste
their long service to the industry and recent growth.                                 e                     detailing:-
                                                        contractor. Information must be given to the client detailing

Richard Mclaughlin was awarded the                          •    The responsible person
John Parry trophy for long and                              •    Duties of the responsible person
dedicated commitment to the FDIA.                           •    A record of all events occurring on the system
                                                            •    Causes and remedies of false alarms
                                                            •    Non compliances of the system
                                                            •    Category of the system.
                                                            •    Details of the system installed

                                                        The log book provides information to show the system is inspected
                                                        and serviced regularly and lists faults that will guide the technician
                                                                                               recurring problems.
                                                        servicing the system to deal with any re

                                                        The FDIA has issued all FDIA member
                                                        companies with a Master Log Book for fire
                                                        detection and gas extinguishing systems. The
                                                        Contractors are advised to issue a log book to
                                                        all clients when handing over systems.