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									    READ THE SMALL PRINT                              loans see the Factsheet like the
    Some Insurance Companies will deduct
                                                      Citizens Advice Bureau. For a listing            NUMBER THREE
                                                      of Social Security benefits rates - See                               a guide
    the first £25 or £50 from a claim - make
    sure you know this.
                                                      Booklet N1196. Help on Housing                                   to paying your rent
                                                      Benefit is contained in Booklet RR
                                                                                                         This is number three in a series of information leaflets
    Fuel Cost
                                                      YOUR WEEKLY BUDGET SHEET                          published by Cosmopolitan Housing Association. If you         NUMBER
    Be aware of the cost of your fuel.                                                                 require any further information about this or other services
                                                      The list below includes all the usual weekly              please contact: 0151 227 3716                                          A GUIDE
    If you cannot afford to spend enough              expenses so you can see how far your money
    money on your heating to keep your                will go. We suggest you take the time to work     This document is also available translated into your own
    home warm, contact your gas or                    through this budget - it could save a lot of       language please see the “Guide to our service leaflets’                       to paying your
                                                                                                           publication, available from this office, for details.
    electricity boards about their budget             trouble in the long run! Don’t forget to
                                                      include all those in the household who
                                                                                                                                                                      in a series of
                                                                                                                                                                       information     rent
    schemes. This helps to spread the cost of
                                                      contribute to the outgoings.                                                                                       leaflets
    your bill. If you receive a bill, which you
    cannot afford to pay, contact the gas or           INCOME
    electricity board immediately. Arranging           Wages/Salary
    to pay in regular installments will                Benefits
    prevent your supply from being cut off.            Other
    Water Charges                                      TOTAL
    Water charges are not included in your             EXPENSES
    rent. You will be charged for these by the         Rent
    local Water Authority.                             Water Rates
    Council Tax                                        Council Tax
    We have no control over the level of this          Electricity
    tax, which is set by the local Council.            Gas                                            Waxaad kalood heli kataa dukumeentigani oo ku qoran
                                                       Home Contents Insurance                        luqaddaada, fadlan waxaad eegtaa “Kaaliyaha xaashida
    You should contact them if you have any                                                           adeegyadena’ oo laga heli karo xafiiskani.
    queries regarding the tax.                         House Keeping (food,
                                                       newspapers, cleaning materials,                Ky dokument është poashtu i përkthyer në gjuhën tuaj, ju
    Your Weekly Budget                                 toiletries etc.)                               lutemi shikoni botimin “Udhëzime për shërbimet tona në
                                                       Travelling Expenses                            fletpalosjet’, që mund t’i gjeni në këtë zyrë, për të dhëna.
    When first moving into a new home it
    can be hard to keep track of all the               Telephone
                                                                                                       This document is also available in large print, braille
    weekly spending. The budget sheet on               Clothing                                                   and audio tape on request.
    the next page may be useful to help you            TV Licence
    plan what money is coming in and what              Laundry
    needs to go out. Extra copies of this              Decorating & Repairs (Landlord
                                                       is not responsible for)
                                                                                                                                                                                       We use the term ‘resident’ to
    budget plan can be obtained from                                                                             Cosmopolitan House, 2 Marybone
    Cosmopolitan.                                      Allowance for Furniture,                                          Liverpool L3 2BY                                              describe anyone living in one of
                                                       Equipment & Decorating                                 Tel: 0151 227 3716, Fax: 0151 227 4991                                   our homes or receiving one of our
    IMPORTANT                                                                                                      www.cosmopolitanhousing.co.uk
                                                       Other                                                                                                                           services. This includes tenants,
    For additional advice on benefits or                                                               Cosmopolitan Housing Association is a Charitable Industrial                     leaseholders and shared owners.
                                                       TOTAL                                                           and Provident Society.
5                                                 6
                                                       towards your                                      It is also important that you tell your
       PAYING                                          rent, you                                         Housing Benefit office and us if your           Other expenses...
                                                       may                                               circumstances change. For example:
                                                       sometimes                                         G If your household income changes;
       YOUR RENT                                       receive rent
                                                                                                         G If anyone leaves or moves into your
                                                                                                              home; or
                                                                                                                                                           It makes sense for you to take out
                                                                                                         G If a member of your household                   insurance for your own belongings.
                                                       an arrears
                                                                                                              turns sixteen years of age.                  This will pay for losses you suffer in
    How to pay your rent...                            balance,
                                                                                                         This may affect the amount of benefit             the event of fire, burst pipes, burglary
                                                       this is because your
                                                                                                         you receive.                                      etc. Cosmopolitan only insures the
                                                       local council generally pay
       There are a number of ways to do this:-                                                                                                             building and fixtures and fittings we
                                                       Housing Benefit to us four weeks in               You are responsible for repaying any              provide. Our policy does not cover
       G At any Cosmopolitan office                    arrears. If you are concerned in any              arrears arising because of unclaimed              damage to your possessions, even if
       G At the Post Office                            way please call the rent income team              Housing Benefit, late claims, or                  they are damaged by a fault in your
                                                       for advice on 0151 224 0201.                      overpayments of Housing Benefit that
       G At the Bank by Giro, a charge may be                                                                                                              own or in a neighbour’s home.
         made for this.                                If you require information more                   the council has claimed back. Housing             Although we insure the structure and
                                                       frequently contact Cosmopolitan and               Benefit is usually paid every four                fittings of your home and any contents
       G Standing Order through your Bank.
                                                       we will arrange to send you a                     weeks for the previous four weeks.                in communal areas, you could be liable
       G By post, sending cheques or postal            statement showing your rent due, your
         orders.                                                                                                                                           to replace certain fittings such as a
                                                       payments and the balance of your                                                                    washbasin if you damage them and it
       G Direct Debits                                 account right up to date.                                                                           is a good idea to include such
       G Through Payzone                                                                              Your rent...                                         accidental damage in your household
                                                       Housing Benefit                                                                                     insurance policy.
       Always take your rent card with you
       when paying rent.                               When you sign your tenancy                                                                          Insurance costs can vary so it is
                                                       agreement the Rent Income Team will               We are committed to the provision of a
       You have the choice for Housing Benefit                                                                                                             important to seek the advice of a
                                                       check to see if you are eligible for any          high quality service to tenants and
       payments to be paid directly to your rent                                                                                                           reputable broker.
                                                       Housing Benefit they will be able to              stakeholders. If you feel that there is a
       account.                                                                                                                                            Those residents who are elderly may
                                                       give you a rough idea of how much                 discrepancy or shortfall in the service
       In special cases, arrangements can be                                                                                                               wish to contact Age Concern, who can
                                                       rent you will have to pay yourself.               provision whereby the service provided            provide special arrangements for
       made for someone to call at your home to
                                                       If you are entitled to any Housing                is not a reflection of the charge, you            insurance.
       collect your rent. Ask for details from
       your Rent Income Team.                          Benefit a member of the rent income               should contact your Rent Income                   If you already have an insurance policy
                                                       team will help you complete a Housing             Team. They will provide you with                  check it so you know exactly what you
                                                       Benefit form at sign up. (Please make             information on the charges made and a             are insured for. Many companies will
     How will I know if my rent                        sure that all relevant information                breakdown of the services they relate             now let you spread your payments over
     is up to date?..                                  needed to complete this claim is                  to.                                               weekly or monthly installments.
                                                       brought with you on the day you sign
       We will send you a quarterly rent               for your new tenancy)                             If you are not satisfied with the                 Don’t be persuaded to take out an
       statement.                                                                                        standard of service provision you can             insurance policy in a hurry from an
                                                                                                         make a complaint.                                 insurance company or agent. Check
       Remember that if you are entitled to Full                                                                                                           out first whether it is the insurance you
       Housing Benefit and do not pay anything                                                           See our leaflet on Complaints.                    need.
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