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									There is much debate as to whether or not Infrared Heaters actually do lower the
heating cost of your home, and perform as efficiently as advertised. Although the
Infrared Heater cannot totally replace your home's existing furnace, it does actually
help to lower the overall cost of heating your home. The main thing to consider is the
size of house you want to keep warm with an Infrared Heater. Most models are rated
to heat a 1000 sq foot area, and they achieve this rather efficiently. An Infrared Heater
can heat that size of an area in 10-15 minutes.

The way that a Infared Heater allows you to save on heating costs is that when you
are using one, you do not have to keep your furnace on at a high temperature, which
requires much more power than an Infrared Heating unit does. Also, furnaces that run
on oil are really hurting consumers in the pocket book because of the rising price in
costs. That is why lowering your thermostat by approximately 3 degrees, and placing
an Infrared Heater in a central location in your home will definitely result in lowered
heating bills, because the furnace does not need to run as long.

Infrared Heaters are also very energy efficient, because none of the heat that they
produce is wasted. They heat the surrounding area by emitting thermal energy waves
that are absorbed by the materials around it. This is the same process that the Sun
utilizes to heat the Earth, and results in practically no heat being wasted at all. The
Infrared Heater heats the room evenly from floor to ceiling, while most standard
electric heaters allow the heat they produce to simple rise to the ceiling. Infrared
Heaters are also great at spot heating certain areas that you and your family spend
most of your time in. This allows you to run your furnace at an even lower
temperature because you are keeping the area that receives most of your family's
attention, like a den or finished basement, warm and comfortable.

Overall, Infrared Heaters really do live up to their reputation as being an efficient
energy saving solution to heat your home with. They can help save you money on
your heating bills because they help eliminate some of the stress that is placed on your
furnace during the long, cold winter months. Although the initial price of a high
quality unit, around 250-300 dollars, seems rather high, you'll be able to pay for it
during just one winter season with the money you save on your bills.

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