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					Herpes simplex virus is an infection that has been around for as far back as you can
remember. This infection is defined by Encarta dictionary as a viral skins disease
marked by cluster of small watery blisters. This disease is categorized into two such
as type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). This disease can affect the mouth, lips or
genital. A simplex virus on the mouth is known as oral or mouth herpes while a
simplex virus on the genital is called genital herpes.

 This infection is usually spread through skin contact or sexual intercourse with
someone who is already infected. A lot of people carry this illness around without
knowing that they have a contagious virus and this can damage the body immune
system. Kissing person with this oral herpes can be very risky as it can be easily
spread through the salivary gland or contact.

 The signs of infection differ depending on the individual, some might get the
symptom earlier while others might not even have the symptoms. Some of the signs
that an infected person might witness are cold sores and blister. This disease has a life
cycle of 21 days which disappear afterward but still leave the infected person with the

 Barrier protection methods are the most reliable way of preventing transmission of
this ailment, but they only decrease rather than eliminate risk. However, there are
many drugs on the counter that claim to offer complete and total eradication of these

  Before you begin any treatment, ensure you get diagnosed by a clinic and seek the
advice of your doctor on what drug is the best. Pharmaceutical companies are always
coming out with a variety of drugs some people claim that they have gotten cured by

 Once you identify you have this herpes simplex virus, stay away from young kids
especially and avoid kissing them as they can easily get infect and their immune
system is not capable of fighting the scourge.

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