Rent a cooler by dangerrous


									Rent a cooler

£6.95 / £7.95 (includes hot water) a week. This includes 6 monthly filter change and
cleaning at no extra cost, rapid call out service, all replacement parts covered, machine
upgrades to latest model as they become available, free installation (subject to survey) and a
re-siting service (subject to site survey).

Buy a cooler

£565.00 (includes installation). This also includes all fittings and filter systems. It will be
installed within 1-5 metres of services. There is an annual service charge for two filter
changes and sanitisation visits - £110.00.

To order your water cooler call Hepscott on 0870 225 2656 quoting Northumbrian Water.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Renting a cooler costs £6.95 a week or £7.95 for hot water too, payable six monthly in
advance and subject to a minimum three year contract. Rental covers a six monthly filter
change and cleaning, free installation*, all service call outs, all replacement parts and re-
siting* if required in the future. Discounts are available for multiple coolers!

*A free trial, installation and re-siting service is offered, provided that mains water and
electricity services are accessible and is subject to a site survey. You have the reassurance of
knowing that all Hepscott coolers are Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved
and installed by qualified personnel.

(Northumbrian Water is working with Hepscott Water Systems who will provide, install and
maintain the latest point of use water coolers. Your water is supplied by Northumbrian

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