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									With the high Indian population many people there are jobless and live in poverty.
Getting an Indian government job is hard but thanks to the railway jobs, many people
are able to earn a lively hood. Railway jobs in India are the most in the world. The
railway employment sector employs thousands of workers every year. This is because
they are easy to find in the newspapers and online. Applicants fill the position of
commercial clerks, ticket examiners, trains clerk, account clerks and many other
positions. The salary is decent enough to enable workers afford an honest living.
  Since the railway has many departments to work in, the workers are divided
according to their specialties. There is the technical department, which deals with
engineering both technical and mechanical. There are the non-technical departments
that include security, personnel management and any other services.
  The Indian government jobs are advertised online. There are many categories for a
person to make a choice. Applicants can register for the services and get alerts on the
latest specific jobs they want through their emails. Be it jobs in the media, law,
medical, IT, police, name it the list is endless. Recently India government jobs
advertised for more than 6500 jobs in the railway sector. They wanted both people
with experience and people without. Those without experience would be later trained
after getting the jobs. This was definitely good news for the many unemployed people
especially the youth.
  Other unemployed people subscribe to newsletters where they can get the latest jobs.
With the high population of unemployed people, they have to maximize on every
resource that comes their way.
  Students who are fresh out from college can get vacancies in the railway by doing
the UPSC exam and passing it. This is mostly geared to the engineering students,
mechanical, civil, and electrical. For computer science students since they are not
categorized in the IES exams. They have to pass the exams with a score of 60 percent
and above. From then on they become traffic officers and engineers.
  The government in India is also concerned with the high number of unemployed
people thus it also posts jobs in their weekly newspaper. Candidates can check the one
that matches their skills.
  Many sites have come up to help unemployed people especially students by giving
free advice on various careers. The people giving advice are experts in various fields.
Students get to ask questions as of where they can find the job matching their
qualifications. All they have to do is log in to the website and register.
  Indian railways jobs also have places for the handicapped people. The blind, deaf
and physically challenged have also been considered with the social amenities for
them to use put in place. Vacancies are not many but at least they help the few
handicapped people can earn a living.
  People in India have to step up their game in searching for a job, as the process can
be quite tedious and disappointing. They also have to exercise a little bit of patience
and have hope that soon they will get a job.
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