New Instrument RentalRent-to-Buy We rent BRAND NEW instruments only! by dangerrous

       Tel : 1 800 246 228 PO Box 512 Gisborne VIC 3437                                       2007

      New Instrument Rental/Rent-to-Buy
     We rent BRAND NEW instruments only!
  All are name-brand instruments with a track record of reliability
                         and value for money.
All are suitable for primary school through to secondary school levels
             Instrument                    Monthly        Optional       Once Only         Recommended
                                           Rental         Monthly        Set Up Fee       Retail Price (RRP)
 Trevor James 10x Flute                        45              5              25                   895
 Trevor James 10x                              50              5              25                  1045
 With curved head joint
 Trevor James10x Flute with curved             55              5              25                  1295
 and straight head joints
 Jupiter 631 Clarinet                          40               5             25                   749
 Yamaha YCL 250                                50               5             25                   849
 Jupiter 565GL Alto Sax                        65               8             25                  1495
 Yamaha YAS 275 Alto Sax                       90               8             25                  2195
 Jupiter 585GL Tenor Sax                       90              10             25                  1895
 Jupiter 408L Trumpet                          40              5              25                   749
 Yamaha 1335 Trumpet                           50               5             25                   849
 Jupiter 232L Trombone                         45              5              25                   895
 Jupiter 432L Trombone                         55              5              25                  1095
 Jupiter 438L Trombone                         55              5              25                  1149
Monthly Rental : The minimum rental payment period is six (6) months. An instrument may be returned at
any time. However, the minimum rental period is six (6) months.
Optional Monthly Insurance : Insurance is optional. Some hirers’ household insurance may cover the
rental instrument. So, hirers are encouraged to check their household insurance policies. Nevertheless some
hirers prefer to have the peace of mind of this specific insurance coverage to cover theft and damage. (Refer
to web site for details)
Once Only Setup Fee : The once only setup fee establishes the rental agreement and includes delivery if
Rent to Buy Option: All rental payments made during the first six (6) months can be deducted from the cost
of the instrument if purchased during that time (Not including insurance or the setup/delivery fee). All rental
payments made during the first six (6) months and half of all payments made during the following eighteen
(18) months can be deducted from the purchase price if purchased later on (Not including insurance or the
setup/delivery fee).
                                      Wombat Woodwind & Brass Rental Agreement
       PO Box 512 Gisborne 3437 tel: 1 800 246 228 fax : (03) 5427 4288 30 Glendevon Drive Woodend
1.    Instruments are hired by Wombat Woodwind & Brass and on signing this agreement the hirer agrees to the conditions on this schedule
      and acknowledges that the instrument is at all times the property of Wombat Woodwind & Brass (hereafter referred to as “WW&B”)
      unless the option to purchase is taken up and fully paid.
2.    The hirer agrees not to sell, assign, charge, part with or otherwise deal with the instrument during the hire term.
3.    The hirer agrees to notify WW&B immediately in writing upon the instrument no longer being kept at the home street address listed on
      the schedule.
4.    WW&B agrees to maintain the instrument for normal wear and tear during the hire period. All maintenance and repair is to be carried
      out by WW&B. Instruments are not to be serviced or repaired elsewhere unless specifically agreed to by WW&B in writing. All
      postage/courier costs for servicing and repair are to be paid by the hirer.
5.    Unless the insurance option is taken (see details below), the hirer is responsible for loss, accidental damage and any damage beyond fair
      wear and tear to the instrument. WW&B reserves the right to be indemnified by the hirer for damages, costs and other related expenses.
6.    The optional monthly insurance payment will cover the hirer for theft by forced entry from a house, school or car (police report
      required), accidental damage and fire. Accidental loss, such as leaving an instrument on a train/bus is not covered.
7.    Hire fees are due and payable each month in advance on a valid and current credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). If the hirer does not
      wish to continue hiring, the instrument must be returned before the next payment is due, or the next month’s rental will be charged.
8.    Privacy. The hirer’s personal information given on this form is used for WW&B record keeping purposes only and will not be given to
      any third party other than in the event of the hirer defaulting on this rental agreement and a collection agent being required to act on
      behalf of WW&B to recover payment and/or the instrument.
9.    The instrument buy-out/replacement price is the recommended retail price (RRP) as listed on this schedule.
10.   A once-only set up fee (which includes delivery if required) of $25 will be charged in addition to the first payment.
11.   Rental fees will continue to be charged for the period that an instrument is sent in for repairs. Rental fees will continue to be charged if
      an instrument is accidentally lost until the buy-out price is paid.
12.   Hire is for a minimum period of six (6) months. If the hirer returns the instrument within the first six (6) months, rental fees will be
      charged for the full six (6) months.
13.   If the hirer wishes to change over to another instrument on this schedule after the first six (6) months minimum hire, a $75 changeover
      fee is payable if the rental payments made for the first instrument are to be applied to the second instrument.

 Instrument                                                            Agreement Number
 Make/Model                                                            Monthly Hire Fee
 Serial Number                                                         Hire Starting Date
 Rec. Retail Price                                                     Optional Insurance
 Set Up/Delivery                      $25 (First Month                 Monthly Charge
 Charge                               Only)

                                                              Hirer’s Details
 Name Of Hirer
 Home Street Address
 Postal Address
 Home Phone No.
 Mobile Phone No.
 Email address
 Name of Employer
 Employer's Address
 Work Phone No.

Credit Card I authorize Wombat Woodwind & Brass to charge my Visa/MasterCard with the first monthly and
ongoing monthly hire fees until the instrument is returned or purchased and all monies owed are paid. I will notify
Wombat Woodwind & Brass if these card details change. I understand that if funds are not available on my due
date any bank or collection fees incurred by Wombat Woodwind and Brass will also be recovered.
Credit Card Number                                                                        Expiry date
                        -                            -                           -
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions above, I am over 18 and acknowledge my acceptance of
responsibility for this musical instrument whilst on hire to me

                                  WOMBAT WOODWIND & BRASS     Tel : 1 800 246 228 PO Box 512 Gisborne VIC 3437                          2007

Trevor James 10x Flutes
Trevor James is an English manufacturer that has been making premium quality student through to
professional flutes for over 25 years. The 10x model is widely recognised as one of the best student flutes
available in terms of construction, design, performance and value for money.
It is crafted with much attention to detail, including, a highly responsive superior head joint, silver plating,
accurately seated, fine double-skin pads, careful regulation, smooth mechanical action and finely fitted joints
Teachers find these flutes desirable as due to the head joint design, students are able to comfortably obtain
the difficult lower notes with much more ease than on other student flutes.
All 10X series flutes can comfortably see a student from primary levels through to VCE.
For more information on Trevor James flutes go to

Trevor James 10x Curved Head Flutes
Rather than the traditional straight flute, these have the head joint in the shape of a “U bend”. This is
designed for young or smaller students who would otherwise find it a very big stretch or even impossible
to comfortably hold and play a flute with a straight head joint.
If this is the case, it may be desirable to have a flute with both the curved and straight head joints. The
player can try the traditional straight head joint from time to time to see if they have grown enough to play
a straight flute. It also avoids the bother of ordering and specially fitting a straight head joint later on.

Jupiter Band Instruments
Jupiter is the fasted growing manufacturer of quality band instruments in the world today. They have a
reputation for the best value student instruments available All have durable finishes, have been
manufactured with incredible attention to detail and have proven longevity and reliability.
For more information on Jupiter Instruments go to

Jupiter 631 Clarinet
A finely made, durable student instrument featuring a maintenance free "duraline" plastic body (standard
for student clarinets) with a satin brushed finish. Accurately padded, it also has extremely tough forged
nickel plated keys that reliably keep their adjustments in the hands of younger players. Its case can be
worn as a back pack for ease of carrying.
An ideal junior clarinet for primary though to secondary levels.

Jupiter 565GL Alto Saxophone
This is undoubtedly the best value student saxophone on the market. It features incredibly fine pad work,
high F# key, precision machined and tightly fitted key work, gold epoxy lacquer on body and keys, adjustable
thumb rest, power forged keys and a detachable bell for ease of maintenance.
It has accurately levelled tone holes and an easy to play, responsive low register. Nothing comes close to
this saxophone in terms of value, quality and ease of playing. Presented in a solid, wood frame case.

Jupiter 769GL Alto Saxophone
This is the step-up model from the 500 series. This saxophone will take a student from beginner to
advanced and beyond. Pro musicians have given it the thumbs up with its fully adjustable action and
metal resonators for bigger sound. It is presented in a deluxe case which can double as a back pack for
ease of carrying.
                                   WOMBAT WOODWIND & BRASS      Tel : 1 800 246 228 PO Box 512 Gisborne VIC 3437                            2007

Jupiter 410L Trumpet
The 410L is a budget priced instrument made with extraordinary attention to detail and quality. It is
undoubtedly the best value student trumpet on the market It has a rose brass lead pipe and tuning slide
crook, brass slides and nickel silver receivers. Along with the standard 3rd slide finger ring, it also features
a 1st slide tuning hook which is usually found only on “step up” models. This means a much longer life
before an advancing player grows out of this model. Has a lightweight, rugged plastic case.
Jupiter 232L Trombone
The standard student trombone. Features yellow brass bell and accurately fitted hand slide. They are
supplied with fitted hand slide protector sleeves, which are made from “bottle plastic”, are very tough and
help avoid the nicks and bows that young players can otherwise easily cause. Suitable for primary through
to secondary levels.
Jupiter 432L Trombone
This features a nickel silver hand slide that is more durable, offers a smoother action, increases instrument
longevity and is more resistant to dents and bends. The most popular student trombone on the market
today. It has an ergonomically designed case which doubles as a back pack for ease of carrying. Suitable
for primary students up to VCE and beyond.
Jupiter 438L “Head start” Trombone
This model has all the features of the 432L Trombone but with special features to help very young or
small players to cope better with holding & playing the trombone. It has a special pistol grip on the slide,
an adjustable thumb rest along with a special ergonomic design to lessen the stretch required for some
notes. It has an ergonomically designed case which doubles as a back pack for ease of carrying.

Yamaha Band Instruments
Yamaha is one of the best known brands in many areas of manufacturing. They have a well deserved
reputation for quality, reliability and longevity.
For more information on Yamaha go to
Yamaha YCL 250 Clarinet
This model is made from maintenance free ABS resin and is exceptionally durable and maintenance free.
It feature synthetic “V” pads which are extremely resistant to damage from moisture or oil, provide long-
lasting adjustments and are easier to care for than traditional pads.
Yamaha 275 Alto Saxophone
The 275 saxophone is an industry standard for entry level saxophones. They are suitable also for
advancing players through to VCE and beyond. The high F# key is standard, they offer durability, good
tone and tuning along with proven reliability. The case is made of a lightweight and durable ABS resin.
Yamaha 1335 Trumpet
Yamaha student trumpets are easy to play and offer durability, good tone and tuning along with proven
reliability. This standard model offers a choice of either gold lacquer or a silver plated finish. Presented in
a solid moulded plastic case.

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