Importance of Wildcard SSL Certificate

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					People are getting smart about online security. Now a day 鈥檚 more and more of
them are looking for the lock icon and "HTTPs" prefix in the address bar of their
browser before submitting personal information online. If your website doesn't have a
SSL Certificate, visitors may be little concerned about their personal information
before making a purchase, creating an account or even signing up for a newsletter and
in the end you 鈥檒 l be at loss. Quality SSL Wildcard certificate involves a two-step
support process, resulting in a highly-trusted certificate that enhances consumer
  How it Works:
  A SSL Wildcard certificate ensures secure, effortless, and convenient Internet
shopping. Once an Internet user enters a secure area - by entering credit card
information, email address, or other personal data, for example - the shopping site's
SSL certificate enables the browser and web server to build a secure, encrypted
connection. The SSL "handshake" process, which establishes the secure session, takes
place unnoticeably behind the scene without interrupting the consumer's shopping
  By contrast, if a user attempts to submit personal information to an unsecured
website, a site that is not protected with a valid SSL certificate, the browser's built-in
security mechanism triggers a warning to the user, reminding him/her that the site is
not secured and that sensitive data might be intercepted by third parties.
  Wildcard SSL certificates offer you:
  鈥?Strong 128 bit to 256 bit encryption 鈥?Lowest cost, stable single root Wildcard
鈥 ?99% browser recognition rate 鈥 ?Wildcard SSL certificate holder's name
鈥?Wildcard SSL certificate's serial number and expiration date 鈥?Wildcard SSL
certificate holder's public key 鈥?Digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority
  Wildcard SSL certificate compatibility:
  Wildcard Certificates are compatible with most of the current browsers including IE
5.01+, AOL 5+, Netscape 4.7+, Opera 7+, Safari, Mozilla 1+, and Firefox 1+.
Moreover, Wildcard SSL Certificates are supported by any Servers which supports
SSL v2 or v3 technology 鈥?Web Servers (IIS, Apache, Tomcat, IBM HTTP,
Weblogic, Cobalt and many more.) 鈥?Mail Servers (Exchange, Lotus Dominos,
SmarterMail, Postfix, Courier IMAP, Qpopper and many more.) 鈥?Hosting Control
Panel (Plesk, HSPHERE, Helm, Ensim, DotNetPanel and many more.) 鈥?POP,
IMAP, SMTP Servers 鈥?FTP Servers (File Transfer Protocol) 鈥?Proxy Servers
(ISA 2004, ISA 2006 and many more.) 鈥?Routers & Firewalls 鈥?VPN Servers