ID Badges - A Simple Way to Secure Your Building by gyvwpgjmtx


									Securing an office building is essential to guaranteeing the safety of the people who
work there as well as those who visit the building. It is also very important because an
unprotected facility may create a liability hazard for the business or person who is
responsible for the building. ID cards are an essential element of any security system.
Company identification (id) badges may be used for several different purposes
including employee ID cards, guest ID cards, access control badges, time and
attendance ID cards, as well as for promoting the corporate identity.
Every company has different security needs and their essentials for ID cards are just
as varied. For some, ID cards are used solely for employee identification, using the
cardholder's picture as a visual means to identify the employee or authorized guest.
Other companies may need to control and/or {monitor the day-to-day actions of the
employees as they come and go from the building. Other corporations may want to be
certainthat their corporate identification cards properly promote their corporate
identity. And yet others require that their identification cards include a mixture of all
three. Whatever kind of security program is installed, identification badges can be
created to serve every company's specific security needs.
The level of complexity of your security program decides the technology that is used
on your ID cards and how they are produced. For fundamental identification,
employees' or visitors' names and photos are printed on the identification badge, along
with a corporate name and logo, creating a visual means to identify the card carrier.
To help secure the identification card from counterfeit use, the corporate ID card
should always incorporate badge security components that reduce the risk of
duplication. Employee ID badges that work with card reader applications, such as
access control or time and attendance applications, can include bar codes, magnetic
stripes, smart card chips, or proximity technologies, developing a multifunctional ID
Photo ID badges are an essential part of a security program for employee and guest
security. They assist with managing the various individuals who enter and exit the
building or buildings, as well as serve as a professional method to promote the
company identity. Multifunctional ID badges may be implemented as employee photo
ID badges, building control cards, time and attendance ID cards, and guest ID cards.
The ID badges can consist of several types of data, depending on the unique
requirements of the security management system.

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