I am that I am by gyvwpgjmtx


									I AM THAT I AM
  Is there a power greater than we on this planet? Did all the magnificent things in
nature simply whirl themselves into existence?
  Or is it even possible that the profound complexities found in and of this earth are
without origin.
  If you think about it, the Ant kingdom, is miraculous in it's self. Colonies of ants
actually have order; a chain of command if you will designated jobs for designated
  Could something this complex simply whirl into existence? There are so many
profound examples to be named that they cannot possibly be counted 0r categorized.
  Is there a ruling force of some kind running this planet, is there a power greater than
ourselves in existence here, or do we have a Supreme Being who is directing the out
come of everything.
  We all have our own ideas about how this earth came into existence and a majority
believe it to be God, and have chosen a particular faith in which to believe, and are
convinced that only the members of this faith will see heaven.
  We must be wise enough to ask ourselves this thought provoking question, what
supreme thinking being would plan to destroy all those of other faiths, only having
one which would receive life's eternal reward.
  Please let us take a closer look to see if there is any intelligence what so ever in this
line of thought, because it definitely has the ring of earth bound idiocy.
  A being with the magnificence it would take to master an entire universe and all it's
vast complexities could not possibly be, second guessed, figured out, or even
understood by the remedial beings that inhabit this planet.
  However, we are in possession of one of the greatest books known to any man
anywhere, which references this great being who needs no name, but to say, I am that
I am.

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