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            study PARt time And eARn cRedits toWARd A loyAlist diPlomA oR ceRtificAte

                                                       At Loyalist we are committed to providing you with a full range of
                                                       learning opportunities. Whether you are a high school student looking
                                                       for a post-secondary education that will help you successfully launch
                                                       your career, in the workforce and looking to enhance your career
                                                       opportunities, or are a displaced worker, we have the options for you.
                                                       the bancroft campus is situated one-and-a-half hours north
                                                       of belleville on hwy 62 and one-and-a-half hours northeast of
                                                       Peterborough on hwy 28. We are a small but vigorous satellite of the
                                                       main campus in belleville. our continuing education courses, part-
                                                       time Paramedic program, Personal support Worker, Practical nursing,
                                                       outdoor Wilderness experience certificate program, online distance
                                                       education courses and our employment ontario employment services
                                                       and summer Jobs service – continue to meet the growing needs of
                                                       our rural community.
                                                       the following programs are offered in class at the bancroft campus:
                                                       • Paramedic
                                                       • Personal support Worker
                                                       • Practical nursing
                                                       • elab

                          After being laid off
                          from an industry
                          that had employed
                          me for 20 years, I
                          realized the need
                          to quickly gain new
                          skills to secure my
                          future financially.    With the flexibility of on-line learning and the support of on-campus
                          After much             facilities, elab assists students meeting their educational and career
research, I enrolled in the Personal Support     goals. Available at both the bancroft and belleville campuses, elab is a
Worker program offered at Loyalist.              unique e-learning facility where students get the technical and academic
                                                 assistance they need to complete their full-time or part-time studies.
The class size was small, with a relaxed and
comfortable atmosphere. The teachers were        available areas of study include:
extremely knowledgeable and genuinely            •    Accounting & bookkeeping
concerned with the success of each student.      •    computer & technical studies
The material in the course was vast and          •    developmental service Worker
thorough, giving me the skills and knowledge     •    early childhood education
necessary to enter my new career as a PSW        •    Justice studies
with confidence.                                 •    medical office Administration & transcription
                                                 •    office Administration
The placements gave me a chance to               •    Palliative care
practice and polish my skills, and soon after    •    social service Worker
my second placement I was offered a job.         •    and many more
I would recommend this Loyalist program to
anyone wishing a truly meaningful career.        for more information contact:
                                                 Marilyn Plunkett, Program Coordinator Ext. 228
Melinda Hineman                        
Personal Support Worker (PSW) Picton 2010

B36    BANCROFT If you are over 60 there may be a discount for your course! look for the 60+ indicated beside fees.
Personal support Worker Certificate Program                                                                                   Practical nursing ¨
campbellford: January 18, 2011 – october 7, 2011                                                                              bancroft location
napanee: september 6, 2011 – June 8, 2012                                                                                     September 12, 2011
bancroft: september 13, 2011 – June 15, 2012
tweed: september 13, 2011 – June 15, 2012                                                                                     Registered Practical nurses are integral members
barry’s bay: september 20, 2011 – June 22, 2012                                                                               of the health care team, consulting on complex
                                                                                                                              care issues. They independently provide a full
The Personal Support Worker program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills,                               range of nursing care to clients within their scope
and attitudes necessary to provide personal care and home management services to clients in                                   of practice.
both community and institutional settings.
Certificate requires successful completion of the following 10 courses: ¨                                                     during this intensive three-year program, students
                                                                                                                              receive a combination of classroom theory,
           PsWt 1005            Role of the PsW                                                                               lab work and clinical practice; learn to assess
           comm 1028            Workplace english                                                                             client health throughout the lifespan; and plan,
           PsWt 1004            safe & comfortable environment                                                                implement and evaluate appropriate nursing care.
           PsWl 1000            lab 1                                                                                         the Pn program is offered on a three day per
           PsWl 1001            lab 2                                                                                         week schedule throughout the calendar year.
           PsWt 1003            human body in health & illness                                                                The program takes a minimum of three years
           PsWt 1006            PsW integrative theory                                                                        to complete. the required lab experiences are
           PsWP 1003            PsW Practicum 1                                                                               developed locally where and when possible during
           PsWP 1004            PsW Practicum 2                                                                               the life of the program.
           PsWP 1005            PsW Practicum 3
a minimum passing grade of 65% must be obtained in each course.                                                               graduates are prepared to write the canadian
funding opportunities are available through second career, first nations, Wsib, Part time canada student loan Program, and    Practical nurse Registration examination and
other various sources for those who may qualify.                                                                              become licensed by the ontario college of nurses.
students are responsible for costs incurred to meet placement prerequisites, travel expensives and parking fees.              Loyalist nursing students are constantly among
Please note: the presentation and delivery of any programming is contingent on the number of registrations and the funds
                                                                                                                              the most successful candidates to obtain their
required to run the program. Course delivery and dates may be subject to change. Cost are subject to change without notice.   certification.

                                                                                                                              diploma requires successful completion of
                for more information please contact:                                                                          27 courses. A minimum passing grade of 65%
                                                                                                                              must be obtained in each course to receive this
      Angela Foley 613-332-1743 ext. 232                                                               diploma.
     OR Rebecca Sears 613-332-1743 ext. 235
                                                                                                                              Please note: The presentation and delivery of
                                                                                                                              any programming is contingent on the number
bRIdgINg PRogRaM for hCa’s to PsW ¨                                                                                           of registrations and the funds required to run
                                                                                                                              the program. Course delivery and dates may be
this PsW bridging program is designed to fulfill the requirements for health care Aides (hcA) to                              subject to change.
bridge to the Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certificate.
                                                                                                                              Students are responsible for costs incurred
Theory courses are offered through correspondence and must be completed prior to lab                                          to meet placement prerequisites, travel
experiences. lab experiences and the comprehensive exam will be completed at the bancroft                                     expensives and parking fees.
Campus. Preceptored placements will be arranged on an individual basis.
                                                                                                                              for more information please contact:
the folloWINg fouR oPtIoNs aRe avaIlable:
1. hcA with long term care (ltc) experience requiring community experience                                                    Rebecca sears, Admissions officer ext. 235
2. hcA with community experience requiring ltc experience                                                                     e-mail:
3. hcA to PsW (for those meeting the requirements of community & ltc experience)                                               or
4. hcA requiring both ltc & community experiences                                                                             lisa Woodcock, Program coordinator ext. 237
Please note that for Practicum II and III exemption, your experience must be within the past 3 years.
Proof must be provided prior to starting these components otherwise students will be required to
complete both experiences.

Prior learning Recognition (PlaR) assessment – Applicants with work experience or other
types of non-credential learning maybe eligible for credits at Loyalist.

PRogRaM desIgN oPtIoNs: ¨
All students must complete the following courses in the order as listed:                                                      UPGRADING
PsWt 8002        Role of the Personal support Worker        P $222.70                                        bonnie gagne
                                                                                                                              did you know that all the pre-requisites
PsWt 8000        human body in health & illness             P $365.40
PsWt 8001        safe and comfortable environment           P $113.85                                                         for the Practical Nursing program are
PsWl 8000        supportive care & Activities 2: lab        tbA $175.62                                      bonnie gagne     available online for fRee! If you have
PsWP 8000        PsW Practicum ii                           P $281.55
                                                                                                                              your high school diploma, but need to
PsWP 8001        PsW Practicum iii                          P $477.20
                                                                                                                              improve your grades – or if you don’t
mosby’s canadian textbook and study guide, including nursing Assistant disk is required for this                              have the pre-requisites for the course –
program approx. cost $181.00. cost are subject to change without notice.
a minimum passing grade of 65% must be obtained in each course to receive this certificate.
                                                                                                                              aCe, our academic and Career entrance
students are responsible for costs incurred to meet placement prerequisites, travel expensives and parking fees.              program is for you.
                                                       P monthly intake

     Loyalist College Bancroft Campus • 195 Hastings St. N., Box 10, Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0 • TOLL FREE: 1-877-309-0317
             phone: 613-332-1743 • fax: 613-332-4773 • e-mail: •
decorative folk art
Receive one-on-one technique training and
                                                  Photography                                         Adobe Photoshop Part 2
                                                                                                      For students who are very comfortable using a
support while you complete projects of your own                                                       computer. Step into layers, resizing, selection
choosing. Supplies are available or bring your    Practical Photography                               and other editing functions.
own. Purchases from lin are extra.                learn how to use a digital slR camera properly      INSTRUCTOR: HENRY CHRISTIANSEN
location: 27775 paudash - hwy 28                  and understand its features and power. navigate
                                                                                                      Mon,Wed 6:30pm to 10:00pm • MAR 21 to 28
                                                  menus, understand lenses, experiment with
INSTRUCTOR: LINDA MACKENZIE                                                                           PHOT 8014- 4235 • $97.70 / Age 60+ $73.34
                                                  different shooting modes, control exposure
Tue 1:00pm to 4:00pm • JAN 11 to MAR 01
                                                  elements, and improve your composition. dslR
PaIN 8000- 4239 • $167.70 / Age 60+ $98.10
                                                  cameras are best for class, but all cameras are     Adobe Photoshop Part 3
                                                  welcome. there is a 4-hour field trip planned for   coming this sPRing!
Wed 7:00pm to 10:00pm • JAN 12 to MAR 02
                                                  saturday, Feb 12th.
PaIN 8000- 4238 • $167.70 / Age 60+ $98.10
                                                  INSTRUCTORS: HENRY CHRISTIANSEN &
                                                  DREW HOSICK                                         Writing
                                                  Thu 6:30pm to 10:00pm • JAN 27 to MAR 02
                                                  Phot 8011- 4261 • $157.75 / Age 60+ $99.75          Introduction to self-Publishing
                                                                                                      :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                                                                      WRIT 8038-3893 • $293.01 / Age 60+ $202.53
                                                  adobe Photoshop Part 1 ¨
                                                  For students who are very comfortable using a
                                                  computer. Post-processing of images: saving,        documentary scriptwriting
                                                  naming, dng conversion, intro to Photoshop and      :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                  Adobe camera Raw.                                   WRIT 8041-3894 • $242.70 / Age 60+ $173.10
                                                  INSTRUCTOR: HENRY CHRISTIANSEN
                                                  Mon,Wed 6:30pm to 10:00pm • FEB 23 to MAR 02
                                                  PHOT 8014- 4236 • $97.70 / Age 60+ $73.34

            ontARio building code tRAining
J   Complex Buildings 2006 ¨                      J Part 8 On- Site Sewage 2006
recommended prerequisite: large buildings-2006    bloomfield ¨                                         obC Qualifications Program
INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                         INSTRUCTOR: ANDREW HARRISON                          the full time building code certificates program is
Wed – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • APR 06 to 08         Fri – Sun 8:30am to 4:30pm •                         offered at the bancroft campus of loyalist college.
TECH 8302- 4392 • $345.16 / Age 60+ $289.48       JAN 21 to 23, 29 & 30                                This program combines both in class and practicum
                                                  TECH 8213- 4376 • $464.60 / Age 60+ $371.80          hours to prepare students to successfully complete
                                                                                                       ministry examinations in preparation for employment
J   House 2006 ¨                                                                                       in the building industry; whether as a building official,
INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                         J Plumbing All Buildings 2006                        a Private design consultant or with a Registered code
Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • JAN 31 to FEB 04     bloomfield ¨                                         Agency.
TECH 8300- 4385 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80       INSTRUCTOR: ANDREW HARRISON
                                                                                                       adMIssIoN ReQuIReMeNts
                                                  Fri – Sun 8:30am to 4:30pm •
J General Legal 2006                              MAR 25 to 27, APR 02 & 03
                                                                                                       1. completed ontario secondary school diploma
                                                                                                       (ossd) or grade 12 equivalency certificate (achieved
bancroft ¨                                        TECH 8304- 4375 • $464.60 / Age 60+ $371.80
                                                                                                       through College academic upgrading)
INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                                                                              2. 19 Yrs of age or older
Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • JAN 10 to 14         J   Small Buildings 2006 ¨                           QualIfICatIoNs studIed
TECH 8200- 4241 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80       recommended prerequisite: house - 2006
                                                                                                       Part 3 classification and construction
                                                  INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS
                                                                                                       Part 3 health and safety
bloomfield ¨                                      Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • MAR 28 to APR 01
                                                                                                       Part 9 envelope
INSTRUCTOR: ANDREW HARRISON                       TECH 8306- 4381 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80
                                                                                                       Part 9 Health and Safety
Fri – Sun 8:30am to 4:30pm •                                                                           Part 9 structural Requirements
FEB 25 to 27, MAR 05 & 06
TECH 8200- 4370 • $464.40 / Age 60+ $371.60       home Inspection                                      Part 9 the building - fire Protection
                                                                                                       Part 8 on site sewage

J   Large Buildings 2006 ¨                        Related oBC training                                 Part 10/11 Renovations and change of use
                                                                                                       Part 12 energy conservancy
                                                  all building Code Courses require the students       soil mechanics and footing design
INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                         to have the 2006 Ontario Building Code Com-
Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • MAR 07 to 11                                                              Community Planning and Zoning
                                                  pendium. the exam is offered during the final        general legal
TECH 8301- 4240 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80
                                                  day of these classes.                                Plumbing All buildings
                                                                                                       building services
J Part 8 On-Site Sewage 2006                      J   Part 9 Envelope 2006 ¨                           complex
bancroft ¨                                        INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                            once you have completed this program and
INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                         Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • JAN 17 to 21            successfully written your exams, you could be
Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • FEB 14 to 18         TECH 8208- 4384 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80          in receipt of 9 certifications from the ministry
TECH 8213- 4386 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80
                                                                                                       examination Program and 11 certificates through the
                                                  J Part 9 health &                                    Technical Stream of training.
the J ICoN IdeNtIfIes CouRses that                Safety 2006 ¨                                        This program requires students to have a copy of the
MaY be elIgIble foR assIstaNCe                    INSTRUCTOR: JEFF CHALMERS                            2006 building code compendium and the 2010 code
thRough CfdC.                                     Mon – Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm • MAR 14 to 18            and construction guide for housing.
                                                  TECH 8208- 4389 • $478.60 / Age 60+ $385.80

B38    BANCROFT If you are over 60 there may be a discount for your course! look for the 60+ indicated beside fees.
                                     business                                                                           geneRAl
CfdC Partners
in training
                                                    J donor Relationsips in
                                                    :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                    BUSI 8238-3881 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15                 J   NeW tree Identification ¨
                                                                                                               learn to identify the most common native trees
Tuition fees can be eligible for funding            J   Introduction to fundraising                            found in the north hastings area. use specific keys
assistance. Community Futures will reimburse        :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                                 to identify the most common Coniferous trees
employers or employees of for-profit businesses     BUSI 8235-3845 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15                 and deciduous trees. you will be both knowl-
and not-for-profit agencies up to 50% of their                                                                 edgeable and confident when working on your
approved training costs.                            J   Methods of fundraising                                 property, a client’s property or just strolling the
                                                    :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                                 forest. be sure to dress for the weather and to be
the J ICoN IdeNtIfIes CouRses that                  BUSI 8234-3846 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15                 in the forest - safety boots are recommended.
MaY be elIgIble foR assIstaNCe                                                                                 no class Feb 19.
thRough CfdC.                                       J strategic Management of                                  INSTRUCTOR: DOUG THAIN

For further information visit        Campaigns                                                  Sat 9:00am to 12:00pm • JAN 22 to MAR 05
                                                                                                               TECH 9031- 4405 • $120.84 or stop in at Community Futures - 26     :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                    BUSI 8231-3847 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15
chemaushgon Road, bancroft to discuss your                                                                     J NeW live entertainment
eligibility for the skills development Program.
A letter of agreement with Community Futures        JNeW fundraising as                                        Production technology ¨
must be in place to qualify for reimbursement of    Management Process                                         if you dream of ‘setting up the show’ this is
training costs.                                     :ONLINE • JAN 14 - APR 21                                  the course for you. Learn the basic skills of the
                                                    BUSI 8255-5635 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15                 Technical Production setup for live events. Topics
Anyone interested in using this program must                                                                   include: professional sound, staging, structure
make their own arrangements, before registering     J   NeW fundraising Practices                              development, lighting, rigging, video and special
                                                                                                               effects. Safety plays a key role in all training, with
for any courses. RemembeR to inform us when         :oNlINe • JAN 14 - APR 21                                  lots of hands-on lab work to reinforce lectures.
you register if you have funding assistance.        BUSI 8256-5637 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15
                                                                                                               students are required to have safety shoes/boots
                                                                                                               and work gloves for most hands-on training. safety
J NeW better to best grant
                                                        J fundraising Management                               glasses and hard hats will be provided as needed.
Writing                                                                                                        INSTRUCTOR: TED BARKER
looking to bury the grant writing competition?                         Certificate                             Mon – Wed 9:00am to 4:00pm • FEB 07 to MAR 03
get the ammunition you need to make your             If being involved with special events, grant writing,     TECH 8132-5504 • $569.48 / Age 60+ $402.44
application bullet-proof.                            campaign management and donor-centered planned
Sat 9:00am to 4:00pm • FEB 12
                                                     giving is where you want to volunteer or work, this       NeW home hair designing
                                                     is the program for you. gain the practical skills to      If you are doing hair at home, learn tips and tricks
BUSI 9503- 4282 • $70.06                             successfully pursue a career in fundraising in the        to save you time and get the best, consistent
                                                     non-profit sector. Consider fundraising management        results for your efforts. You will learn about
J NeW special event                                  or consulting as career choices with non-profit,          proper tools to use, techniques and applications
fundraising                                          community or international agencies or organizations      of products. models will be needed after the
Special events needs special fundraising.            such as health charities, education foundations, and/or
                                                                                                               first class. bring basic hairdressing tools as well -
brainstorm, discuss and discover the                 social welfare agencies.
                                                                                                               whatever you use at home - for the first class.
opportunities available to subsidize your special                                                              INSTRUCTOR: MAUREEN KELLY
project.                                             adMIssIoN ReQuIReMeNts
                                                                                                               Mon 6:00pm to 9:00pm • JAN 24 to FEB 14
INSTRUCTOR: KIMBERLY MCMUNN                          1. completed ontario secondary school diploma
                                                                                                               GNRL 9176- 4377 • $83.27
                                                     (ossd) or grade 12 equivalency certificate (achieved
Sat 9:00am to 4:00pm • JAN 15
                                                     through College academic upgrading)
GNRL 9149- 4422 • $70.06
                                                     2. 19 Yrs of age or older
J   NeW sustainable fundraising                      CeRtIfICate ReQuIReMeNts
When bake sales and raffles just aren’t enough…      H busi 8235 introduction to fundraising
give your organization the support it needs          H busi 8234 methods of fundraising
by designing your fundraising with continuity        H busi 8231 strategic management of campaigns
and sustainability in mind. engaging in              H busi 8238 donor Relationships
strategic planning for fundraising will keep your    H busi 5635 fundraising management Process
organization alive and thriving as board members     H busi 5637 fundraising Practices
and your general volunteer base changes.
INSTRUCTOR: KIMBERLY MCMUNN                                   H Course is offered this semester
Thu 5:30pm to 8:30pm • JAN 20 to MAR 03
BUSI 8254-5506 • $120.62 / Age 60+ $78.86

J NeW volunteers...finders,                                                                                        oNlINe studeNts
Keepers                                                                                                            on the couRse
Realize the simple steps to effective volunteer
recruitment and retention so you will have                                                                         stARt dAte, visit
volunteers asking to join you. Find them and                                                             
keep them.
INSTRUCTOR: KIMBERLY MCMUNN                                                                                        to Access youR couRse.
Sat 9:00am to 4:00pm • MAR 05
busI 9009- 4280 • $70.06

      Loyalist College Bancroft Campus • 195 Hastings St. N., Box 10, Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0 • TOLL FREE: 1-877-309-0317
              phone: 613-332-1743 • fax: 613-332-4773 • e-mail: •
                              comPuteRs                                                                            dAnce &
Now that we have wireless in
the building, you are welcome
                                                     J NeW Internet Marketing…
                                                     Convert Prospects into
to bring your own laptop                             Customers!                                           belly dance & fitness
                                                     Learn the secret you need to know to bring traffic
to class.                                            to your website and /or blog. leverage social
                                                                                                          no special clothes, equipment or even partners
                                                                                                          required. belly dance is designed for women’s
                                                     media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn...
                                                                                                          bodies – all shapes, sizes and ages. students are
NeW assistive technology                             Receive one-on-one consulting with marketing
                                                                                                          asked to wear comfortable clothing - not too baggy,
Computers have been designed to be accessible        expert bruce sharland and define your specific
                                                                                                          and ballet-type slippers or tight socks.
and usable by almost everyone. You need not          business marketing targets. students must be
                                                                                                          INSTRUCTOR: IRMA INWOOD
be limited by a learning disability or physical      comfortable with using a computer.
                                                                                                          Tue 5:30pm to 6:30pm • JAN 11 to MAR 08
impairment – easily accessible programs and          INSTRUCTOR: JOHN SHARLAND
                                                                                                          daNC 9006- 4246 • $99.23
applications make the world of computers             Tue 5:30pm to 9:30pm • FEB 03 to 17
available.                                           COMP 8216- 4404 • $93.08 / Age 60+ $65.24
INSTRUCTOR: ANNETTE ASTON                                                                                 NeW fitness fusion -
Thu 6:00pm to 9:00pm • FEB 03 to 24                  NEW Join the Social                                  the basics
CoMP 8151- 4244 • $83.08 / Age 60+ $55.24            Media buffet                                         Pilates, floor work, yoga stretching and toning
                                                                                                          and core strengthening are all part of this fusion
                                                     explore social media to improve your business
                                                                                                          of fitness. bring water, floor mat or towel.
beginner’s Computing ¨                               acumen in a technological world, to establish
                                                                                                          INSTRUCTOR: KATHRYN GUERRIERO
Learn with detailed notes, one-on-one                sustainable relationships with existing and
                                                                                                          Maynooth - Mon 5:30pm to 6:30pm
instruction, and through hands-on lab time.          potential clients, and establish electronic
                                                                                                          JAN 10 to FEB 07
Recognize and use basic features of any              communication with family and friends and
                                                                                                          GNRL 9146-5417 • $58.55
computer: the start button, opening programs,        the world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs,
the keyboard and much more. Students need            wiki, websites, skype and myspace will all be
                                                                                                          Bancroft - Wed 5:30pm to 6:30pm
no special skills for this class. evening class is   toured, dissected, linked and posted to. Course
                                                                                                          JAN 12 to FEB 09
scheduled for tuesdays from 6-9pm starting           material will also cover branding and the creation
                                                                                                          GNRL 9146-5418 • $58.55
Feb 15, 2010.                                        of conversation capital. students must be
INSTRUCTOR: ANNETTE ASTON                            comfortable with using a computer.
Sat & Sun 9:00am to 12:45pm • JAN 22 to 30           INSTRUCTOR: BARB SHAW                                tone strengthen
CoMP 8015- 4255 • $98.85 / Age 60+ $64.05            Mon 9:00am to 11:30am • JAN 24 to FEB 14             For any fitness level, this class includes
                                                     COMP 8103-5509 • $76.90 / Age 60+ $53.70             strengthening, stretching, and toning activities
                                                                                                          using light weights. bring your own light weights,
beyond beginner’s Computing
With review, hands-on lab time, and detailed         J   MaC basics & applications                        floor mat or towel, and water.
                                                                                                          INSTRUCTOR: SUSANNE COx
notes, you will gain more confidence and ability     Learn to use the many applications available with
                                                                                                          Thu 4:30pm to 5:30pm • JAN 20 to MAR 10
to continue your journey with computers. Learn       your mAc operating system. Please identify the
                                                                                                          FITN 9002- 4247 • $92.38
about short cut keys, operating systems, saving      operating system you have: tiger 10.4, leopard
images, personalizing your desktop and more.         10.5, snow leopard 10.8, etc. students must bring
INSTRUCTOR: ANNETTE ASTON                            their own computer to class with all necessary

Sat & Sun 9:00am to 12:45pm • FEB 12 to 20           hookups. We have wireless internet.
CoMP 8015- 4256 • $98.85 / Age 60+ $64.05            INSTRUCTOR: ANNETTE ASTON
                                                     Mon 6:00pm to 9:00pm • JAN 24 to 14
J   Internet fuNdamentals                            CoMP 8151- 4267 • $82.08 / Age 60+ $54.24
during this hands-on course you will be
introduced to the basic elements of the Internet;    J   NEW On the Job Basics                            field to fork - Introduction to
e-mail; search; secure functions; downloading.       Prepare yourself to be efficient, productive and     local and global food
If you do not have an e-mail address you will        up-to-date with your computer skills and familiar    systems ¨
make one. students must be familiar with using a     with everyday office equipment. using microsoft      : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
computer.                                            products you will either refresh old skills and      GNRL 8303-3890 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15
INSTRUCTOR: ANNETTE ASTON                            knowledge or gain a whole new set of skills. You
Sat & Sun 9:00am to 12:45pm • MAR 05 to 13           should have a computer at home to do practice
                                                                                                          NeW Introductory gluten
CoMP 8015- 4257 • $98.85 / Age 60+ $64.05
                                                     INSTRUCTOR: LAURIE ELLIS                             free baking
                                                     Tue 5:30pm to 8:00pm, JAN 18 to FEB 08
                                                                                                          Whether cooking or baking foods that are
                                                                                                          gluten-free, Christa will share some of her tips
J   Website building basics                          CoMP 8151- 4259 • $68.90 / Age 60+ $45.70
                                                                                                          and tricks for getting results that are tasty, have
Learn how websites are created and how to                                                                 good texture and are easy to make. learn about
manipulate information, images, backgrounds                                                               different types of flours, cooking temperatures
etc. examine design aspects and move towards                                                              and conversions.
developing your very own website - specific to                                                            INSTRUCTOR: CHRISTA BROWNLEE
your business. students must be comfortable with                                                          Sat 10:00am to 1:00pm • JAN 29 & FEB 12
using a computer.                                                                                         CULN 9193- 4351 • $70.91
Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm • JAN 21 to FEB 25              Would CoMPuteR tRaININg
CoMP 8015- 4245 • $128.62 / Age 60+ $86.86            INCRease YouR PRofIts?
                                                      call maureen 613-332-1743 ext 240.
                                                      Perhaps we can help with computer                   the J ICoN IdeNtIfIes CouRses that
                                                      training using Adobe, mAc, Pc                       MaY be elIgIble foR assIstaNCe
                                                      and more...                                         thRough CfdC.

B40     BANCROFT If you are over 60 there may be a discount for your course! look for the 60+ indicated beside fees.
                             emPloyment ceRtificAtes
J   Chainsaw Certificate                                  J   NeW forklift Certification                          J   security guard training ¨
Successful students receive a professional                Receive in-depth instruction on applicable              : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
chainsaw certificate as a logger or non-logger.           regulations, safe forklift operation as well as         LAWS 8028-3895 • $406.55 / Age 60+ $302.15
day one: bring your chainsaw (empty the fuel              extensive hands-on exercises. you will be learning
tank). day two: you must have safety boots,               on all terraine and warehouse style forklifts, with     J   smart serve
chainsaw pants/chaps, hard hat, ear and eye               proper propane transferes. Your knowledge               Successful students will obtain their SmartServe
protection, and leather gloves. Students without          and skill level is evaluated and only those able        ontario certificate; required by anyone who
these items will not be allowed to participate            to demonstrate a minimum level of operational           serves alcohol. Classes offered every third Wed. of
and will not receive a certificate. please bring          competence receive documentation of successful          the month or every fourth monday of the month.
$25 for non-logging Chainsaw Certificate or $45           program completion. more course dates coming.           INSTRUCTOR: SARAH KOCH
for the loggers Chainsaw Certificate. if you have         INSTRUCTOR: LARRY O’DONNELL                             Wed 2:00pm to 6:00pm • JAN 19
staff to train, call us and we will make training         Mon 9:00am to 5:00pm • FEB 21                           hosP 9000- 4254 • $44.00
arrangements for you and your crew.                       TECH 8122-5505 • $266.72 / Age 60+ $248.16
INSTRUCTOR: MARVIN KELLAR                                                                                         Mon 5:30pm to 9:30pm • JAN 24
Sat & Sun 8:30am to 5:30pm • JAN 29 & 30                  J   NEW H2S Alive                                       hosP 9000- 4253 • $44.00
TECH 8604- 4264 • $159.09 / Age 60+ $121.97               For anyone working in or planning to work in the
                                                          petroleum industry where exposure to hydrogen
Sat & Sun 8:30am to 5:30pm • MAR 05 & 06                  sulphide (H2S) is possible, this certificate is
TECH 8604- 4265 • $159.09 / Age 60+ $121.97               required. Learn the physical properties and health
                                                          hazards of H2S, how to protect yourself and
J fall arrest Certificate -                               basic rescue techniques. operate self-contained
basics                                                    breathing apparatus, a detector tube device and
This three-hour workshop, based on the                    perform rescue breathing on a mannequin. The                We’Re looKINg foR
Construction Safety Association information,              course is taught by a certified instructor. An
                                                          industry standard certificate, valid for three years,
provides basic knowledge of fall protection and
fall arrest controls for personnel working in areas       will be issued upon successful completion of a              PeRsonAl inteRest • AcAdemic •
exposed to fall hazards. We can bring this training       written examination and demonstration of the                online • technicAl tRAining
to your company call 613-332-1743 ext 240 ask for         required skills.
maureen.                                                  INSTRUCTOR: PETER MIKKELSAAR                                And moRe... cAll mAuReen
INstRuCtoR: edWaRd fReeboRN                               Mon 8:30am to 4:30pm • MAR 21                               At 613-332-1743 eXt 240
Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm • FEB 11                            TECH 8121- 4314 • $254.72 / Age 60+ $236.16
TECH 9202- 4266 • $45.47

                                          heAlth ceRtificAtes
J standard CPR &                                          J   Crisis Intervention ¨
first aid with aed                                        : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                                   Palliative Care Certificate
this Red cross standard first Aid and and cPR             HLTH 8177-3888 • $309.78 / Age 60+ $212.34                              :offeRed oNlINe
course provides the required training of Level
`c’ and follows the provincial standards. it is           financial Management
                                                                                                                   develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to
recognized and required by most employers,                Retirement and long term                                 be involved with caring for the terminally ill and their
insurance bodies and educators. a $30                     Care facilities                                          families. this program benefits RPns, orderlies, PsWs,
consumable fee is payable to the instructor when the      : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                              volunteers and clergy. With an emphasis on quality
class begins. you must completely attend both days        BUSI 8245-3891 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15               of remaining life, learn to provide empathetic and
to obtain your certificate.
                                                                                                                   sensitive care, review the concepts of Palliative Care,
Sat & Sun 8:30am to 4:30pm • JAN 15 & 16
                                                          Comfort Measures ¨                                       hospice and home care vs. institutional care and more.
hlth 8011- 4249 • $78.26 / Age 60+ $45.78
                                                          : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                          HLTH 8164-3832 • $242.70 / Age 60+ $173.10               adMIssIoN ReQuIReMeNts:
                                                                                                                   1. completed ontario secondary school diploma
Tue & Wed 8:30am to 4:30pm • FEB 22 & 23
hlth 8011- 4248 • $78.26 / Age 60+ $45.78
                                                          ethical legal and                                        (ossd) or grade 12 equivalency certificate ( achieved
                                                          spiritual Concerns                                       through College academic upgrading)
                                                                                                                   2. 19 Yrs of age or older
Sat & Sun 8:30am to 4:30pm • MAR 26 & 27                  : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
hlth 8011- 4250 • $78.26 / Age 60+ $45.78                 hlth 8165-3830 • $326.55 / Age 60+ $222.15
                                                                                                                   CeRtIfICate ReQuIReMeNts:
                                                                                                                   H hlth-8040 orientation to Palliative care
J   standard Recert                                       orientation to Palliative Care ¨                         H hlth-8163 Palliative care communications
if you have a current Red cross, standard cPR             : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                              H hlth-8165 ethical/legal and spiritual concerns
and First Aid Certificate, you can recertify this for     HLTH 8040-3831 • $242.70 / Age 60+ $173.10               H hlth-8164 comfort measures
another time period with a one day course. If                                                                      H hlth-8167 Psychological and social implications
you need to only recertify cPR, tell us when you          Palliative Care Communications                           H Palliative Care Field Placement
register. all students must bring their certificates to   : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
class along with their previous student manual.           HLTH 8163-3833 • $186.80 / Age 60+ $140.40               it is mandatory that orientation to Palliative care be
INSTRUCTOR: JANE UNDERWOOD OR                                                                                      the initial course taken in this certificate for those
BRUCE WELLMAN                                             Psychological and social                                 without a health care background.
Thu 8:30am-6:30pm • FEB 10                                Implications ¨                                                     H Course is offered this semester
hlth 8011-5510 • $55.90 / Age 60+ $32.70                  : ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                          HLTH 8167-3834 • $242.70 / Age 60+ $173.10

      Loyalist College Bancroft Campus • 195 Hastings St. N., Box 10, Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0 • TOLL FREE: 1-877-309-0317
              phone: 613-332-1743 • fax: 613-332-4773 • e-mail: •
          sociAl                                                                  lAnguAges
          seRvice                                   Introduction to French - Level 2                       NeW Introduction to french -
                                                                                                           Level 3
                                                    This course is designed to help students continue
                                                    to learn about the French Culture (traditions,         Continue with your understanding and ability to
                                                    historical facts etc.) and to develop or improve       effectively communicate in French. Two nights
                                                    upon their basic language skills such as: listening,   a week, allow for classroom work along with
                                                    speaking, reading and writing in French with           immersion exercises with conversation.
Intro to adult education ¨                          emphasis on oRAl communication and basic               INSTRUCTOR: LESLIE HYSERT
equivalent to ssWp1001 (principles of adult         social interactions.                                   Tue & Thu 5:30pm to 7:45pm • JAN 18 to MAR 10
learning). mandatory group work.                    INSTRUCTOR: LESLIE HYSERT                              laNg 8008- 4243 • $207.24 / Age 60+ $123.72
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                          Mon & Thu 5:30pm to 8:30pm • JAN 17 to MAR 10
falP 8000-3620 • $309.78 / Age 60+ $212.34          LANG 8007- 4242 • $207.24 / Age 60+ $123.72

Intro to Psychology ¨
equivalent to psyC1004 (intro to psychology).
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21

PSYC 1003-3619 • $309.78

Communications 2 ¨
equivalent to ssWp1003 (philosophy & practice 1).
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
CoMM 1011-3623 • $343.32
                                                    J NeW Commercial driver                                J NeW Ifta-fuel and Miles
applied Psychology ¨                                hiring Procedures - Part 1                             taxes Calculations and Reports
equivalent to psyC1005 (
                                                    Learn theoretical and practical aspects of hiring      - Part 1
                                                    and managing commercial drivers.                       Learn both Provincial and State filing
psychology of mental illness).
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                          :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                             requirements, become familiar with filing
                                                    TECH 8512- 4222 • $298.60 / Age 60+ $205.80            quarterly and annual reports.
PSYC 2001-3622 • $326.55
P MONTHLY INTAKE                                                                                           :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
                                                    J NeW Commercial vehicle                               TECH 8520-3904 • $298.60 / Age 60+ $205.80
group learning & team                               Plates and IRP Registration -
                                                    Part 1                                                 J NeW Maintaining Company
development ¨                                       Learn the practical requirements of filing             operating authorities
equivalent to ssWp2000 (grp process and Org.
                                                    documents. Review requirements and                     maintain company schedules for reporting taxes,
develop). mandatory group work, optional chats.
                                                    instructions for completion when filing with           applying for decals, permits and transponders
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                          various government agencies: mto, fmcsA.               along with all credentials required by Provincial
FALP 8002-3821 • $309.78 / Age 60+ $212.34
                                                    :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                             and State Authorities.
                                                    teCh 8516-3901 • $298.60 / Age 60+ $205.80             :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
Contemporary                                                                                               TECH 8524-3937 • $409.40 / Age 60+ $270.20
social Problems ¨                                   J NeW hours of service
equivalent to sOCi1008 (social problems).
                                                    Regulations - Part 1                                   J NeW Registering a
mandatory group Work.
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                          understand legislation and how to process: trip        transport Company
                                                    sheets, border crossing receipts, tolls, weight        Learn the entire process of registering a transport
soCI 1005-3822 • $343.32
                                                    scale receipts, and fuel receipts for both Canada      company in canada and the us using master
                                                    and the us. be prepared to audit drivers’ daily logs   operating documents which allow transport
sociology &                                         by visual inspection.                                  companies to legally operate in Canada and
Canadian society ¨                                  :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                             the us.
equivalent to sOCi1007 (intro to sociology).        TECH 8514-3900 • $298.60 / Age 60+ $205.80             :ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21                                                                                 teCh 8518-3903 • $298.60 / Age 60+ $205.80
SOCI 1003-3621 • $309.78
P MONTHLY INTAKE                                     the J ICoN IdeNtIfIes CouRses that
                                                     MaY be elIgIble foR assIstaNCe
Counselling adult learners ¨                         thRough CfdC.
equivalent to ssWp1006 (interviewing &
Counselling 1). mandatory chats.
:ONLINE • JAN 14 to APR 21
FALP 8003-3910 • $309.78 / Age 60+ $212.34
                                                                                                                oNlINe studeNts
                                                                                                                on the couRse
                                                                                                                stARt dAte, visit
                                                                                                                to Access youR couRse.

B42     BANCROFT If you are over 60 there may be a discount for your course! look for the 60+ indicated beside fees.
       Wilderness experience                           Buckskin Jacket                                          Winter Camping
                                                       master the art of making your own beautiful              Learn the special concerns of cold weather
        Certificate Program                            and rustic styled fringed buckskin Jacket. tools         camping. students are responsible for all
courses are offered in the bancroft and georgian       are supplied. bring a loose-fitting, long-sleeved,       equipment, including personal clothing, camping
bay areas. locations can change depending on       :   buttoned shirt that will be used for a pattern.          fees, food and transportation to and from the
registration numbers.                                  material Fee: approximately 55 sq. ft. of leather will   weekend site.
                                                       be required. leather will be available for purchase      INSTRUCTOR: GINO FERRI
This certificate is specifically tailored to provide   from the instructor for $5 per sq. ft.
individuals with many unique, exciting and tactile                                                              Fri 9:30pm to Sun afternoon • FEB 11 to 13
                                                       INSTRUCTOR: GINO FERRI                                   SITB 8007- 4263 • $195.65 / Age 60+ $114.45
learning experiences. courses are taught mostly out-
                                                       Sat & Sun 9:00am to 3:00pm • MAR 12 to 20
of-doors in order to immerse the learner in many
realistic and challenging situations.                  sItb 8008- 4270 • $139.75 / Age 60+ $81.75

This program is a venue for professional upgrading,
for developing employment ready skills, knowledge
                                                       Moccasin Workshop
                                                       Learn to identify different types of leather.
and abilities.
                                                       discuss various tanning methods and how to
there are six core courses and two electives           utilize specific tools as you complete a pair of
CeRtIfICate ReQuIReMeNts:                              moccasins. all tools, leather, and sinew are supplied.
H sitb 8011 Wilderness survival (season specific)      patterns provided range from children’s size to men’s
   sitb 8005 Wilderness first Aid                      extra large.
   sitb 8009 backpacking                               INSTRUCTOR: GINO FERRI
   sitb 8012 canoe camping                             Sat 8:30am to 4:30pm • MAR 05
   sitb 9005 orienteering                              SITB 8004- 4268 • $55.90 / Age 60+ $32.70
   sitb 9001 edible Plants
eleCtIves – seleCt tWo:                                Wilderness survival
   sitb 8017 bushwacking                               Seasonally oriented, this course is designed to
H sitb 8007 Winter camping                             immerse the student in a variety of wilderness
H sitb 8004 moccasin Workshop                          survival situations. participants supply personal
   sitb 8022 voyageur lifestyle                        gear, park registration fees, meals, and all
   sitb 8016 introduction to search and Rescue         transportation. this course is 2 weekends long.
   sitb 8015 Advanced survival and tracking            INSTRUCTOR: GINO FERRI
                                                       Fri 9:30pm to Sun afternoon • JAN 21 to 23 &
Courses are on-going throughout the year. For more     JAN 28 to 30
details visit             sItb 8011- 4269 • $436.02 / Age 60+ $255.06
          H Course is offered this semester

                                                                                                                            September 2010
                                                                                                                            Cindy ostrander, PsW – belleville
                                                                                                                            Christine graham, PsW – bancroft
                                                                                                                            lori Chamberlain, PsW – tweed
                                                                                                                            Charanjit lubana, elab

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               Career Centre, for ongoing job
               search support
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44   belleville              If you are over 60 there may be a discount for your course! look for the 60+ indicated beside fees.