HP Technical Support and Dell Technical Support - A Complete Overview

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					HP and Dell are amongst the leading IT companies in the world. Other than providing
truly exceptional products, these companies ensure that their customers do not have to
face problems with the product in the long run. This is done through their customer
support facilities. More exactly, through Dell and HP technical support
  Round the Clock Dell and HP Support It does not matter which country you are in.
As long as the company is running operations in the country, you will have access to
24 x 7 technical supports that can be accessed with just a simple call at their customer
care number. In the case of Dell tech support, you will be greeted by a voice activated
interactive menu system. This menu system is quite easy to handle and it would
normally take you no more than 30 seconds to get your call transferred to a live
  The same is the case with HP tech support a soon as you place the call. However, in
the case of HP support, the voice activated menu is not that user friendly. You will
have to speak slowly and very clearly to properly navigate through and reach the
correct person. The task of navigation becomes quite a challenge when you have to
say the model number of your product. It will normally take an average person quite a
few repeated attempts to get their model number registered. This is when you feel that
a key based activation service would be much better. Something in which you have to
press 1 key or as directed by the voice to make choices and move ahead.
  HP Support and Dell Support 鈥?Less Downtime, Effective Solutions
  The downtime in getting a technician to solve your problem is very less in both Dell
support and HP support. Moreover, the technicians are highly qualifies and quite
courteous, an experience shared by almost everyone who placed a call at Dell tech
support or HP tech support. The problem solving time is also quite less as the experts
are quite proficient in diagnosing and solving any software problem that you may face.
In case your problem is diagnosed as a hardware fault, the technician would ask you
to mail the product back to the company where it would be fixed and then shipped
back to you as early as possible.
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