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					Whoa. If the rumors that Hewlett-Packard does, because I bought a Palm for
Android(and therefore WebOS), what we have here? Spotted in China, pictured above
seven Android inch tablet that HP will sell bundled with Printer PhotoSmart C510 .
While the Android may be a bit generous to supply software tablet. Not, it seems that
GMail and Android Market or other major Google applications, and it runs the UI that
HP TouchSmart connection.
The Android 2.1(Eclair), OS power is below a pre-order versions of applications on
Facebook, Yahoo(pretty well integrated), Barnes Noble(Nook compatible), HP
Application Gallery, and Snapfish. There are several pre-screen the video if you
believe more than sixty minutes, MSNBC, and Dreamworks. There is no mail client
and web browser as well. Of course, film is focused on photo sharing and printing,
and reading the ebook, print and purchase, of course. TouchSmart seems to be locked,
preventing user access to the interface Eclair or adding anything else on the screen.
Zeus Zeena printer is accompanied by a docking station that turns into a tablet quite
advanced menu interface. Have a look:

 HP does not seem to have no plans to sell pills without a printer, as the existing
SKUs film itself has been canceled. Zeena and a package of Zeus(Zeus, where the
printer) will retail for $399 and expected date of shipment is 20 September.
Most of the HP product pages focused on a package of printer, but here, on the one
hand more information about the tablet Zeena.

References: Phandroid Engadget (including photos)

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