HP LaserJet P1008 Cartridge Review by gyvwpgjmtx


									Whilst laser printers along with MFDs have been higher priced than inkjet devices,
companies are generally trying to slash their prices making them more affordable.
Compact, entry-level laser printers are actually currently offered at prices that inkjet
printers were sold a couple of years back, or even at prices at which a number of less
expensive inkjet MFD's can be obtained these days.

The HP LaserJet P1008 is elegant and also a really streamlined printer once the trays
are folded away, not any larger than a typical inkjet printer. It is simply under 20 cm
high and also takes up very little desktop space. It weighs in at 4.7 kg, which is a bit
more than an inkjet printer, yet is still manageable. The body is made of white as well
as grey polymer, except for the underside and also a piece of the back, where there's a
metal chassis. The overall build quality is extremely rugged and this includes the trays
as well.

The input tray is found towards the bottom, and it can be changed to accept diverse
paper sizes. Its capability is 150 sheets, that's sufficient with regard to SoHo or home
users. Paper is put with the part to be printed facing upwards. There is also a 10-sheet
priority tray located above the main input tray so you can get some quick prints
utilizing a different kind of paper as compared to that installed in the main input tray.

The output tray or in other words the output bin is found towards the top of the device.
This has a tongue-like extension to stop paper from sliding over. Paper is deposited
with the printed part facing down. The paper limit of the output tray is 100 sheets.

There is no display on this printer. You will find simply two LEDs to show you if the
unit is in ready mode or if you have some error - for instance in the event the cartridge
bay is open, or perhaps once the toner is low. Additionally, besides a power button,
there is no button at any place, not even a cancel button. The power button is
conveniently positioned at the front end for simple access instead of at the rear, like
on some printers.

This machine is sold with only a sole driver CD without any extra software. The
driver program is extremely simple and enables you to use features including collate,
manual duplex printing, and so forth. There is also an option to pick EconoMode to
avoid wasting the HP LaserJet P1008 toner cartridge. You may also create and save
your very own group of preset settings for when needed.

We printed a page of black text to find out the speed along with level of quality of the
printing. Page one needed only nine seconds, and that is the same as that stated by HP.
The pages per minute (PPM) in the first minute was 15.6 and it attained 17 in the
succeeding minutes.

For the purpose of this test, we utilized a page of multi-coloured graphs, text, charts,
patterns as well as photographs. Since it is a black and white printer we were looking
at, we tested for the greyscale output quality. The document required 10.7 seconds to
create the initial print, whilst the PPM in the first minute was 14.7. The PPM touched
16.7 afterwards.

The caliber of print was fine in this instance also plus the legibility wasn't changed
right down to the lowest point size. This really is outstanding performance from this
sort of small a unit.

The printer is good for people who might not need to have colour prints and would
rather choose top quality monochrome printouts. For its compactness, ease of use,
high quality as well as overall performance, this printer gets top marks.

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