“Return of Premium” Life Insurance: Is it for you?
      By Victoria Eden          buy something more               amount large enough to pay
                                expensive - otherwise, you’ll    you back your original
   Every penny spent –          invest the difference.           investment PLUS every
returned to you tax free!                                        penny of your insurance costs
                                   Here’s your basic choices:
   Sound good? I’ll explain                                      for all the years.
how it works then you can       1. Buy an expensive cash
                                   value permanent policy.          Crunching Numbers
decide for yourself.
                                2. Buy cheap term insurance.              Example One
      What is ROP?
                                3. Buy term and invest the          Let’s say a man, 35 years
   “Return of Premium”                                          old, qualifies as a preferred
                                   difference yourself.
(ROP) is term insurance with                                    non-smoker and he wants to
a “rider” (amendment to the       4. Buy a mid-priced ROP and buy $1,000,000 of life
contract) to refund the full         get all your money back.   insurance. The cost of a basic
amount of your premiums at                                      20 year term policy is $610
the end of the policy if no                                     per year. That is a reasonable
claim is filed.                                                 price and if his budget is tight
    That rider increases the                                    and his need will be gone in
cost of insurance however    report is copyright protected. not a bad way to
                                                                20 years it’s
premiums for the insurance you like to read a full copy?        go.
and rider are paid back in full.
                      Please follow these instructions: cost of a
It is more expensive than
                                                                    The annual
                                                                Return of Premium policy is
basic term but costs less than                                  $1,695, which is $1,085 more
cash value insurance. an insurance clients or prospective client? he
              Are you                                           than basic term BUT
   Is ROP a Good Deal?                                          would get a refund for
                    Please make your request using the contact form here: years.
                                                                $33,900 in 20
    Is ROP right for you?
                                                                    If he out-lives
                 or call (800) 419 - 8393 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. his policy,
That’s highly individual.
How you feel about life                                         his life insurance protection in
insurance, how you manage            With that as our starting  essence would be free. And,
              Are you an point, let’s or investment because the insurance
money and your philosophy insurance walk through this professional?
of saving and investing will      together.                     company is returning his own
                    Please make your request using the contact form here: entirely tax-
all play a part in your                                         money, it is an
                                     IF you were to invest the
decision.               settlement.
                                  difference between ROP and
                 or call (888) 709 – 8027 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.
    Let’s say you have decided term insurance (ROP minus            So, here’s the big
definitely you will be buying     term = amount available to    question: If you invested that
life insurance. So, minimally invest), how much interest        excess ($1,695 - $610 =
the cost of an inexpensive        would you have to earn to     $1,085), how much interest
term policy will be spent each equal the ROP settlement?        would you have to earn for a
month.                               The interest rate on your  $33,900 payout in 20 years?
    However, if it made           hypothetical investment           The answer? 4.08%*
financial sense, you might        would need grow safely to an consistently all 20 years.