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Deals Direct Christmas Gift Guide FINAL




 There’ll be more of everything this Christmas, thanks to
MEDIA RELEASE: December 2009

If you want to give more this Christmas, without having to spend more, head online to for all your shopping needs. is Australia’s number one online department store with over 7,500
products across 24 categories, so it is easy to find something that caters to every taste
and budget. Exceptional value for money on quality brand and non-brand items means
you can give more for less.

With great gift ideas ranging from the hottest Twilight products, Mattel toys and Nintendo
DS games, to homewares Mum will love and must-have gadgets for Dad, offers the ideal Christmas shopping solution. Plus, you can shop
24/7 from the comfort of home, without having to battle Christmas queues, parking
hassles or crowded shopping centres, giving you more time with family and friends. offers fast delivery with purchased product sent via Australia Post
the following day[i], and a wide range of secure payment options, including PayPal are

Some great Christmas gift ideas now available at are listed below.To
view the full product selection, visit

For more information or to arrange product for photography contact:
Marina Cukeric – One Green Bean – 02 9699 9503 –
Jess Makin – One Green Bean – 02 9699 9503 –


Twilight Saga: New Moon Board Game

                                                   It is your turn to choose sides, vampire
                                                   or werewolf. As you travel the board, you
                                                   will encounter challenges from the
                                                   Quileutes to the Volturi and collect movie
                                                   card scenes. The more you know about
                                                   the Twilight Saga: New Moon and your
                                                   ‘friends,’ the better your chance of

                                                   The New Moon game includes the
                                                   board, scene cards, playing pieces and
                                                   dice. For 2-8 players ages 13 and up.

Price: $29.95

Retro Gumball Machine

                                   The retro gumball machine is the perfect
                                   gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and
                                   eye for something different!

                                   Smarties, M&Ms, jelly beans, Skittles
                                   and other sweets – anything at all can be
                                   dispensed. Any coin works – just twist
                                   the handle and out comes your yummy

                                   Featuring antique style heavy duty cast
                                   metal model with glass globe, its a
                                   colourful and kooky gift that will
                                   definitely surprise…


Price: $39.95



32 Piece BBQ Set

                                   This is the ultimate BBQ accessories set!
                                   With modern stainless steel pieces, this
                                   BBQ set will certainly be the highlight of
                                   any BBQ. Everything you could need -
                                   knives, forks, skewers, tongs, basting
                                   brush, spatula and much more; this set
                                   will certainly make BBQs easier to
                                   manage, leaving you more time to eat
                                   and entertain with friends!

                                   Shiny and elegant, this set would make
                                   for a great gift for the BBQ enthusiast!

Price: $39.95


Otek Underwater HD Videocamera
                                   Take HD recording quality underwater
                                   with the Otek Underwater HD Video
                                   Camera - DVV-579. Featuring a HD
                                   video camera, digital camera, voice
                                   recorder and a mass storage device, the
                                   Otek Underwater HD Video Camera is a
                                   must on your next snorkeling safari,
                                   scuba expedition or any underwater
                                   adventure that you may embark on.

                                   Recording high definition video with up
                                   to 1280 x 720 at 30fps - that's 720p! Still
                                   images are perfectly captured with the
                                   5.0 megapixel underwater camera and
                                   12M resolution on the 2.1" easy-to-view
                                   TFT screen.
Price: $169.95

Remote Control Esky

                                   This ingenious battery operated remote
                                   control esky/cooler is capable of moving
                                   up to twelve bottles of beer or soft drink
                                   to you and your co-drinkers so you do
                                   not need to get up to fetch another cold

                                   The RC Drinks Cooler features four sure-
                                   grip wheels exclusively intended to
                                   speed up the delivery of cold lager.

                                   Now you can put your feet up as you
                                   send your beer cooler - and its beer
                                   contents - to your fellow boozers by
                                   means of a bottle top motivated hand
                                   held transmitter!

Price: $119.00


Hannah Montana Washburn Electric Guitar

                                      Disney has partnered with renowned
                                      guitar maker Washburn to bring you the
                                      Hannah Montana electric guitar.

                                      Featuring a select hardwood body with a
                                      comfortable shape and size perfect for a
                                      young girl, easy to use controls and a
                                      great pop star look, including star
                                      shaped fretboard inlays, the Hannah
                                      Montana electric guitar is ready to play.

                                      This guitar is inspired by the Disney
                                      Channel's American Emmy Award-
                                      nominated show Hannah Montana,
                                      starring Miley Cyrus and her real-life dad
                                      Billy Ray Cyrus. The story is about 14-
                                      year-old Miley Stewart, who lives a
                                      double life as a schoolgirl by day and
                                      teen pop sensation Hannah Montana by
Price: $59.95

Ben 10 Total Transformations Game

                                      Can you master the Ben 10 Total
                                      Transformation Game? Use the powers
                                      of the Omnitrix to battle Vilgax and other
                                      intergalactic villains! Travel along hex
                                      spaces until you land on a villain. Can
                                      you become the alien you need to be to
                                      fight it? Activate the Omnitrix and you'll
                                      see what alien you are. If it has the
                                      power number you need, you can take
                                      the villain and keep it. The first player to
                                      get four villains wins! The perfect Chrissy
                                      present for the Ben 10 fan!

                                      Ben 10 Total Transformation Game is
                                      suitable for 2 to 4 players, ages 6 years
                                      and up.

Price: $27.95


Little Tikes TotSports Golf Set

                                   Your children will have a ball when they
                                   get to practice putts and drives with this
                                   Little Tikes golf set. This set includes an
                                   easy-rolling pull cart, two clubs and a
                                   hole. Great for both in and outdoor
                                   surfaces you can transform your
                                   backyard or the playroom into your
                                   child's own personal golf course. Watch
                                   them have countless hours of fun
                                   practicing their swing and bringing down
                                   their golf scores.
                                   * Suitable for children ages 2-6 years.

Price: $59.95



8 Piece Silicone Bake Set

                                   If you are shopping for someone who
                                   likes to bake perfect cakes, muffins,
                                   breads and quiches, look no further….

                                   This 8 Piece Silicone Bake Set ensures
                                   precision and ease of use when cooking.
                                   This bright red silicone bake set is oven,
                                   freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.
                                   The precise edges of the mould ensure
                                   that all your food is uniform and once
                                   baked, food is easily released with a
                                   simple twist.

                                   There is no need for baking paper or oil
                                   with this silicone set – it is non-stick and
                                   easy to clean! Flexible and easy to store,

                                  silicone bake ware is rarely available at
Price: $29.95                      such a competitive price!


Uchi ‘Iku’ Bath Bag

                                        Uchi launched in 2001 with the intent of
                                        providing travel and bath bags for the
                                        lifestyle market that are both functional
                                        and beautiful. Made from quality
                                        materials, with sassy designs and
                                        patterns, these fabulous bags are the
                                        perfect accessory for the image and
                                        fashion conscious.

                                        This Iku Bath Bag features a pale blue
                                        and vibrant pink flower design. Perfect
                                        for keeping makeup, toiletries, or
                                        travelling, this gorgeous bag is the
                                        perfect way to make a statement. This
                                        bag zips open to two large clear
                                        compartments for keeping all your
Price: $39.95
                                        accessories. With a handy hook, you can
Stockist:        even hang it up!

Joh Bailey Cord N Cordless Ceramic Straightener

                                        Get a Hollywood hair with this Cord "N"
                                        Cordless Ceramic Straightener by Joh

                                        Joh Bailey is one of Australia’s foremost
                                        hair talents with a career spanning
                                        twenty years. His ability to create a
                                        signature look, his high personal profile
                                        and the business success of his salons
                                        have put his brand name at the forefront
                                        of the industry.

                                        With such clientele it's no surprise that
                                        Joh only uses the best equipment. You
                                        too can use the very best with this
                                        professional quality hair straightener.
                                        Whether you own your own hair salon or
                                        simply like to do your own home
                                        grooming, this discount straightener is
Price: $59.95                           just for you!


 95% of product is dispatched from’s Sydney warehouse within 24 hours of
an order being placed.


Founded in October 2004, is Australia’s #1 online department store, offering
over 7,500 heavily discounted products across 24 categories. Ranging from toys and consumer
electronics to baby and homewares, offers a well-known range of popular
branded and non-branded products to 600,000 customers via over 1m unique browsers every
month (as at October 2009). was founded by the current joint managing
directors, Paul Greenberg and Michael Rosenbaum, and is proudly 100% Australian owned and
operated. Located in Ingleburn, NSW, the 20,000sqm combined warehouse
and headquarters employs 100 people.

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