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									                   All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba Inc.
                                  Meeting Minutes
                                      July 15/09

Opening: The regular meeting of All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba Inc. was
called to order at 6:05 pm In Humpty’s at the corner of McGillvery and the Perimeter.
Called to order by Chris Fox-Decent, president.

Present: Chris Fox-Decent-president, Gary Greenway-vice president, Tracy Wallbridge-
treasurer, Shawn Zeghers-Secretary, Mark LoScerbo-Director, Bryan Peters-Committee.

       A. Approval of Agenda
       The Agenda was unanimously approved as distributed by Shawn Zeghers.

       B. Approval of Minutes
       The minutes of the previous meeting on June 24/09 were unanimously approved
       as distributed by Shawn Zeghers.

       C. Opening issues

       1) NTC grant application has been approved by the RAC, it now is awaiting
          approval federally. COHV grant application has been filed. Unanimously

       2) Sustaining Grant from COHV: Has been approved, awaiting money.
          Unanimously approved.

                Administrative duties have been outlined in a summary of position:
                               Administrative Person for ATV MB

          Job Title: Administrative Person (part time)
          Salary         ....................................... Last Revision Date:

          Provide administrative support to ATV Association of Manitoba. Duties
          include general clerical, contact person for Association and project based
          work. Project a professional image through in-person and phone interaction.

          1. Answer telephones/e-mail and, if necessary, direct to appropriate contact.
          2. Perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying,
          faxing, mailing, and filing.
          3. Maintain hard copy and electronic filing system.
   4. Arrange and when appropriate, participate, in meetings / conversations
   with government, municipalities and other stakeholders
   5. Research and implement activities to develop ATV MB (i.e. brochure
   creation, funding application preparation, membership drive event
   coordination, etc.).
   6. Coordinate and maintain records for staff office space, phones, parking,
   company credit cards and office keys.
   7. Support Board and members in assigned project based work.
   8. Other duties as assigned.

   Wages were discussed and finalized as follows: 15 hours per week at $12.82
   per hour. This is a contract price with no deductions; pay period is once per
   month on the 15th of each month. President and Vice president to sign pay
   cheques, wages commence as of June 1/09. Unanimously approved.

3) Floodway authority: nothing to report, the authority has not yet responded
   since last meeting. Unanimously approved.

4) RAC meeting results: Application for the NTC grant has been finalized,
   approved and sent. RAC has also hired an administrator (RTC) for
   administrative duties pertaining to the NTC grant money.

5) Website and logo production has been going well; Gary has been working
   with Dave Lee on a website design. The website is up and running. Some
   proposed changes were brought forth by the board; the board would like to
   incorporate some Off Road Vehicle Act information onto the web site. Also
   the board would like to see a rider of the month picture displayed on the home
   page, and the addition of a Rider of the month application form. Tracy
   handed out the instructions to the board on how to access their email.
   Unanimously approved.

6) Brochures: Tracy received 1000 brochure packages from COHV to distribute
   along with our own ATVMB personalized brochure. Our own brochures
   would cost $450.00 for one thousand. Tracy will look into different price
   breaks for a higher number of brochures, aprox. 5000. Pricing is also to be
   done on some sort of folder or bag to put the brochure package into for
   distribution. Discussion by the board led to distributing the packages, how
   will it be done? The board discussed and decided that possibly dealers could
   hand out packages with new purchases, booths at derbies to hand out packages
   also should work. Tracy displayed a copy of the current brochure that she has
   been working on; some revisions were brought forth by the board. To allow
   for more room on the Brochure, the board agreed that the sponsors should be
   listed in list form and to remove their logos. It was also mentioned that the
   brochure should have the print company name and a revision date printed on
   it. Unanimously approved.

7) Registration fees/membership: It was stated that from our last minutes their
   was some concern by the membership on collecting fees with MPIC
   insurance. This concern was debated by the board, other provinces fee
   systems have been looked at and those provinces collect fees with their
   provincial insurance. New Brunswick was looked at specifically and Chris
   has been in contact with their association president. The NB association is
   going to send more information on their fee structure. Other possible fee
   systems will be looked at also. Unanimously approved.

8) Conservation Consultation meeting: ATVMB board has replied that
   September would work to meet with the consultants. We are currently
   awaiting a firm date for the first meeting. Tracy will follow up on getting a
   date finalized. Unanimously approved.

9) Fundraising: Tracy has handed out Bartender Delight tickets to sell. Social
   tickets are being sold and we are currently registered with the MLCC. The
   social and ticket sales have the potential to raise a fair bit of cash.
   Unanimously approved.

10) St. Jean Derby: Tracy has volunteered to set up a booth for the derby on
    September 19/09. This would be a great opportunity to hand out information
    packages and meet with the ATV community. It was brought forth by the
    board that we will need some sort of advertising banner for such events.
    Tracy will look into getting prices on a banner. Unanimously approved.

D. ew Business
1) Chris passed out a RCMP pamphlet that is being distributed by the St. Pierre
   detachment. It has very good information pertaining to ATV use. Discussion
   led to possibly working with the RCMP, Snowman and Conservation on a
   joint effort for brochures and other education.

2) Chris mentioned that he has met Connie Lester for the first time, she works
   for Snoman. It was mentioned that ATVMB should try to get support from
   RCMP; a lot of money is spent on ATV related calls. Their support would
   help the association’s credibility greatly.

3) Chris has talked with AQCC and was informed it would be a good idea to
   contact Conservation on the current banning of ATV’s in certain RMs.
   ATVMB believes that banning is not the solution; Conservation may be able
   to help with changing these RM’s attitudes towards ATVers’.
4) Tracy has been contacted by Jan Bass concerning the proposed ATV ban in
   Nopiming Provincial Park. Jan is currently looking a starting a club and has a
   petition out against the proposed ban. Board discussed that we should some
   how add the ban to our website. Unanimously approved.

5) Oksana wants to schedule Chris to meet with the RMs of Richot and St.
   Clements about ATV bans. Bryan and Gary also agreed to be there, if they
   could. Unanimously approved.

6) New Brunswick ATV association has also agreed to send a copy of their land
   use agreement for our review. When received Tracy will send to board to

7) There are two magazines that would like to distribute to our membership,
   GoRiding and MB Adventures. They have requested a mailing list, want us to
   advertise and one wants us to write an article. Chris said he would look into
   the magazines more. Unanimously approved.

E. ext meeting Agenda
1) Grants
2) RM Bylaws regarding bans and allowances
3) Addressing private land use/ land use agreements
4) Better ways to explain ATVMB role vs. clubs and members
5) Website bill
6) RM meetings with Richot and St. Clements
7) Flood way Authority
8) Nopiming
9) Rider of the month
10) Magazines
11) Decals
12) Brochure
13) Banner
14) Fund raising
15) St. Jean derby
16) Consultation meeting date/ business plan concerns
17) RCMP, Snoman, Conservation info packages

F. ext meeting
August 19/09 6:00 pm Humpty’s @ corner of McGillivray and the Perimeter.

G. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 9:12 pm by Chris. All in favor.

Completed by: Shawn Zeghers

Accepted by: Chris Fox-Decent

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