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									                 All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba Inc.
                 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Meeting Minutes
                                 March 28, 2010

Opening: The AGM meeting of All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba Inc. was
called to order at 3:05 pm. Meeting was held at Gateway Community Club, 1717
Gateway RD., Winnipeg, MB. Called to order by Chris Fox-Decent, President.

Row Call of Officers Row call completed by Shawn Zeghers at 3:05 pm:
      Officers called: President – Chris Fox Decent (Present), Vise President – Gary
     Greenaway (Present), Secretary – Shawn Zeghers (Present), Treasurer – Tracy
     Wallbridge (Present).

Robert Robertson
Dustin Stevens
Jason Hudon
Ross Dyck
Barry Spencer
Erika Anseeuw
Colin Dyck
Mark Brandt
Leigh Boxall
Colette Boxall
Roger Desmarais
Bernie Turner
Margaret Turner
Paul Savoie
Dave Lee
Darlene Lee
Jake Giesbrecht
Jeff Sorokowski
Morris Werbeniuk
Jenna Backus
Jim Backus
Brad Gauthier
Suzanne Otte
Mike Otte
Donna Hora
Gary Hora
Shawn Scovil
Dale Longstreet
Wayne McCarthy
Donna Greenaway
Craig McCarthy
Ray Carriere
Kent Wesley
Robin Penner
Chris Fox-Decent
Raymond Conway
Donald Eidse
Denis Marion
Richard Marks
Cory Wiebe
Peter Konoplenko
Keith Tarr
Bryan Peters
Bobbi-Jo Fox-Decent
Tracy Wallbridge
Gary Greenaway
Trevor Greenaway
Shawn Zeghers

Approval of Agenda:
     A copy of the Agenda was available to all members upon sign in.
     Chair asked to accept the agenda as printed. Andy Brandt moved they be
     accepted as printed, Gary Hora 2nd.

Approval of Minutes:
     ATVMB legal was not formed until after the last general meeting of March 21,
     2009. Chair asked if the March 21, 2009 meetings would like to be read or not,
     Brian Peters moved that they did not need to be read, Brad Gauthier 2nd.

Club Business:
      Nothing to report.

Opening Statement by Chris Fox-Decent (President) 3:09 pm:

Good afternoon everyone, welcome to our 2010 Annual General Meeting for the All
Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba. March 21st 2009 we signed our incorporation
papers and on March 30 ATVMB was official.

One year later ATVMB is recognized as the designated Provincial ATV Association for
Manitoba by our National ATV Association the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada
(AQCC), the ATV and Off-Road Motorcycle industry represented by (COHV), our
Provincial Government and Manitoba Conservation, most other trail user groups and
stakeholders and the rest of the provincial ATV federations in Canada.

Over the last year we partnered with Mb Conservation in an effort to develop a business
plan for a sustainable ATV association. After many strategic planning workshops,
seminars, club meetings and the development of an ATV issues Stakeholders committee,
we are currently reviewing the final draft of our business plan. The Business Plan will
focus our efforts and give us a base line and goals to help evaluate our progress over the
next 3 years.

ATVMB was asked to review an ATV events policy that Manitoba Conservation was
introducing spring of 09. We expressed concerns on a few details and as a result of our
recommendations some concessions were made. Most other provinces already have
policies like these in place and after the governments consideration of our
recommendations we chose to endorse their policy for the betterment of all trail users.
Other accomplishments,

   •   We joined The All Terrain Quad Council of Canada.
   •   We joined COHV (Industry)
   •   Secured D&O Insurance for our Board of Directors and for our member clubs.
       We also have trail insurance available for designated trails
   •   In 2009 we offered a voluntarily membership and recruited 300 individuals, 6
       clubs and 16 corporate Sponsors.
   •   We are regularly consulted by government, other trail user groups and
       stakeholders on ATV-related issues including land access and management,
       safety, and policy development.
   •   We are working to gain authorized access to the floodway and are requesting a
       designated trail on the east bank. We have made presentations to 2 out of 3
       RM’s to gain their support. So far we have support in writing from the RM of
       Springfield and are developing a partnership with the RM of St Clements and
       they are very interested in what we have to offer.
   •   Negotiated funding for the Pioneer Trail that was previously closed to ATV traffic
       and this year we will carry the insurance policy on this trail.
   •   GPS’d 2661kms of ATV trails in the SE, corner of Manitoba to inform the
       provincial trail strategy.
   •   We are consulting with both National Rail lines to acquire additional riding areas
       through abandoned rail beds.
   •   We have met with the St. Pierre RCMP Detachment on a regular basis and
       formed a partnership from which we have gained their support.
   •   We have qualified for $152,100 dollars for ATV trails in Manitoba from the
       National Trail Coalition, COHV & Mb. Conservation.
   •   All the while developing the business of ATVMB

We had 2 large year-long intense projects. The strategic planning and Business plan
development was an incredible amount of work, especially for a volunteer Board of
Directors but the results will help guide us over the next 3 yrs and more.
The other project grew into something none of us could have imagined last March when
we incorporated.

Early in 2009 the Federal Government announced a 25 Million dollar investment into
trails across Canada. Of these 25 Million dollars 1.3 Million was earmarked for
Manitoba. Prior to ATVMB almost ½ was allocated to Snowmobiles with the other half
allocated to MRTA and non motorized trails with only a very small portion for ATV’s.
But seeing as there was no recognized Provincial ATV Association this grant was not
available to ATV riders.

ATVMB had to be incorporated and designated as the provincial representative ATV
association in order to be eligible for this grant. Once incorporated and a member of
AQCC we were eligible for this grant and the funds were now divided evenly 3 ways
between Snowman MRTA and ATVMB.

This grant was to be administered by the National Trails Coalition (NTC) and the grant
was for matching funds. This meant that we had to come up with half the budget for a
qualified project and the Federal Government grant would make up the other half. Also
the NTC Grant process required unanimous agreement from all 3 parties Snowman,
MRTA, and ATVMB and we had to form a committee. This meant we all had to work

The total funding available for ATV’s in Manitoba through NTC was $433,000 matching
dollars, if we had $433,000 dollars we now had the opportunity to double it. The catch
was that we only had until March 31st 2010 to spend it and it could only be used for “on
the trail” projects. Also everything had to be complete and installed by the March 31st
2010 deadline.

This presented us with 2 major problems, 1st we did not have any trails; and 2nd and more
importantly, we did not have any money.

About this time the SIATVA contacted us. They were an established ATV club and they
had negotiated a management agreement for 106kms of abandoned rail bed from Arborg
to Fisher Branch. So with SIATVA, we now had a trail. Great! Now we still need some

At this time the parameters of this grant had not officially been announced but we came
up with a preliminary budget for a few trail projects that we thought might be applicable.

We started by applying for a $26,100 project grant through (COHV)

The NTC committee requested a meeting with the Minister of Conservation and the
Assistant Deputy and the operations manager of Conservation. We presented our
proposed projects and requested further funding from the province. For ATV’s the
Provincial Government matched our grant from COHV and also gave us another grant
specifically for SIATVA and the Pioneer Trail for a total of $50,000.

Now we applied the combined funds from COHV and Manitoba Conservation and used
that money to apply for matching funds thru NTC for a grand total of $152, 200 dollars.

With these funds we planned to survey 4000kms of trails currently used by ATV’s and
the SIATVA was going to upgrade a mile and a half of Municipal road allowance for
access to the Pioneer Trail.
As it turns out there is a world of difference from where this grant started and where it
ended up. The road allowance upgrades on the Pioneer trail didn’t work out due to
circumstances with a private land owner and our mapping project exceeded our
expectations and came in well under budget but overall short of our original goal.

In the end we were able to reallocate left over funds. The SIATVA and the Pioneer trail
was able to realize over $50,000 dollars in trail improvements and upgrades like trail
signage, outhouses with holding tanks, picnic areas with tables, garbage receptacles and
Texas gates were installed where the trail passes through pasture fence lines.

GREAT JOB SIATVA! And congratulations, thank you for all your hard work.

The left over funds from the mapping project was also reallocated, some of those funds
went to SIATVA but we were also able to share some of the leftover funding with a few
of our participating clubs that were not established when our first application was made.
Both Eastman ATV Association and the Woodridge Sand Hogs shared picnic tables, fire
pits, garbage receptacles, garbage cans and Kiosks for signage and information.

The EATVA is setting up a camp and ride staging area in Ross, MB and Woodridge Sand
Hogs is upgrading a few of their emergency rest areas with these additions.

The trails mapping project was a huge success! Our mandate was to survey currently used
ATV trails in the province. ATVMB discussed requirements for the survey with MB
Conservation and solicited quotes from interested qualified parties.

While soliciting quotes it became very apparent that we needed an ATV trails expert and
a GPS professional with experience in large mapping projects.

We hired Sharand ATV Adventures to do a comprehensive survey of trails currently used
by ATV’s from Victoria Beach to the American Boarder. They extensively mapped
almost 3000kms in the Eastern portion of the province. We were extremely fortunate that
Sharand ATV adventures dedicated the time to get this project done because we had to
have the survey complete before winter.

Sharand ATV Adventures is a husband and wife team that offers guided ATV tours and
does non-survey grade GPS trail mapping and survey. They have a combined 30+ yrs of
ATV Trail experience and well over 200,000kms under their wheels primarily in
Southeastern Manitoba.

This project was devised between ourselves and conservation. It was determined that the
survey would be used to develop proposals for a Provincial ATV trail strategy. This
information will be compared to private property maps, lease hold agreements, ecological
areas and other divisions of Conservation.
With this information our participating clubs have helped develop our first provincial
ATV trail proposal on Crown land for review from Conservation. Proposed is a trail from
Seddons corner south through Richer and the Sandilands Provincial Forest to Woodridge.

Next steps are to present this proposal to conservation and start working through to the
designation stages. This is a first for all of us including the government and is estimated
to take up to 3 years for designation. We will obviously see what steps can be taken to
expedite this however from this point forward it will for the most part be out of our

As part of our business plan ATVMB participated in an ATV trails issues Stakeholders
meeting. ATVMB sat at the table with:

MB Conservation, Operations
MB Conservation, Parks and Natural Areas
MB Healthy Living
Association of Manitoba Municipalities
Keystone Agricultural Producers
MB Infrastructure & Transportation
Manitoba Public Insurance
Manitoba Floodway Authority
MB Conservation Officer
Manitoba Recreational Trails Assoc.
Manitoba Horse Council
ATV Association of Manitoba
MB 4WD Assoc (Westman Jeep)
COHV Distributors Council
Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council
Travel Manitoba
Interlake Tourism Association

A Meeting of this magnitude in Manitoba was unprecedented for ATV riders. We went in
thinking we were going to be crucified. Although the meeting started with tension, the
atmosphere soon turned towards effective communication and ATVMB was seen as a
possible solution. Our membership with our national ATV Federation and the experience
of all the provincial ATV and off road motorcycle associations across the country was
also seen as an incredible asset to this committee.

Interestingly the results from this meeting were surprisingly consistent with all
stakeholders and all of our strategic planning to date including the strategic planning
seminar where our member clubs were invited to participate. This meeting introduced
valuable partnerships and added credibility to ATVMB as the provincial ATV
This is your voice; this is the level of communication asked of us. These are the people
who will decide the future of recreational ATV riding in Manitoba. Up until now the
people representing you at this level have no idea who you are. We are here to represent
the interests of responsible ATV riders and our clubs. When you join ATVMB and pay
your membership this is your voice.

The future of ATVMB will rely on you; we are a board of directors and we are doing all
the work. Fees are being introduced this year but the reality is we will need to secure
about $150,000 dollars of sustainable funding in order to rent office space and hire an
Executive Director and full time Administrative Assistant.

$15 or $20 per member will work if we get 50 % conformity amongst registered users.
We hope this is attainable because there has been a huge amount accomplished in the first
year by our dedicated board but it has come at considerable cost of our time.

 I would like to take this moment to congratulate my Board and thank them for an
incredible volunteer effort, this is a daunting task and so far we have never looked back.
Moving forward we will definitely need to hire staff so spread the word and supports
your Provincial ATV Association so we can support you.

Finance by Tracy Wallbridge (Treasurer) 3:33 pm:
      Copies of the financial report were made available to all attending members
      during sign in. Tracy made a presentation of the report with explanation and
      answered questions.

All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba (ATV MB)
REVENUES DEC 31st, 2009

Grants $135,204.29
Contributions & Donations $1,028.00
Sponsorships $0.00
Events $7,279.20
Interest $15.56

TOTAL REVENUES $143,527.05

Trail Development $53,274.20


Events - Social $4,144.30
TOTAL EVENTS $4,144.30

Accounting Fees $0.00
Administration Fees $5,833.10
Bank Service Fees $122.53
Insurance Fees $1,500.00
Legal Fees $140.00
Membership Fees $200.00


Advertising & Promotional $2,315.24
Website $426.00
Postage & Courier $169.47
Office Supplies $1,064.38
Telephone/Fax $779.39
Conference $1,006.65
Travel $4,803.03



NET INCOME/(LOSS) $67,748.76

All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba (ATV MB)
ASSETS DEC 31st, 2009

BANK $18,946.34


TOTAL ASSETS $69,446.34



GST PAYABLE $1,053.08




TOTAL EQUITY $67,748.76


       Jim Backus moved that Treasurer’s report be accepted, Paul Savoie 2nd.

Bylaw Amendments by Gary Greenaway (Vise President) 3:37 pm:
      The following proposed bylaw amendments were read by Gary:

       Proposed Deletion: Mark is no longer with the board.

      •   Director(s) at Large – Mark LoScerbo * no less than one and no more
          than eight *

      Proposed Amendment:
        . Director(s) 3 at large
      Regional Director(s) 5- Central (Winkler, Oak Bluff, Modern, Carman, etc)
      Eastern (Nopiming, Richer, Victoria Beach, Whiteshell, etc)
      Interlake (Asher, Warren, Stony Mountain, Stonewall, etc)
      Northern (Flin Flon, The Pas, Thompson, etc)
      Western (Dauphin, Duck Mountains, Brandon, etc)

      To be outlined by Highways on a map.

Section 5 – Vacancies
              Any vacancies arising in position of the Executive Board, with the
              exception of the President, will be announced in a timely manner,
              nominations will be accepted from the general membership for a defined
              period set by the Board, and written votes will be accepted for a separate
              defined period.
              If the President is not able fulfill his/her duties, the Vice President shall
              assume these duties. The Vice President vacancy shall be addressed in the
              manner outlined above. (Proposed Deletion)

               (Proposed Amendment)
               Any vacancies arising in positions of the Executive Board, with the
               exception of the President, Regional Directors (5) and Directors at large
               (3) will be announced in a timely manner, nominations will be accepted
from the general membership for a defined period set by the Board, and
written votes will be accepted for a separate defined period.
If the President is not able to fulfill his/her duties, the Vice President shall
assumethese duties. The Vice President vacancy shall be addressed in the
manner outlined above.
Whether voting takes place in person or through other means, roll call will
be taken and all full member clubs and individual members will be able to
Regional Directors will be nominated and elected by the clubs in their
respective region. In an event that there is no club(s) in a region or a
region is unable to elect a Director, then the executive board of ATVMB
has the right to elect a Director for that region. The Director at large (3)
shall be nominated and elected at the annual general membership meeting.
If any Director at large positions are vacant at the adjournment of the
annual general membership meeting or become vacant, then the Executive
Board of ATVMB can elect a member to fill the position up to the next
annual general membership meeting.
All vacancies must be filled by an ATVMB member. The member must
be in good standing to be eligible to stand for the position.

The above proposal was voted in by the general membership. The
changes will be completed to the bylaws.

The following proposed bylaw changes were presented by Tracy

Article VIII – Accounts, records and documents

A. The Association accounts shall be audited annually by an independent
B. Audited financial statements shall be presented at the annual general
C. Association records and documents shall be made available to full club
and individual members upon request within a month’s time.
D. Meeting minutes will be circulated in a timely manner to all members.
E. Bank account to be set up in Steinbach. Signing authority will be
treasure, president and or vice president. (Proposed Deletion)

Article VIII – Accounts, records and documents

(Proposed Amendment)
            A. The Association accounts shall be subject to a Financial Review
            annually by an independent auditor.
            B. Reviewed financial statements shall be presented at the annual general
            C. Association records and documents shall be made available to full club
            and individual members upon request within a month’s time.
            D. Meeting minutes will be circulated in a timely manner to all members.
            E. Bank account to be set up in Steinbach. Signing authority will be
            treasure, president and or vice president.
            Their was a motion from the floor to change the bylaws as stated above, but with
            the addition that it be reviewed in three years time to see if it should be changed.
            Brad Gauthier moved that the motion from the floor be added to the proposed
            bylaw amendment, Erica Anseeuw 2 .

            General membership in attendance voted yes for the amended proposed bylaw
            amendments for Article VIII.

Break 3:51 pm:

Meeting Called back to Order at 4:18 pm by Chris Fox-Decent:

Election call by Chris Fox-Decent:
              Election call was held for the term position of Vice President.
              Three nominations for Gary Greenaway were made; Gary accepted
              and said he would stand for position. Gary Greenaway will stand
              as Vice President by acclimation.

            Elections were also held for the term position of Secretary. Shawn
            Zeghers was nominated from the membership; Shawn accepted
            and said he would stand for position. Shawn Zeghers, Secretary by

            Election of Directors at Large 1-3 was held, nomination for director
            #1 was presented from the floor for Andy Brandt and Bryan Peters.
            Andy was asked to accept, he declined. Brian was asked to
            accept, he accepted. Bryan Peters will stand as Director #1 by
            acclimation. Nomination from the floor for Ray Conway to fill
            Director Position #2. Ray accepted, and will stand as director #2 by
            No nominations for director #3 at this time. Nominations for
            Directors at large ceased.

Appointment of Regional Directors by clubs in the appointed Regions:

            Interlake Region – Jim Backus

            Eastern Region – Gary Hora
            Remaining 3 positions are not yet filled (Western, Central and

New Business / general discussion:

            General discussion, but no new business was presented.

Meeting was closed at 4:27 pm by Chris Fox-Decent.

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