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December 2008

Notes from the Chairman:

Die Wilgers Residents Association was established by the residents, to look after the interests of
all the residents living in the area between the Bronberg Ridge, Simon Vermooten Road, Rossouw
Street and Rubida Road. There are approximately 650 free standing houses in the area as well as
approximately 900 dwellings in “security” complexes.

The Management Committee of eight members has been divided into several portfolios such as
security,   development,      traffic,   finances,   database   management,   website   maintenance,
correspondence with the Municipality, newsletter and secretarial matters. The activities of these
various groups are something to be proud of.

Please read the security report by Anton Noeth. From this it is obvious that the suburb is a safer
place because of the activities of Die Wilgers Patrols. We appeal to you to join the activities of this
group because our ability to make a difference is closely associated with the level of support from
the community. Complex dwellers must particularly take note of the increases in crime in the so
called “security” areas, in comparison with the free standing houses.

The report on the development issues by Claus Triebel highlights the importance of an association
that looks after the interest of its residents. Our suburb would have seen many more unsightly
high-rise flats with several unaccepted business ventures next to residences, if it were not for their
constant vigilance. Our experience is that some developers, especially those from other areas, do
not care how their money making schemes may impact negatively on the quality of life of the
residents living next door.

It is a pleasure to report that our constant pressure on the City Council over many years, has
played a role in the upgrading of Lynnwood Road. This doubling of the road should be completed
up to Simon Vermooten Road, by June of 2009 and the further widening and development up to
Hans Strydom Drive, by June 2010.

A palisade fence running next to Lynnwood Road, between Mary Street and Willow Way Shopping
Centre, with a pedestrian gate at the south end of Swaardlelie Street, will be part of this

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December 2008

A group of residents concerned with the state of the Oulandsloop Park, formed a “Friends of
Oulandsloop” interest group and through their efforts and the support of the Parks Department, the
park is now kept neat and is a pleasure to walk in.

If you are not yet a member of our association, or have not yet paid the annual membership fee,
please do so now. Refer to the registration details at the end of this newsletter. We need your
moral support in our dealings with the City Council and developers. Moreover, several of our
objections to the City Council on undesired developments in our area, as well as our support for
the Security Patrols, require financial resources. By paying your annual subscription of R120, you
contribute to the quality and safety of your own environment.
                                                                                Theuns Erasmus

Security Report:

During 2008 Die Wilgers Community Patrols once again proved that we meant serious business
when we stated that we wanted to eliminate all crime from our suburb and surrounding

During the winter months we assisted and trained La Montagne / Murrayfield in getting their
community patrols going and they have subsequently achieved major successes against crime.
The benefit to us is that it gives us a much bigger anti-crime footprint and the criminals now have
to operate one more suburb away from us.

In previous years our focus was primarily on acting as a deterrent to criminals, but we were
obliged to respond directly and much more pro-actively during 2008. We also learned from our
mistakes of the past and refined our modus operandi when responding. This resulted in many and
major arrests which we are obviously very thankful for.

Of serious concern, are the sudden and seemingly coordinated multiple attacks on our security
complexes in October and November. It was as if the criminals simultaneously realised that the
people in these complexes were complacent and did not form part of our community security
network. These attacks culminated in two armed attacks. In the first attack a woman in La Rachel
complex was shot on 9 November 2008. Shortly hereafter (on 18 November) another woman was
high-jacked at gunpoint in Rossouw street in front of La Rachel complex. Due to excellent
Community Patrols and SAPS co-operation, the very dangerous and armed criminals in both these

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December 2008

attacks were promptly arrested. Much credit has to be given to the dedication of our community
members, some whose lives were in very serious danger.

Many other arrests were also made. It became eminent that after every successful arrest of a
serious criminal, a clear message got through to all of them and they stayed away from our suburb
for a number of months.

The limited space of this memo does not allow for the full detail of all our activities, arrests and
successes. Instead, the following summary is submitted:

    •   Our crime rate reduced in 2008 by 26% (very latest figures received from the SAPS.)
    •   Sector 1 within the SAPS Garsfontein precinct, was awarded the 2008 Best Sector award
        for having the lowest crime rate and the highest reduction in crime.
    •   The Sector 1 manager Const. Angela Swart achieved the Sector Manager of the year
        award because of this.
    •   Our installed radio network grew by more than 400%.
    •   Day patrols were implemented with great results.
    •   Our patroller membership grew by 40%.
    •   A very successful year end function was held with more than 250 attendees.

We will be foolish to think that we have now arrived. We simply must continue to out-think and
out-smart the criminals and ensure that we are prepared and vigilant at all times. For this purpose
we are planning a mass security meeting early in January 2009 with regular repeat meetings
which will also serve as “get to know your neighbor” meetings.

Die Wilgers enjoyed some crime free months in 2008 and it is our aim to make it the norm rather
than the exception. For this we will need the co-operation of our residents in 2009.

It is clear that the residents of Die Wilgers are now uniting, especially against crime. I am
looking forward to 2009 and enjoying a crime free and safe suburb.

We are well on our way to becoming “the people who really care”.
                                                                                       Anton Noeth

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December 2008

Commercial Property Development:

The Committee of the DWRA is very concerned about so called “Developments” within the
residential area of Die Wilgers. Houses in very good condition are purchases at above marked
value prices, only to be torn down and be replaced by high density housing projects or to be
converted into offices cum consulting rooms. This is done with total disregard to the deprivation
and privacy of the neighbouring properties, the resulting traffic congestions and increased demand
on municipal services. This is also almost without exception done before the necessary application
for rezoning is made to the municipality, which seems to be unable or unwilling to control these
developments. At the same time quite a number of offices and housing complexes in the near
vicinity have been up for rental for quite some time. Is this another financial bubble due to burst?

A case in point is the proposed Bontrokkie development. We noticed all of a sudden that a house
in Swaardlelie Street was being demolished. When we enquired why this being done we were told
by the contractor that a block of 100 flats was going to be put up. After some detective work we
discovered that this property and three more in Bontrokkie Street had been purchased by a
company Evening Shade Properties No. 59 at prices well above market prices. We together with
the immediate neighbours (who will share the costs) tried to negotiate with the developer, but up to
now with limited success. We have employed a very competent consultant and on his advice we
insist on a maximum building height of two storeys and not more then 40 dwelling units on the four
properties. The message should be clear; we will not allow to be buggered around.

In order to get some guidance from the municipality the Committee has drafted a policy document,
which is to be presented to planning departments of the municipality, but only after the support of
the community has been established. The draft is attached to this newsletter. And your comments
should be addressed per e-mail to as soon as possible. The Committee
intends to submit the policy document early in 2009.
                                                                                       Claus Triebel

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December 2008


                                       Draft – For Comment


Die Wilgers is an upper middle class suburb of Pretoria, Metropolitan City of Tshwane with a
distinct residential character. It already has a number of business nodes on its outskirts which
provide all normal commercial and professional services for the local community. Unfortunately
there has been a trend by developers to buy residential properties within the suburb and to convert
them for commercial or professional undertakings. It would appear that the developers ignore
municipal by-laws in this regard and some only seek approval after having these commercial
undertakings implemented and others do not even bother. Only after residents raise these issues
through their Association a cumbersome investigative process takes place and very often to the
detriment of the immediate neighbours such developments are accepted as a fait accompli

Die Wilgers Residents Association, which was established in 2003 and has since then very
actively represented the interests of the community of Die Wilgers. The community is very
concerned about the abovementioned trend, as it affects the privacy of the immediate neighbours
and leads to the deprivation of their properties and eventually to the degradation of the suburb as
a whole. In most cases the residential houses represent the single most important asset of their
owners and the loss of value thereof has serious financial implications for their owners.

After careful considerations, Die Wilgers Residents Association has decided to develop clear
guidelines on how the City Council should deal with such development proposals. For this purpose
a distinction has to be made between limited home businesses and unrestricted commercial cum
professional undertakings. Home undertakings are deemed to be commercial undertakings that do
not interfere with the privacy of the immediate neighbours and could be pursued without official
approval. Commercial cum professional undertakings on the other hand, should be limited to such
activities that are in the interest of the local community and require approval by the relevant
municipal authorities.

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December 2008

A schematic representation of Die Wilgers area:

                                       TMCC SCHEDULE IX


(Conditions governing Home undertakings in use zones I, II, III, IV, V, VI, IX AND XIII)

1.      With respect to a dwelling-place, but apart from the exceptions mentioned under
        Paragraphs 3 and 4, a home owner is restricted to-

        (1)     only one bona fida occupant or, with the written consent of the City Council, two
                bona fida occupants;

        (2)     a maximum of 30% of the gross floor area of the dwelling-place, provided that
                without the written consent of the City Council such area shall not exceed 60 m²;

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December 2008

      (3)     the display of one notice board with maximum dimensions of 460 mm x 600 mm
              showing only the name(s) of the occupant(s) intended in paragraph (1) hereof, the
              address and telephone number and the nature of the home undertaking; (14.

      (4)     the storage of goods of whatever nature, reasonably essential for such home
              undertaking, within the area contemplated in paragraph (2) hereof;

      (5)     the display of goods contemplated in paragraph (4) hereof in such a way inside
              the dwelling-place that it is not visible from the outside;

      (6)     the loading and off-loading of goods contemplated in paragraph (4) hereof by
              means of a private motor vehicle or commercial vehicle with a mass not
              exceeding 3 500 kg (loading capacity included) and a maximum length, with and
              height of 5,500 m, 1,800 m and 2,100 m respectively, and of which only one such
              vehicle may be parked regularly at the dwelling-place out of sight from the street;

      (7)     crèches, where     a maximum of 12 preschool children are cared for, without
              compulsory educational standards:

              provided that –

              (i)     the health and safety requirements of the Council shall be complied with,

              (ii)    no activities shall be held on weekdays after 17:30, or on Saturdays,
                      Sundays or public holidays,

              (iii)   an acoustically-acceptable solid screen wall of at least 2,1 m high, shall
                      be erected on the property boundary, where the play area abuts the living-
                      room/living-rooms of an adjoining dwelling place, to the satisfaction of the
                      Council. (19.07.95/1665/4210). Precast walls will NOT be acceptable.

2.    One parking space per 25 m² or portion thereof of the area referred to in

      paragraph 1(2) hereof shall be provided on the property.

3.    Only in the case of a dwelling-house may a maximum of two persons be employed.

4.    Noxious or obnoxious industries are not permitted.

5.    No disturbance or pollution through noise, smell, dust, radio-activity, gases, or vibrations
      or other offensive condition, which results in inconvenience to the public, is permitted.

6.    The following activities are not permitted in any dwelling-place:

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December 2008

        (1)     a funeral undertaking; a visitors’ information bureau; a building society agency; a
                bank agency; kennels; an escort agency; a tow-in service; an institution; a motor
                workshop; a car wash; a place of instruction for more than six persons; a panel
                beater; a parcel delivery service; a radio control/telephone exchange; a travel
                agency; a shooting range; a blasting contractor; a butcher; a spray-painter; a taxi
                business; a pet salon; a fish-fryer; hiring and selling of vehicles; a place of
                amusement; manufacturing of concrete products; a packaging contractor; a place
                of refreshment and a transport undertaking.(14.06.95/1316/4448)

        (2)     Shops and Restricted Industries, except with the written consent of the City


1. Applications for rezoning have to be approved by the municipal authorities before any activity
    may commence.

2. Such undertakings should only be allowed within the recognized business nodes as shown on
    the attached map, viz. Willow Crossing at the c/o Rossouw Street and Simon Vermoten
    Road up to the crossing with Uitspan Road; Willow Way on the northern side of Lynnwood
    Road between End and Power Streets; Motor Dealers (including an office complex) at the c/o
    Simon Vermoten and Lynnwood Roads; Murrayfield at the c/o Rossouw and Rubida Streets;
    Mary Street an office complex and a whole string of undertakings south of Lynnwood Road
    from Simon Vermoten to Rubida Street and beyond.

3. Before consent is given, the impact on municipal services has to be assessed. Of particular
    concern is the impact on traffic. Both Lynnwood Road and Rossouw Street already serve as
    feeder roads to the urban development in the East. Development to the South of Lynnwood
    Road for instance will require special traffic arrangements such as traffic lights and feeder
    roads. Any further commercial development in Die Wilgers will only serve to exacerbate the

4. The immediate neighbours and Die Wilgers Resident Association have to give their consent.

5. No noxious or obnoxious activities are allowed, specifically any industrial activities involving
    grinding, welding and sawing. Noise levels may not exceed 35 decibels.

6. Parking must be provided on the property itself and no hard surface parking bays may be
    provided on the side walk.

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        December 2008

        7. The residential character of the building must be retained and the height of the building may
            not exceed two storeys.

        8. A 2,1 metre high solid wall must be erected on the boundary with residential properties. No
            precast walls will be allowed.

        9. Only one advertisement board is allowed and may not exceed 100 cm by 60 cm in size.

        10. The property may only be sold or rented out under the same conditions for which consent was
            obtained from the municipal authorities and Die Wilgers Resident Association.

        Draft Policy on Commercial Developments in Die Wilgers; Version 1; December 2008

        Please forward any comments/suggestions to Claus Triebel:     

        by the latest 31 January 2009.

        Joining Die Wilgers Residents Association:

        Membership fees of the association are currently R120/year for individual households and for
        complexes R180/year, as well as R10/year per unit. Please fill in and post or email the attached
        form to us. Payment of membership fees can be done in two ways:

                   BANK TRANSFER:                                                CHEQUE:

Bank:               STANDARD BANK
                                                          Make cheque
Account Name:       Die Wilgers Residents Association                           Die Wilgers Residents Association
                                                          payable to:
Account Number:     012190764
Branch Code:        01-24-45
                                                          Include a copy of the completed membership application
Please use your surname and street address as reference   form below and post the cheque to:
for the transaction.                                      P. O. Box 70843; Die Wilgers; 0041.

        To join Die Wilgers Residents Association, kindly complete and submit the form on the
        following page.

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        December 2008

                                                                   Please return the completed form
                                                                   together with your proof of payment to:


                                                                   or fax it to: 012 803-3575

Street Address:                                                       Home Tel. No.:

Surname:                                         Date:

                                                 Preferred name/
Husband’s name(s):

Contact details:                Work Tel. No.:

                               e-mail address:

                                  Mobile No.:

                                                 Preferred name/
Wife’s name(s):

Contact details:                Work Tel. No.:

                               e-mail address:

                                  Mobile No.:

        Signature:   ___________________________________           Date:   __________________

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December 2008

The compilation & printing of this newsletter, compliments of:

Fatselama Trust & MRA Regulatory Consultants

381 Rossouw Street

Tel.:   012 803-1039 /-6223 /-5955
Fax:    012 803-3575

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