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        Adjustable Bed & Mattresses
            Braces, Belts & Supports
     Computer Desks & Workstations
                  Ergonomic Seating
          Exercise & Inversion Tables
                         Foot Health
                 Hot & Cold Therapy
                   Magnetic Therapy
                   Massage Therapy
                  Outdoor Relaxation
                  Pain Relief Creams
                 Pregnancy Supports
                Sleeping Accessories
                   and Much More....

             Melbourne Store - VIC
                        486 City Rd
          South Melbourne VIC 3205
                 P +61 3 9699 8851

               Sydney Store - NSW
                     488a Botany Rd
               Alexandria NSW 2015
                  P +61 2 8399 1521

                   Perth Store - WA
                   1/174 Stirling Hwy
                  Nedlands WA 6009
                  P +61 8 9386 7788
              FreeCall 1800 615 666

                  Healthezone PTY LTD
                   trading as Bad Backs
                    ABN 84 110 529 470

       Current as of 4th January 2011
          Welcome to is a unique source of pain relieving
products and the latest in medical information to help your
bad back get better.

Why not join the growing number of people who have put
their back pain behind them with drug free, pain relieving

Our online catalogue contains over 500 products ranging
from the traditional to alternative.
  PRODUCT CATEGORIES              #
  Braces Belts & Supports         1   Massage Therapy        21
  Computer Desk & Workstations    4   Outdoor Relaxation     23
  Ergonomic Chairs & Seating      6   Pain Relief Creams     25
  Exercise & Inversion Therapy   13   Pregnancy Supports     26
  Foot Health                    16   Sleeping               26
  Hot & Cold Therapy             19   Customer Information   30
  Magnetic Therapy               20   Order Form             31

Our products are made to the highest quality and
incorporate the latest in design technology and herbal

All prices include GST where applicable and we provide you
with 4 easy payment options.

For detailed product information, or to order any of the
products listed, just log on, complete the fax back form on
the last page or call 1800 615 666 (FreeCall Australia only). has HONCode approval (Health on the
Net Foundation) and is a quality resource for back pain
managment and exercise tips.
Braces Belts & Supports                                          SpiderMed™ Posture
                                                                 Trainer for Kids
Our range of orthopaedic products are designed to                SpiderMed™ constantly senses
provide support and tension relief where you need it             your posture to alert you with a quiet
most, enabling you to enjoy a better quality of life.            beep when your posture is poor, and
                                                                 stops when your posture is good!

                                                                                  ONE SIZE FITS MOST
 Shoulder & Posture Supports                                                              $49.95

Essential Shoulder Brace
                                                                  Back Supports
Designed to assist with correcting                               Jobri Abdominal Binder
round shoulders. Comfortable and
gentle enough for everyday use.                                  Supports weakened and stretched
                                                                 abdominal muscles following surgery
                                                                 or childbirth.


                         $44.95                                                           $49.95

Oppo Shoulder Brace                                              Pro-Tec Sacroilliac Back
A very comfortable orthopaedic
postural aid that assists with                                   The Sacroiliac (S.I.) Back Belt
correcting poor posture and                                      provides stabilization to the hips
slumping or rounded shoulders.                                   and sacrum, reducing strain to the
                                                                 lower back.

              SML, MED, LRG, XLRG,
                  XXLRGE, XXXLRGE                                                      SML, MED, LRG

                         $37.95                                                           $57.95

Otto Bock Posture Support                                        Double Pull Lumbar Belt
The Posture Support is ideal for                                 Double elastic pulls on each side for
supporting weakness in the thoracic                              extra strength and support
(upper back) muscles and helping
correct poor body posture.

         XSML, SML, MED, LRG, XLRG                                                   XSML, MED, XLRG

                         $89.00                                                           $64.95

Oppo Posture Support                                             Industrial Strength Belt
The support closes around the                                    Assists with back strain and back
waist, which discourages stooped                                 pain by increasing intra-abdominal
shoulders while aligning the whole                               pressure and reminding wearer to
spine.                                                           bend and lift correctly.

                                                                         SML, MED, LRG, XLRG, XXLRG

                         $49.95                                                        $139.95
SpiderMed™ Posture                                               Jobri Rib Belt                                             SPE
Trainer                                                                                                                           L!
                                                                 Ideal for recovering from injury
SpiderMed™ constantly senses                                     or strains. Provides extra support
your posture to alert you with a quiet                           around your torso.
beep when your posture is poor, and
stops when your posture is good!

                     MEDIUM, LARGE                                                      MALE, FEMALE

                         $65.95                                    WAS   $32.95       NOW   $9.95
                                                        page 1
                                                                                                   (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Deluxe Sacro Cynch                                                Bifom Back Cushion
Designed to protect and support                                   Helps promote proper posture
strained muscles and tendons                                      and helps alleviate discomfort
in the abdomen and lower back.                                    associated with sitting for long
Comfortable enough to wear for                                    periods.
extended periods of time.

               SML, MED, LRG, XLRG

               FROM     $109.00                                                            $36.00

BackSaver Water Sport                                             Bad Backs Lumbar
Belt                                                              Support Bucket Seat
Ideal for surfing, swimming, sailing                              Ergonomically designed to promote
and water skiing enthusiasts who                                  proper posture for all day comfort,
suffer from back pain.                                            and back pain relief. Tapered back
                                                                  ideal for bucket seats in cars.

                                   SML                                   PREMIUM FOAM      $69.00
                        $119.00                                   DELUXE MEMORY FOAM       $95.00
Criss Cross Double Pull                       SPE
                                                 CIA              Nada Chair Back-Up
Lumbar Belt
                                                                  By using the knees to stabilize the
25cm (10”) back brace with double
                                                                  pelvis, muscles are relieved of their
elastic pulls on each side for
                                                                  isometric tasks. The pelvis becomes
strength and support while stays
                                                                  a stable pedestal on which the spine
(firm supports) give added stability.
                                                                  can effortlessly rest with natural
                                                                  curves restored.
                         XLRG, XXLRG                                               ONE SIZE FITS MOST

WAS   $79.95       NOW    $49.99                                                           $79.00
 Lumbar Supports                                                  BetterBack Orthopaedic
Jobri Lumbar Full Roll                                            Seat & Lumbar Roll
The Jobri Full Roll lumbar support                                Follows the natural shape of the
promotes proper posture.                                          body and transforms any seat into
                                                                  an ergonomically correct support

                          $46.00                                                         $139.00

Jobri Lumbar Half Roll                                            Hanging Lumbar Support
Helps alleviate discomfort                                        Orthopaedically designed, it helps
associated with sitting for long                                  fill in the lumbar area where you
periods.                                                          really need support, reducing
                                                                  fatigue and improving your back

                SMALL     $40.00
               LARGE      $45.00                                                           $59.00

TRAVEL BACK Lumbar                                                Jobri LeanOn Back Support
Support                                                           Follows the natural shape of the
This lightweight and portable back                                body and transforms any chair or
support flattens and easily fits into                             seat back into an ergonomically
the smallest briefcase or carry bag                               correct support system.
with little weight or space burden.

                          $24.95                                                           $89.00
                                                         page 2
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Bad Backs Premium                                                  Pro-Tec X-Factor Knee
Lumbar Support - Flat                                              Brace
Back Trisectional
                                                                   The X-Factor knee brace stabilizes
Ergonomically designed to support                                  the knee joint area, helping to
the entire spine. Includes a built in                              prevent further injury.
bump for additional firm support.

                                                                                          REG, XLARGE
                         $79.00                                                            $59.95

KP Back Companion                                                  Pro-Tec Patellar Knee
Provides excellent postural support,                               Tendon Strap
especially in the lumbar area.                                     Great for alleviating moderate knee
                                                                   pain, especially in areas under and
                                                                   surrounding the knee cap.

                                                                                  SML, MED, LRG, XLRG
                          $95.00                                                           $34.95

 Neck Supports                                                      Wrist Supports
Jobri Cervical Collar                     ON
                                                                   Jobri Carpal Tunnel Wrist
                                                  CIA              Support
Supports the neck after surgery or                   L!
after car accidents where whiplash                                 Helps prevent repetitive motion
is a problem.                                                      disorder while allowing movement.
                                                                   Support has top and palm stays to
                                                                   prevent flexing.
                          LARGE 9CM                                                        RIGHT, LEFT

WAS   $28.95       NOW   $19.95                                                            $34.95
Dr Riter’s REAL-EASE                                               Thermal Carpal Tunnel
Neck & Shoulder Relaxer                                            Wrist Stabilizer
The REAL-EaSE cervical neck                                        Helps relieve pain associated with
support is orthopaedically designed                                carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis,
to take the full weight of the head                                tendonitis and sprains. Includes
off the neck and shoulder area,                                    medical grade removable splint.
allowing the muscles of the neck and
shoulders to achieve full relaxation.
                                                                                           LEFT, RIGHT
                         $74.95                                                            $46.95
 Knee Supports/Braces
Pro-Tec Hinged Knee
Designed to provide support and
stability for the knee, and may
help alleviate conditions of patellar
instability, hyperextension, tendonitis
                              REG, XLG


Knee Brace - Patella
Ideal for sporting, home and work
related activities. Non invasive and
stable support.

                           REG, XLRG

                                                          page 3
                                                                                                    (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Computer Desks & Workstations                                        QDOS “15” Electric Height                 TO
                                                                     Adjustable “L” Shape                                    K
A unique range of ergonomic products for home                        Frames
offices or at work! From sit-stand workstations to                   A cost effective, height adjustable
portable laptop tables, ergonomic keyboard holders                   L shaped work desk or table frame
                                                                     with three legs. Optional modesty
and arm supports.                                                    panels.
                                                                          FRAME ONLY     $1195.00
                                                                     FRAME + MODESTY     $1495.00
 Adjustable Ergonomic Desks                                                                                  BRA
                                                                     QDOS “17” Sit Stand                          ND
ANYDESK Height                                                       Electric Adjustable Desks
Adjustable Mobile Table                                              A cost effective, height adjustable
                                                                     work desk or table frame, designed
Tilt the table to any angle up to 36                                 for a sit-stand environment. Several
degrees, with a lower lip on the                                     colour tops available.
bottom edge of the table stoping
your papers, books or laptop sliding                                     1000 MM WIDE    $1350.00
onto the floor !
                                                                         1600 MM WIDE    $1450.00
                      $124.95                                            1800 MM WIDE    $1450.00

Jobri Mobile Desk Caddy                                              QDOS “17” Electric                      BRA
Laptop Table                                                         Adjustable Desk Bases
Ideal for reading, writing or                                        A cost effective, height adjustable
for laptop computer work, it is                                      work desk or table frame, designed
completely versatile.                                                for a sit-stand environment, No top
                                                                     is supplied.

   MAPLE, WALNUT & DARK WALNUT                                           1000 MM WIDE    $1100.00
                      $239.00                                            1600 MM WIDE    $1150.00

QDOS “15” Sit Stand                     OU
                                             TO                       Laptop Tables
                                                F   STO
Electric Adjustable Desks                              CK
                                                                     Laptop LaidBack V3
A cost effective, height adjustable
work desk or table, designed for a                                   Designed for people who want, or
sit-stand environment, creates the                                   need to use their laptop in bed or in
perfect work station for your back.                                  a comfortable reclined position.


                    $1195.00                                                               $169.00
QDOS “15” Sit Stand                     OU
                                                F   STO              ANYDESK Adjustable Table
Electric Adjustable Frame                              CK
A cost effective, height adjustable                                  Simple and easy to use, this multi-
work desk or table frame, designed                                   purpose table is made of tough
for a sit-stand environment, creates                                 MDF wood laminate, with soft
the perfect work station for your                                    polyurethane edging.

        FRAME ONLY   $725.00                                                 WORKSPACE 40cm x 60cm
  FRAME + MODESTY    $895.00                                                                  $84.95
QDOS “7” Mono Sit Stand                   TO
                                             F                       Ergonomic Forearm and
Electric Adjustable Desks                             CK             Wrist Support OPC 300
With the QDOS Mono Electric                                          Ideal for helping to reduce stress
Adjustable Desk or workbench you                                     on the wrist, forearm and even
can raise and lower your desk and                                    shoulders when working for long
alternately sit or stand while you                                   periods of time on the computer.

        FRAME ONLY   $895.00
     FRAME + TOP    $1195.00                                                               $115.00
                                                            page 4
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
                                                                    Cricket™ Laptop Stand
 Workstation Accessories                                            and Riser
Vertical Laptop Riser &                   TO
                                             FS                     The Cricket™ Adjustable Laptop
Stand                                               K               Stand is extremely portable—it folds
This new notebook riser from Bad                                    down and will fit in your pocket or
Backs is specifically designed to                                   your computer bag.
help reduce VDT syndrome by
positioning your notebook at an
                                                                                          WHITE, BLACK
ergonomically correct height.

                        $34.95                                                              $64.00

Visidec Traveller Vertical                                          Vu Ryte Document Holder
Notebook & Laptop Stand                                             This document holder is designed
This super notebook stand and riser                                 to be used with Flat Panel Monitors
is light yet strong enough to support                               and can be placed anywhwere on
laptop computers weighing up to                                     the desktop, typically inline with
4kgs (8.8lbs). Designed for most                                    the monitor.
notebooks with screens up to 17”
(43cm) widescreen.

                        $64.95                                                             $139.00

Docuglide                                                           Vu Ryser Monitor Riser and
The Docuglide helps you to                                          Stand
create a work surface over your                                     The Vu Ryser monitor stand or riser,
keyboard and correct or change                                      is a simple solution to a common
the document you are working on,                                    ergonomic problem. The stand
which simplifies reading, writing                                   is stackable, each ‘extra’ riser is
and typing.                                                         50cm.

                       $199.00                                                              $26.95
7Flex LCD Radial Monitor                                            Evoluent Vertical
Arm                                                                 Ergonomic Mouse 4
The 7-Flex suspends your flat panel                                 The Evoluent™ Vertical Mouse™ has
monitor above the work surface,                                     a patented new design and shape
making it easy to move the monitor                                  that helps support your hand in a
precisely where you need it, and                                    relaxed handshake position, and
move it out of the way when not                                     eliminates the arm twisting. USB
in use.                                                             only
                                                                            LEFT OR RIGHT HAND MOUSE
                       $235.00                                                            $164.00

Hoolin LA7 LCD Adjustable               ON
                                                                    Humanscale Element Task
Monitor Arm                                          L!             Light
The LA7 LCD Arm is a terrific new                                   Thanks to breakthrough MCX LED
product; fully adjustable and                                       technology, the Element task light
styled to meet all your LCD monitor                                 from Humanscale is the only light
positioning needs.                                                  to meet all the Department of
                                                                    Energy’s criteria for an LED task

WAS   $249       NOW   $189.00                                                            $540.00

COOLdock Laptop Cooling                  ON
                                              SPE                   Jobri Deluxe Foot Rest
Stand                                                 L!            Reminds you to sit all the way back
A perfect solution to poor posture                                  in your chair, allowing the chair to
caused by laptop use, and includes                                  take some of the stress and strain
a super new cooling fan system                                      off your back.
to dissipate heat away from your

                                                                          STANDARD 10CM     $69.00
WAS   $59.95      NOW   $47.95                                                  TALL 17CM   $79.00
                                                           page 5
                                                                                                     (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Fundamentals Adjustable                          Ergonomic Seating
Height Footrest
Simple, ergonomic and one of the                 For many of us who spend much of the day sitting
best footrests we have seen on the
                                                 down, few things are more important for our
market today. Carpeted platform.
Set angle of 12.5 degrees - ideal                health and well being than ergonomic seating and
angle for comfortable support                    a comfortable chair. We also offer a range of AFRDI
                                                 (Australian Furnishing Research & Development
                                                 Institute) tested ergonomic chairs.
                        $82.95                    Executive Seating
Raise Its - Desk Raiser                          Humanscale Liberty
A great way to raise desks and                   (Freedom) Office Chair
furniture, simply and cheaply. Made              The Liberty chair (known as the
of a strong sturdy plastic, these one            Freedom chair outside of Australia)
inch high blocks (2.5cm) interlocked             was designed specifically to
to a maximum height of three                     encourage frequent, spontaneous
inches (7.6cm). Pack of 8.                       changes of position.

                      BLACK, CLEAR                    NO HEAD REST $1195.00
                        $59.95                      WITH HEAD REST $1395.00

                                                 Humanscale Liberty
                                                 (Freedom) Mesh Chair
                                                 The Liberty chair (known as the
                                                 Freedom chair outside of Australia)
                                                 was designed specifically to
                                                 encourage frequent, spontaneous
                                                 changes of position. Now available
                                                 in a black mesh.

                                                      NO HEAD REST   $1140.00

                                                 HAG Futu Ergonomic
                                                 Office Chair
                                                 Design-wise it is unique in a world
                                                 full of “me-too” chairs. Behind
                                                 the clean design lines there is a
                                                 revolutionary interior. With a 10
                                                 year warranty!

                                                      NO ARM RESTS $1295.00
                                                    WITH ARM RESTS $1495.00

                                                 HÅG H04 Credo Ergonomic
                                                 Office Chair
                                                 The HÅG H04 Credo is the ideal
                                                 chair for balance and freedom of
                                                 movement. Different gas cylinder
                                                 heights available.
                                                                STD, MED, TALL STRUT

                                                         LOW BACK    $1495.00
                                                         HIGH BACK   $1595.00

                                                 HAG Accessories
                                                 With a traditional but contemporary
                                                 visual design, the HAG head rest
                                                 and foot stools are essential
                                                 additions to the perfect chair.
                                                 Designed to attach to the Credo &
                                                 Capisco chairs.

                                                         HEAD REST     $399.00
                                                        FOOT STOOL     $290.00
                                        page 6
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Herman Miller® Aeron®                                         Cirrus™ High Back                                     BRA
Chair - Graphite Base                                         Premium Task Chair                                               NEW
The high, wide, contoured back
                                                              The inflatable lumbar pump moulds
takes the pressure off your lower
                                                              to the individuality of the spine and
spine. Armrests slope slightly down
                                                              so encourages the lumbar curve to
in the back for the most natural and
                                                              be maintained.
comfortable support.

SIZE A, B & C. WITH OR W/OUT ARM                                   NO ARMS FROM     $599.00
                    $1395.00                                     WITH ARMS FROM     $674.00

Herman Miller® Aeron®                                         QDOS Managers Leather
Chair - Polished Base                                         Chair
The “waterfall” front edge of                                 Featuring a complete range of
the seat takes the pressure off                               ergonomic adjustability, this chair
your thighs, so your blood keeps                              has styling and the leather finish
circulating and you stay alert and                            many of us look for in an office or
focused.                                                      home office chair.
           SIZE A, B & C. WITH ARMS                                     BLACK OR HAVANA LEATHER

                    $1995.00                                                        $599.00

Herman Miller® Aeron®                                         DuoRest Alpha Split Back
Chair - Titanium Base                                         Office Chair
Featuring a complete range of                                 The dual back mechanism is fully
ergonomic adjustability, this chair                           adjustable in both height and width
has styling and the leather finish                            to fit almost anyone perfectly.
many of us look for in an office or
home office chair.
           SIZE A, B & C. WITH ARMS                                 BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, BROWN

                    $1995.00                                                         $995.00

Herman Miller® Embody®                                        ErgoEzy Office Chair                                        SPE
Office Chair                                                  With a cool black, high tech mesh
Jeff Weber and his visionary design                           back, built-in lumbar adjustment
partner Bill Stumpf set out to                                for that perfect fit, and a fabric
create a chair that solved a problem                          foam seat, this unique chair
no one else was addressing—the                                features an 8 point adjustment
lack of harmony between people                                system.
and their computers.

             FROM   $2295.00                                   WAS $   769    NOW   $690.00

Herman Miller® Mirra®                                         Salveo Elastomeric
Office Chair                                                  Industrial Design Office
 Mirra is an innovative blend of                              Chair
passive and active adjustments that                           The unque aluminium frame design
provide a new reference point in                              in combination with the elastomeric
performance, aesthetics, and value.                           mesh fabric, provides excellent
                                                              lumbar and pelvic support. AFRDI
       WITH ARMS     $1150.00                                 Approved
                                                                    BLACK MESH      $799.00
       WITH ARMS     $1195.00                                     HEADREST CAP       $36.00
 Premium Task Chairs                                           Task Chairs
Cirrus™ Medium Back                    BRA
                                          ND                  Bateman High Back Task                                 BRA
                                               NEW                                                                              NEW
Premium Task Chair                                            Chair
The unique viscoelastic (memory)                              One of Corporate Australia’s most
foam present in the seat, contours                            popular task chairs. Loaded with
the thigh and buttocks, providing                             ergonomic features and a robust
unparalled support.                                           construction.

     NO ARMS FROM      $569.00
  WITH ARMS FROM       $644.00                                             FROM      $475.00
                                                     page 7
                                                                                                (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Pulo™ Zero Pressure                                                    Baxter Square Back Task                 BRA
Office Chair                                                           Chair
Featuring a super springy, super                                       Featuring a stylish square back to
comfortable zero pressure foam                                         suit users who need a larger chair
formulation, the Pulo™ office chair                                    with a prominent lumbar (back)
is the ideal choice for any work or                                    support.
home office environment.

                                                                                  NO ARMS     $475.00
               BLACK   $499.00                                                  WITH ARMS     $540.00

Perfect Office Jobri                                                   Bateman Square Back Task                BRA
Ergonomic Chair                                                        chair                                              NEW

Designed to reduce stress during                                       A special feature to the very
sitting, this low back chair                                           popular Bateman task chair is this
provides all the crucial ergonomic                                     very stylish square back design.


                       $549.00                                                                $475.00

Fresco™ Mesh Seat &                      ON
                                              SPE                      Baxter High Back Task                   BRA
                                                 CIA                                                                      NEW
Back Office Chair                                     L                Chair
The mesh design of this chair means                                    Another robust, ergonomically
that it adjusts and adapts naturally                                   designed Task Chair with a special
to your body shape, making it ideal                                    emphasis on a larger seat cushion to
for different people’s shapes and                                      suit large framed people.

                               BLACK                                               NO ARMS   $455.00
 WAS $   599    NOW    $479.00                                                  WITH ARMS    $520.00
QDOS Split Back Duo                           SPE                      Baxter Medium Back Task                 BRA
                                                    CIA                                                              ND
Office Chair                                           L
                                                                       Chair                                              NEW

The Split Back office chair from Bad                                   Designed specificially for the larger
Backs has been specially designed                                      framed person in mind; this quality
with the input of customers and                                        task chair has a larger seat cushion
medical professionals from around                                      to provide superior comfort and
the world.                                                             support for the user.
                                                                                 NO ARMS      $435.00
 WAS $   469    NOW    $235.00                                                WITH ARMS       $500.00

Estilo™ Mesh Office Chair                ON
                                              SPE                      Clancy Medium Back Task                 BRA
                                                    CIA                                                                   NEW
The terrific Estilo™ mesh back chair                      L            Chair
is exclusive to Bad Backs, featuring
                                                                       A favourite office chair with
a breathable AirMate fabric and
                                                                       many Occupational Therapists
customised lumbar adjustment.
                                                                       when considering quality, robust
                                                                       construction, superior support and
                                                                       custom fit for their clients.

                               BLACK                                               NO ARMS    $425.00
 WAS $   469    NOW    $375.00                                                   WITH ARMS    $490.00

QDOS Multi-Task Office                                                 Clancy High Back Task                   BRA
Chair TSC 220                                                          Chair
This chair comes with chair height                                     The popular Clancy Task Chair is
adjustability, independent back                                        packed with ergonomic features to
tilt, seat slider, ratchet back height                                 ensure comfort and support. It is
adjustment and many more features                                      particulalry recommened by OT’s
and benefits. Custom Colours Avail.                                    for its pronounced lumbar support.
                               BLACK                                               NO ARMS    $445.00
                       $349.00                                                   WITH ARMS    $510.00
                                                              page 8
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Clancy Square Back Task                 BRA
                                                                  KAB Associate 24/7                                  BRA
                                                   NEW            Ergonomic Chair
Designed especially for office                                    It presents a premium, professional
workers who require a more                                        image in boardroom applications
prominent lumbar (back) support.                                  whilst simultaneously offering
                                                                  optimum comfort throughout those
                                                                  long conferences and meetings.

            NO ARMS    $475.00
         WITH ARMS     $540.00                                                 FROM   $2329.00

Ergo+ Extra High Back                   BRA
                                                                  KAB Executive 24/7                                  BRA
                                                   NEW                                                                         NEW
Task Chair                                                        Ergonomic Chair
Designed in conjunction with a                                    Ideal for prestige offices, company
leading ergonomist, it combines                                   executives and large users. Its
ergonomic effectiveness with the                                  features allow for unlimited seat
durability, AFRDI Level 6 & GECA                                  position adjustment which promotes
approval.                                                         optimum comfort and ergonomic
          NO ARMS      $499.00                                    support.

       WITH ARMS       $564.00                                                FROM    $1895.00

Ergo+ High Back Task                    BRA
                                              ND                  KAB Manager 24/7                                    BRA
                                                   NEW                                                                    ND
Chair                                                             Ergonomic Chair                                              NEW
The Ergo+ features, as standard,
an injection moulded backrest with                                It’s primary point of difference
a well developed lumbar contour                                   from the other KAB office chairs is
and boosted lateral support for                                   that it features narrow contoured
additional comfort and postural                                   cushions, a shorter seat cushion
control.                                                          and a shorter (medium height) back
     NO ARMS FROM      $409.00                                    rest.

   WITH ARMS FROM      $474.00                                                FROM    $1589.00

Ergo+ Medium Back Task                  BRA
                                              ND                  RH Logic 400 24/7
Chair                                                             Ergonomic Office Chair
The seat is composed of a unique                                   The RH Logic 400 has terrific
’air cell’ dual density technology                                ergonomic features and outstanding
that assists in optimal pelvic                                    durability. 150kg weight limit & 10
alignment to reduce the common                                    year warranty.
slouched postures.                                                        HIGH BACK $1995.00
     NO ARMS FROM      $389.00                                    HIGH BACK W/ARMS $2195.00
   WITH ARMS FROM      $439.00                                    w/HEAD REST, ARMS $2395.00

 24/7 Heavy Duty Chairs                                           Bariatric Heavy Duty Task                           BRA
KAB ACS Executive 24/7                  BRA                       Chair
Ergonomic Chair                                                   The perfect seating solution for
Our top of the range 24/7                                         larger and taller people. A special
executive, ergonomic office chair.                                office chair with heavy duty
12v electric powered adjustable air                               construction and stronger parts not
bags in the seat and back cushions                                found on your typical office chair
to ensure optimum comfort.                                        and engineered to last.

              FROM   $3379.00                                                    FROM   $675.00
                                        BRA                        Saddle Seats
KAB Controller 24/7                           ND
Ergonomic Chair                                                   QDOS Saddle Chair TSC
A 24 hour chair for primary use in                                900
surveillance and control stations,                                For a number of years now we have
but also a favourite in deluxe office                             been searching to bring you the
environments.                                                     right saddle chair, with seat tilt
                                                                  functionality and long term comfort
                                                                            BLACK, CHOCOLATE, BLUE

              FROM   $1769.00                                                           $229.00
                                                         page 9
                                                                                                  (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Williams Saddle Seat                      ND
                                               NEW              Active Balance Seats
Ergonomically designed seat shape,
narrower than some of our other                                Artso InMotion Active
models, with the ability to adjust                             Balance Seat
the angle of the seat for that                                 The Artso InMotion seating system
perfect customised fit.                                        exclusively from Bad Backs is a
                                                               unique dynamic seating design for
                                                               the workplace or home.

             BLACK    $395.00                                               BLACK     $389.00

                                                               Muvman - Active Sit Stand
HÅG Capisco Ergonomic
                                                               Seating at its Most Stylish !
Office Saddle Chair
HÅG Capisco saddle chair inspires                              As the seat tilts forwards you
you to try variation and new seating                           always sit at the optimum distance
positions. Multiple colour options                             from your work surface - regardless
are available by request.                                      of your height or physique.

                                                                        BLACK, SILVER - MICROFIBRE
              STD, MED, TALL STRUT
                     $1595.00                                                         $750.00

Bambach EXECUTIVE                                              Swopper Classic -
Saddle Seat                                                    Changing The Way We Sit !
The Bambach Executive Saddle                                   The Swopper was designed to
Seat has been designed for men                                 help people relieve their back and
and larger framed people. Ideal for                            spinal problems, and overcome the
relief from back pain.                                         challenges our bodies face with
                                                               static sitting.

WITHOUT BACK REST     $899.00                                              BLACK, RED, ROYAL BLUE

   WITH BACK REST     $999.00                                                       $1095.00
                                                                Drafting Stools & Chairs
Bambach SMALL Saddle
Seat                                                           “RX-2” Drafting Chair &
The Bambach Saddle Seat maintains                              Stool
the natural S-shape of our spine                               Features rolling casters as standard,
helping to avoid back pain and                                 but glides are available as an
related problems. Ideal for                                    optional extra, which stop the chair
children!                                                      from rolling.

WITHOUT BACK REST     $899.00                                     BLACK, 26” to 30”$189.00
    WITH BACK REST    $999.00                                     GLIDES FOR STAR BASE $9.95

Bambach NARROW Saddle                                          “NXR” Drafting Chair &                  ON
Seat                                                           Stool                                              L
This particular Bambach Saddle                                 The ‘NXR’ drafting stool is both
Seat has a narrow front and is ideal                           stylish and functional. Featuring a
for people in the height range of                              moulded polyurethane drafting seat
1.57m to 1.68m                                                 and back. It is ideal for your office

WITHOUT BACK REST     $899.00                                                     BLACK, 22” to 32”
  WITH BACK REST      $999.00                                   WAS $   399     NOW   $279.00

Bambach STANDARD                                               NXR-2 Drafting Chair &
Saddle Seat                                                    Stool
 The Bambach Saddle Seat is shaped                             New and improved, the NXR-2
like a saddle to enable the body                               drafting stool features a moulded
to maintain an ideal posture when                              polyurethane drafting seat and back.
sitting.                                                       This maybe the perfect seating
                                                               solution for your office environment.

WITHOUT BACK REST     $899.00                                        BLACK, HEIGHT 57CM to 82 CM

   WITH BACK REST     $999.00                                                         $299.00
                                                     page 10
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
 Kneeling Chairs                                   WellBack Kneeling Posture
QDOS Kneeling Posture                              Chair
                                                   Designed to help reduce your lower
Chair                                              back pain, by easing your hips into a
Ergonomic swivel style kneeling                    forward tilt position & encourages an
posture chair. Its functionality and               upright posture that correctly aligns
comfort are ideal for correct postural             your back, shoulders and neck.

    PREMIUM FOAM       $359.00                                            $319.00

Variér® Thatsit balans®                            Variér® Multi balans®
Kneeling Chair                                     Kneeling Chair
Thatsit™ balans® is based on the                   Multi™ balans® has an adjustable
concept of Variable™balans®, but                   sitting angle (the distance between
has the adjsutable height knee pads                thigh and torso). The sitting angle
as an additional feature.                          can be regulated from a very open
                                                   to a close one.

             FROM      $995.00                                  FROM      $795.00
QDOS ‘Vivid’ Kneeling                              Jobri Deluxe Kneeling                                 OU
Posture Chair                                      Chair                                                          TOC
The success of our original QDOS                   The Jobri Deluxe swivel style
kneeling chair, has spurned the                    kneeling chair helps reduce your
development of a new range of three                lower back pain.
designer colours, with a stylish satin
silver star base.


                       $399.00                          PREMIUM FOAM      $289.00

Variable™ balans®                                  balans® Vita Kneeling
Kneeling Chair                                     Posture Chair
                                                   The new Balans “balanced” seat
The Variable™ Balans was the first
                                                   design encourages a neutral posture
chair to be produced based on the
                                                   & it stimulates your own balance and
balans® concept developed by
                                                   your inner support back muscles
Peter Opsvik and H Chr. Mengshol.
The chair lives up to its name.


                       $599.00                                            $599.00

Jobri Wood Accent                                  balans® Energy Kneeling                                BRA
Kneeling Chair                                     Posture Chair
Ideal for those who suffer from back,              Scandinavian designed wood frame
hip, prostate, or other lower torso                with black fabric and black coloured
discomforts while using traditional                timber. It features the Balans saddle
chairs.                                            seat with a gas lift height adjustment

     PREMIUM FOAM      $299.00
      MEMORY FOAM      $359.00                                            $699.00

Variér® Wing balans®                               Active Sitting Dining Chairs & Stools
Kneeling Chair                                     Variér® Actulum
Wing™ balans® is a less
                                                   Actulum™ is designed so that you
conventional working chair with
                                                   can move freely whilst sitting. The
wheels, swivel and tilt functions.
                                                   chair stimulates dynamic and active
Designed by leading Norwegian
furniture designer Peter Opsvik.

           FROM      $1095.00                                      FROM   $950.00
                                         page 11
                                                                                      (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Variér® Move                                                         The Perfect Chair - Manual
Variér® Move™ is a supportive stool                                  Sit back, relax and take the weight
that encourages movement in a                                        off your back with superior comfort
fun and unconventional way. When                                     and style in our new Human Touch
you’re half-standing, half-sitting                                   Perfect Chair. Feel the benefits
the Variér® Move™ provides you                                       from reclining in Zero Gravity, in this
with the same advantages as the                                      elegant piece of furniture.
cobblestone workers stool did.
                                                                     VARIOUS WOOD & LEATHER OPTIONS

                 FROM     $495.00                                                          $2995.00
                                                                      Chair Seat Wedges
Variér® Pendulum
 Sitting on a Pendulum™ means                                        Dynair Ball Seat Cushion
you can sit comfortably for a long                                   Helps support a correct posture and
period of time doing all kinds of                                    train the muscles that stabilize the
activities at the table.                                             spine.

                                                                              33CM BLUE        $62.95
                 FROM     $795.00                                           36CM BLACK         $72.95
 Zero Gravity Recliners                                              Sacro Wedge Small Seat
Variér® Gravity balans®                                              Cushion
                                                                     Encourages the body into a more
This recliner provides extreme
                                                                     neutral position by “filling in”
relaxation for mind, spirit and body.
                                                                     the negative space and offering
Probably the closest you’ll ever get
                                                                     pelvic support to help promote
to zero gravity. “It’s not a chair, it’s a
                                                                     proper posture and help alleviate
way of life” says top Scandinavian
designer Peter Opsvik.
                                                                                                 NAVY BLUE

               FROM    $3295.00                                                                 $55.00

QDOS ZGR 200 Zero                                                    Bad Backs Seat Wedge
Gravity® Recliner                                                    with Coccyx Cut-Out
Perfectly positions your body                                        Helps improve your spinal alignment
with ‘zero’ stress on the muscles,                                   for improved back posture. It is
ligaments and joints.                                                angled to neutralize the concavity
                                                                     of sunken and sloping seats that
          LATTE LEATHER & NATURAL                                    compress the body and spine.
             BLACK LEATHER & TEAK                                                                     BLACK

                       $2195.00                                                                $59.00

The Perfect Chair - Electric                 GST                     Dynair Premium Seat
                                                      E!             Cushion
The Human Touch PC-095 Electric
                                                                     Ergonomically shaped to encourage
Perfect Chair has contemporary
                                                                     an upright posture, strengthen the
styling, terrific comfort and above
                                                                     back muscles and assist with back
all else our favourite Zero Gravity
                                                                     pain relief.
reclining position. It’s simply perfect !


                       $3450.00                                             36CM, BLACK        $89.95

QDOS ZGR 300 Zero                                                    AIRGO Active Cushion
Gravity Recliner                                                     Optimizes pressure distribution and
This new ZGR recliner is really                                      transforms shifts of weight into fine
popular with those wanting a more                                    motoric pelvic movements.
traditional fully upholstered look
and finish. Available in a really rich
dark havana brown leather or black

          MANUAL       $2495.00                                                                $92.95
                                                           page 12
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Seat Wedge with Memory
Foam & Coccyx cut-out
                                                 EXERCISE & INVERSION THERAPY
This cushion encourages the body in              Underused, out of shape or injured muscles, joints
a more neutral position by “filling              and ligaments may contribute to your back pain.
in” the negative space and offering
pelvic support to help promote                   Get back in shape with our range of quality exercise,
proper posture.                                  rehabilitation & inversion products.
                          NAVY BLUE

                           89.00                  Core Stability Training
 Mobility Supports                                                                                     ON
                                                 TOGU Aero-Step XL                                          SPE
Swivel Seat Cushion                              Functional Trainer                                               L!

                                                 The Aero-Step is a truly unique
This lightweight portable swivel                 fitness training tool that can be
seat cushion is an easy turn cushion             used by beginners right through to
that helps prevent back, hip and                 advanced.
knee strain when getting up from
any seated position, particularly
with getting in and out of vehicles                    EXERCISE DVD     $22.50
                        $54.95                   WAS $   219     NOW   $105.00

Jobri Donut Cushion                              TOGU Spirit Ball
A very comfortable oval shaped seat              It helps concentrate physical and
cushion and pillow designed to with              spiritual forces, and provides an
stand heavy load-bearing pressures.              important kinetic element for mind
                                                 body mobilization exercises.

                                                                RED 15 CM DIAMETER

                        $55.00                                            $18.00

                                                 TOGU Redondo Therapy
                                                 Core Stability Ball
                                                 Designed to strengthen the spinal
                                                 muscles, improve flexibility of the
                                                 vertebrae, for simple relaxation,
                                                 abdominal muscle training and neck

                                                             22 CM RED    $16.00

                                                 TOGU DynAir XXL Dynamic
                                                 Excellent hip and balance training,
                                                 allowing an individual to work
                                                 and train in the correct axes, so
                                                 improving stability of the joints,
                                                 balance and coordination.
                                                  DIFFICULTY LEVEL 3   $159.00
                                                  DIFFICULTY LEVEL 4   $159.00
                                                 Pilates, Yoga & Mind Body
                                                 Bodyline Fitness &
                                                 Exercise Mat
                                                 A thicker style mat just perfect for
                                                 pilates, yoga, aerobics, stretching
                                                 or just relaxing and meditating.

                                                               182CM x 60CM x 15MM

                                       page 13
                                                                                   (Product/pricing may vary instore)
TOGU Pilates Balance Ball                      SPE
                                                    CIA                TOGU Senso Walking                       ON
                                                         L                                                                 CIA
Helps breathing, centering from                                        Trainer                                                   L
the middle of the body; precision                                      Help in exercises for fingers
posture, flow of movement; co-                                         and gripping, promoting blood
ordination; relaxation; constructive                                   circulation and rehabilitation after
resting; imagination.                                                  medical surgery.

                     30CM DIAMETER                                                                     LIGHT

WAS $   24.95 NOW $18.70                                               WAS    $19.00           NOW   $9.50
 Reflexology & Massage                                                 TOGU Multiroll Support                   ON
                                                                       Used as training equipment for
BodyLine Comffit Foam
                                                                       mobilization, strengthening,
Rollers - Full Roll                                                    stabilization, relaxation,
Helps speed up the rehabilitation,                                     coordination, balance etc.
range of motion and physical
conditioning exercise processes.

        30 CM LENGTH     $26.40                                                        SILVER - 15cm x 50cm

        90 CM LENGTH     $59.95                                         WAS   $79.00      NOW     $59.25

                                         BRA                                                                    ON
BodyLine Comffit Foam                         ND
                                                    NEW                Rubber Chest Pull                             SPE
Rollers - Half Roll                                                                                                              L
                                                                       The rubber chest pull is an
Helps speed up the rehabilitation,                                     extremely convenient workout tool
range of motion and physical                                           you can use anytime, anywhere for
conditioning exercise processes.                                       a quick and thorough workout in
                                                                       just minutes.

        30 CM LENGTH    $16.50
        90 CM LENGTH    $33.00                                         WAS $   27.95      NOW     $15.50

TOGU Bodyroll                                                          TOGU ABS Powerball
Perfect for all types of massage                                       Exercise Ball
therapy, including soothing body                                       TOGU was the first exercise ball
massage, neck massage, back                                            manufacturer to develop an anti-
massage and even foot massage.                                         burst system for fitness balls.

                                                                                   45CM RED       $45.00
                                  BLUE                                           55CM SILVER      $55.00
                         $44.95                                                   65CM BLUE       $65.00
TOGU Senso Hedgehog                           SPE
                                                   CIA                 TOGU PowerBall Premium                   ON
                                                      L!                                                                CIA
A cushion designed with fun in                                         Anti-Burst Exercise Ball                              L!
mind, the Hedgehog helps promote                                       Designed to be used as individually
physical co-ordination (eg. circuit                                    regulated support and positioning
training for balance) & can be used                                    aid in therapy, massage and
for limitless exercises for building                                   relaxation.

16CM (GN, BL, RD, YL)    $29.50                                                                  55 CM SILVER
  18.5CM (RD, BL, PK)    $37.50                                            WAS    $75     NOW     $56.25
 Exercise & Rehabilitation Products
                                                                       The Sacro Wedgy
Powerband Exercise &                                                   Relaxing on a regular basis helps
Resistance Bands                                                       the muscles slowly rebalance using
Proven rehabiliation & exercise                                        gravity to do most of the work. The
performance improvement.                                               sacrum is held in a neutral position
                                                                       giving hips the freedom to drop,
                                                                       relax and release.

                                                                                               MALE & FEMALE

 RED/EXTRA STRONG        $19.95                                                                   $67.95
                                                             page 14
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
TOGU Pilates Multiroll                  ON
                                             SPE                 Back Magic
Designed to be used as individually                L
                                                                 Relieve your back pain with simple
regulated support and positioning                                stretching. This is a multi-level
aid in therapy, massage and                                      back stretching device for sports
relaxation. 80 CM x 18 CM.                                       professionals and the whole family.
                                                                 Used by the Australian Institute of
                                                                 Sport (AIS) in Canberra.

                 TURQUOISE, BLACK

WAS   $99.00       NOW   $74.25                                                          $69.95

TOGU Hand Pump                                                   Neck Magic™ Neck
Ideal hand pump for inflating                                    Traction Device
gym balls, and small/medium                                      The NeckMagic™ adjustable multi-
equipment. Not ideal for exercise                                level therapy device was designed
balls or larger inflatable equipment.                            in a cooperative effort between
                                                                 a leading physical therapist and
                                                                 medical manufacturing engineers.

                          $16.95                                                         $79.95

 Traction Therapy
Bioflex Inversion Table
Relieves the disc and nerve root
pressure that leads to degenerative
arthritis in the spine. Isolates your
abs and back muscles, so you can
exercise them without pressure on
your spine and pelvis.


Teeter Hang Ups Inversion
Table EP-550
The Hang Ups EP-550 inversion
table from Teeter in the USA, the
world leader in inversion therapy


Nubax™ Portable Traction
& Stretching Device
Nubax is a new portable, convenient
and easy to use traction device,
designed for therapeutic relief of
back pain, stiffness and discomfort.


Jobri Inversion Table
Helps relieve back pain, sciatic
pain and spasms while improving
circulation. Inversion helps
your body to recover from the
compressive effects of gravity and
daily activities.

                                                       page 15
                                                                                                 (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Foot Health                                                           Dr Jill’s Silipos Gel Toe
                                                                      Separators & Spreaders
Foot pain and foot health is also directly related to                 Both the spreaders and separators
posture, back and neck pain, which is why we are                      gently divide crooked, overlapping
                                                                      and troubled toes with vitamin
expanding our foot health information and product                     enriched gel, which mositurizes
selection.                                                            between the toes.
                                                                                        2 x TOE SPREADERS
                                                                                       2 x TOE SEPARATORS
 Ankle & Foot Supports                                                                        $18.95
Ankle Brace - Lace Up                             SPE                 Pro-Tec Toe Flexor Toe
For injury prevention and
                                                        L             Stretchers
management, this ankle guard                                          Lifting and spreading of the toes
provides uparalleled stability,                                       helps stretch the muscles and
support and comfort.                                                  achilles tendon, and stimulates the
                                                                      nerves and connective tissue. Come
                                                                      as a pair.


WAS $   89.95 NOW $69.95                                                 MED, MAX STRETCH     $22.95

Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis                                             Dr Jill’s Adjustable
Night Splint                                                          Hammertoe Cushion
The Pro-Tec Night Splint, by holding                                  Includes a crest pad to relieve
the foot in a slight dorsiflexion                                     pressure at the tops and tops of
(5 degrees), gently stretches the                                     toes and adjustable loop.
plantar fascia ligament and achilles
tendon, promoting flexibility.

                       SML, MED, LRG                                              LEFT OR RIGHT FOOT

                          $89.95                                                               $22.95

Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap &                                                  Dr Jill’s Foam Toe Tubes
Support                                                               Get daytime pain relief by simply
Ankle sprains are a very common                                       trimming the toe tubes to the size
result from stretching or tearing the                                 and shape you need to get instant
ligaments on the outside or lateral                                   cushioning for corns, calluses and
aspect of the ankle.                                                  bunions.
                                                                                              3 x 4” TUBES
                                                                                                1 x 1” TUBE
                       SML, MED, LRG                                                        2 x 3/4” TUBES
                          $39.95                                                              $10.95
 Bunions & Toes                                                        Heel Pain & Achilles
Pro-Tec Toe Caps Toe                                                  ORTHAHEEL Gel Heel
Protectors                                                            Orthotic
Ideal for the times when you have                                     No more cracked and bruised heels!
lost a toenail or for protecting a                                    Unique shock absorbing qualities
bruised or black toenail (runners                                     with a foot fresh anti-bacterial
toe)                                                                  deodorizer.
                                                                                           SML, MED, LRG
         PACK OF 4        $25.95                                                              $26.95

Dr Jill’s Gel Bunion                                                  Silicone Gel Heel Spur
Cushion                                                               Cushions
Bunions are one of the most                                           Made from a unique silicone
common of all foot problems, so                                       compound that assists to dissipate
these new bunion guards from Dr                                       shock and shear caused by impact
Jill’s come as a great relief for all                                 to the heel and foot.
of us that suffer from this painful
                                                                                            SML, MED, LRG
               REGULAR  $21.95
                  THICK $25.95                                                                 $39.95
                                                            page 16
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon                                          Pro-Tec Metatarsal Lift
Support                                                          Compression Pads
The use of a Achilles tendon support                             Designed to provide targeted relief
really helps sooth and relieve that                              for maximum effectiveness, these
pain and discomfort.                                             new metatarsal compression pads
                                                                 from Pro-Tec in the USA are ideal for
                                                                 simple pain and pressure relief.
                                                                                              MED, LRG

                 BLACK   $37.95                                                            $32.95
 Orthotic Shoes                                                  ORTHAHEEL Sports
ORTHAHEEL Orthotic                                               Orthotics
Wave Thongs                                                      Running puts extra strain and forces
Effective relief from heel pain,                                 on the ligaments, making the effects
knee pain, aching legs and back                                  of badly aligned feet every more
pain. Wave Thongs are designed to                                dramatic!
realign the structures of the feet 3
    WOMENS SIZE 6 - 12, MENS 5 - 11                                              SML, MED, LRG, XLRG

                         $59.95                                                            $49.95

ORTHAHEEL Womens                        ON
                                             SPE                 Dr Jill’s Gel Arch Pads
Noosa Sandals                                      L             Dr Jill’s super soft gel arch cushions
Made from full grain leather with                                are perfect for helping support
micro-suede midsole, anti-bacterial                              your arch where it is really needed,
and Anti microbial cover. Ideal for                              keeping your foot in the proper
everyday use.                                                    position and reducing foot discomfort
                                                                 when walking and running.

                 WOMENS SIZE 5 - 10                                                         2 PER PACK

WAS $   109.95 NOW $82.45                                                                  $20.95

ORTHAHEEL Men’s Bells                   ON                       ORTHAHEEL Sports Shock
Sandals                                         CIA
                                                   L             Absorber Orthotics
This new Orthaheel advanced range                                The medical grade Orthaheel ‘Sports
have a built-in orthotic bed that                                Shock Absorber’ Orthotic delivers
minimises stress in the foot and                                 a unique combination of shock
corrects posture to relieve related                              absorption bio-mechanical control.

                                                                                 SML, MED, LRG, XLRG
                     MENS SIZE 7 - 12

WAS $   109.95 NOW $82.45                                                                  $49.95
 Arches, Supports & Insoles                                      ORTHAHEEL Everyday
Silicone Gel Insoles /                                           Orthotics
Footbeds                                                         Effective relief from heel pain, knee
Suitable for managing minor cases                                pain, back pain and aching legs.
of splayfoot, generally tired and                                Ideal for improving alignment and
weak, as well as cases of diabetes                               providing proper support. A top
and planta pain.                                                 seller!

         XSML, SML, MED, LRG, XLRG                                        XSML, SML, MED, LRG, XLRG

                         $54.95                                                            $44.95

ORTHAHEEL High Heel                                              Pro-Tec Arch Support
Slimfit Orthotics
                                                                 By compressing the arch, it helps
Looking good and feeling great is                                support and stabilize the plantar
what fashion is all about! Fits all                              fascia, and the built in pad helps
types of ladies’ fashion footwear,                               excessive pronation.
including high heels.

                XSML, SML, MED, LRG                                                           MED, LRG

                          $44.95                                                           $39.95
                                                       page 17
                                                                                                    (Product/pricing may vary instore)
                                                  Dr Jill’s Moleskin Anti
 Corns, Calluses & Forefoot                       Rubbing Adhesive Sheets
Dr Jill’s Ball of Foot Gel                        These soft cotton flannel padding
                                                  sheets are just perfect for protecting
Cushion                                           corns, calluses and tender spots.
Excellent for conditions such as
Fat Pad Atrophy, Metatarsalgia,
Neuromas, burning sensations at
the ball of the foot and cushioning                             TWO 9x10.5cm SHEETS
calluses, making walking a dream!
                                                   Shins / Legs
Dr Jill’s Foam Corn Pads
The soft pad cushions your corns                  Pro-Tec Shin Splints
with every step. Ideal for the tops               Compression Wrap
and sides of your toes, as the centre             Used by professional athletes
hole when placed over the corn                    and recommended by medical
creates a barrier to reduce pressure              professionals this is a highly
from shoes and transfers discomfort               effective and really simple way of
away from the corn.                               alleviating your sore shin pain.
                    20 PADS PER PACK

                          $10.95                      ONE SIZE FITS ALL     $39.95

Dr Jill’s Gel Callus Cushion
# Perfect for calluses, IPK’s and
bunions. The aperture (hole)
surrounds the sore area, taking
pressure of the painful area. Its
simple and easy to use!

                     2 PADS PER PACK


Dr Jill’s Gel U Shaped
Callus Pads
Soft gel pad that cushions calluses
when walking and running, where
the centre hole surrounds the sore
callus, takes pressure of the callus
and reduces pain.
                     2 PADS PER PACK


Dr Jill’s Silipos Gel Corn
Top of the range Silipos filled
gel corn pads, give that extra
gel comfort, by cushioning and
protecting corns from shoes to help
relieve pain.
                           2 PER PACK


Dr Jill’s Foam Callus Pads
Simple and effective pressure relief
for calluses from Dr Jill’s. The soft
pad cushions and protects calluses
from shoe pressure and walking.

                    12 PADS PER PACK

                                        page 18
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Hot & Cold Therapy                                                   BodyCare Hot & Cold Gel
Why not join the many connoisseurs of comfort                        Ideal for use on many parts of the
who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hot and cold                   body, including the back and joints.
                                                                     Comes with velcro closure, made
packs for muscle pain relief, back aches, sore joints,               from 100% non-toxic gel; Used for
arthritis, headaches and migraines.                                  dual hot or cold therapy.

                                                                         12CM X 22CM SML     $12.95
 Wheat Bags                                                              19CM X 29CM LRG     $18.95

Joint Wrap                                  ON
                                                 SPE                 BodyCare Hot & Cold Gel
Wheat filled joint wraps help to                       L             Pack - Shoulder
soothe away aches & pains. Our                                       The ideal therapeutic ‘hot or cold’
wheat is non-chemically treated to                                   treatment for neck pain, which may
ensure you receive the best natural                                  have been caused by injury, tension
quality Wheat Bag possible.                                          or muscle fatigue.

                NAVY - 13CM x 42CM                                                          18CM X 54CM

WAS $   48.95      NOW   $32.00                                                              $38.95

Physio Wheat Bag - Hot/                                              Chillow - Your Personal
Cold                                                                 Cool Comfort
A natural remedy for your everyday                                   The Chillow is a unique personal
aches and pains. Filled with                                         cooling pad that does not use any
Australian natural wheat and                                         power and is allergy free. Activated
scented with lavender.                                               by simply adding approximately two
                                                                     (2) litres of tap water into the thin
                 RED - 30CM x 30CM                                                      52cm x 34cm x 2cm
                         $38.95                                                              $59.95

Shaped Neck Heat/Cold                                                 Compression Hot & Cold Packs
Pack                                                                 Lumark® Ankle Cold
For soothing, temporary relief
of neck pain and tension. Filled
                                                                     Compression Therapy
with Australian natural wheat and                                    Perfect for acute sprains and
scented with lavender.                                               trauma, this new ankle cold
                                                                     compression wrap is exclusive to
                                                                     Bad Backs here in Australia.
                NAVY - 17CM x 60CM
                                                                                     ONE SIZE FITS MOST
                         $39.95                                                              $69.95
 Hot & Cold Packs
                                                                     Lumark® Thigh Cold
Hotteeze Heat Pads                                                   Compression Therapy
                                                                     Muscle strain in the thigh is often
New Environmentally friendly
                                                                     described as a popping or snapping
Hotteze! Use Hotteeze to comfort
                                                                     sensation as the muscle tears, and
period pain, sports injuries and
                                                                     the pain is usually sudden and
muscle aches.

                         PACK OF 10                                                  ONE SIZE FITS MOST

                         $24.95                                                              $69.95

BodyCare Hot & Cold Gel                                              Lumark® Elbow Cold
Pack - Cervical                                                      Compression Therapy
Designed and shaped as a cervical
neck hot & cold pack, this super                                     With focused compression, the self
new BodyCare design fits the neck                                    inflating pump gives you optimum
perfectly for focused cold or hot                                    control of swelling, hematoma,
therapy.                                                             edema and related pain

                                                                                     ONE SIZE FITS MOST
                         $31.95                                                              $69.95
                                                           page 19
                                                                                                        (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Lumark® Knee Cold
Compression Therapy
                                                   Magnetic Therapy
Perfect for patellafemoral pain,                   Magnetic energy is one of the strongest, safest natu-
degenerative joint disease, post-
op knee surgery, torn ligaments,
                                                   ral forces in the universe. Millions of people around
inflammation of any type and                       the world, including a growing number of profes-
rehabilitation work                                sional athletes, now use magnetic therapy to assist in
                                                   achieving pain relief and a better quality of life.
                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST

                          $69.95                    Back & Joint Supports

Lumark® Lower Back Cold                            Magnoease Magnetic Dots
Compression Therapy                                These tiny, but powerful, 2,000+
So simple to use, this cold gel                    gauss Spot Magnets can be applied
compression wrap can be used                       anywhere, easily and discreetly,
at home, at sports events and by                   to provide focused attention for
medical & sports professionals                     aches and pains. Each pack contains
alike.                                             10 MAGNETS + 50 PLASTERS.
                                                   Replacement plasters are available.
                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST                                      $9.95
                                                   50 REPLACEMENT PLASTERS
                       $109.95                       MAGNETS & PLASTERS $29.95

Lumark® Wrist Cold                                 Dr Bakst Magnetic Ankle
Compression Therapy                                Support
Use it for degenerative joint                      To assist with relieving ankle pain,
disease, post-op wrist surgery                     all magnets are strategically and
and rehabilitation, or any type of                 anatomically placed to maximize
inflammatory disorder related to                   proper placement, polarity,
arthritis.                                         position, penetration and power.

                  ONE SIZE FITS MOST                                ONE SIZE FITS MOST
                          $57.95                                            $79.00

Lumark® Shoulder Cold                              Dr Bakst Magnetic Back
Compression Therapy                                Belt
Lightweight, portable, economical                  Improves circulation by specifically
and easy to use. Universal size suits              positioning magnets at certain
left or right shoulder.                            points. Provides deep penetration
                                                   of magnetic power.

                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST                           SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE

                          $79.95                                          $119.00

Lumark® Calf Cold                                  Dr Bakst Magnetic Knee
Compression Therapy                                Brace
Calf strain (muscle pull or tear) is a
                                                   Provides support whilst improving
common injury, particularly among
                                                   circulation due to the strength of
sports people. The Lumark Gel pack
                                                   33,000 gauss magnetic power.
keeps injury cool, and stays pliable
throughout treatment

                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST                                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST

                         $49.95                                           $109.00

                                                   Dr Bakst Magnetic SUPER
                                                   Back Belt
                                                   More than 8 times STRONGER than a
                                                   regular magnetic belt for maximum
                                                   pain relief. 280,000 gauss power.

                                                                SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE

                                         page 20
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Dr Bakst Magnetic Tennis/                       Massage Therapy
Golf Forearm Brace
Improves circulation in your arm/               Massage is the most fundamental of all healing tech-
elbow to speed up the recovery                  niques. It was indeed one of the most effective and
process whilst providing support.
                                                important forms of relaxation and sports medicine
                                                available to ancient civilizations, and still is today.

                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST

                        $69.00                   Electric Back & Body Massagers

Dr Bakst Magnetic Wrist                         Deep Tissue Massage
Support                                         Cushion
Improves circulation in your wrist              Two internal hands, made up of
to speed up the recovery process                six kneading fingers work together
whilst providing support.                       to give you a gentle relaxation or
                                                deep muscular work out at variable

                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST

                        $69.00                               BLACK     $149.00

Dr Bakst Magnetic                               Homedics Shiatsu                                    OU
                                                                                                          F   STO
Shoulder Support                                Massage Pillow with Heat                                         CK
For temporary relief of pain in the             We’ve taken the moving Shiatsu
upper back, neck and rotator cuff.              massage mechanism found in many
                                                of our best-selling massage cushions
                                                and put it into an ultra plush pillow.

                 ONE SIZE FITS MOST

                      $109.00                                            $99.95

                                                Homedics Neck & Shoulder
                                                Shiatsu Massager w/Heat
                                                The Homedics personal massager
                                                is ergonomically designed to target
                                                the areas of the shoulders and neck
                                                most prone to frequent aches and
                                                pains. 3 massage options: Shiatsu,
                                                vibration, or Shiatsu & vibration


                                                Homedics Shiatsu
                                                Massage Cushion w/Heat
                                                Perfect relief for sore, aching
                                                muscles, the Homedics massage
                                                cushion delivers targeted massage
                                                that helps reduce stress and
                                                increase blood flow.

                                                 Hand Held Massagers
                                                TOGU Massage - Nex
                                                Designed to help relieve tension
                                                in the throat and neck region. The
                                                round studs help stimulate the
                                                pressure points in the neck.

                                                   SMOOTH - SILVER       $39.95
                                      page 21
                                                                                  (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Foot Rubz - Accupressure                                         Foot Fantasy Remedial
Foot and Hand Massager                                           Massager
                                                                 Through the application of pressure
Based on traditional accupressure
                                                                 to your foot reflex points, tension is
techniques, the Foot Rubz is a
                                                                 relieved thereby promoting better
terrific massage ball that makes
                                                                 circulation and function to the
feet and hands feel great in

                         $19.95                                                           $32.95

Mini Bad Backs Massage                                           TOGU Massage Knobbed
Roller                                                           Balls
Use the Mini Massage Roller at the                               Increase sensitivity and stimulate
office, the gym or on the aeroplane.                             blood circulation.
The Mini Massage Roller can be used
to treat your body to a soothing,                                    2 x 6CM ORANGE       $19.95
relaxing massage, anywhere.                                          2 x 8CM YELLOW       $25.95
                                                                         2 x 9CM RED      $27.95
                           $8.95                                       2 x 10CM BLUE      $31.95
Theracane Trigger Point                                          Dr Cohen’s Accuball Kit
Self Massager                                                    The Acuball is great for releasing
Deep pain-relieving compression                                  tight muscles and joints in the
directly to hard, knotted trigger                                neck, low back, hips and legs. It’s
points anywhere they occur                                       patented design is heatable and can
- breaking up tension even in the                                be used directly behind your back
hardest-to-reach muscles between                                 to release spinal tension.
your shoulder blades! Includes a
comprehensive DVD.

                        $69.95                                                            $89.95

                                                                  Massage Chairs
The highly effective BakBalls are                                iJoy Massaging Ottoman
designed to reverse joint stiffness                              2.0
and correct slouched, hunched
forward posture that significantly                               Three-dimensional leg massage that
contributes to back pain.                                        feels like strong hands kneading
                                                                 along the length of your calves.

                               BLACK                                        BONE, BLACK OR CASHEW

                         $32.00                                                         $495.00

Bad Backs “Lucky Dice”                 ON
Massage Roller                                    L!
This patented design has been
tested and proven to be one of
the most convenient and effective
massage tools available today. Have
a roll of the dice and make yourself
a winner!
                  ASSORTED COLOURS

WAS   $24.95      NOW    $12.95

Bad Backs Massage Roller
Perfect massage tool for anyone
on the go - at home, in the office,
on the road, travelling and even in
the bath or spa. Its even great as a
relaxing aromatherapy massage tool
for pregnancy, and for mums.

                 ASSORTED COLOURS

                                                       page 22
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
iJoy 130 Human Touch                              Outdoor Relaxation
Massage Chair
The multi-patent Human Touch                      A unique range of outdoor seating, travel and sleep
Technology massage system so
closely replicates the therapeutic
                                                  care products for the whole family. Featuring unique
techniques used by back and spinal                products from Therm-a-Rest® in the USA, GCI
care professionals. Made from a                   Outdoors & LaFuma®
polysuede material.
                    $1695.00                       Back Seat & Supports

HT 125 Human Touch                                WondaWedge - Sit Back,
Massage Chair                                     Recline & Relax
Beneath this luxurious leather are
                                                  The inflatable WondaWedge
the hands of a trained massage
                                                  provides sturdy support allowing
professional – ready to provide
                                                  you to relax in style. It also deflates
you with a customized back, leg,
                                                  and packs away easily for maximum
and foot massage at the touch of a
                                                        BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE & PINK

                    $3995.95                                                $29.95
Human Touch Zero Gravity                          GCI Outdoor Stadium /                                        SPE
Massage Chair                                     Sports Event Seat                                                  L!
Human Touch™ 7450, the world’s                    Great for the beach, park or just
first massage chair that features the             about anywhere outdoors where you
latest advances in both back care                 want a comfortable chair to sit on !
technology and massage to virtually
defy the adverse effects of gravity.


                     $7495.00                     WAS $   49.95       NOW   $29.95

                                                  Therm-a-Rest® Self
                                                  Inflatable Camping Seat
                                                  It’s made of a premium-quality foam,
                                                  covered with plush water resistant
                                                  stretch fleece, and features a nonslip


                                                  Therm-a-Rest® Self
                                                  Inflating Lite Seat Cushion
                                                  Light as a feather, and easy to inflate
                                                  and deflate with its patented air
                                                  valve, this is the simplest, lightest
                                                  and most portable air filled outdoor
                                                  seat cushion we have seen.


                                                  Therm-a-Rest® Self
                                                  Inflating Lumbar Support
                                                  This ultracompact self-inflating pillow
                                                  relieves pressure on the spine and
                                                  offers additional support to load-
                                                  bearing back muscles.


                                        page 23
                                                                                     (Product/pricing may vary instore)
 Lafuma Zero Gravity® Recliners                    Lafuma Replacement
LaFuma Vogue Table                                 Each replacement cords pack
Collection                                         includes one pair of elastic cords to
A range of low stackable tables from               replace existing cords on our lafuma
the LaFuma Vogue outdoor furniture                 range. Cords are sized to replace
collection.                                        both XL and Regular lafuma chairs.

                        GREY, WHITE                             WHITE, GREEN & BLACK

                         $99.95                                             $35.00

LaFuma Futura Clippe ACB                           Lafuma Cup Holder
Recliner - w/ Wood Arms
Features a removable canvas                        Convenient cup holder can be
seating system suspended by                        attached to our Regular & XL
clipped elastic laces encased in an                Lafuma range.
injected molded elastomer.

        STD, BLACK, BIRCH & SEIGLE                                     DARK GREY ONLY

                       $399.00                                              $29.95
LaFuma Futura Clippe ACB                            Travel Pillows
Recliner - w/ Plastic Arms
Only available in a bright white                   Stripy Squidgy Travel Neck
colour with molded Bi-Relief arms,                 Pillow
this new zero gravity design is top of
                                                   Ideal for sporting, home and work
the range in style and comfort.
                                                   related activities. Non invasive and
                                                   stable support.
   STD, OCEAN BLUE     $399.00
                                                                     BLACK, PINK, LIME
         STD, WHITE    $399.00                                              $19.95
Lafuma Original Zero                               Mediform Travel Neck
Gravity® Recliner - XL                             Pillow
Completely adjustable from upright                 The Mediform pressure relieving
sitting to the perfect LaFuma zero                 travel neck pillow from Sweden, is
gravity® reclining position. Choose                a the perfect neck support for those
the XL if you are 6ft or taller.                   long trips by car, plane or train.

     XL BLACK MESH     $389.00
     XL GREEN MESH     $389.00                                              $59.00

Lafuma Original Zero
                                                   Therm-a-Rest® Self
Gravity® Recliner - REG
                                                   Inflating Travel Neck Pillow
Green Padded chair for indoors,
patio or covered outdoor area. Made                This ultra compact self-inflating
from strong PolyCotton canvas with                 pillow is horseshoe shaped, and
5cm high density foam padding.                     ideal for those long plane, train or
                                                   car trips.

   REG BLACK MESH      $319.00                                              $64.95
LaFuma Recliner Carry                              Butterfly Travel Pillow
Bag                                                Perfect for cars, trains, buses and
A simple and much asked for                        planes, the super soft satin finish is
addition to the LaFuma range, this                 ideal for adults and kids alike. The
new carry case is perfect for taking               Jobri Butterfly Pillow is uniquely
your zero gravity recliner wherever                designed to contour and support
you go !                                           your head, neck and shoulders while
                         DARK GREEN

                         $89.95                                             $60.00
                                         page 24
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Super Squidgy Travel Neck                         Pain Relief Creams
The unique design of this neck                    It’s time to say goodbye to all those ‘ouches’ and
pillow, also means that it can get                treat yourself and your family to the soothing feeling
wet, so it’s ideal as a bath or beach             of pain relieving gels and creams.
pillow when you get done with
travelling! Comes with handy strap.

                         $19.95                    Creams & Gels

                                                  Flexall 454 - Pain relief
                                                  Provides temporary, penetrating
                                                  relief for painful muscles and joints,
                                                  strains and sprains, bruises and

                                                             4OZ TUBE       $21.95
                                                         16OZ BOTTLE        $43.95

                                        page 25
                                                                                      (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Pregnancy                                                             Sleeping
Keeping mobile and fit can be one of the hardest                      We need sleep to survive. And we need good sleep to
challenges during pregnancy. Our range of supports                    thrive. However, most of us simply don’t get enough
makes life a little easier, during and after pregnancy.               of it for many different reasons. Bad Backs diverse
                                                                      range of therapeutic products is just what you need
                                                                      to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

 Pregnancy Supports                                                    Pillows

Maternity Belt - The Pre-                                             Bad Backs Neck Sleeping
Birth Cradle                                                          Pillow
Significantly alleviate the symptoms                                  Our pillows are made from premium
of your pregnancy back pain and                                       density memory foam, which means
provide a great support for the                                       they give you long term sleeping
abdomen, lower back and pelvis.                                       comfort and support.
                                                                                 STANDARD      $99.00
                ONE SIZE FITS MOST                                                     TALL   $119.00
                      $119.00                                                        QUEEN    $119.00
Jobri Maternity Belt                                                  BetterNeck Pillowcase
The Jobri Maternity Back Support
                                                                      The cotton pillowcase comes in
Belt will help with reducing the
                                                                      three sizes to suit our full range of
pressure on your back and make
                                                                      contoured neck pillows.
carrying that precious cargo much
more enjoyable.

   MEDIUM (HIP SIZE UNDER 106CM)                                       TALL/QUEEN COTTON        $26.00
WAS   $74.95      NOW   $59.95                                              STANDARD SATIN      $29.00

                                                                      BetterNeck® Heat
                                                                      Sensitive Traditional Pillow
                                                                      Absorbs and redistributes body
                                                                      weight, relieving the pressure that
                                                                      causes discomfort and tossing and

                                                                      GENTLE 13 x 46 x 61CM    $99.00

                                                                      Natural Buckwheat Pillow
                                                                      Following ancient customs from
                                                                      Japan, enjoy the sleep you deserve.
                                                                      Keep your neck in alignment,
                                                                      reduce back and neck pain,
                                                                      sleeplessness and muscular tension.

                                                                                   PILLOW       $79.95
                                                                         1KG REFILL PACK        $25.00

                                                                      Mediform Ultimate
                                                                      Sleeping Pillow
                                                                      The new Mediform ultimate
                                                                      pressure relieving pillow is truly a
                                                                      great design that is creating new
                                                                      thinking in sleep comfort, and has
                                                                      changed the way experts think
                                                                      about pillow shape, density and
                                                            page 26
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Mediform Contour                                 Therapeutica® Sleeping
Sleeping Pillows                                 Pillows
The viscoelastic memory material
                                                 This brand new pillow allows you
moulds and custom contours to your
                                                 to sleep on your back and/or side
head and neck shape, supporting
                                                 in the correct spinal alignment
your shoulders and head.
               SMALL   $139.00                                PETITE   $179.00
             MEDIUM    $149.00                             AVERAGE     $189.00
               LARGE   $159.00                                LARGE    $199.00

Core Water Pillow                                Contour CPAP Sleep Aid
A terrific new water sleeping                    Pillow
pillow from US market leader Core                Accommodates any CPAP mask.
International, and exclusive to us               Manages the rubbing while taking
here at Bad Backs in Australia.                  the weight of the tubing off the

                                                        CPAP PILLOW     $189.00
                        $99.95                        ACCESSORY KIT      $89.00

Bad Backs Body Pillow &                          Chiropedic All Natural                               BRA
Pillowcase                                       LATEX Contour Pillow                                            NEW
Bad Backs Body Pillow is a                       With its contour shape to cradle
cylindrical-shaped body pillow that              your head and neck, you will find
is designed to provide total body                the pillow really supportive for your
support and assist proper alignment              stiff and sore neck.
of your spine. Size: 50cm x 150cm

     PILLOW & CASE $109.00                                   60CM X 40CM X 12/14CM

    ADDITIONAL CASE $39.00                                                $99.00

Sleepeze Feather Pillow                          Chiropedic All Natural                               BRA
Gently supports the neck and
                                                 LATEX Traditional Pillow                                              !
cradles the head. Generously                     Shaped like a traditional sleeping
filled with sanitised feather in                 pillow. Designed for all sleeping
two chambers, allowing you to                    positions. The Chiropedic comes in
customise it to your personal needs.             two options, crushed latex (gentle)
                                                 or firm latex.

       FITS STANDARD PILLOW CASE                        TRADITIONAL       $99.00
                        $79.00                                GENTLE      $79.00

BetterNeck® Memory
                                                  Bed Rests & Leg Support Wedges
Neck Roll                                        Reflux & Back Pain Bed
The pressure relieving material                  Wedge
custom contours to your body and                 Helps relieve the symptoms of Acid
really remembers your shape for a                Reflux or Gastroesophogeal Reflux
truly ergonomic feeling.                         Disease (GERD) and heartburn.

    10CM DIAMETER       $55.00                             7” WEDGE     $109.00
    15CM DIAMETER       $84.00                            10” WEDGE     $119.00

Round-A-Bout Neck &                              Comfy Bed Lounger
Positioning Roll                                 This bed rest pillow can be a great
Super soft cervical roll supports                way to combat back pain and stress.
the head and neck while travelling               It offers hours of therapeutic,
or sleeping. It can also be used                 lounging comfort and firm support
between the knees as a knee spacer               for your spine & elbows.
to reduce pressure and lower back

                        $45.00                                            $99.95
                                       page 27
                                                                                  (Product/pricing may vary instore)
Bad Backs® “Wing”
                                                 The BedLounge® Classic
Support Pillow
                                                 The BedLounge uses different
Brand new and a family favourite,
                                                 densities and combinations of foam
this simple yet supportive pillow
                                                 and fiber for each of these specific
cushion is shaped like a wing...
                                                 areas of your upper body. In this
some call it a banana or boomerang
                                                 way your body’s weight is evenly
                                                 distributed, producing a near-
                34CM x 38CM x 69CM               weightless lounging experience for
                                                 the user.
                        $36.95                                          $249.00
Spine Reliever Regular Leg                        Insomnia Relief
Relieves pressure on the lower back
                                                 Natural Sleep Sense
by placing your body in a slightly               Homoeopathic preparation designed
“flexed” position. Excellent for                 to effectively improve and promote
relaxing the muscles and joints.                 a more natural, restful, quality

                50.05 X 63.5 X 15CM
                                                                         30ML BOTTLE
                      $109.00                                             $19.50
Spine Reliever Back Pain                          Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses
Memory Bed Wedge                                 Mediform Memory Foam
Ideal for helping take the load off              Mattress 20cm
the lower back, reducing back pain               With a 9cm layer of high density
and discomfort and maintaining the               memory foam (5.5lb) ontop of an
body’s natural position. Extra com-              11cm premium foam support layer,
fort due to Viscoelastic material.               the mediform is far superior!

                     60 X 46 X 51 CM                            SG, SGXL, DB, QN, KG

                      $199.00                                FROM   $1,195.00

Spine Reliever Memory Leg                        Bad Backs Duo Dreamer
Wedge                                            Latex & Memory Mattress
Provides the ultimate in comfort,                The Duo Dreamer is one of our most
support and relaxation for the                   popular designs featuring a unique
muscles and joints in the lumbar                 combination of a 15cm natural latex
region of the back.                              core with a 30mm super conforming
                                                 visco-elastic memory foam top.
                                                            SG, SGL, SGK, DB, QN, KG
SML - 51x38x19 CM     $119.00                      MATTRESS FROM     $1,495.00
MED - 51x53x22 CM     $149.00                      ENSEMBLE FROM     $1,795.00
Inflatable & Portable Reflux                     Bad Backs Serene
Bed Wedge                                        Mattress
Ideal for those stuck in bed                     Exclusive to Bad Backs, and
recovering from surgery or                       manufactured in Australia, the
accidents, as it elevates the body               Serene mattress is a unique
to help with watching TV or reading              combination of latex and memory
a book.                                          foam layers.
                                                            SG, SGL, SGK, DB, QN, KG
 INFLATED 61CM X 61CM X 15-2.5CM
                                                   MATTRESS FROM $1,995.00
                      $169.00                      ENSEMBLE FROM $2,295.00

                                                 BetterRest Memory Foam                 ON
Spine Reliever Leg Spacer                                                                    SPE
Gently placing this between your                 Mattress                                          L!

knees, increases comfort and                     Unique to Bad Backs, the BetterRest
reduces the strain and stress on the             brand is a flagship of comfort and
back while sleeping by aligning the              value, backed by a 20 yr pro-rated
spine, thus reducing the “torque”                warranty. With a memory foam
applied to the lower back.                       density of 84kg/m (5.25 lb)

                                                                SG, SGL, SGK, DB, KG
                        $55.00                                  FROM    $595.00
                                       page 28
(Product/pricing may vary instore)
Bad Backs Classic Natural                                         BetterRest Memory Foam                                ON
Latex Mattress                                                                                                                     CIA
                                                                  Mattress Topper                                                       L!
Our Classic all natural latex                                     The unique temperature sensitive
mattress is made with 100% natural                                memory material conforms to your
PureWhite latex. Manufactured in                                  body shape. Helps redistribute
Australia with HealthGuard™                                       weight away from your pressure
                                                                  points (shoulders, hips), to reduce
          SG, SGL, SGK, DB, QN, KG
                                                                  nightime tossing and turning
  MATTRESS FROM $1,495.00                                                                  SINGLE KING
  ENSEMBLE FROM $1,795.00                                           WAS   $329       NOW   $295.00

Bad Backs Classic Memory                                          Bad Backs Memory Foam
Foam Mattress                                                     Topper Overlay
Combining the unique comfort                                      Perfect for camping or overnight
qualities of memory foam with                                     guests, where the overlay can
your need for good back care and                                  be used on a flat surface for a
support. Manufactured in Australia                                comfortable nights sleep. Our
with HealthGuard™                                                 topper is a full 8cm (3”) thick visco
           SG, SGL, SGK, DB, QN, KG                               elastic memory foam.

   MATTRESS FROM $1,695.00                                                             SG, DB, QN, KG

   ENSEMBLE FROM $1,995.00                                                     FROM      $329.00

Bad Backs Duo Breeze                                               Electric Adjustable Beds
Latex & Memory Mattress                                           BetterRest Verdure Electric                           ON
The Duo Breeze is identical to our                                                                                                CIA
Duo Dreamer, except the memory                                    Adjustable Bed Base                                                L!

foam top layer is a little firmer in                              Featuring wall-hugging adjustable
density, so has a slightly firmer feel.                           bed technology, the Verdure Adjust-
Manufactured in Australia                                         able bed is a superiour sleeping
           SG, SGL, SGK, DB, QN, KG                               experience. 30 year warranty!

   MATTRESS FROM $1,495.00                                                     LONG SG, QN, SPLIT KG

   ENSEMBLE FROM $1,795.00                                                     FROM   $1,795.00

 Mattress Toppers                                                 ErgoMotion™ 400 Series                                BRA
                                                                  Electric Adjustable Base
BetterRest® 100% Natural
                                                                  At the touch of a button, this new
Latex Gold Topper Overlay                                         motorised “whisper quiet” electric
Our latex mattress toppers or                                     bed base moves to countless
overlays are ideal for helping                                    positions to enhance support and
relieve pressure points.                                          comfort.

                                                                       KGSG, LGSG, DB, QN, SPLIT KG
             SG, KGSG, DBL, QN, KG

               FROM    $285.00                                                FROM    $3295.00

Dick Wicks Cotton/
Lambswool Underlay
Our premium lambswool magnetic
underlays are fully reversible. Made
with luxurious, premium quality
Australian wool.

              SG, KGSG, DB, QN, KG

                FROM   $219.95
Dunlopillo Cool Comfort                   BRA
(Coolmax®) Cooling
Solving the problem of overheating
through the night is simply resolved
with the ‘latest’ in cool technology.

       TOPPER FROM     $119.95
      PILLOW COVER       44.95
                                                        page 29
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                                                                               As the sole importers into Australia for a large number of our
We may occasionally be out of stock of the product you ordered. If             products, we welcome enquiries from wholesale customers.
this happens we’ll contact you without delay. Please ensure that you
include your email address and daytime phone number.                           Please forward all enquiries to Jonathan Hulme (Director)

If we’re unable to fulfil the order, we’ll discuss an alternate product        Email :
or happily offer a refund.                                                     Phone : +61 02 8399 1521 (Sydney Shop)

 Returns Policy                                                                 Locations & Contact Details
When you shop at Bad Backs we endeavour to provide products that
will meet your needs. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the               MELBOURNE HEAD OFFICE - Melways Ref: 1C B10
products (within 30 days from receipt of goods), and wish to return             486 City Rd                                     Melbourne Open Hours
an item (i.e. you’ve changed your mind or the product is faulty or              South Melbourne VIC 3205                        Monday - Friday
                                                                                Phone: +61 3 9699 8851                          9am - 5:30pm
damaged during delivery), we will happily provide an exchange or                Fax: +61 3 9699 3880                            Saturday
refund on the product, so long as the product is returned in as-new                                                             10am - 5pm
condition including all packaging & literature.
                                                                                SYDNEY STORE - Sydways Ref: 75 G17, UBD Ref: 19 C10
                                                                                488a Botany Rd                                  Sydney Open Hours
Note: Please carefully consider sizing (where appropriate) before               Alexandria NSW 2015                             Monday - Friday
making your purchase and follow the guides provided. Due to ‘health             Phone: +61 2 8399 1521                          9am - 5:30pm
reasons’ some products cannot be returned and these items are                   Fax: +61 2 8399 1529                            Saturday
                                                                                                                                10am - 4pm
detailed on the Returns Policy section of the website.
                                                                                PERTH STORE - UBD Ref: 206 P9
Please visit for more                 1/174 Stirling Highway                          Perth Open Hours
information.                                                                    Nedlands WA 6009                                Monday - Friday
                                                                                Phone: +61 8 9386 7788                          9am - 5:30pm
                                                                                Fax: +61 8 9467 0551                            Saturday
 Delivery                                                                                                                       9am - 5:00pm

Freight is calculated on the total weight of the products ordered
to the country destination nominated, whether Nationally or
Internationally. Depending on the size of your order, this is either a
metric weight or a cubic weight.
                                                                          page 30
                                                                                                                                               + 61 3 9699 3880
 Fax Order Form
BAD BACKS HEAD OFFICE (+61 3 9699 3880) or call 1800 615 666


                                                                                                                                   or fax this form to
First Name:                                Surname:
Company Name:
Phone:                                     Fax:
Suburb:                                    Post Code:
State:                                     Country:
DELIVERY ADDRESS         (Only complete if different from billing address)
First Name:                                Surname:
Company Name:
Address:                                                                            to order phone
                                           Post Code:
                                           Country:                                 1800 615 666
 My Order         (All prices are GST inclusive)

                   PRODUCT NAME                                 SIZE/COLOUR               QTY        UNIT PRICE $              TOTAL $

Due to varying weights and dimensions of our product range, postage + handling costs will be              SUB TOTAL $
determined once your order is received. We will then contact you with the appropriate freight
costs, or alternatively you may call FreeCall 1800 615 666 to speak to one of our customer service          FREIGHT $                -
members to determine your postage + handling costs over the phone. Average postage costs can
range from $8.80 - $95. Product prices are subject to change at any time.
                                                                                                               TOTAL $

 Delivery Instructions                (If applicable)           Payment Method
                                                               Credit Card                       Cheque                     Money Order
                                                               Send Cheques & Money orders to P Box 430 Port Melbourne VIC 3207 (with this form)
                                                               VISA       MASTERCARD          AMEX          Name
                                                               Credit Card Number                                    Expiry Date

                                                                                                                         CVC Number


            visit for full product details, online shopping & relevant medical information
                                                   Sales Hotline 1800 615 666
                Healthezone Pty Ltd trading as Bad Backs ABN 84 110 529 470 P.O Box 430 Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Australia
                                Phone +61 3 9699 8851 Fax +61 3 9699 3880 Email

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