1. Facility/Permit Number: 34-AA-0033

2. Name and Street Address of Facility:                          3. Name and Mailing Address of Operator:                          4. Name and Mailing Address of Owner:
   Elder Creek Recovery and Transfer Station                       CWR Industries, Inc                                               CWR Industries, Inc
   8642 Elder Creek Road                                           Jack Fiori, General Manager                                       Jack Fiori, General Manager
   Sacramento, California 95828                                    P.O. Box 2696                                                     P.O. Box 2696
                                                                   Lodi, California 95241                                            Lodi, California 95241

5. Specifications: TRANSFER STATION
                                                                                                                                   _____           Transformation Facility
a. Permitted Operations:                                         ____           Composting Facility
                                                                                (mixed waste)
                                                                 ____           Composting Facility
                                                                                (yard waste)
                                                                 ____           Landfill Disposal Site
                                                                 __X__          Transfer/Processing Facility

b. Permitted Hours of Operation: Transfer Station: 8:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Sat, 8:00am to 4:00pm Sun. MRF: 7:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri, 8:00am to 5:00pm Sat and Sun. Public Drop
  Off: 8:00am to 5:oopm Mon to Sat. Gates open 6:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri, 8:00am to 5:00pm Sat and Sun. Waste processing: 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

c. Permitted Tons Per Operating Day:                                                                                  Total:            2000.(maximum)             Tons/Day

  Non-Hazardous - General                                                                                                               ..included…….              Tons/Day
  Non-Hazardous - Sludge                                                                                                                 .....N/A...……..           Tons/Day
  Non-Hazardous - Separated or commingled
  recyclables                                                                                                                           ..Included.. .…            Tons/Day
  Non-Hazardous                                                                                                                         ...............….…         Tons/Day
  Designated                                                                                                                            ...............….…         Tons/Day
  Hazardous (See Section 14 of Permit)                                                                                                  .……...………..                Tons/Day

d. Permitted Traffic Volume:                                                                                          Total:            .....1007….…...            Vehicles/Day

  Incoming waste materials                                                                                                              ..Included........         Vehicles/Day
  Outgoing waste materials (for disposal)                                                                                               ..Included........         Vehicles/Day
  Outgoing materials from material recovery                                                                                             ..Included........         Vehicles/Day

e. Key Design Parameters (Detailed parameters are shown on site plans bearing LEA and CIWMB validations):

                                                                        Total                  Disposal            Transfer/Processing Facility               Composting            Transformation

Permitted Area (in acres)                                        19.6              a     N/A              a    19.6                       a                  N/A           a      N/A                 a

Design Capacity                                                                                           cy   2000                       tpd                N/A         tpd      N/A                tpd

Max. Elevation (Ft. MSL)                                                                                  ft

Max. Depth (Ft. BGS)                                                                                      ft

Estimated Closure Date

Upon a significant change in design or operation from that described herein, this permit is subject to revocation or suspension. The attached permit findings and conditions are integral parts
of this permit and supersede the conditions of any previously issued solid waste facility permits.

6. Approval:                                                                                                   7. Enforcement Agency Name and Address:
                                                                                                                  Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
    ___________________________________________________                                                           Environmental Health Division
    Approving Officer Signature                                                                                   8475 Jackson Road - Suite 240
    James Cermak, REHS, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist                                               Sacramento, CA 95826

8. Received by CIWMB:                                                                                          9. CIWMB Concurrence Date:

10. Permit Review Due Date:                                                                                    11. Permit Issue Date:
                                                                                                      Facility/Permit Number:
                                                                                                      Elder Creek Recovery and Transfer Station
12. All the real property located in the County of Sacramento, State of California, being in the portion of projected Section 24 and 25 Township 10 North, Range 7 East, Mount Diablo Meridian.

13. Findings:

    a.      This permit is consistent with the County Integrated Waste Management Plan - Public Resources Code, Section 50001.

    b.      This permit is consistent with standards adopted by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB). Public Resources Code, Section 44010.

    c.      The design and operation of the facility is in compliance with the State Minimum Standards for Solid Waste Handling and Disposal as determined by the LEA.

    d.      An environmental determination ( Notice of Determination SCH# 98012047 ) is filed with the State Clearinghouse for this facility pursuant to Public Resources Code, Section 21081.6
            October 20, 1998.

    e.      A County-wide Integrated Waste Management Plan has been approved by the California Integrated Waste Management Board May 27, 1998 in accordance with PRC 50001.

    f.      The City of Sacramento has made a determination through approval of Special Use Permit 98-530 adopted October 20, 1998, that the facility is consistent with, and designated in, the
            applicable general plan. Public Resources Code, Section 50000.5(a).

    g.      The City of Sacramento,through approval of Special Use Permit 98-530 adopted October 20, 1998, has made a written finding that surrounding land use is compatible with the
            facility operation. Public Resources Code, Section 50000.5(b).

    h.      The City of Sacramento, by approving Special Use Permit 98-530 adopted October 20, 1998, has adopted a mitigation monitoring plan pursuant to Public Resources Code 21081.6
            (RSI Appendix 3).

14. Prohibitions:

    The permittee is prohibited from accepting any liquid sludge, non-hazardous waste requiring special handling, designated waste, or hazardous waste unless such waste is specifically listed
    below, and unless the acceptance of such waste is authorized by all applicable permits.

    The permittee is additionally prohibited from the following items: 1) Open burning; 2) Public Scavenging; 3) Sewage Sludge; 4) Medical Waste; and 5) Disposal of Wastes other than those
    described in Section 5 (c).

15. The following documents also describe and/or restrict the operation of this facility (insert document date in spaces):

                                                                            Date:                                                                                             Date:

    __X_ Report of Facility Information                                     1/99                      ____ Contract Agreements                                                 N/A

    __ X_ Land Use Permits and Conditional Use Permits                      10/20/98                  ____ Waste Discharge Requirements                                                     N/A

    __X_ Air Pollution Permits and Variances                                12/30/98                  __X__ Local & County Ordinances **                                       **

    __X_ EIR or Negative Declaration                                        7/98                      ____ Final Closure & Postclosure Maintenance Plans                       N/A

    ____ Lease Agreements - owner and operator                                                        ____ Amendment to RFI                                                    N/A

    ____ Preliminary Closure/Post Closure Plan                              N/A                       ____ Other (list):

    ____ Closure Financial Responsibility Document                          N/A

                                      **Waste diversion: Sacramento Regional County Solid
                                        Waste Authority Board Resolution 96-01
                                                                                                                                         Facility/Permit Number:
                                                                                                                                         Elder Creek Recovery and Transfer Station
     16.   Self Monitoring:
           a. Results of all self-monitoring programs as described in the Report of Facility Information, will be reported as follows:

                             Program                                                        Reporting Frequency                                             Agency Reported To

1.    Daily Weight/Volume Records showing the amount of                                           Monthly *                                                         LEA
      refuse received in tons per day

2.    Log and report all written complaints regarding the                                         Monthly *                                                         LEA
      facility and the operator’s actions taken in response to
      the complaint. Notify the LEA within one day of the
      action taken.

3.    Log and report all uncheduled shutowns                                                      Monthly *                                                         LEA

4 . The daily and monthly total of the number of                                                 Quarterly **                                                       LEA
    commercial, industrial and private vehicles utilizing the

5.    Logs and reports of special occurrences, i.e. accidents,                                    Monthly *                                                         LEA
      injuries, fires, explosions, hazardous waste incidents,
      public nuisance incidents, etc., and the operator's action
      in response to the event.

6.    Logs and reports of all employee and customer injuries                                     Quarterly **                                                       LEA

7.    Application for revision of Solid Waste Facility Permit                        120 days prior to making changes                                               LEA

8.    An employee training log with dates of training, and                                      Quarterly **                                                        LEA
      course descriptions. This shall be maintained and kept

9.    Report the results of the daily random waste load                                          Quarterly **                                                       LEA
      checking program.

10 Log and report the types of and quantities of prohibited                                      Quarterly **                                                       LEA
   waste and the disposition of these materials.

11. Log the average daily quantity of recycled material                                          Quarterly **                                                       LEA
    stored on site. The amounts shipped off site must be
    calculated and reported monthly.

12. Calculate the percentage of waste diverted from                                              Quarterly **                                                       LEA
    disposal into the landfills and recovered for recycling.

13. Monthly calculate the quantity of waste transferred to the                                   Quarterly**                                                        LEA
    landfill for disposal each day.

                                                                         * Records to be maintained on site for review during LEA

                                                                         ** Records are to be submitted to the LEA in the form of a
                                                                       quarterly report due by the 15th of the month following the end
                                                                                           of the reporting period.
                                                                                                   Facility/Permit Number:
                                                                                                   Elder Creek Recovery and Transfer Station

17. LEA Conditions:

1.   The operator shall comply with all federal, state, and local requirements and enactment’s including any mitigation measures given in any certified environmental document filed pursuant to
     the Public Resources Code, Section 21081.6.

2.   This facility shall comply with all provisions mandated under the State Minimum Standards for Solid Waste Handling and Disposal.

3.   The operator shall maintain a copy of this permit at the facility, so it will be available at all times to facility personnel and to Enforcement Agency personnel and/or other duly authorized
     regulatory agency.

4.   Any material stored outside of the waste bins shall be handled in a manner that will prevent the harborage of vectors.

5.   Any change that would cause the design or operation of this facility not to conform to the terms and conditions of the permit is prohibited. Any significant change that may be proposed for
     this facility shall require the submission of an amended Report of Facility Information and application for a revised solid waste facility permit to the LEA at least 150 days prior to the
     anticipated date for implementation of the change. Changes in site operation or design that require amendments to the RFI without revision of the permit shall be submitted to the LEA in
     accordance with 27CCR 21665.

6.   The operator shall comply with all of the requirements of all applicable laws pertaining to employee’s health and safety. The operator shall ensure that comprehensive site safety
     evaluations are conducted at this facility and shall maintain a written employee injury and illness prevention plan (IIPP) on site that meets all provisions of the California Code of
     Regulations, Title 8, Section 3203. This document must be available to all personnel, LEA and other regulatory agencies.

7.   Records of employee training for health and safety, operation and maintenance of the site shall be maintained on the site and be available for inspection by the LEA and/or other duly
     authorized regulatory agency.

8.   Any change in the owner/operator of the facility would require that the LEA be notified at least 45 days prior to the change.

9.   The operator shall have a an established cleaning schedule for areas of the facility that do not have a cleaning frequently specified in the Report of Station Information.

10. The operator will maintain a log of special/unusual occurrences. The operator shall maintain this at the station and make it available for employees and/or Enforcement Agency personnel.

11. Any complaints about the facility received by its operator shall be forwarded to the LEA within one working day.

12. This permit is subject to review by the LEA and may be suspended and/or revoked at any time for sufficient cause after a hearing by the Local Enforcement Agency s Hearing Panel.

13. The LEA reserves the right to suspend waste receiving operations when it is deemed necessary due to an emergency, a potential health hazard, or the creation of a public nuisance.

14. The LEA reserves the right to request and receive form the owner/operator any information that it deems necessary to conduct an inspection or to review and / or write a Solid Waste
    Facility Permit.

15. The Facility is permitted to receive nonhazardous municipal solid waste. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, and self-haul waste, as well as source -separated materials from
    curbside collection programs, commercial recycling programs, separate yard waste collection or other programs. No designated, special, medical, or hazardous materials shall be
    accepted. A Hazardous Waste Load Checking Program shall be implemented to enforce this policy.

16. All Green waste activities and related activities shall be conducted in a manner that precludes the attraction, breeding and/or harborage of vectors.

17. All green waste shall be processed or chipped within 48 hours of its receipt at the facility. It for any reason the incoming green waste cannot be processed or chipped within the stated 48
    hours, then all incoming green waste shall be diverted for disposal to a permitted disposal site until such time that all green waste can be processed and chipped within the required time

18. All new construction shall be inspected and approved by the LEA prior to commencement of operations.


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