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									                                               Benton County
                                       Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Benton County Public Works                                                                       Benton County Public Works
Steve Becken,, Public Works Manater                                                  P.O. Box 1001 – Prosser, WA 99350-0954
Donna Holmes, Solid Waste Specialist                                   Phone (509) 736-3084 Ext. 5682 - Fax (509) 786-3438

                                          Solid Waste Advisory Committee
                                               December 9, 2009, 6:00 p.m.
                                          WSU Extension - Benton County Annex
                                           5600 W. Canal Dr., A104, Kennewick

          Call to order 6:00 p.m.

          Roll Call:

                    SWAC Members:
                    Benton County:                     Jim Beaver
                    City of Benton City:               Lloyd Carnahan, Chair
                    City of Kennewick:                 Robert Olson
                    City of Prosser:                   Jason Rainer
                    City of Richland:                  Pete Rogalsky
                    City of West Richland:             Ken Dobbin
                    Basin Disposal:                    Darrick Dietrich
                    Clayton-Ward:                      Patrick Puntney
                    Sanitary Disposal:                 Mike Jewett
                    Waste Management:                  Jeff Wheatley
                    Public Citizen:                    Khris Olsen, Vice Chair

          Action Items:

          Khris Olson to become Chair for 2010.
          Nominations for Vice Chairman (Chairman) for 2010

          SWAC tentative meeting schedule for 2010 – 3/10, 6/9, 9/8, 12/8, (Chairman)
                    Meeting times are quarterly, or as called by the Chairman or Vice Chairman
                    2nd Wednesday of month,
                    At WSU Extension Office
          Governance Technical Advisory Committee (GTAC) as needed, called by the Solid Waste

          Benton County SWAC Meeting
          Dec. 9, 2009                                    1
Citizens Public Comment:

New Business:

1.    Christmas Tree Recycling Program (Donna)

2.    Status of 2010-2011 CPG Grant Application. (Donna)

3.    Spring 2010 Cleanup Days. (Donna)

      Interlocal agreements for use of chipper; calendar for use in 2010.
      April 2-3: City of Benton City

4.    Organics Study Grant- Status. (Donna)

      Presentation by Ken Fellows, Parametrix Engineering.



Benton County SWAC Meeting
Dec. 9, 2009                                2

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