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					                                   Public Notice
Recently the Village has learned that Bear Creek Capital has obtained an option to
purchase residential land along I-75; the fields commonly known as Landmark Baptist
Church. While this potential developer has yet to contact the Village of Glendale, we
have recently observed what the developer possibly wishes to do on this property via
their website.

The Village realizes that there will likely be a request to change the current zoning from
residential (with cemetery overlay) to retail or possibly commercial. The matter is being
discussed in joint meetings of the Glendale Planning Commission and Glendale Council
as we look at all options; all meetings are open to the public.     The Village, utilizing its
many resources, will evaluate all information while keeping the matter very open and
public prior to making any decision. The Planning Commission (5:30pm) and Council
(7:00pm) meet on the first Monday of each month; 80 E. Sharon Avenue.