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					   ProCard Audit Observations
 Keep in mind that only 6 logs were reviewed
   Two transaction logs did not contain evidence
    of departmental approval
   None of the transaction logs were reconciled
    within seven days of bank statement receipt
   Five of the logs did not have initials and date
    indicated by the reconciler
   One log did not have all supporting receipts
   One log did not have the date goods were
    received recorded for all transactions
ProCard Audit Observations
 None if the logs listed transactions in date
  order, which may indicate the log was
  prepared from the statement instead of as
  purchases were made
 Three original logs were not submitted to
  Financial Services as required.
 One cardholder application was signed and
  approved by the cardholder who was also a
  department head.
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Purchasing Card System

  New Cardholder Training
   What is a Purchasing Card

 Business-to-Business MasterCard
  Credit Card Which Allows Employees to
  Purchase Goods Under Delegated Limit
  Directly From Suppliers
 Does not require a credit check
   Goals of the Program

 Cost Reduction - Time and Money
 Shortened Buying Cycle
 Employee Empowerment
   ProCard Benefits

 Tool for Efficient Purchasing
 Quicker Payment for Vendors
 Provides Transaction Detail
  Purchasing Guidelines

Why are there rules for the ProCard?
To assure compliance with:
   State of Texas Purchasing Laws
   TAMU System Policy
   A&M-Commerce Rules
     Delegated Purchasing
 Departmental Delegated Authority for
  Procurement purchases:
  - Purchase equal to or less than $2,999.99
  - Spot Purchases:
     - State law mandates that large purchases may not be
       broken down into small purchases to meet delegated limits.
       To do so would be a violation of state laws and TAMU-
       Commerce purchasing rules.
     - State, System, and University Purchasing Rules restricts
       purchasing of some items with certain types of funds.
ProCard Purchasing Key Points
 Identify Type Of Item Being Purchased
 Determine If Purchase Is Allowed With ProCard
      Is it a Computer Hardware Type Item?
      Is it Furniture?
      Is it Software?
      Is it Food? (Only with 5 W’s attached)
 QIS (Qualified Information Systems) Purchases
  Only from a QISV (Qualified Information System
 If Utilizing State Funds, State Contract Must be
  Checked First

                       There is more……
ProCard Key Points Cont:
 Determine If Acceptable Within Delegated Limit

 Identify Vendor and Place Order According to guide lines

 Check Vendor’s Tax Status with the State of Texas - - If vendor
   on hold purchase is prohibited

 If All Else Fails, See Purchasing Guide or

   call the Purchasing Department
               HUB Initiative
The Purchase Department Encourages Departments To:
  Identify HUB Vendors
    51% owner of company and involved in daily operations.
     Includes Women Owned, African American, Hispanic, Asian
     and American Indian owned businesses.
 Purchase from HUB Vendors
By Utilizing HUB Vendors, You Are:
 Assisting TAMU-Commerce in Meeting Goals
 Helping Texans Do Business with the University
For More Information……
 TAMU-Commerce’s HUB Coordinator – Travis Ball
     “Conventional” Purchasing
 Employee Identifies a Need to Purchase Goods
 Gathers Data
 Verifies Items, Location & Vendor Information
  (Encouraged to Use HUB Vendor)

 Checks Tax Status
 Employee Generates a Purchase Request
 Manager Reviews and Approves Purchase
 Goods Shipped, Received and Invoiced
           ProCard Purchasing
1. Verify Items, Location & Vendor Information (Encouraged to
   Use HUB Vendor)
2. Check Tax Status
3. Make an Authorized Purchase Following Purchasing Guidelines
   and Using your ProCard for Payment . Goods Are Shipped
   and Received.
4. Maintain the ProCard Transaction Log By Recording Each
   Transaction and Attaching Receipts and Other Supporting
5. Reconcile the Monthly Statement with Receipts for Accuracy
   and Sign Log
6. Manager Reviews Purchases
    How Do I Use It?

 Same As a Regular Credit Card
 In Accordance with Established
 For Appropriate Purchases Only
 Reconcile Statement Monthly
Example Purchases
 Office Supplies
 Subscriptions
 Books
 Conference Registrations
       Restricted Purchases
Must be Allowable on Paying Account
   Auto Parts
   Food/Entertainment
      5 IRS W’s Required
      Who, What, Where, When and Why

   No Alcohol
   Prescription Drugs/Controlled Substances
Purchases NOT Authorized

      Items for
  Personal Use

Purchases NOT Authorized
 Capital/Controlled Equipment
 Printing/Copying
 Fuel for State Owned Vehicles
 Social Club Dues
 Travel (Transportation) and Related Expenses
 Cash Advances, Instruments, or Refunds
 Controlled /Hazardous/Radioactive Materials
 Alcohol
 Services that are 1099 reportable
      What is a 1099 Vendor?
 1099 Vendor Requires Tax Reporting to the IRS
 1099 Vendors include:
   Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships
 Examples of Services Subject to 1099 reporting:
   Professional Fees, Commissions or Other Forms of
    Compensation for Services Rendered by an Individual
    who is NOT an employee
   Dwelling Rent, Royalties, Interest
        Disputed Items
Disputed Items
   Contact Vendor First to See if Issue Can
    be Resolved
   If the Issue Cannot Be Resolved, Give
    Your Dispute to the Program Coordinator
    and the Coordinator Will Contact JP
    Morgan Chase for Further Assistance
   Note: Failure to Take Immediate and
    Appropriate Action Could Result in a
    Loss for A&M-Commerce and Your
    Charging Privileges Could be Revoked
Purchase Card Disputed Item Form
                                                                PURCHASING CARD
                                                                      DISPUTED ITEM

               RETURN ADDRESS:                                                      CARDHOLDER NAME:
                                                                                    ACCOUNT NUMBER:
                                                                                    MERCHANT NAME:
                                                                                    TRANSACTION AMOUNT:
                                                                                    TRANSACTION DATE:
                                                                                    REFERENCE NUMBER:

               To assist our investigation, please indicate below the reason for your dispute. If you have any questions,
               call our Dispute Representatives at 1-800-305-7735.

 Form must           I did not make nor authorize the above transaction. (Please indicate the whereabouts of your charge card.)

                     A merchant authorized a purchase that was outside of my company's authorization parameters. The merchant

be submitted         did not access BofA's Total Systems authorization system which places them in a potential chargeback position.
                     Please chargeback the indicated transaction amount.

                     There is a difference in the amount I authorized and the amount I was billed.
                                           (A copy of your charge must be enclosed.)

     to              I only transacted one charge and I was previously billed for this sales draft.
                                          Date of the previous charge

  Program            The above transaction is mine but I am disputing the transaction. (Please state your reasons why in detail.)

                     Please send me a copy of the sales draft. (Your account will be charged $3 for each copy supplied.)

                     I have received a credit voucher for the above transaction, but is has not yet appeared on my account.

Coordinator          (A copy of the credit voucher must be enclosed.)

                     My account has been charged for the above transaction, but I have not received this merchandise. The details
                     of my attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant and the merchant's response are indicated
                     below or attached:

                     My account has been charged for the above transaction, but the merchandise has since been returned.
                     (Please enclose a copy of your postal/return receipt.)

               Signature:                                                                    Date:

               Send completed form to:    Bank of America
                                          Purchasing Card Disputes, Unit #5667
                                          1825 E. Buckeye Rd.
                                          Phoenix, Arizona 85034

               or the completed form may be faxed to: (602) 597-5654
        Things to Remember
 Read and Understand Your Users Guide
 Understand Purchasing Rules, Regulations, and
 Make Sure That No Sales Tax is Charged at the Time of
 Retain All Your Receipts
 Keep Internal Logs Up-to-Date
 Review and Reconcile Your Statement Carefully
 Improper Use of ProCard will Lead to Disciplinary
 Purchasing and Accounts Payable will be Performing
  Continual Audits of Purchases
   Billing and Reconciliation

 Accounts Payable Pays JP Morgan
  Chase Directly
 Your Account Will Automatically Be
  Charged on FAMIS
 Employees Do Not Pay Their Own
  Monthly Statement
 Statement for Each Card Will Be Mailed to
  Cardholder for Reconciliation
 Summary Statement for A&M-Commerce
  Will Be Mailed to Financial Services
 TAMU-Commerce Pays JP Morgan Chase
  Within Thirty (30) Days
       Additional Information
 When using your ProCard at Wal-Mart,
  you will need the following Tax Exempt
   206082
Purchasing Card Internal Transaction Log

                                                                                TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY
                                                                        Purchasing Card Internal Order Transaction Log

                 Card Number:                                                                                            Department Approval
                                    (FAMIS Account & Support Account)

    You are     Cardholder Nam e:
                                                                                                                    Cardholder's Signature:

                                                                                                                   Statement Closing Date:

  Required to   Transaction Cross
                   Date    Ref #
                                               Vendor Name
                                                Vendor # *
                                                                            Code *             Description               Amount
                                                                                                                                               Date Reconciled/
                                                                                                                                                  By Whom

  Keep track                 2

      of all                 4

 transactions                5


    during a                 7

     billing                 8


     period                 10



     How to Complete your Log
 Account Number
    The FAMIS account and support account where you want the
     charges billed to
 Cardholder Name
 Department Approval
    Signature of account signer. If account signer is the cardholder,
     you must have the signature of their superior.
 Cardholder’s Signature
 Statement Closing Date
    On your statement
 Transaction Date
    Included on statement. The date that you made the purchase.
 Vendor Name
    How to Complete your Log
 Vendor Number
   Only required on State Accounts (Begin with a 1)
 Commodity Code (or Object Code)
 Description
   Be as specific as possible
 Amount
 Date Received
 Moved to Account
   Not Required
 Date Reconciled/By Whom
   Date and Initial this box
             What We Look For
 Appropriate purchase for account
   Food
        IRS 5Ws Required
     Gifts/Awards/Gift Cards
     Equipment
     Software
     Department Needs
        Purchasing does not need drugs/chemicals
   Vehicle Expense
        Includes University Owned, Rental & Personal
          What We Look For
 Multiple Transactions from One Company
   Multiple purchases for same day or week
   Was purchase split to fall below transaction
   Did company ship & bill different days
   Lack of planning / emergency
    What We Look For
 Detail Invoice
 Food
   IRS 5Ws MUST be included
   Who, What, Where, When & Why
 Group Meals
   With Travel?
   Travel Voucher Required?
What Your Department Head Looks For

   Employee Authority
   Work Order/Special Project
   Budget

It is better to ask permission
    than to ask forgiveness
If you have questions or problems,
     please call before you buy!
Purchase Card Agreement Form
                                           TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY
                                    CARDHOLDER PURCHASING CARD AGREEMENT

                I hereby acknowledge receipt of a Texas A&M University MasterCard Purchasing Card. As a

  This form     cardholder, I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the
                Purchasing Card procedures.

   must be      I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement and
                the Purchasing Card procedures. I understand that Texas A&M University is liable to Bank of
                America & MasterCard for all Texas A&M University charges.
  signed at     I agree to use this card for Texas A&M University approved purchases only and agree not to
                charge personal purchases. I understand that Texas A&M University will audit the use of this
the time you    card and report any discrepancies.

                I further understand that improper use of this card may result in disciplinary action, which may
pick up your    include termination of employment. I agree to repay Texas A&M University any amounts owed
                by me even if I am no longer employed by Texas A&M University.

  card. We      I understand that the card is property of Texas A&M University. I further understand that Texas
                A&M University may terminate my right to use this card at any time for any reason. I agree to

  will keep     return the card to Texas A&M University immediately upon request or upon termination of

them on file.   Cardholder:                                                Master Card #

                Signature:                                                 Date:

                Print Name:

   Lost or Stolen Card

JP Morgan Chase Customer
 800-890-0669
  (24 hours a day)
 Also notify Pro-Card
  Coordinator and
  Department Manager
           Contact List
 General Questions, Obtain, Cancel or for
  Cardholder Info:
   Heather Kilgore
   Procurement Card Coordinator
   903-886-5052
 Card Declined or Restricted Vendor
  Customer Service
   JP Morgan Chase
   800-890-0669
 Activate Card
   JP Morgan Chase
   800-890-0746
Key Program Contacts
Purchasing Services Department
 Program Administrator
      Carol Arrington

 Program Coordinator
      Heather Kilgore

Fiscal Department
 Billing and Reconciliation Questions
        Lee Riddle