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					                             A Study on Commonness of Diseases             縮編)
      The decimal system is a simple and feasible method in mathematics, such system ever hindered the
research and development of computer, and has made computer advanced slowly in years past. Leibniz,
enlightened by the evolution of yin/yang elements from <<the Book of Changes>> (易經) and the Eight
Diagrams’ (八卦)structure, invented binary system, because there are only two working states “on and off” in
electronic circuit. The emergence of the binary system brought rapid development of research on computer. It
follows that something seemed common, simple, scientific in some field though, it won't be scientific in another
scopes, will even hinder the development of science seriously. It proves that some significant science should
have their unique ways of scientific research. Only in that way can these sciences develop well. Today, science
further developed, but modern medicine related to human health and lives still has unresolved questions.
Western medicine’ scientific works with several hundred words said: this kind of diseases are still in the state of
“in research”, “in exploring”, “haven’t final conclusion yet”, “may be” etc. Nearly any disease couldn’t be
concluded correctly. Some technologies such as plating of plastics, electronic ceramics, electroconductive
rubber, watermelon without seeds, etc all disobey normal basic scientific principles, but they are very common
now. Therefore, I think medicine that develops slowly should find a better development style, which is even
perfect for itself. In this article, we really unraveled the mystery of diseases from the view and approach which
are distinct from Western medicine, any diseases become curable.
      The reports and summary in《Chinese misdiagnosis magazine》          (中國誤症學雜誌)and 《Misdiagnosis》           (誤症
學)said: “With the development of medicine and its relative subjects, kinds of detectors are used in clinical
practice one by one, diagnosis’s means improved a lot, but the rate of clinical misdiagnosis still keeps high.” It
obvious that the previous laws achieved from frontal research have evident limitations, we should lookup causes
from research methods…we might as well change research methods.” Medicine develops up to where it is the
21st century, doctors don’t know and have no confidence in curing diseases such as cold, cough, fever. Can’t you
ponder deeply over the matter? Is the research method of modern medicine wrong? Is it diagnosed or treated by
mistake? I read many articles and journals about pathology analysis research in recent years, but they all
concerned specious phenomena, where nearly no one refer to pathology substance. It is because I think these
experts must lack of some important knowledge in their general structure of knowledge that they can’t go deep
into the core of the subject.
      Western medicine, influenced by its founder Hippocrates’ view that body and mind should be separated, is
based on autopsy. It was categorized according to different organs. It formulates therapy secundum specific
position and amount. Although it can clarify theory directly, it is merely suiting the remedy to the case. Those
whose principle can’t be clarified wouldn’t be caught out. Modern medicine’s development make branch more
and more complicated. Biological research showed that organism has been autopsied more and more subtle,
research has entered molecule level in the past 50 years. Life phenomenon has divided into the interaction of
molecules, which established molecule biology that has substantial content. But many biologist feel
disappointed against a background of rapid progress, because theirs knowing more and subtler will result in
losing the all-round organism’s looks. Scientist Qian Xiansen (錢學森) said: “Air is made up of innumerable
molecules, you know moleculer’s nature but can’t predict air’s property. I repeatedly emphasize the principle.
And in any case, the complicated system isn’t the macroscopic things formed by adding microcosmic things.”
That isn’t clearly realized by L.v.Bertalanffy until 1930s, whose standpoint is that our study should treat life and
its environment as a whole firstly, then apply it in physiology and psychology research.
      Scientists indeed took pains to exploring human health. They seek solutions not only from human body but
also from orb, quantum mechanics, biological molecular structure etc. A scholar in Taiwan said: “In tradition,
Western medicine is categorized as chemical medicine. But everything consists of atom, inside contain electron,
they all have electrical property. For example, cells in body are electric blood plasma. So we shouldn’t leave the
special property of electricity such as circuit, systematicness, electromagnetic property, duality when talk about
disease…when we elucidate pathological changes, not can chemical formula explain that, if physics and
electronic theory can be used to expound that, which may open an brave new world in medicine.” in the book
《 Say No to Diseases 》. Qian Xuesen talked: “Further study about human bioelectricity is meaningful.”
Moreover, he advanced: “encephalic electricity must be treated by computer” and pointed out “the Change of
voltage in body is a manifestation of human wheels activity.” Therefore we can say with certainty that
uncovering the mystery of health from human bioelectricity is a good way, which may be better than traditional
research method at present. What we study indeed make a breakthrough from here.
      There is a meaningful report in Chinese Health Paper》 (on Febuary,19th,2002)whose title is “A software
                                               《                                         ,
which can cure disease.” Now we make a summary: Computer experts already used a software system that can
imitate the interaction of millions of elements in body in the clinical practice. Some companies such as “Entelos
Physiome Science” announced that they had invented a kind of software which can imitate disease, body
function and organ structure. That gives a helping hand in exploring new therapies. Company Smithlin invented
a kind of software which can alleviate the pain of asthma patients. Company Entelos of the US spent one year
and one million dollars successfully inventing software that can test asthma, adiposity…in eight
pharmaceuticals companies.
      Healthy people’s encephalic electricity, gastric electricity, hepatic electricity, cardio electricity,
intramuscular electricity’s being recorded and composed by carrying out the research of human bioelectricity in
a deep-going way and encoding them to make a biochip become possible now with the help of the science of
computer which develops highly and popularly. I worked at that research early in the last 1990. The study was
already advanced and issued systematically in 1994. In 1995, Company GBT of the US brought my
accomplishment to America .(only purchased my products in batches at that time). This company ever
displayed my new academic result and invention in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
I’ve ever visited America twice to give a lecture. Scientists and doctors in America thought highly of me.
America 《The China Press》        (Nov,7th)said: “Chinese modern inventor king, science doctor Luo Kunsheng
discovered the fundamental cause of health-Human Healthy Intrinsic Bioenergy Field Code Information-the
secret, scientists have been long seeking but failed, owned its real answer.” Today, my works and invention are
researched by many Chinese and foreign experts and scholars whose thoughts and work all improved because of
my works. Above American research have their elementary progresses maybe enlightened by my invention. But
their research by separating diseases (such as asthma, adiposity)is still very primitive. Secundum further study, I
think: all diseases must have commonness. Finding their commonness and making them into a biochip will have
all diseases cured. It is the same to explore new medicine.
      After researching data, we found all articles of the medical hi-tech of curing illnesses by biochip only
concern the achievements of examination. Using biochip for therapy is just beginning to start. It by no means
has achievement, while my research in this aspect gained great success already. The products have been applied
in clinical practice for 16 years. Over millions of patients are benefited from our invention, which has all
medical though problems conquered already. It’s a wonder in medicine history.
      The treatment in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on differentiation of symptom-complex,
which regards human body as a whole-the unity of body and mind. The relation between human and nature is
intimate, that is the “Unity of Heaven and Man” (天人合一). Meridian(經絡, channel of life energy) pervaded the
whole body to have each position adjusted, influenced, contacted one another. So the theory of TCM can throw
light upon the principle and the essence of diseases relatively. TCM thinks why people fall ill is because of
human Yin/yang disturbance (陰陽失調). Essence of pathogenesis is only that. TCM divides all diseases into
observable disease (實病), unobserved disease(虛病), the cold disease and pyrexia, while we further expounded
that diseases merely fall into two broad classes: observable disease and unobserved disease as early as in 1994.
      Binary’ being invented solve the core why computer develops slowly, after that, science of computer make
great progress. It’s a social reality we all can see. The examination of encephalic electricity, liver electricity,
stomach electricity, cardio electricity can help doctors diagnose and judge which organs are abnormal according
to normal electricity wave. There is only one normal electricity wave which is peculiar to certain organ among
them. If the normal electricity is transmitted into patients’ bodies and adjust invalid, the abnormal electricity
will be regulated to normal electricity, thus diseases naturally become curable. The facts that doctor successfully
grafted organ from healthy people onto patients provides enlightenment for my early invention, therefore, a
practical conjecture that I have the normal bioelectricity transplanted to patients is worth trying. I recorded
various healthy bodies’ bioelectricity, classify them and made a comparative research, then made them enter
body to stimulate relative acupoint. After a period, I examined the abnormal bioelectricity again, only to find
that was gradually trended to normal. The condition of patients also improved. In the whole cosmos, there must
be something which controls and dominates the lot of man. I think this kind of something can be regarded as
“Human healthy Bioelectricity Information”. Now, it becomes easy to cure illnesses. The most difficult thing in
the word is usually the simplest thing. After researching and testing repeatedly, finally, we found that the
synthesis of bioelectricity can represent human entirety, can reflect condition of human health and has the
characteristic of concentrated body. So I worked over this question firstly, combined and enclosed the recorded
bioelectricity by computer, then made a biochip. Under the repeat trial of curative effect, we invented the first
worldwide biochip of high practical significance.
        Secundum our theory, the diseases such as cold, diarrhea, hepatitis, heart disease, tuberculosis, diabetes,
sterility, cancers etc are all categorized as one kind of disease, different though they are one another
superficially. On the grounds of traditional Chinese medicine, people get sick is because of the maladjustment
of yin/yang elements. According to bioelectricity, people get sick because of the disorder of human healthy
bioelectricity information. My invention is such the simplest and the most effective device which adjust
yin/yang elements to balance. That is, it can adjust the abnormal bioelectricity created by disease to normal
bioelectricity. As a result, all diseases are disappeared. Whatever the illness is, whoever patients are, the people
of different nation and different belief will get the same therapy.
      Today, because of my successful research, an “intelligent doctor” can be manufactured as easy as batch
production by machines. Diseases are no longer terrible. Curing diseases becomes industrialization and
popularity. The success of the scientific research and invention will display a bright prospect of health for

     Explanation: The thesis《A study on commonness of diseases》gained the first prize of excellent thesis in
the second Chinese scientists forum.(in 2003),and was published on Chinese 《Science Daily》 (科技日報) on
December 30th, 2003. The thesis here has some cut.