Vocab by qingyunliuliu


• Cite – to quote, summon, commend or call.
        Cite the author in an endnote;
• Site – location, area, computer website, or to
  place something in an area
        You visit a Web site or the site of the
• Sight – the act of seeing, a view, a glimpse/
  observation, to look in a direction.
        You sight your beloved running toward
        you in slow motion on the beach (a sight
        for sore eyes!).
• compliment: nice things said about someone
   – "She paid me the compliment of admiring the way I shined
     my shoes.”
• Complement- matching or completing.
   – Alice’s love for entertaining and Mike’s love for washing
     dishes complement each other.
   – the full number of something needed to make it complete:
     “My computer has a full complement of video-editing
     programs.” If it is preceded by “full” the word you want is
     almost certainly “complement.”
• Remember, if you’re not making nice to someone, the
  word is “complement.”
• Conscience – inner sense of right and wrong.
  – Your conscience makes you feel guilty when you
    do bad things.
• Conscious – aware, having mental faculties,
  – If you are awake, you are conscious.
  – Although it is possible to speak of your “conscious
    mind,” you can’t use “conscious” all by itself to
    mean “consciousness.”
• Council– an assembly, a body of people
  – I checked with the city council.

• Counsel– advice, to give advice
  – I could counsel you not to speak to him anymore.
• Continually means "repeated again and
  – I was continually interrupted by the telephone.

• Continuously means "uninterrupted."
  – It rained continuously for forty-eight hours.
• Coarse is always an adjective meaning “rough,
  – Don’t use that coarse language in here!
• Course – N. or v. many meanings! Path, track,
  procedure, mode of conduct, to hunt or chase,
  etc. ALSO used in many idioms
  – Of course, we do charge a fee for that.
• Disburse – to distribute, give out
   – You disburse money by taking it out of your purse
     (French “bourse”) and distributing it.

• Disperse – scatter, drive off, dispell
   – If you refuse to hand out any money, the eager
     mob of beggars before you may disperse.
• Eligible – available, qualified, fit or proper
   – He was quite the eligible bachelor.

• Illegible not readable, impossible to read, bad
   – I cannot take this paper, your writing is illegible!
• Eminent - prominent, famous, most
  – The government exercises eminent domain.

• Imminent – threatening, facing immediate
  disaster. From Latin minere, meaning “to
  project or overhang.”
  – The cave in was imminent, as was the movie
• Ensure- to secure or guarantee: to make sure or
  certain: measures to ensure the success of an
  to make secure or safe, as from harm
  – This letter will ensure you a hearing.

• Insure – to guarantee against loss or harm, to
  secure indemnity to or on, in case of loss,
  damage, or death, to issue or procure an
  insurance policy on or for.
  – Check with your agent, they can probably insure you
    for less.

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