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					 May 2004
JULY 2005

                  IDEALEASE NATIONAL
                     ACCOUNT NEWS

                                       Let’s Work Together

                                         Ted Bertram
Many National Account Area VP‟s Could Use Some Local Help.

I have spent the first quarter of the month traveling extensively. In doing so, I had the opportunity to
make some calls with the Area NA VP.

I have visited some good prospective clients that are not doing business with Idealease at the current

In nearly 50% of these instances (roughly about half of the time), the decision to make a change in
vendor is made “in the field” and then pushed up to the Corporate Home Office.

The reason that I bring up this topic (one that I have voiced in previous NA Newsletters) is simple.
Each month, three of 4 AVP‟s send their “story” out about a National Account they are currently
working with to secure their business.

Many of these accounts need some strong prodding (we call is prospective “tasering”) to get familiar
with our Company, our Services and our Capabilities.

I ask that each of you that reads the NA Newsletter monthly, review the AVP‟s comments about a
particular account. Investigate if this account is in your market. Contact the account if they are not
an existing rental or lease customer. THEN CONTACT THE RESPECTIVE AVP TO DISCUSS

These conversations can lead to a new customer.

Read the AVP comments then take some proactive actions to help develop the account.

Together, we are strong and cannot lose!                                1    Opening Words: Ted Bertram

                                                                        2    Account Update: F. Noriega
Good Luck and Good Selling!
                                                                        3    Account Update: Mike Ruby

                                                                        5    Account Update: Doug Gosnell

                                                                        6    Account Update: Jim Wilson
2                                NATIONAL ACCOUNT NEWS

                                   Account Update:
                                Fernando E. Noriega
Fast Food Road, This month we will start Contract Maintenance operations in Tijuana with 3 units.
With the addition of these accounts, Idealease will be serving all Grupo Alsea‟s Distribution Centers
(Cancun, Mexico, Monterrey, Hermosillo & Tijuana). Grupo Alsea in Mexico has a master franchise
for Dominos Pizza, a Burger King franchisee in the northern part of the country, a joint venture with
Starbucks Coffee, and Pollo Pepe. All the distribution for the chains is handled by DIA
(Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentos).

United Rentals, Put in a PO for a second FSL unit in Mexico. We expect to have it in service in June

Chapa Distribución, In January we in-serviced two 4400-300 in Monterrey. In May we will in-
service two more 4400-300 in Mexico City. With these units we will have a fleet of 6 units.

Chapa Logística, 7-11 signed four contract maintenance leases for 4400-300 and 1 Daycab 9200 to
work in Monterrey and Reynosa area. The current fleet is 18 units.

Grupo Modelo, continue to work with them in order to start either FSL or contract maintenance.
They buy all their equipment and have started a project to set up their own shops. They have been
analyzing Idealease options as an alternative maintenance outsource. There have been internal
changes in their organization.

Soriana, we quoted FSL, nevertheless they decided to buy twenty-eight 9200 ISX. We are in the
process to quote a shop take over in Monterrey and contract maintenance in Chihuahua, Hermosillo
and Mexico City for both new and used units. The total fleet is 172 vehicles plus 219 trailers.

Grupo Lala, started contact to develop a quote in both Primary and Secondary distribution. Lala is
the largest milk and dairy product company in Mexico

Pepsi, continued to develop relationships among different areas within the organization. Bajio
Region wants to try FSL & Daily Rent. Nevertheless, Pepsi Co. does not want their operations to do
either FSL or Daily Rent. In May, Operations Director from Pepsi Bajio Region will send a project
for approval to HQ in Mexico.

Miscellaneous Issues in Mexico, Francisco Arellano was promoted in January to National Account
Sales in the northern part of the country, recently we hired Guillermo Cruz for National Account
Sales in Mexico City and the southern part of the country. With this organizational change we expect
to get closer to NA and develop new business for Idealease members.
3                                 NATIONAL ACCOUNT NEWS

                                     Account Update:
                                          Mike Ruby
We have completed the master Full Service Lease, Finance Lease and Contract Maintenance
Agreements with U.S. Filter.
Here are the particulars:
       1. The company name will continue to be U.S. Filter. All contracts will be with U.S. Filter
            Transportation, Inc. Siemens guarantees all transactions.
       2. They will have the following programs available to their regional Managers to choose
               a. Full Service Lease
               b. Finance Lease (TRAC lease to 10% residual) with Guaranteed Contract
               c. Finance Lease from ARI with Guaranteed Contract Maintenance from an
                   approved leasing company.
               d. Finance Lease from ARI with the ARI Managed Maintenance program.

The regional managers, along with the local operations managers, have significant input into what
program and leasing company they elect from the approved vendor list. Developing a good local
relationship is critical to our success. We will get started with the locations that have service
problems with their current provider but we will need to rely on your local relationships to secure the
majority of this business over the next few years.
Here‟s the good part - U.S. Filter/Seimens‟ largest competitor in the U.S. is GENERAL ELECTRIC.
There is pressure from the top to replace Penske whenever possible. Let‟s get started today. We will
supply all locations with a list of contacts and addresses after the contracts are approved but let‟s not

HOME DEPOT SUPPLY –Idealease is in the final stages of this year's new locations start up.
We are pleased to have added Louisville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Little Rock, Bakersfield, Greenville,
Birmingham, Greensboro, Salt Lake City, Vallejo and Knoxville to the list of locations that have
business with HDS. As of 05-01-05, we have HDS Full Service Lease equipment in 65 locations.
This year the fleet will grow by another 11 locations at APEX SUPPLY in the Southeast U.S. We
will be bringing Apex on during May/June of 2005 as a combined Full Service Lease/ Contract
Maintenance operation. By the end of the summer we will be over 350 FSL units at over 75
Idealease locations. Next fall we will start our integration of WHITECAP INDUSTRIES/HDS.
WHITECAP is a Western U.S. Construction Supply company with over 160 FSL units in 40
locations. Like APEX SUPPLY, it will become HDS “branded” before the end of 2006.
4                                NATIONAL ACCOUNT NEWS

Additionally we are working with HDS to partner with a third party logistics provider to handle their
internal logistics needs. As you can see our opportunities with HOME DEPOT SUPPLY are
growing rapidly. Thank you all for the support and excellent service you have provided this
company in the past. We need to visit with our HDS local managers and make sure we are doing
everything we can to support their local operations. It will impact our entire company.

We continue to add Full Service Lease business with the following companies:

AM PAC TIRES- We will continue to grow Am Pac at selected locations this year. I have sent
out contact information to those locations that have Am Pac operations and we are starting to gain
rental and lease business.





During the next six months we expect to begin our first leases with the following companies:




Please contact me if you have any questions about these accounts. I will be in contact with you as we
identify opportunities in your marketplace.

Thanks to each location that has supported my efforts. All of the National Account business I am
working on requires local effort and support and I appreciate your help.
5                                      National Account News

                                    Account Update:
                                       Doug Gosnell
East Central Update

Wayne Dalton Corp. - Based in Mt. Hope, Ohio, Wayne Dalton manufactures and distributes garage
doors throughout the United States and Internationally. They operate 3 large distribution centers in
the U.S. where they currently own mostly PACCAR equipment. The remainders of their locations
are serviced by smaller „cross dock‟ centers and that fleet is currently leased through Penske. This is
a financially sound and growing company who feels they are taken for granted by the incumbent
vendor and for the first time in several years is looking at competition. We are currently signing our
first unit with Wayne Dalton with a great opportunity to grow. There have been indications of
moving away from ownership in their large DC‟s as well. I would encourage anyone with a Wayne
Dalton location in their area to make a call and begin to establish a relationship with these folks.

Superior Products - Based outside of Baltimore, Maryland, this account currently runs their fleet
100% through Ryder. We have quoted them (12) 7600 tandem axle straight trucks and expect a
decision soon. The capability of mobile maintenance has played a large role in distinguishing us
from our competition, and has had a huge effect in getting us to this point in the sales process.
Current opportunities are in Baltimore, Syracuse and Youngstown.

Pilot Air Freight - Pilot currently leases through a number of companies through their 57 locations
across the country and is working toward providing their affiliates with a single source vendor.
Under the program their local decision makers will be able to go through the Pilot web site, identify
the desired equipment and contact me directly for an updated quote. Local decision makers have the
authority to make the final selection of a vendor; therefore, local involvement is crucial.

Targeted accounts:
Alside Inc., - Based in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Alside has over 100 units running throughout the United
States. Alside manufactures and distributes windows and siding and currently leases or is under a
contract maintenance agreement on all their fleet.

A.R.E. - Based in Massillon, OH, A.R.E. manufactures and distributes after market bed caps for pick
up trucks. They are currently an Idealease customer in Nevada; however, Penske currently enjoys
the majority of the business.

Marmon/Keystone Corporation –Based in Butler, PA, Marmon/Keystone manufactures and
distributes steel /alloy pipe and tubing. They operate 32 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

GNC - General Nutrition Centers is based in Pennsylvania with over 5,000 store locations
worldwide. We are currently meeting with them to discuss their fleet, which will be terming out in
the next 12 months.
6                                       National Account News

                                     Account Update:
                                          Jim Wilson
Aaron Rents Inc- this is a Georgia based company that we have under a Master Agreement for Full
Service Lease. Over the past 24 months we have grown the account from 1 truck in Puerto Rico to
over 100 trucks in 27 cities. Aaron Rents has doubled the size of their company over the past 4 years
through acquisitions and entering new markets. In 2005 Aaron will open an additional 5 DC‟s to
accommodate their growth and future growth. The growth that Idealease has had with Aaron rents
has been at the expense of Penske and Ryder. Please visit their website @ and
go to the store locator to see if they are in your market place. Over the next several weeks I will be
receiving a list for all equipment that is to be replaced from 2/05 thru 12/05, in addition to the cities
that the DC‟s will be opened. Aaron Rents is set up as one of our National Rental Accounts and we
are currently in the process of finalizing a Contract Maintenance agreement them.

Unisource- This company has been under contract with Idealease for several years with little growth.
We currently have them under contract in 3 cities. Unisource runs over 2000 FSL‟s units across the
US with Penske and Ryder being their preferred vendor‟s. We have been aggressively pursuing this
account and making some headway. Please look them up in your market place and introduce
yourself. The opportunity with this company is tremendous and with the support of the local
members we can grow this account. I have included the Unisource-Idealease match-up with the

Please feel free to contact me @ or 770-831-6758 with any
questions regarding these 2 accounts.
Uni-source Location Match-up


Location           Servicing Location                        Affiliation   Distance

Des Moines, IA     O'HALLORAN INT'L/IDEALEASE (ALTOONA)      Idealease     8.05 miles
                   PO BOX 1804/I 80 AT HUBBELL(X 142)
                   ALTOONA, IA 50306

Indianapolis, IN   BRICKYARD INT'L/IDLS OF INDIANAPOLIS      Idealease     0.00 miles
                   5730 FORTUNE CIRCLE DR, WEST
                   INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46241

Lenexa, KS         DIAMOND IDEALEASE-KC, KS                  Idealease     12.47 miles
                   346 N JAMES STREET
                   KANSAS CITY, KS

Morton, IL         CENTRE STATE INTERNATIONAL/IDLS(PEORIA)   Idealease     8.80 miles
                   3313 S WEST WASHINGTON
                   PEORIA, IL 61602

Omaha, NE          CORNHUSKER TRUX L.L.C.(OMAHA)             Idealease     0.00 miles
                   4502 S 110TH ST
                   OMAHA, NE 68137

Quincy, IL         PRAIRIE INTERNATIONAL AND IDEALEASE       Idealease     0.00 miles
                   601 No. 4th
                   QUINCY, IL 62301

Great Lakes

Location           Servicing Location                        Affiliation   Distance

Addison, IL        CHICAGO INT'L TRUCKS/POLLARD IDEALEASE    Idealease     7.13 miles
                   2090 N. MANNHEIM RD.
                   MELROSE PARK, IL 60160

Appleton, WI       IDEALEASE OF NE WISCONSIN(APPLETON)       Idealease     0.00 miles
                   4249 W CONVERTERS DR.
                   APPLETON, WI 54912

Janesville, WI     IDEALEASE OF TRUCKS INC.(JANESVILLE)      Idealease     0.00 miles
                   3411 BELL ST----I-90 EXIT 171
                      JANESVILLE, WI 53545

Joliet, IL            J.M.J. LEASING, INC./JONES INTL(JOLIET)    Idealease     0.00 miles
                      103 S. LARKIN AVE.
                      JOLIET, IL 60436

New Berlin, WI        IDEALEASE OF SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN(MILWAU    Idealease     11.08 miles
                      11000 WEST SILVER SPRING ROAD
                      MILWAUKEE, WI 53225


Location              Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Cleveland, OH         WISE INTERNATIONAL & IDEALEASE(CLEVELAND   Idealease     0.00 miles
                      13960 BROOKPARK RD.
                      CLEVELAND, OH 44135

Columbus, OH          CENTER CITY INTERNATIONAL(COLUMBUS)        Idealease     0.00 miles
                      4200 CURRENCY DR
                      COLUMBUS, OH 43216

Huntington, WV        MOUNTAIN INT'L/IDLS (CHARLESTON)           Idealease     44.29 miles
                      408 GOFF MOUNTAIN RD.
                      CHARLESTON, WV 25313

Kalamazoo, MI         GREAT LAKES INTL/IDEALEASE(KALAMAZOO)      Idealease     0.00 miles
                      5316 WYNN RD
                      KALAMAZOO, MI 49003

Lansing, MI           GREAT LAKES INTL/IDEALEASE(JACKSON)        Idealease     34.54 miles
                      3001 EAST HIGH ST
                      JACKSON, MI 49204

Louisville, KY        UHL INTL & IDEALEASE (LOUISVILLE)          Idealease     0.00 miles
                      4300 POPLAR LEVEL RD.
                      LOUISVILLE, KY 40213

Pittsburgh, PA        HUNTER IDEALEASE-ETNA(ETNA/PITTSBURGH)     Idealease     5.04 miles
                      350 POPLAR ST
                      ETNA, PA 15223

Rochester Hills, MI   TRI-COUNTY INTERNATIONAL(WARREN)           Idealease     13.96 miles
                      23508 GROESBECK HWY.
                      WARREN, MI 48089

North Atlantic
Location           Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Albany, NY         H.L. GAGE SALES INC.-INT'L(ALBANY)         Idealease     0.00 miles
                   I-87 & WASHINGTON AVE
                   ALBANY, NY 12205

Bangor, ME         CB KENWORTH/INTERNATIONAL(HERMON/BANGOR)Idealease        0.00 miles
                   3277 ODLIN RD
                   BANGOR, ME 04401

Binghamton, NY     STADIUM INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS(BINGHAMTON) Idealease       0.00 miles
                   578 CONKLIN RD
                   BINGHAMTON, NY 13903

Farmington, NY     REGIONAL INT'L AND IDEALEASE(HENRIETTA)    Idealease     14.26 miles
                   1007 LEHIGH STATION ROAD
                   HENRIETTA, NY 14467

Jessup, MD         IDEALEASE OF BALTIMORE/BELTWAY INT'L       Idealease     13.08 miles
                   1800 SULPHUR SPRING RD.

                   BALTIMORE, MD 21227

Mansfield, MA      COASTAL INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS               Idealease     25.18 miles
                   17 O'KEEFE LANE
                   WARWICK, RI 02888

Milford, CT        NUTMEG/ JT&S TRUCK RENTAL-N HAVEN          Idealease     15.49 miles
                   31 LEONARDO DR
                   NORTH HAVEN, CT 06488

New Castle, DE     DEL-MAR IDEALEASE/ N.E. INT'L TRUCKS       Idealease     14.72 miles
                   1300 WEST PULASKI
                   ELKTON, MD

North Bergen, NJ   SALEM TRUCK LEASING(CARLSTADT)             Idealease     4.81 miles
                   650 COMMERCIAL AVE
                   CARLSTADT, NJ

Philadelphia, PA   FREEDOM IDEALEASE(PHILADELPHIA)            Idealease     0.00 miles
                   6601 NEW STATE ROAD
                   PHILADELPHIA, PA 19135

Southborough, MA   COASTAL INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS               Idealease     42.22 miles
                   17 O'KEEFE LANE
                   WARWICK, RI 02888

Windsor, CT        J T & S TRUCK RENTAL,INC.(HARTFORD)        Idealease     6.50 miles
                   130 BRAINARD RD
                       HARTFORD, CT 06114

Winston-Salem, NC      WHITES IDEALEASE(HIGH POINT, NC)           Idealease     16.67 miles
                       1924 BRENTWOOD STREET
                       HIGH POINT, NC 27261

North West

Location               Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Boise, ID              LAKE CITY INT'L/IDLS (BOISE)               Idealease     0.00 miles
                       770 AMITY ROAD
                       BOISE, ID 83715

Colorado Springs, CO   MCCANDLESS INT'L AND IDEALEASE(CO. SPRIN   Idealease     0.00 miles
                       136 GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD
                       COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80907

Denver, CO             MCCANDLESS INTL/IDLS(DENVER/AURORA)        Idealease     8.15 miles
                       16704 EAST 32ND AVE
                       AURORA, CO 80216

Eugene, OR             BRATTAIN INTERNATIONAL (ALBANY)            Idealease     40.40 miles
                       1720 FESCUE STREET S. E.
                       ALBANY, OR 97321

Idaho Falls, ID        LAKE CITY INT'L/IDLS (IDAHO FALLS)         Idealease     0.00 miles
                       7011 SO. 45TH WEST
                       IDAHO FALLS, ID 83402

Pendleton, OR          WOODPECKER TRUCK-INTL/WESTERN STAR         Idealease     0.00 miles
                       I-84 & BARNHART RD
                       PENDLETON, OR 97801

Portland, OR           BRATTAIN IDEALEASE(PORTLAND)               Idealease     0.00 miles
                       13101 NE WHITTAKER WAY
                       PORTLAND, OR 97230

Pueblo, CO             MCCANDLESS INTERNATIONAL(PUEBLO)           Idealease     0.00 miles
                       3040 CLUB MANER DRIVE
                       PUEBLO, CO 81008

Salt Lake City, UT     LAKE CITY IDEALEASE(SALT LAKE CITY)        Idealease     0.00 miles
                       964 SOUTH 3800 WEST BLDG B
                       SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84126

Seattle, WA            HUSKY IDEALEASE(SEATTLE/TUKWILA)           Idealease     0.00 miles
                       13123 48TH AVE S
                       SEATTLE, WA 98168
Spokane, WA         HUSKY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS INC.            Idealease     0.00 miles
                    N 824 THIERMAN
                    SPOKANE, WA 99206


Location            Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Brooklyn Park, MN   ASTLEFORD INT'L AND IDEALEASE              Idealease     9.09 miles
                    3000 BROADWAY NE
                    MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55413

Fargo, ND           NELSON INT'L/IDEALEASE(FARGO)              Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4235 W MAIN AVE
                    FARGO, ND 58109

La Crosse, WI       DEBAUCHE TRUCK & DIESEL, INC.(LA CROSSE)   Idealease     0.00 miles
                    535 FANTA REED PLACE
                    LA CROSSE, WI 54603

Sioux Falls, SD     GREAT PLAINS INTERNATIONAL(SIOUX FALLS)    Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4511 N CLIFF AVE
                    SIOUX FALLS, SD 57118

Pacific Southern

Location            Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Albuquerque, NM     ROBERTS IDEALEASE-NEW MEXICO               Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4210 2ND ST, NW. (P.O. BOX 25086)
                    ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87104

Bakersfield, CA     GIBBS INTERNATIONAL/IDEALEASE(BAKERSFIEL   Idealease     0.00 miles
                    3525 BUCK OWENS BLVD
                    BAKERSFIELD, CA 93308

Commerce, CA        WESTRAN IDEALEASE(MONTEBELLO)              Idealease     3.18 miles
                    812 W WASHINGTON BLVD
                    MONTEBELLO, CA 90640

El Paso, TX         IDEALEASE OF EL PASO                       Idealease     0.00 miles
                    12283 ROJAS
                    EL PASO, TX 79907

Fresno, CA          GIBBS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS(FRESNO)         Idealease     0.00 miles
                    2712 S FOURTH
                    FRESNO, CA 934725

Hayward, CA         B.I.T. LEASING, INC.(HAYWARD)             Idealease   0.00 miles
                    22409 THUNDERBIRD
                    HAYWARD, CA

Las Vegas, NV       MCCANDLESS INTERNATIONAL(N. LAS VEGAS)    Idealease   1.98 miles
                    3780 LOSEE RD
                    NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV 89103

Los Angeles, CA     IDEALEASE OF LOS ANGELES/BOERNER TRUCK    Idealease   4.99 miles
                    3620 E FLORENCE AVE
                    HUNTINGTON PARK, CA 92055

Palm Springs, CA    CHARTER IDEALEASE(SAN BERNARDINO, CA)     Idealease   46.73 miles
                    265 W MILL ST
                    SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92412

Phoenix, AZ         IDEALEASE OF ARIZONA (NOT I-10)           Idealease   0.00 miles
                    2626 N. 31ST AVE
                    PHOENIX, AZ 85009

Pleasanton, CA      B.I.T. LEASING, INC.(HAYWARD)             Idealease   11.28 miles
                    22409 THUNDERBIRD
                    HAYWARD, CA

Reno, NV            SILVER STATE INTERNATIONAL(SPARKS, NV)    Idealease   3.28 miles
                    PO BOX 1680-2255 LARKIN
                    SPARKS, NV 89431

Sacramento, CA      RIVERVIEW INT'L TRUCKS(WEST SACRAMENTO)   Idealease   1.94 miles
                    2245 EVERGREEN AVE
                    WEST SACRAMENTO, CA 95691

Salinas, CA         KURTT INTL/IDLS--WATSONVILLE              Idealease   17.01 miles
                    130 LEE RD
                    WATSONVILLE, CA 95076

San Diego, CA       DION INT'l / IDEALEASE OF SAN DIEGO       Idealease   0.00 miles
                    5255 FEDERAL BLVD
                    SAN DIEGO, CA 92105

Santa Barbara, CA   DONAHUE IDEALEASE(OXNARD)                 Idealease   25.13 miles
                    6551 VENTURA BLVD.
                    VENTURA, CA 93003

Santa Rosa, CA      BAYSHORE INT'L AND IDEALEASE              Idealease   7.01 miles
                    PO BOX 1519
                    ROHNERT PARK, CA 94928

Location           Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Birmingham, AL     SOUTHLAND IDEALEASE(BIRMINGHAM)            Idealease     0.00 miles
                   214 10TH STREET
                   BIRMINGHAM, AL 35209

Charlotte, NC      ADAMS IDEALEASE-CHARLOTTE                  Idealease     0.00 miles
                   3510 NORTH I-85
                   CHARLOTTE, NC 28230

Columbia, SC       CAROLINA IDEALEASE(COLUMBIA)               Idealease     0.00 miles
                   1619 BLUFF RD
                   COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Gainesville, GA    IDEALEASE OF ATLANTA (NORCROSS)            Idealease     7.25
                   4571 NORTH BUFORD HIGHWAY
                   NORCROSS, GA 30071

Garner, NC         RALEIGH TRUCK LEASING                      Idealease     4.42 miles
                   1531 S BLOUNT ST
                   RALEIGH, NC 27603

Jacksonville, FL   MAUDLIN INTERNATIONAL(JACKSONVILLE)        Idealease     0.00 miles
                   1881 PICKETVILLE RD
                   JACKSONVILLE, FL 32220

Memphis, TN        DIAMOND IDEALEASE-MEMPHIS                  Idealease     0.00 miles
                   1850 E BROOKS RD
                   MEMPHIS, TN 38116

Miami, FL          RECHTIEN INTERNATIONAL/IDEALEASE(CARRIER   Idealease     0.00 miles
                   7227 N.W. 74TH AVE
                   MIAMI, FL 33166

Mobile, AL         WARD INTERNT'L TRUCKS(MOBILE)              Idealease     0.00 miles
                   2101 PERIMETER RD PO BOX 5375
                   MOBILE, AL 36615

Nashville, TN      KILE IDEALEASE(NASHVILLE)                  Idealease     0.00 miles
                   1511 ELM HILL PIKE

                   NASHVILLE, TN 37210

Norcross, GA       IDEALEASE OF ATLANTA (NORCROSS)            Idealease     0.00 miles
                   4571 NORTH BUFORD HIGHWAY
                   NORCROSS, GA 30071
Orlando, FL         IDEALEASE OF ORLANDO(ORLANDO)              Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4900 NORTH ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL
                    ORLANDO, FL 32810

Richmond, VA        IDEALEASE OF RICHMOND                      Idealease     0.00 miles
                    3064 NORTH BLVD
                    RICHMOND, VA 23230

Tallahassee, FL     WARD INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS(TALLAHASSEE)     Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4856 BLOUNTSTOWN HWY
                    TALLAHASSEE, FL 32304

Tampa, FL           SUNSTATE IDEALEASE(TAMPA)                  Idealease     0.00 miles
                    8108 HWY 301
                    TAMPA, FL 33637

Winston-Salem, NC   WHITES IDEALEASE(HIGH POINT, NC)           Idealease     16.67 miles
                    1924 BRENTWOOD STREET
                    HIGH POINT, NC 27261


Location            Servicing Location                         Affiliation   Distance

Amarillo, TX        ROBERTS IDEALEASE/ROBERTS TRUCK CENTER     Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4354 CANYON DR
                    AMARILLO, TX 79189

Austin, TX          LONGHORN IDEALEASE(AUSTIN, TX)             Idealease     0.00 miles
                    4711 E 7TH ST
                    AUSTIN, TX 78762

Baton Rouge, LA     TIMMONS INTERNATIONAL(BATON ROUGE)         Idealease     0.00 miles
                    8008 AIRLINE HWY
                    BATON ROUGE, LA 70815

Carrollton, TX      SOUTHWEST IDEALEASE(DALLAS)                Idealease     12.88 miles
                    3722 IRVING BLVD
                    DALLAS, TX 75247

Houston, TX         OLYMPIC IDEALEASE-NW HEMPSTEAD(HOUSTON)    Idealease     0.00 miles
                    14201 HEMPSTEAD

                    HOUSTON, TX

Lake Charles, LA    ATTERBERY TRUCK SALES INC.(LAKE CHARLES)   Idealease     0.00 miles
                    524-B HWY 90 EAST
                    LAKE CHARLES, LA 70616
Little Rock, AR     DIAMOND IDEALEASE-LITTLE ROCK                                                   Idealease   0.00 miles
                    11401 DIAMOND DRIVE
                    LITTLE ROCK, AR 72209

Lubbock, TX         ROBERTS-INTL/KW/IDEALEASE(LUBBOCK)                                              Idealease   0.00 miles
                    4510 AVE A
                    LUBBOCK, TX 79404

Oklahoma City, OK   ROBERTS IDEALEASE(OKLAHOMA CITY)                                                Idealease   0.00 miles
                    1645 WEST RENO
                    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73108

Shreveport, LA      TWIN STATE TRUCKS(SHREVEPORT)                                                   Idealease   0.00 miles
                    1104 GRIMMET DRIVE
                    SHREVEPORT, LA

Tulsa, OK           FRONTIER INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS(TULSA)                                            Idealease   0.00 miles
                    PO BOX 3666 1023 N. GARNETT ROAD
                    TULSA, OK 74102

Tyler, TX           PRICE INTL. INC.(TYLER)                                                         Idealease   0.00 miles
                    LP 323 & GLADWATER
                    TYLER, TX 75701

Wichita, KS         ROBERTS IDEALEASE(WICHITA)                                                      Idealease   0.00 miles
                    5549 CHUZY DR
                    WICHITA, KS 67219

                    Distances are in air miles from city to city, inner-city match-ups will show 0.00

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