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Sanctuary Belize
More and more people are enjoying their
stay in Belize and some of them are brave
enough to leave behind the life they once
had in order to live in this wonderful
country. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the
country turns out to be the most sought-
after paradise on earth. With its
incomparable beauty, beautiful and affordable homes to choose from and so many things to do,
Belize is one of the leading Caribbean paradise countries in Central America because of the
increasing tourists and increasing population of expatriates and retirees.

What makes Belize so popular?

It’s not just the pristine white beaches people love that makes Belize one hell of a vacation
destination. They have the preserved structures of the ancient Mayan civilization that makes
it so enchanting and so mysterious. Also, the Mayan tribe still resides in the area of Toledo
District. Here, they make use of their traditional methods of living without causing much harm
to nature.

The culture of the people and their hospitality is something people from foreign lands really
appreciate. Imagine a diversity of races, culture, ethnicities and tradition all mixed up in one
place to live in peace and harmony. Speaking mainly in their main language, which is English,
foreigners and tourists need not educate themselves with a more complex language in order to
communicate and get along with the people in this country.

Going to the most talked about place is easy. The Great Blue hole is one of the best diving
spots in the world and it can be found only in Belize. Here, scuba divers are enthralled
with the underwater sights and the amazing marine creatures that live below the deep sea.
Another protected reserve is the Belize barrier reef. It is the largest barrier reef in the Western
Hemisphere and is preserved by the government of Belize.

Taxes in Belize aren’t a headache. In fact, they either have no taxes or just very low ones when
purchasing a Belize real estate property even if you are a foreigner in the country.

There are many more reasons why Belize is the best Caribbean paradise but those other
reasons are for you to find out! The surprises are just waiting around the corner.

Where is the best place to live in Belize?

Although there may be a lot of places where one can live in Belize, nothing beats living in
luxury where one can actually afford. Imagine waking up in the house of your dreams and
walking out your doorstep to find yourself in the heart of paradise. No, you don’t have to
dream about it since with Sanctuary Belize, all your dreams will become a reality.
The community is nestled between two wildlife reserves surrounded by an abundantly rich
flora and fauna with the most parts preserved for the future generation. Houses here are built
with the residents and environment in mind, building homes with less impact on Mother Earth
and yet keep a very aesthetically designed home to live in.

There is no doubt they have the best amenities here in the land. The place is secured and is in
proximity of all your favorite activity spots. It has hundreds upon hundreds of scenic places
such as mountains, rainforests, the white sandy beaches and so much more.

There are many financial options that are available for you, so there is no reason why you
shouldn’t take advantage of what’s grabs.

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