Leaky Gut Cure - How To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome by lesliewaler


									                                  Leaky gut syndrome is very well-
                                  known, yet this problem is hard
                                  to deal with and can result in
                                  many other serious health
conditions. Medical service providers are convinced that the
gastrointestinal tract is a major contributor to maintaining the
body's defense mechanism in an excellent working order and if it
is not working properly the body becomes susceptible to many
illnesses like autoimmune diseases. This is why knowing how to
heal leaky gut syndrome is really vital.

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Make sure you add antioxidants into your food intake most
importantly if you have intestinal disorders like irritable bowel
syndrome; this is considered to be a result of leaky gut
syndrome. Apart from adding antioxidants in your diet, it is also a
good idea to perform a bowel cleanse. Make some research with
regards to the methods of bowel cleansing that is healthy and

Ways on how to heal leaky gut syndrome also include introducing
friendly microorganisms to your body. Take very good sources of
bifidus, lactobacillus and acidophilus such as yogurt, which can
seriously aid in reducing symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.
Remember that you should likewise reduce sugar and starches
from your diet, because they feed the yeasts that have very
harmful side effects in your digestive tract system and usually the
actual cause of leaky gut syndrome.

Include essential oils such as fish oils and flaxseed oils in your
diet. You can also find plant extracts and supplements that
enhance gastrointestinal function; you can search for it in the
internet and other resource materials.
Take 2 garlic cloves a day in order to kill the parasites living in
your intestines. Take lots of fiber because it can pull old waste
and toxins out of your intestines. These useful tips about how to
heal leaky gut syndrome will undoubtedly be of great help in
ridding the symptoms that goes with this condition.

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