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International Pistol Training Camp

            20-25 June, 2010
                  CONDUCTED BY
               International Pistol Team
              TELEPHONE: 706-545-1027
                  FAX: 706-545-3874
GENERAL: The 2010 International Pistol Training Camp will take place immediately following
the USASNC and is open to anyone who wishes to participate. The Camp will consist of Men’s
and Women’s Air Pistol, Free Pistol, Rapid Fire Pistol and Sport Pistol Training.

The camp director for the event is Richard Merrill.
If you have questions after reading this program, please contact:
Richard Merrill:,
Tel: 706-545-1027 or Fax: 706-545-3874

       All expenses and reservations for lodging, travel to and from this Camp, local
transportation, etc. are the responsibility of the competitor.

        The nearest major airport to the range is the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, which is 2 hours
away by car. There is an airport in Columbus, GA. You will need to contact the airlines to
verify that the airline services Columbus.

       The following motels are located in the Columbus, GA area near the range facilities. It is
suggested that reservations and rates be confirmed in advance.
       Courtyard by Marriott                                 Sheraton Inn
       3501 Courtyard Way                                    5351 Simons Blvd.
       Columbus, GA 31909                                    Columbus, GA 31904
       Tel: 706-323-2323                                     Tel: 706-327-6868

       Days Inn                                              LaQuinta Inn
       3170 Victory Drive                                    3201 Macon Road
       Columbus, GA 31903                                    Columbus, GA 31906
       Tel: 706-689-6181                                     Tel: 706-568-1740

       Hampton Inn                                           Fort Benning Guest Quarters (BOQ)
       5585 Whitesville Road                                 706-689-0067 ext 4701
       Columbus, GA 31904
       Tel: 706-576-5303                                     Uchee Creek Campground
                                                             (706) 545-4053
SAFETY AND MEDICAL: All firearms safety practices will be observed. Failure to obey
safety rules is cause for disqualification. Any medical emergency should be reported to the
NCOIC, International Pistol Team, range personnel, or the Match Director.

SECURITY: Participants are responsible for the security and storage of their personal items and
equipment. Do not leave firearms or anything of high value on the range overnight.

COMPETITOR ELEGIBILITY: All competitors and participants are invited.


Please e-mail, fax, or mail your entry to:
FAX: (706) 545-3874
U.S. Mail:
               U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit
               International Pistol Team
               Attn: SFC Merrill
               7031 Bill St. BLDG 243
               Fort Benning, GA 31905

CATEGORIES/CLASSIFICATION: No categories or classifications.

SQUADDING: All events will be squadded. Only the Director or Instructors will do changes in
squadding for reasons other than target failures.

RULES: Current USA Shooting Rules govern this Camp.

COMPETITORS RESPONSIBILTY: It is the participant’s responsibility to fire the prescribed
number of shots on the correct targets. It shall be the competitor’s responsibility to immediately
inform the range officer of any hits on incorrect targets.

EQUIPMENT AND AMMUNITION: Equipment will be spot checked at this competition. All
arms, ammunition, clothing and equipment must comply with current USA Shooting Rules and
are subject to re-inspection at any time by officials. Participants must provide their own
ammunition. All ammunition must conform to current USA Shooting Rules.

TARGETS: All shooting will be done on electronic targets.
20 June 10    Arrivals

21 June 10    0900-UTC               Training Camp   Air

22 June 10    0900-UTC               Training Camp   Free & Sport

23 June 10    0900-UTC               Training Camp   Rapid & Sport

24 June 10    0900-UTC               Training Camp   Air & Free

25 June 10    Departures

Times subject to change without prior notice.
                            2008 International Pistol Training Camp
                                                ENTRY FORM

Please print.

Fax, e-mail, or mail entry form, weapons disclosure & liability waiver to:
FAX: (706) 545-3874
U.S. Mail:             U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit
                       International Pistol Team
                       Attn: SFC Merrill
                       7031 Bills St. BLDG 243
                       Fort Benning, GA 31905
LAST NAME:_______________________ FIRST NAME:______________________ M.I.__________

USA Shooting Membership Number:__________________


CITY:_________________________________ STATE:___________________ ZIP:_______________

TELEPHONE: DAY_____________________________ EVENING____________________________

All entries under 20 years of age, please list year of birth ___________

ENTRIES: Circle all you wish to enter

Training Camp              Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4


Competitor’s Signature:______________________________________________
Take I-185 South
Follow to Fort Benning
Access Control Point.
Follow road straight
yield right to Dixie

                         Olson Hall
                                                                       Unit Bldg

                          McAndrews &                                                                          Brinson Range
                            Ranges                                                                                5 miles
                                                                                                               Maertens Range
                                                                                                                  4 miles

                                                             AL         O
                                                  Phillips      B         R                         Parking
                                                  Range      ST A           O
                                                               R NE           A
                                                Bldg #1615       EE S               Range
                                                                   T E                      Pool        Pool
                                                                                            Outdoor Indoor
                                                                        Parks               Range      Range
                                                                        Range                  Bldg #1293




YEAR:__________________ MODEL:___________________

MAKE:__________________ COLOR:___________________

I, the undersigned, am attending a competition hosted by the United States Army
Marksmanship Unit and have with me the following weapons and ammunition that I
am transporting to the competition.

                                                 NUMBER OF   AMOUNT OF
  WEAPON TYPE               CALIBER
                                                  WEAPONS    AMMUNITION
I have read and understand USAIC Regulation 210-5, dtd 06 AUG 98,
Section II, paragraph 9-4 through paragraph 9-7 located on the back side
of this form and will abide by the provisions of this policy.


USAIC Regulation 210-5, Section II, Weapons

9-4. Possession of weapons.
a. General.
(1) The following are considered weapons: firearms, bows (to include long, recurve, compound, cam or
crossbows), air or CO2 rifles or pistols (BB/pellet guns), and slingshots.
(2) Lawful possession is defined as the possession of a registered weapon, not classified as illegal by state or
federal law, while in quarters, hunting, sports shooting; during transportation related to relocation or initial
introduction onto the installation or for some type of recognized function involving that particular weapon.
b. Privately owned weapons.
(1) Privately owned small arms and ammunition of all personnel assigned to or TDY and quartered on Fort
Benning, except those individuals living in family housing, will be registered and stored in the arms room of their
immediate organizational commander in accordance with AR 190-11.
(2) Personnel living in family housing may retain privately owned weapons with a small amount of ammunition in
their quarters after proper registration at the MP Station. Personnel maintaining privately owned weapons in
family housing are responsible for adequate security for these weapons.
(3) The theft or loss of any privately owned weapon will be reported immediately to the Provost Marshal Office.
(4) All military Personnel and family members who reside on Fort Benning and own or possess a privately owned
firearm must register it with the Provost Marshal Vehicle/Firearms Registration Section within three (3) working
days of arrival on post or within three (3) working days of obtaining the firearm. Owners must carry their Provost
Marshal registration card on their person when carrying their firearms.
9-5. Transporting weapons.
a. The carrying of weapons anywhere on the reservation, with the exceptions of subparagraph b below, is
prohibited except by those who are engaged in law enforcement duties.
b. All personnel assigned to or employed at (to include those personnel at Fort Benning in a TDY status) who
desire to transport a privately owned weapon to and from hunting, sports shooting, or other recognized function
involving that weapon will ensure that the weapon is unloaded. No weapon will be transported with a loaded
magazine/clip affixed into the weapon. No weapon will be transported with a round in the chamber or any other
projectile in a “ready to fire” configuration. Weapons will be transported in the trunk of vehicles, if so equipped. No
weapon will be transported in glove compartments, under seats or any other concealed manner (except in the
trunk of the vehicle).
c. U.S. Government weapons will not be transported in privately owned vehicles.
d. Personnel assigned to guard duties will be authorized to carry clubs while in the performance of their guard
duties. These guards will, however, be thoroughly briefed on use of force per AR 190-14.
e. Weapons of any kind are prohibited in all AAFES and DCA/MW R facilities.
9-6. Concealed weapons.
No person shall carry a weapon concealed on his or her person at any time, with the exceptions of law
enforcement personnel.
9-7. Firing or discharging weapons.
a. No weapon will be fired, discharged or used within the limits of the garrison/cantonment areas.
b. No weapon will be fired, discharged or used within 50 feet of a training area building, ammunition storage area,
active airfield, posted "no hunting" area, roadway or within 200 feet in the direction thereof.
                           WAIVER OF LIABILITY
                             US Army Marksmanship Unit
NOTICE: By executing this document you waive certain legal rights on behalf of yourself and
your family. You should read this document carefully before you sign it.

       In consideration for being permitted to participate in activities on Fort Benning, Georgia,

I ____________________________,

do hereby agree to waive, indemnify, and hold harmless the United State of America, its agents,

servants, and employees from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liability, judgments,

costs and attorney fees arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon

my trip at Fort Benning,

including any claims and actions for property damage or personal injury I receive in connection

with such trips. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the United States of America, its

agents, servants, and employees, and waive liability for any additional claims, suits, or actions

for personal injury, loss of consortium, and property damage for which my heirs, executors,

administrators, agents, and each of them, may hereafter acquire against the United States of

America, its agents, servants, and employees to the extent that such claims, suits, or actions

derive from injury, damage, or death that occurs in connection with my trip and participation in

the shooting tournament at Fort Benning.

Signed and executed on this ______ day of ____________________, 2010.

                                            Signature of Participant
                                             (Print name and Sign)

Witness (Print name and sign)

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