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									Work From Home With A Virtual Office

Increasing workloads are forcing people to spend more time in the office, even when the office is at
home. This indicates that numerous parents are not able to stay involved in their children's lives as they
develop, and are becoming mere spectators instead of loving role models. The result is an undermining
of their relationships, higher stress levels, a lack of balance and a generally unfulfilled life. However, this
shouldn't be the case. Working at home allows greater freedom and independence and should lead to
less time being wasted. Yet numerous of us fail to effectively make this transition. Discipline is a key
factor when managing a business from home using a virtual office.

Allow me to share ways you are able to successfully work from home and enjoy the huge benefits using
a Virtual Office...

Establish a routine - Structure your day so that it's both purposeful and productive. Choose a starting
and finishing time for your day; allow for breaks so that you work smarter, not harder. Doing this will
also permit you to better differentiate between work and home, and will motivate you to be more
professional. Focus on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses - Spend the maximum amount of
time working on the parts of your business that you are best at. If your billable time is worth $200 an
hour, then make certain you spend most of your time on the activities that will generate that for you.
Investing in a virtual office is key (see Virtual Offices). Steer clear of filling up your day with non-
productive activities. Invest your time and money into the right areas of your business; don't just keep
yourself busy.

Organize your environment - Have the right tools and systems to work with - an appropriate chair, desk,
computer, filing system. Additionally, utilizing a Virtual Office, meeting clients in an executive
boardroom in a sky rise office building, will display your professionalism and will inspire confidence in

Declutter the clutter - A cluttered working environment which causes you to be constantly spending
valuable time searching for things, whether files and emails on the computer or documents in filing
cabinets and cupboards, cumulatively wastes hours a day. In fact, The Wall Street Journal discovered
that the average white collar worker spends six weeks a year searching for things around the office!
Clutter is distracting and causes stress, and it's the main enemy of productivity.
Learn to say 'no' - Inform your family and friends of your working hours and that because you're working
from home does not mean you're 'available'. If you were in a corporate office, you wouldn't allow your
friends to drop by. Enforce these similar rules at your office at home. Network to expand your business
and your mind - Join local networking groups to meet other like-minded business people. Share
knowledge and discover new ways of doing things. Take a look at your local council and chamber of
commerce. Inquire about active small business networks. Join your own trade association and share
ideas. An organized business referral group may also be of enormous benefit to the home-based
business owner.

Take time out for you - It can be easy to lose yourself in your work. Take time to 'smell the roses' and to
make human contact. Go for a walk every day. Have a weekly or fortnightly massage. Visit the gym more
frequently. It is usually the simple ideas when acted upon constantly which will make a dramatic impact
overall in your business and your life. You will feel happier and more fulfilled. You will also discover extra
time in the day which you never had before.

Working from home could not be easier with the use of a Virtual Office.

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