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									Organize Your Home Business With The “Jog” File

Among the main reasons people are not as successful as they want to be with their home based
business is because it's difficult to stay organized, or to get organized in the first place. Being organized
will provide you with an abundance of time, money, and happiness.

Home business owners have numerous activities that they should accomplish during the day to be
successful. A few of these activities consist of advertising (search engines, pay per click, classified ads,
solo ads, ezines, forums, blogging, etc.), writing articles, designing materials to advertise, calling leads,
and many more. The most crucial way to remain organized working from home is to write a To do list at
the end of your work time each day. At the beginning of the day, you know where to start. But, how do
you remember who you spoke to, when you should call them back, when a certain classified ad runs out
and must be reactivated, what the title of the next article you were going to write was and when you
ought to write it, and so on.

In my stay at home business, I use what I call the “Jog” File. I have an accordion file that I've labeled with
the days of the week for a number of weeks. No matter what activity I am doing that calls for further
work, I put a note under the day I have to accomplish that task. When I open a certain file, whatever is in
there “jogs” my memory. For example, all the prospects that I have made an appointment with, I put my
calendar day page with the times of those appointments and place it in my folder under that date. All of
us have people that ask us to call at a later time. I will write their information down and put that note
under the date they requested. On that day, I will now remember to call them back. I cannot tell you
how many times I have lost track of who I was required to call back or what I did with their information.
One woman on my team uses a file box with index cards. Instead of the days of the week, she utilizes
the alphabet to jog her memory regarding her prospects and members on her team. When somebody
calls her, she instantly goes to her file and pulls their card. On the card, she will have all of the
information she has received on that person, so she sounds like she has a good memory and like a caring
team leader. If you file as you go, at the end of the day, everything will be in its place and you can begin
the next day organized and ready to get to work. By using your “jog” file to jog your memory, you'll stay
organized, resulting in you having more time, being more productive, and ultimately making more
money with your home business. Being organized will bring you a good amount of time, money,

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