Engagement ring: Representation love in symbol by seomajesty


									                          Engagement ring: Representation love in symbol

The tradition of the engagement ring goes back many years. In the recent time, it is also very
true that now people are constantly re-defining engagements and weddings. They seem to place
more importance on their engagement and wedding being a celebration of individual love than on
preciseness, formalities or old-fashioned, outdated etiquette. In simple words couples want
convenience that’s why couples are changing the way of planning engagement as well as
weddings. But the fact is that even though the way of planning engagement has been changed,
the symbol of commitment and love is still an engagement ring.

For almost all people, feelings for the engagement rings are still same as that were before and
people think that the engagement and the offering of an engagement ring to a woman are
extremely important. Besides that, the engagement rings are also very popular even with the
youth of the present day. Because, these rings evoke the sentiments of the person gifted and
bring about an effortless display of genuine trust and love. In fact, with the advent of fashion
jewelry-like gemstone studded engagement ring, diamond studded engagement ring etc- have set
a new trend among youths. They are all timeless pieces of class and grace and undoubtedly
withstand the test of fashion and time.

Apart from setting trends among the youth, the engagement rings have also become a way of
advertising wealth. And the Hollywood is the place to search for a few classic examples that have
set in a standard for themselves “the latest example were set in by Pamela Anderson, when her
husband Kid Rock gifted her a diamond studded ring worth US $ 1.2 million, when he proposed
to her on a yacht!!” Many celebrities show off their love to their loved ones by giving them a
ring as costly as possible. This trend is no new to the world and from the earlier period this
trend began a practice among rich people in the society to flaunt their wealth in the rings on
their engagements.

The same thing is also happening to all over the world and engagement rings-though are not as
expensive as those exchanged by celebrities- has started to gain importance as compare to
simple rings. The other great thing is that now engagement rings are accessible to everybody
and you can buy a ring according to your pocket size. Plus, now there are lots of choices in
engagement rings that can satisfy anybody’s desire and choice like diamond engagement ring,
pearl studded ring and gold or platinum rings have simply timeless appeal. So if you are about to
engage with your beloved one then present her a piece that really represents love in its symbolic

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