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					   BUILDINGS COVER                                                               from SAU

 This section of the policy                      You will be covered for Loss of or damage to
 covers damages to the                            the structure of your private home, garages,
 permanent physical                                         outbuildings, swimming pool, walls,
 structure of your home                                                               fences, tennis court
 and outbuildings.                                                                     and for the xtures
                                                                                              and ttings

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This section of the policy covers damages to the permanent physical structure of your home and

Your home and outbuildings must be of standard construction i.e. constructed of brick, stone or concrete with slate, tile, concrete, fibrous
cement or metal roof except where stated otherwise in the schedule of insurance.

What you pay when you claim - the excess(es)
Every time you claim, or another party claims against you, you must pay the basic excess and any of the additional excesses on the schedule of

We cover you for:
Loss of or damage to the structure of your private home, garages, outbuildings, swimming pool (but not borehole and swimming pool
equipment), walls, fences, tennis court and for the fixtures and fittings at the address specified on the schedule of insurance.

The cover on the buildings section is for loss or damage caused by:
       1.   Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake;
       2.   Break-in or theft; but if your home or part of it is rented out, then only if we can see the damage caused by the break-in or out;
       3.   Storm or flood, but not when the loss or damage is to your gates, fences or retaining walls;
       4.   Aircraft or things dropped from them;
       5.   Malicious or intentional damage, but not if your home is unoccupied for more than 30 days in a year, unless stated on the schedule of
       6.   The bursting or overflowing of geysers not older than 5 (five) years, equipment or pipes;
       7.   Impact with your home and outbuildings by animals, vehicles and falling trees (but not while they are being felled);
       8.   Subsidence, heave and landslip, subject to the following:
            If your schedule of insurance specifies/states that you are paying for this cover, we will cover you for loss of or damage to your private
            home, garage and outbuildings caused by subsidence or heave of land supporting the building or landslide as long as the loss or
            damage is not caused by or does not arise from any of the following:
            8.1.    Excavations other than mining excavations;
            8.2.    Alterations, additions or repairs to the dwelling;
            8.3.    The compaction of infill;
            8.4.    Defective design, materials or workmanship;
            8.5.    Normal settlement, shrinking or expansion of the dwelling.

Additional benefits of this policy:
If you have selected this cover and if you have an active home contents policy with us and loss occurs due to subsidence, heave or landslip, and
the insured items, which you normally keep inside the buildings at the same insured address listed on the schedule of insurance, are lost or
damaged at the same time and same event as your buildings and your buildings claim is approved you will be covered to the maximum amount
as stated on your schedule of insurance.

In addition to your building cover, the following items below will be covered. The maximum indemnity for the following items is stated on your
schedule of insurance.

If you are renting out your private residence or part thereof, you will be covered for the loss of rent if your tenant had to leave the buildings
because it was damaged by anything covered in this policy.

Professional fees
Your expense for professional fees and charges from public authorities after damage caused by anything covered on the schedule of insurance.

Fixed glass
Your fixed glass is damaged accidentally.

Power supply
Your public supply or mains connections are damaged accidentally.

Your radio/television aerials or masts and satellite dishes when they break accidentally or if they are stolen.

Fire brigade
Fire brigade charges for a fire at your home.

Demolition charges
The cost to demolish your home and to remove the debris if it was damaged by anything covered in this policy.

Legal liability for other parties as a homeowner
If you are legally responsible, we will cover you:

     1.   If any person other than you or a member of your family who lives with you, or someone who works for you, is injured or dies
     2.   For the recoverable legal costs of the person who claims against you.

We do not cover you for:
Structural alterations
We do not cover you for any loss or damage while new erections or structural alterations and additions are being carried out at the risk address.
There will be no cover what so ever while alterations and additions are in progress.

Fire damage to a thatch roof building
Fire damage if your home or outbuildings have a thatch roof, unless the schedule of insurance states that it is covered.

Damage to non-approved buildings
Any damage if the relevant local authority did not approve or would not have approved the construction of the building.

Death, injury, damage or losses which are caused by, happen from, or are due to:
     1.   The ownership, possession or use of lifts or vehicles;
     2.   The pursuit or exercise of any trade, business or profession.

Subsidence, heave and landslip
     1.   Loss of or damage to solid floor slabs or any other part of the building resulting from the movement of the slabs, unless the
          foundations supporting the external walls of the buildings are damaged by the same cause at the same time;
     2.   Loss or damage to swimming pools, tennis courts, patios, terraces, driveways, paths, septic or conservancy tanks, drains, water
          courses, walls, gates, posts and fences unless the private residence or its domestic buildings are damaged by the same cause at the
          same time;
     3.   The cost of work necessary to prevent further loss or damage due to subsidence, heave or landslips except where appropriate design
          precautions were implemented during the original construction of the dwelling and any subsequent additions.

What happens if you are under-insured
Your buildings, which include the main structure of your home, outbuildings, walls, swimming pool etc, must be insured for its replacement
value, which is what it will cost at the time of a claim to rebuild/replace all items with new building material, labour etc. It is your responsibility to
ensure that this value is kept up to date and is revised.

At claim stage, the replacement value will be calculated against the value you insured it for, if buildings were insured for less than the actual
replacement value and compare that amount to what you actually insured them for, only part and/or a percentage of your claim will be paid, e.g.

Claimed amount                                                    R 400 000

Insured for                                                     R 1 000 000

Replacement value                                               R 2 000 000                     (50% under-insured)

Under-insured calculation                                 R 400 000 X R 1 000 000


                                                                R 2 000 000

Claim Payment        (before applicable excess)                   R 200 000                     (50% of claimed amount)

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