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     A Life
     by Sister Claire Noonan, rsj

     ‘Gathering together in His Name’
     was the mood of God’s grace, which
     flowed through the Parish at Ballina
     on Saturday 8 August 2009. The people
     had come together to praise God
     through their recall and celebration
     of the life of Mary MacKillop. Mary was
     co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph,
     an Australian Order, who lived the
     truth she preached and serviced
     other by “Never see a need without
     trying to do something about it” The
     people had also come to pause within
     the busyness of life and, be still before
     their God.

     Left: Centenary Mass celebrated on the 8th August,
     2009 at St. Mary’s Church, North Sydney (S2i Photo)

                                                                                                       Image of Mary

             rior to the commencement of this Saturday Liturgy, the people of God were                 MacKillop
             invited into the life story of Mary. Through the visual media of pictures,             (permanently
                                                                                                     displayed in
             music and information, the Church congregation travelled through 100 years SFX Church
     of Josephite living, services capturing aspects of her dream which enabled her                      Ballina)
     relevance in today’s world. Kathryn Sweeney rsj captured for the people a glimpse of
     the unbounded vision of Mary MacKillop, which enabled her followers to creatively
     serve and minister to people across the whole of Australia in those formative years of
     our nation. A country young and untamed, a mixture of cultures where many were poor, isolated
     and often neglected, outbacks and cities where people were seeking to establish themselves and
     their families. The silence during this reflection was witness to Mary Mackillop as a chosen one
     of God who had a ‘future vision’ for all the people of Australia.
         During 2008 World Youth Day Blessed Mary MacKillop was the Saint, which reminded the
     universal Church of her contribution to the people of God in a borderless structure. A wonderful
     recognition of a humble Australian whose motive was to enable others to discover God through
     education and life.
        The Ballina Church was alive with a ‘mood’ of Grace. The celebrant Fr Colin Reinhard,
     welcomed all and so Mass began. It was a participative Liturgy with former ex-students of
     Josephites and many friends, within the Parish, linking together in Faith. The Director
     of Catholic Education, Dr Anne Wenham and the three Principals from the local
     Parish Schools, were very much part of the celebration and at the conclusion of the
     Mass were presented with a framed picture and inscription of Mary. This was a gift
     given to all Parish School Communities, where the Josephites were on mission to the
     people of God.
        In the centre of the Sanctuary, at the base of the steps in St Francis Xavier’s Church,
     Ballina, was a decorated image of Mary Mackillop. In a specially created clear box a
     significant ‘relic’ of Mary MacKillop rested.
        The ‘relic’ was wood from the actual coffin in which Mary MacKillop was laid to
     rest when she died on 8 August 1909. In 1914, her remains were moved from Gore
     Hill Cemetery, Sydney and transferred to the current Chapel to Mount Street,
     North Sydney. It was indeed a privilege to have such a Church treasure in our            Below: Aunty Ponnie (Yvonne Del Signore – Bundjalung Elder)
     possession and Church.                                                                                           doing a ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony

        Father Colin traced two specific aspects of Mary’s life: her spirituality in
     the context of her relationship with her God and the place of Religious Life
     today and with the pages of history now long gone, but never forgotten. In
     linking her life so closely with her living for others, he integrated the
     contribution of all-religious to the life of the Church, God’s People and the
     World today. It was both a reflective and engaging talk.
        At the conclusion of Mass Fr Colin blessed all present and invited Dr
     Anne Wenham to make the Presentation to the local Parish School
     Principals. Some photos were taken and, as the people began to move, the
     paths they chose were different. Some went to the Relic, bowing their head
     in silence connecting with their God through Mary MacKillop. Others
     mingled outside where a cuppa and some goodies were available for all to
     share. Still others simply stayed where they were, bowing their head in
     prayer before God.
        Therefore, what was it exactly that drew some 300 plus people, on a
     busy Saturday Morning to leave aside those weekend chores, their sport             Below: Sr Kathryn Sweeney rsj (Pastoral Associate), Dr Anne Wenham
     and come together to pause, reflect and celebrate the life of Mary                Director of CEO and Eric Littler, Principal of Xavier Catholic College,
     Mackillop. We do not have to know the details, for God was obviously                with image of Mary MacKillop Inset: The tomb of Mary MacKillop
     within them and indeed is always part of His people.
        Let us pray, that the life and impact of Mary MacKillop will be source
     of strength, courage and inspiration to all Australians. May her spirit
     continually flows across, this our ‘broad brown land’ and may all who have
     a need in their daily lives, find hope, faith and love a little easier because
     Mary Mackillop was an Australia. She traced a pathway through life
     through her living as a Brown Josephite.
        On 8 August 2009, I too, heard a whisper of what she said long ago…
     “Just do the best you can and God will do the rest” remembering, “we are
     but travellers here”.

Left: Worshippers kiss the tomb of Mary MacKillop at the
Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel in North Sydney, where they gathered
to celebrate Mary MacKillop Feast day. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)                                                                                          17
      Scaffolding Takes Shape
     The erection of the scaffolding and hoarding has now
     commenced in preparation for the conservation and
     repair works on St Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore.

        n a project which will take over 18 months to complete, the
        roof slates damaged in the October 2007 hailstorm will be
        replaced. Father Paul McDonald, the Administrator of the
     Cathedral, said that the stained glass windows above the main
     entrance had already been replaced. However, one in four of      be used,” said Fr McDonald. Specialist heritage architects
     the 62,000 roof slates were cracked by the hail. Restoration     Conybeare Morrison International, whose recent works have
     has been delayed due to the sourcing of new slates and their     included St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, have been entrusted
     importation from Newfoundland. “While the scaffolding is         with the development of the project and Regional Project
     in place extensive repair and replacement of guttering and       Managers Australia Pty Ltd who have recently completed
     downpipes burst by the hailstorm will be carried out,” said Fr   the restoration of St Michael’s Cathedral, Wagga Wagga,
     McDonald. Cleaning and restoration of the exterior Cathedral     will oversee the project carried out by local contractors. Fr
     walls and drainage systems will also be undertaken, as well      McDonald said that it is fortunate that most of the cost of
     as some repair to the internal roof trusses. “The restoration    the project is covered by insurance. “St Carthage’s Cathedral
     of the brickwork is a delicate and specialised work and must     celebrated its Centenary in 2007 and we are ensuring that
     be carried out by hand. Because of the age of the brick and      Lismore’s beautiful Cathedral will be serving our community
     terra-cotta, high pressure hoses and harsh chemicals cannot      for another 100 years and beyond,” Father McDonald said.

      Anointed and Sent:
      An Australian Vision for
      Catholic Youth Ministry
     Hailed as “essential reading for those entering youth
     ministry” during its launch at the annual gathering
     of Lay Movements, held on the anniversary of Pope
     Benedict’s arrival in Sydney for World Youth Day.

           ishop Brian Heenan, who was a member of the former
           Bishops Committee for Laity which approved the
                                                                           L to R – Francesca Li (Focolare Movement), Tom Horsfall (ACSA),
           project, said “this resource will be essential reading
                                                                           Rachel Addy (YCS), Bishop Michael Malone, Vicky Burrows (YCS)
     for those entering Youth Ministry and a useful guide for
     thinking about youth ministry into the future”.                     Bishop Joseph Grech, the Bishops Delegate for Youth
        The launch was included as part of the annual gathering       on the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life describes the
     of Lay Movements, an initiative of the Bishops Commission        importance of youth ministry in his introduction to Anointed
     for Church Ministry, which this year took the focus of Church    and Sent.
     Ministry with Youth. In addressing the participants, Bishop         “We are all in relationships with young people in some
     Michael Malone, the Commission Chair and fashionably             way and each young person is important. Young people are
     dressed as a World Youth Day pilgrim encouraged all              a part of our community and we all need to be active in
     movements to celebrate “Youth as a gift to be shared not a       ministry with them to reflect this,” he said. “There are many
     problem to be solved.”                                           strategies for youth ministry that link to this framework, from
        The gathering was facilitated by Mr Malcolm Hart, Senior      the national and diocesan level to youth ministry in parishes
     Youth Ministry Project Officer for the Bishops Commission        and schools. I encourage everyone to use Anointed and Sent
     for Pastoral Life, who shared his reflections on the three       as a resource for reflection and action and find ways to meet
     goals and eight focus areas of the document and recent           the goals and the focus areas that fit your community.”
     developments in youth ministry from across Australia.               Representing the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry,
        Mrs Karen Lunney, Youth Ministry Coordinator for the          Bishop Malone, Bishop Heenan and Bishop Finnigan were
     Sandhurst Diocese outlined the journey of many years             joined at the gathering by representatives of sixteen Lay
     towards a ratified and published national vision for youth       Movements and organisations including youth movements.
     ministry. Initiated by the Australian Network of Diocesan        A highlight of the gathering was hearing the realities and
     Youth Ministry Coordinators (ANDYMC), the consultation           thoughts from three young people about how to understand
     process and subsequent writing of the document was the           and engage youth in the Church.
     work of a team of people under the guidance of the Bishops          Anointed and Sent: An Australian Vision for Catholic
     Commission for Pastoral Life.                                    Youth Ministry will be distributed to parishes and secondary
        “I am so pleased to see the final printed document. It has    schools around Australia. Additional copies can be can be
     been a marathon effort on behalf of all involved and will        purchased/ordered through the Australian Catholic Bishops
     hopefully provide a language with which we can negotiate the     Conference Youth Ministry website at www.youthministry.
     youth ministry terrain in a post WYD Australia,” she said.       catholic.org.au
18                                                                                                     Catholic Life, September, 2009
  Jubilee Celebrations
St. Carthage’s Cathedral Lismore was the venue
on the 27th July for the celebration of 135 years of
priestly service by three priests.

      ather Bernard Ryan (Diamond Jubilee)
      Father Vincent Doyle (Golden Jubilee) and
      Father Michael Nugent (Silver Jubilee) were       Pictured after the Jubilee Mass (left to right) Fr Michael Nugent, Ms Robyne Bancroft,
acknowledged at a Concelebrated Mass celebrated          Fr Bernard Ryan SM, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett, Fr Vincent Doyle and Ms Lenore Parker
by the Bishop of Lismore Most Rev. Geoffrey                             Diocese of Wewak, New Guinea in 1969. He returned to work
Jarrett and twenty eight priests. At the Mass, Bishop Jarrett           in the Lismore Diocese in 1974. His last parish appointment
spoke of the dedicated service of the three priests and the areas       was Parish Priest of Bangalow/Byron Bay from 1992 to 1998.
of work in which they had been engaged in many places in                On the 25th March 1998, he retired to Lismore where he
the Diocese. He said it was appropriate to acknowledge their            currently resides.
priestly ministry in this the Year for Priests. Father Bernard              Father Michael Nugent was born in Lismore on the 10th
Ryan, a priest of the Marist Order, was born in Wellington, New         July 1954, the son of the late John and Mary Nugent. He
Zealand on September 1st, 1924. He received his primary and             received his early education at Glen Innes Public School, Our
secondary education in Wellington. He spent a year in the civil         Lady Help of Christians School at South Lismore and at Marist
service and part time university. He began his studies for the          Brothers High School Lismore. He commenced his studies for
Priesthood in 1942 and was ordained to the Priesthood on the            the Priesthood at St. Columba’s College Springwood and then
11th December 1949. His work as a priest has included teaching          at Banyo Seminary. He was ordained to the Priesthood by
administration as Rector, Superior and Superior General of the          Bishop John Satterthwaite at Lismore on the 17th February
Marist Order. He was based in Rome from 1977 until 1985.                1984. He served as Assistant Priest at Tweed Heads, Port
He began his work in the Lismore Diocese in 1990 as a key               Macquarie, Murwillumbah and Grafton. He served as Parish
member of Aboriginal ministry.                                          Priest of Coraki from 1994 until 2008. He retired in March
     Father Vincent Doyle was born in Maclean on the 11th               2008 and is living in Lismore. Speaking on behalf of the
November 1935. His primary and secondary education took                 Jubilarians, Father Vincent Doyle spoke of the happiness
place in Maclean and Grafton. He studied for the Priesthood             of the day and the gratitude he and his fellow jubilarians
at St. Columba’s College, Springwood and St. Patrick’s College          felt for the support given to them by so many people here
Manly. He was ordained to the Priesthood at St. Mary’s                  and beyond. They were especially pleased to have in the
Church, Grafton on the 19th July 1959. He has served in                 congregation two representatives of the Bundjalung people,
many parishes in the Lismore Diocese and went on loan to the            Ms Robyne Bancroft and Ms Lenore Parker.

  Lunch With Friends
On the 28th July, St. Joseph’s Parish, Tweed Heads,
celebrated the 3rd Anniversary of Our Lady of The
Rosary Outreach

         argaret Roach our esteemed catering
         manager wisely suggested that instead
         of going to one of the clubs, we                                heavy burden was lifted from Denis’s shoulders. This enabled
celebrate and share this important milestone with our friends            Denis to turn his efforts to obtaining warm clothing, blankets,
in the park. Margaret further suggested ‘Christmas in July’ as           doonas and sleeping bags for people sleeping rough in the
the theme for the event.                                                 parks or motor vehicles.
   Due to Margaret and her husband Kevin and the combined                   A number of our newfound friends were in ill health and
efforts of their wonderful group of acolytes and in spite                seriously at risk, Denis contacted Blair Athol who quickly
of a few hiccups requiring a late minute change of venue                 responded to our requests and accepted those deemed at risk.
the event was a fantastic success. The food was five star, a             Such was the level of care they provided and continue to
beautiful day with brilliant sunshine and a happy and indeed             provide, lives have been saved.
joyful atmosphere prevailed.                                                Karen from Oz Care soon arrived with nursing support and
   At Christmas we celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus,             quickly became involved in assisting in serving meals as well
with Christmas in July we celebrate three years of faithful              as the nursing support.
witness to His gospel message of LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I                      The Queensland Mental Health Homeless Outreach team
HAVE LOVED YOU.                                                          also joined our gathering and offered their support.
   As I reflect on the humble beginning’s of our little group               The Society of St Vincent de Paul from St Monica’s
I am in awe of how we have grown and expanded in such                    Tugun also came on board offering member’s and ongoing
a relative short time. I would like to take this opportunity to          financial support and we thank them for their generosity and
pay tribute to each and every person who have contributed to             commitment.
this work of Christian ministry over the past three years.                  As we begin the fourth year of service to our brothers
   Under direction of our co-founder Denis Pommer, this                  and sisters in need, I pray that we will continue as a caring
outreach has expanded to provide other much needed goods                 Christian community to bear witness to the love and concern
and provisions of services to our brothers and sisters in need.          of all those in need.
   When the Parish office set up and organised the cooking                  Thank you to each and everyone for the prayers and
roster to assist Denis after I had returned to Tasmania, a               support.                            Bill Lovering – Co-founder
Catholic Life, September, 2009                                                                                                                   19
       “A Just Workplace”

     A group of forty people from a variety of
     Catholic Church organisations gathered on
     5th August at the Polding Centre in Sydney to
     attend the launch of “A Just Workplace”.

          his booklet was developed by the Catholic Commission
          for Employment Relations (CCER) to guide employers
          in applying Catholic Social Teaching principles at their                 From left: Sr Barbara Bolster RSM, Bishop Kevin Manning,
     workplaces.                                                                              Anthony Farley and CCER Chair Anne Gorman.
        The booklet was launched by the Most Rev Kevin Manning,         In launching the document, Bishop Manning challenged
     Bishop of Parramatta and the President of CLRI (NSW), Sr        those present to make the document a meaningful reality
     Barbara Bolster RSM, before an audience representing a          in Catholic workplaces. Sr Barbara referred to the history
     range of Catholic employers, from systemic education,           of Catholic Social Teaching and noted the document’s
     independent schools, social welfare organisations, diocesan     particular focus on the “blind spots” that can develop in
     agencies, congregational works and parishes.                    workplaces to stifle these principles of fairness and justice.
        “A Just Workplace” was drafted by the Parish, Diocesan          CCER’s Executive Director, Anthony Farley, praised the
     and Religious Institutes Employment Relations Committee         development of the booklet as a significant achievement
     (PDRIERC) and was developed through consultation with           for Catholic employers. CCER viewed the launch as a
     a broad range of stakeholders, including the NSW/ACT            celebration of the role of employer-employee relationships
     Bishops, diocesan employers and religious congregations.        in Catholic workplaces.
        “A Just Workplace” aims to provide a fresh look at
     Catholic Social Teaching in the context of contemporary                                Limited copies of “A Just Workplace”
     employment settings. It is a blend of practical guidance at                        are available free of charge by contacting
     workplace level with the established social principles of the                           Teresa at CCER tel (02) 9390 5255.

20                                                                                                    Catholic Life, September, 2009
                                                                                 On Tuesday 18th August, parents,
                                                                             friends and other community members
                                                                             joined the staff and students of St Joseph’s

                                                                             Primary School Coraki for a very colourful
                                                                             and entertaining celebration of Book Week.
                                                                             The theme for 2009 was “Book Safari” so all staff
                                                                             and students demonstrated their enthusiasm by

                                                                             decorating the office and all class rooms in the
                                                                             ‘jungle’ theme.
                                                                                 Guests were initially entertained by Years 3–6
                                                                             who presented poetry pieces which were also

                                                                                                                                          of the Diocese
                                                                                                                                          of the Diocese
                                                                             performed at the Lismore Eisteddfod the next day.
                                                                             The grand finale was also an eisteddfod item, a
                                                                             presentation that told the story of children ‘diving’
                                                                             into books and going on extraordinary adventures.
                                                                             Their performance was helped by the ‘pesky pirates’
                                                                             from Year 1/2 and the ‘cheeky monkeys’ of K/1.
                                                                             This dazzling presentation was an original piece
                                                                             written and choreographed by Mrs Anne Lowrey our
                                                                             Creative Arts teacher.
                                                                                 Visitors then explored the classrooms to view the
                                                                             jungle displays and to vote for their favourite art work
                                                                             created by the students. A lovely morning tea was had
                                                                             by all, followed by “Character Capers” which involved
                                                                             Years 1–6. They researched a character from a book
                                                                             they had read and created a display for all to visit and
                                                                             ask questions about their character. The last event of
                                                                             the day was a book character parade which proved
                                   St Joseph’s, Coraki                       very entertaining indeed.
                                                                                 Everyone enjoyed a wonderful day which
                               Celebrating Book Week                         re-ignited their love for reading.

St. Joseph’s Primary School, South Grafton
Mini Vinnies Stitch it up!!
   Mini Vinnies have been very busy here at St. Joseph’s, South Grafton. The
group headed by Mrs. Gai Aitken (Missions and Values Facilitator) and aided
by a group of experts have been learning how to knit. Some wonderfully
patient and kind ladies from our parish community have been spending
every Tuesday during lunchtime with us sharing their skills.
   The original aim of this exercise was to knit enough squares to send a
blanket to the ‘Wrapped with Love’ group for the people in Victoria as they
rebuild their lives after the bushfires of February.
   As learning to knit takes a considerable amount of time – more than we
originally imagined, we actually missed the deadline! However, we continue
to knit as the ‘Wrapped with Love’ program sends the blankets onto Africa and other areas of the globe who need to
be ‘Wrapped in Love’.
   This has been a wonderful giving experience for all and has involved many a nanna, mum, aunt or friend of our
school, in the process. We now have 149 squares which will make 5 blankets so far and still counting!
   One nanna has even knitted a dozen pairs of bootees – so, we are sending them to Africa also, to wrap the tiny,
precious little feet of the babies born with AIDS.
   Our children are very excited knowing that what they have made with their own hands, is going to make a big
difference in someone’s life. Just like Mary MacKillop they are helping children in need.

                                                                  Linking school and the community
                                                                      For the past 8 years, Miss Julie Clarke, a
                                                                  teacher at St Joseph’s School, has been taking
                                                                  her class each fortnight to visit the elderly at
                                                                  a local aged care facility, “Vincent Court” Each
                                                                  child in 2C is given a resident buddy to visit
                                                                  and they spend time together, talking and
                                                                  reading. Miss Julie is a competent guitarist
                                                                  and the regular sing-a-long is enjoyed by
                                                                  all. A local bus company, ‘Cavanagh’s’ provides
                                                                  transportation for the children, free of charge.
                                                                      The “Vincent Court” visits are mutually
                                                                  beneficial. They heighten the children’s
                                                                  awareness of the aged in our community. Year
                                                                  2 student Jack Shea said, “I like going to Vincent
                                                                  Court because my buddy tells me about when                              Life
                                                                  she was little” The residents look forward to the
St Joseph’s School,                                               fortnightly visits and enjoy the children’s company.                     2009

                                                                                        Helen Hart – St Joseph’s Kempsey
Kempsey                                                           Tessa Connors reading with Father Crowley at Vincent Court

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