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IntellIgent CARPARk SyStemS

Carpark Management

Pay & Display On-Street
Parking Meters

Dynamic Parking
Signage System

Bay Sensor
Guidance System

Vehicle Detail
Capture System

Flexible parking
solutions for

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    4	 >	 iPARK	Carpark Management System

    8	 >	 iPARK	Pay & Display On-street Parking Meters

    13	 >	 iPARK	Dynamic Parking Signage System

    14	 >	 iPARK	Bay Sensor Guidance System

    15 >	 Xtreme	Vision	Vehicle Detail Capture System

    16	 >	 iPARK	Carpark Management System Overview
Company Profile

CDS Worldwide Pty ltd ( CDS) established in 1989 is a           CDS EXPERTISE
wholly owned Australian company specialising in design,         >		Electronic	&	Mechanical	Engineering
manufacture and integration of complete electronics             >		Designing	PCBs
systems and turnkey solutions that conform to Australian        >		Compliance	with	International	Standards	–	CE,	FCC,	etc
and overseas specifications and standards.
                                                                >		Electronic	Design
CDS has delivered end-to-end solutions to the car parking,      >	 Design	Enclosures	(ie.	car	parking	meters	and	car		
hotel and security industries for more than 18 years.              park	equipment,	hotel	locks	and	domestic	locks)

Demonstrating a profound history of innovation, CDS
offers cutting-edge technology to its partners and is           SoFTwaRE DESIgn
arguably the first company in Australia to integrate            >		Providing	integrated	software	solutions	using:
mobile commerce into its products.                              >		Linux	and	Windows	Operating	Systems
                                                                >		Programming	Language	in	Java	and	C++
CDS specialises in a range of technologies, among these
                                                                >		Database	MYSQL
are door locking and building management systems for
the hotel industry, access control and CCtV systems for
the security industries, ‘off-street’ car parking solutions,    InTEgRaTIon
‘on-street’ solar powered parking meters and parking            >		Carrier	Interface	Design
guidance systems using VmS signs and parking bay                >		Mobile	Phone	Software	Design
indicators, which enable drivers to find the nearest            >		Credit	Card	Software	Design
car park or the nearest parking spot within a car park,         >		Hardware	and	Software	Integration
without delay or frustrations.                                  >		Assembly	of	Hardware	and	Integration	with	Software
the expertise required to service each of these industries      >		Design	Review
comes together in synergy for each client’s specific
purposes – for example, hotel room access key card              PRoDUCT RangE
technology can be extended and integrated into access           >	Intelligent	Transport	Solutions
to the hotel’s public car park, cashless purchases from         >	Car	Park	Equipment
vending machines, access to designated floors and facilities,   >	Entry	and	Exit	Stations
thus eliminating duplications, extra labour resources and       >	Automatic	Pay	Stations	used	as	unmanned	cashiers		
numerous stand alone rigid equipment on site.                     to	enable	patrons	to	pay	by	cash,	coin,	credit	card		
                                                                  or	mobile	phone.
Flexible and responsive to current and future technology
                                                                >	Automatic	Pay	Stations	issue	change	if	required	either		
platforms, CDS strives to deliver superior technological
                                                                  in	notes	or	coins.
solutions that are tailored to individual client needs.
                                                                >	Manned	Cashier	Stations
                                                                >	Loyalty	Shopping	Programs
                                                                >	Smart	Card	POS	terminals	for	accruing	loyalty	points
                                                                >	Cinema	loyalty	points
                                                                >	Credit	card	payment	gateways
                                                                >	Mobile	Phone	(M-commerce	payment	gateway)	
                                                                >	Intercoms	(LAN	based	or	analogue)	
                                                                >	Smart	Card	Dispensing	Entry	Stations
                                                                >	Dynamic	Signage	System
iPARK Carpark Management Systems
Flexible parking solutions for streamlined carpark management

i-Park Carpark management System provides optimum
customer satisfaction by offering a range of convenient
payment options combined with streamlined automatic
entry and exit stations. We combine accessible operational
point-of-sale monitoring for ground staff with detailed
supervisory financial analysis and control for management.
Convenience, adaptability and security are the objectives;
streamlined operation is the outcome.
the iPark Carpark management System had been fully
designed and is manufactured in Australia by CDS.

>	Hi	Level	LAN	communication	between	the	central	management	
  software	and	the	Entry,	Exit,	Auto	Pay	and	Cashier	stations.
>	All	stations	seamlessly	and	automatically	default	to	stand		
  alone	mode	if	External	LAN	fails.
>	Optional	equipment	finish	with	client’s	corporate	branding,		
  artwork	and	colours,
>	Comprehensive	“loyalty”	management	system	which	allows		
  a	shopping	centre	to	record	“How	much”	money	is	spent	in		
  “Which	shop”	and	“When”	by	car	park	users	who	receive	
  discounted	parking	and	rewards	when	they	shop	in	the	centre.
>	“Discount	Vouchers”	to	enable	designated	businesses	to		
  pre-purchase	free	or	discounted	fee	exit	passes	for	their		
>	On-line	credit	card	processing,	which	virtually	eliminates		
  credit	card	fraud,
>	Remote	access	to	car	park	data	base	via	Internet	by	central		
  office	management	to	generate	various	revenue	and		
  performance	reports	without	ever	having	to	visit	the	site.
>	Access	“face	to	face”	to	local	CDS	software	and	hardware		
  designers	to	discuss	specific,	unique	client	requirements.

>	Low	cost	thermal	Barcode	tickets	(no	ink	consumables)
>	“Green”	Recycled	Smart	card	PVC	tickets	(no	paper	waste,	no		
  consumable	costs,	tickets	are	re-cycled	up		to	300	times	each)
>	“Green”	Recycled	Mag	stripe	PVC	tickets.

>Cash	and	Coins
>Credit	Cards
>Smart	Cards
>Mobile	Telephone

Darwin International Airport   Austin Hospital
Avalon Airport                 Bendigo City Council,
Alice Springs Airport          the RACV HQ Complex,
Albury Airport                 Darwin Convention Centre,
melbourne Central              Freshwater Place Complex,
Harbourtown Docklands          and others

AIRPORT NT                     NT

VIC                            VIC

VIC                            QLD
iPaRK	Carpark Management Systems

EnTRy STaTIon                                                      EXIT STaTIon
DeSIgneD to SuPPoRt multIPle-entRy                                 FASt CAR PARk egReSS mADe eASy tHRougH
CAR PARkIng APPlICAtIonS.                                          multIPle unmAnneD PAyment SolutIonS.

CASUAL USERS	issued	on	entry	with	durable,	barcoded,	printed	      CASUAL USERS		visit	the	‘pay-on-foot’	self-service	kiosk	to	obtain	
time	and	date,	ticket	or	recycled	PVC	Smartcard.                   their	Receipt	and	paid	Exit	pass	or	they	can	present	their	entry	
PERMANENT USERS	can	choose	from	a	number	of	front-end	             ticket	at	the	unmanned	exit	station	and	pay	the	displayed	fee	by	
access	readers:	e-tags,	proximity,	magstripe,	contactless	and	     credit	card	or	by	mobile	phone.
contact	smart	cards.                                               PERMANENT USERS	exit	by	presenting	their	proximity,			
VISITORS	can	access	tenants’	parking	bays	through	pre-assigned,	   magstripe,	contactless	smart	card	or	e-tag	ID.
authorised	PIN	numbers	that	generate	barcoded	entry	ticket.        VISITORS Exit	by	presenting	their	entry	ticket.	Client	pays	the	car	
PRE-BOOKING SERVICE	enables	motorists	to	reserve	a	car		           park	fee.
parking	space	by	credit	card,	or	mobile	phone.                     HELP ASSISTANCE is	provided	via	in-built	intercom.
HELP ASSISTANCE	is	provided	via	in-built	intercom.

MannED CaSHIER EXIT STaTIon                                          Pay-on-FooT PayMEnT KIoSK
PRoVIDeS A PeRSonAl FACe to tHe ColleCtIon oF                        PRoVIDeS CASuAl uSeRS WItH An unmAnneD PARkIng
PARkIng FeeS FRom DePARtIng motoRIStS eItHeR At                      PAyment SeRVICe PRIoR to exIt
tHe exIt BootH oR At tHe CentRAl CAR PARk oFFICe
                                                                     >	Secure	metal	cabinet	is	robust	and	vandal	resistant.
>	Barcode	laser	scanner  >	Receipt	printer                           >	Provides	the	option	of	fast	unmanned	payment	for	casual		
                                                                       car	park	users.
>	Smart	Card	scanner           >	Cash	drawer
                                                                     >	Accepts	multiple	payment	methods:	coin,	notes,	credit	card,	
>	Credit	card	reader           >	Driver	fee	display
                                                                       and	special	parking	fee	discount	vouchers.	Dispenses	change	
OPERATION An	attendant	presents	the	driver’s	entry	ticket	to	the	      when	required.
scanner,	which	calculates	and	displays	the	parking	fee.	             >	Issues	a	receipt	for	exiting	the	car	park.
CASH DRAWER opens	when	a	receipt	is	printed,	and	the	boom	           >	Improves	payment	collection	methods	to	facilitate	efficient		
gate	automatically	opens.                                              car	park	operation.
END Of SHIfT the	operator	balances	the	cash	drawer	contents	using	   >	Recharges	“stored	value”	car	park	access	cards.	
the	POS	terminal	to	generate	summary	reports	for	their	location.

 MANNED PAYMENT SYSTEM                                               UN-MANNED EXIT STATION PAYMENT SYSTEM
 >	Car	park	attendant	receives	entry	barcoded	ticket	with	a	         >	Motorist	inserts	their	valid	barcoded	ticket	into	a	slot	at	the	
   time	and	date	stamp	from	the	exiting	motorist.	The	ticket	is	       car	park	exit	station	terminal.
   scanned	and	read	by	the	car	park	validator	unit.                  >	The	amount	calculated	for	the	time	spent	is	displayed	at	the		
 >	The	time	and	date	of	exit	is	compared	by	the	validator	unit	to	     terminal.	Motorist	swipes	their	credit	card	through	the	in-built	
   the	barcoded	entry	time	and	date	stamp.                             credit	card	reader,	receives	a	receipt	and	the	exit	boom	gate	opens.
 >	The	internal	validator	software	contains	all	parking	fees,	and	   >	Car	park	charges	billed	against	each	motorist’s	credit	card.
   calculates	the	charge	for	time	spent	within	the	car	park.
 >	Car	parking	charges	are	displayed	on	a	LCD	display	viewable	      PAY-BY-fOOT CAR PARKING SYSTEM
   to	the	motorist	and	attendant.                                    >	Motorists	pay	with	cash	or	credit	card	prior	to	exit,	by	visiting	
 >	Motorist	pays	by	credit	card	or	cash	in	exchange	for	a	receipt.     a	‘pay	by	foot’	kiosk	located	within	the	car	park.
                                                                     >	Their	entry	ticket	is	validated	when	the	payment	transaction	is	
                                                                       completed	and	the	motorist	now	has	a	pre-set	amount	time	
                                                                       (say	20	minutes)	to	exit	the	car	park.
 >	Motorist	prepays	for	car	park	use.	Each	entry	and	exit	is		
   validated	by	proximity,	magstripe,	smart	cards	or	long		          >	Upon	exiting,	motorists	insert	their	valid	ticket	into	the	exit	
   range	hands	free	readers.                                           station	terminal,	which	opens	the	exit	boom	gate.
iPaRK	Carpark Management Systems
the Auto Pay Station has simple easy to read colourful images to assist car park users.

the Auto Pay Station facia is available with optional client’s corporate branding, artwork and colours.

                 Generic	Facia    The	Pier,	Cairns	      Alice	Springs	    Darwin	Airport      Avalon	Airport   The	Foundry
                                              QLD              Airport                NT                  VIC           VIC
  iPARK Intelligent Pay & Display
  on-Street Parking Meters
  busy streets need intelligent car parking solutions that enable
  clients to analyse traffic patterns and adapt for change.

Parking management is the key to economic
development in urban centres. these robust
solutions improve the city streetscape and
provide an intelligent and highly secure way
of developing services and revenues.
the Pay & Display systems answer the needs
of a busy community.

Never	be	caught	short	without	money.
>	M-COMMERCE (mobile	phone)
  Real	time	online	transaction		
  before	ticket	is	issued

iPARK	Intelligent Pay & Display on-street Parking Meters

Designed	and	manufactured	by	CDS	in	Australia.
These	stand	alone,	solar	powered,	on-street	stainless	steel	meters	
fit	neatly	into	the	street	landscape.	They	are	vandal	resistant	and	
highly	secure.	They	accept	payments	by	coins,	credit	cards	and	
mobile	phones.	
CDS	is	the	holder	of	international	patents	for	the	use	of	the	mobile	
phone	payments	technology	with	parking	meters.
The	credit	card	and	mobile	phone	transactions	are	processed		
“on-line”,	eg.	Money	is	deposited	in	the	meter	owner’s	bank	
account	before	the	parking	ticket	is	printed	(a	transaction,	which	
takes	less	than	6	seconds	to	complete).	This	means	that	the		
CDS	system	virtually	eliminates	any	fraud	relating	to	the	use		
of	reported	stolen	cards	or	cards	without	funds.
These	parking	meters	communicate	with	their	central	software	
via	wireless	GPRS	method.		
This	reliable	and	low	cost	communications	method	enables	the	
meters’	owners	to	have	access	to		
revenue	and	status	reporting	at	the	head	office.	
The	fee	changes	can	be	set	remotely	from	one	office	location		
without	having	to	visit	the	meters	on	site.	The	meters	automatically	
adjust	to	daylight	saving	times,	they	report	via	SMS	to	designated	
staff	mobile	phones	whenever	cash	vaults	near	full	and	require	
replacement,	or	when	ticket	paper	is	low.
The	parking	meters	can	be	pre-programmed	to	handle	Loading	
Zones,	to	enable	delivery	vehicles	to	be	issued	with	special		
parking	period	dockets,	within	specified	hours.	
The	parking	meters	can	print	out	extra	receipts	and	offer	special	
fee	discounts	to	elderly,	disabled	or	special	ratepayers.
RTA	of	NSW	certified	the	CDS	parking	meters	for	legal	use	in	NSW.	

>	Easy	installation	due	to	its	self	contained		
  battery	/	solar	power	source.
>	Long	life	rechargeable	battery,	with	operating	life		
  of	up	to	3	years,
>	Virtually	maintenance	free	operation	on	site,
>	Stainless	steel,	graffiti	resistant	polished	surface	finish,
>	Secure	self	latching	steel	coin	boxes	with		
  internal	audit	memory,
>	Easy	to	use,	friendly	appearance	and	small	size,
>	Easy	to	operate	central	management	software,
>	Reminder	SMS	service

Never	be	caught	short	without	money.	Meters	can	now	be		
paid	using	your	mobile	phone	and	charged	against	your		
pre-registed	credit	card.		Reminds	user	via	SMS	message		
that	parking	meter	is	about	to	expire.

DESIgn FEaTURES                                                          Solar panel

LCD DISPLAY	designed	for	all	weather	visibility
SOLAR PANEL	capability	provides	an	in-built	green	power	source	          Council Branding
(no	external	power	supply	cabling)	with	audit	of	the	battery	status	     and information
and	if	desired,	external	connection	to	AC/DC	power	supply.
REAL TIME MONITORING	of	meter	status.	Internal	audits	and		              LCD Display
GSM	online	capability	make	it	perfect	for	a	central	office	to		
control	and	monitor	security,	statistics	and	servicing	needs.			
Reduce	manpower	through	alarm	monitoring	and	SMS	messages.	              Credit Card
Alarm	status	reporting	includes:                                         Coin Slot

>	Operational	status
>	Vandal	attack
>	Request	for	service                                                    GSM Module

>	Low	battery	warning
>	Unauthorised	meter	door	opening
                                                                         Navigation buttons
SECURITY AUDITS	with	alarm	monitoring	against	vandalism	
alerts	central	office	in	case	of	attack.	Internal	audits	track		
access	to	the	meter	for	servicing	and	cash	retrieval.	
INTELLIGENT CASHBOX	keeps	record	of	all	deposited	coins,		
total	amount	of	money	held,	collection	period	and	its	last	meter	
location	inside	in-built	solid	state	memory	chip,	for	audit	at		
                                                                         Coin return and
cash	processing	centre.
                                                                         Ticket printer
REVENUE COLLECTION AUDITS	provides	daily	cash	flow	statistics	
for	each	unit.	This	can	be	automatically	downloaded	to	a	central	
server	for	analysis.	
SERVICE AUDITS sends	alerts	to	central	office	if	the	meter	is	
operating	unusually	(eg	coin	jams,	reduced	income	over	a	period	         Secure cashbox
of	time).	Identification	is	required	before	collectors	can	access	the	   compartment
cash	box	for	extra	security.
>	Traditional	manual	access	to	meter	information	can	also		              Stainless Steel
  be	provided	through	hand-held	terminals	for	transfer	back		            Lock
  to	base.
SOfTWARE AND REPORTING operates	through	a	centralised	
back-end	administration.	Revenue	reports	are	graphically		
>	Pay	and	display:	the	number	of	tickets	issued	and		
  revenue	collected	is	itemised.	
>	M-commerce	or	credit	card	transactions:	full	audit	payment	
  information	is	provided	for	council	for	reconciliation	with		
                                                                         Formed to prevent
  third-party	data	(ie	telco,	coin	collection	agency	or	credit		
                                                                         vandals from removing
  company).                                                              the meter
>	Credit	Card	Transaction	-	fast	on-line	processing.
GRAPHIC MAPPING enables	clients	to	isolate	meters	within	a	
nominated	zone	for	comparison	with	other	zones,	for	revenue,	
servicing,	traffic	analysis	and	planning.
                                                                         Alarmed door panel
                                                                         for service access
The	meters	fit	comfortably	in	most	areas	with	a	small	footprint.
>	400	mm	W	X	330	mm	D	X	1440	mm	H
iPaRK	Dynamic Parking Signage System
Enables motorist to make an informed decision whether to enter and park on a level
or proceed to search for parking space in upper floors.

>	Enhances	drivers	decision	making	process	and	experience
>	Reduces	driver	frustration
>	Improves	traffic	flow
>	Reduces	harmful	exhaust

>	Numerous	in-ground	detection	loop	sensors	mounted		
  per	level
>	Outdoor	digital	display	signs	using	white	LEDs
>	Indoor	per	level	digital	display	signs
>	Software		generated	car	park	status	and	usage	reports	
>	The	in-ground	loop	sensors	count	vehicles	as	they	enter		
  and	leave	respective	car	park	levels.
>	All	vehicle	counts	when	entering	and	leaving	the	car	park		
  are	passed	to	a	central	computer	where	collected	data	is		
  transmitted	in	real	time	and	distributed	to	internal	and		
  external	displays	signs	mounted	at	the	entry	to	each	car		
  park	level.
>	Internal	signs	display	to	motorist	two	distinct	pieces	of		
	   1.	the	number	of	vacant	spaces	available	per	level
	   2.	total	number	of	spaces	available	in	all	upper	floors
>	This	Dynamic	Signage	solution	enhances	drivers	parking		
  experience	by	providing	real	time	displayed	available	
  parking	information.
iPaRK	bay Sensor guidance System
why hold up Parking when you can now easily and economically direct traffic
to the nearest available parking bay.

ovERvIEw                                                                  FEaTURES
this system is designed to enable motorists to be easily                  >	Low	cost,	simple	installation	of	ultrasonic	vehicle	detectors	
guided to the nearest available parking bay within a car park               and	display	lights	at	each	parking	bay	in	the	car	park
with the use of a range of “runway style” indicator lights and            >	Sophisticated	electronics	to	collect	data	on	“when”	any	bay	
                                                                            becomes	occupied	or	vacant.
dynamic information display signs. It is designed to keep the
management informed with up to date, real time occupancy                  >	Office	based	software	which	displays	on	PC	screen	the		
                                                                            active	status	of	all	bays,	plus	it	can	generate	reports	on	bay		
status of all areas of the car park. Fully designed and
                                                                            occupancy,	entry	and	exit	times	and	car	park	performance.
manufactured in Australia by CDS.
                                                                          CaR PaRK bay MaP DynaMIC STaTUS REPoRT
bEnEFITS                                                                  The	real	time	bay	map	status	report	displays	on	a	central	PC	in	the	
>	Dramatically	improves	traffic	flow                                      car	park	office	a	user-defined	image,	which	represents	a	selected	
>	Reduces	driver	frustrations,                                            section	of	the	car	park.		Symbols	on	the	image	display	the	current	
                                                                          status	of	each	bay	sensor	and	selecting	a	symbol	will	display		
>	Reduces	aisle	congestion
                                                                          additional	information	about	the	bay.	
>	Extends	shopping	times	for	customers	(the	quicker	a	driver	is	out	of	
                                                                          fOR EXAMPLE	Vacant	bays	are	depicted	in	green,	occupied	bays	
  the	car	park	the	more	time	they	have	to	spend	inside	the	centre).
                                                                          are	depicted	in	red,	vacant	bays	for	disabled	drivers	are	depicted	
>	It	reduces	toxic	exhaust	fumes	pollution	due	to	reduction	in	           in	blue,	vacant	bays	reserved	for	drivers	with	baby	prams	are	
  number	of	drivers	either	idling	in	one	spot	or	driving	around	          depicted	in	Orange.
  looking	for	a	parking	space	in	an	area	which	is	fully	occupied,	
  while	other	areas	still	have	plenty	of	vacant	parking	bays.
>	Maintenance	free	operation.
  Xtreme vision vehicle Detail Capture arch
  Full Motor vehicle body scanning for all applications

this product is designed for use inside Car Parks,
with Valet service, or in Car wash applications.
Its purpose is to record the body condition of a
car as it enters and leaves the facility.

>	This	system	records	in	high	resolution	the	video		
  images	of	the	entire	body	of	a	car	as	it	passes	by		
  the	arch,	recording	any	scratches,	dents	or	missing	
  body	bits.	
>	The	recorded	information	can	be	played	back	in	
  slow	motion	whenever	a	complaint	is	received	about	
  damage	to	the	vehicle	while	in	care	of	the	facility.	
>	This	product	virtually	eliminates	any	false	claims	
  and	can	save	the	facility	thousands	of	dollars	in	
  unsubstantiated	claims.
>	The	“Xtreme	Vision”	Detail	Arch	come	complete	with	
  six	cameras	mounted	and	ready	to	install.	
>	All	cameras	are	high	resolution,	weather	proof	and	
  vandal	resistant.	All	camera	connections	are	sealed	
  and	enclosed	for	protection	from	a	harsh	car	park	or		
  car	wash	environment.
>	The	Arch	ensures	that	the	cameras	are	always	at	a	
  perfect	distance	from	the	car,	thus	providing	a	non-
  contact,	in-motion,	hands	free	recording	facility	of	
  every	vehicle,	which	passes	under	this	arch.

>	Six		Water	Proof	High	resolution	cameras
>	Custom	Sizes
>	Junction	Box	Mounted	to	top	of	arch                                                 Flange
>	Choice	of	Powder	Coated	Paint	Finishes

                                        50mm Junction Box

iPARK	Carpark Management System
Total Control and access to Real Time Information on all Carpark operations

       Pay & Display        Permanent     Casual             Business                   Hotel           Merchant
       On-street            users         users              visitors                   guests          discount
       Parking Meters                                                                                   parking

                                                                    Available Parking

                                            Entry & Exit
                                              Stations               134       BAYS
                          Xtreme Vision                            Display signs                 Vacant Bay

                                                               Secure                                         Security
                                               iPARK                              Head Office
                                           Carpark Server                           iPARK
                                              Software                          Carpark Server                Finance

 Manned cashier    Auto Pay Station


   Valet Service     Pre Booking                                                                              Maintenance

                                                            4/132 albert Road                      P + 61 3 9696 0622
                                                            South Melbourne                        E
   CDS WORLDWIDE                                            victoria 3205 australia                w

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