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       THIRD QUARTER 2008
            MEETS LIST

Wed 21 July          Ice Skating
      Join us for a Wednesday evening of spinning on the ice while the winter chill still lingers. A
      great way to glide into this next semester.
      Leader: Mikhaela 082 770 5204

Fri 25 - Sun 27 July Sneeuberg Exploration
       It's too early in the semester to be claiming that you've got so much work to do that you can't
       go away for the weekend. So, here's the better option: explore Sneeuberg (aka snow
       mountain)! It's gonna be rad and beats a weekend indoors, hands down.
       Leaders: Johann         072 252 4686

Sat 26 July           Outreach Meet (place TBA)
       A great opportunity to meet students who are as keen for the outdoors as you. Keep your
       eyes on the notice board to see where Stephan has organised for MSC outreach and join in
       for the day!
       Grade: Introductory
       Leader: Stephan            084 622 9774

Wed 30 July           MNT T
      Jess is going to lead us on a shweet mountain bike ride before we crash indoors for some
      lekker tea/coffee/warm drink of your choice. Who's bringing the brownies and
      Grade: You can do it! (just need a bike and a helmet...unless you're keen to jog it instead...)
      Leader: Jess           072 603 3017


Fri 1 – Sun 3 Aug Rocking at Rocklands
        Dave is heading north for a hectic weekend of rock climbing and bouldering at world-
        renowned Rocklands. Pack your bag and get ready to crimp, jam, rock and roll.
        Grade: Sport climbing and bouldering. Experience good, but chat to Dave if you're unsure
        about your level!
        Leader: Dave           072 878 9244

Sun 3 August        Table Mountain Mystery Hike
       Where to? Marc knows. Are you game enough to follow?!
       Grade: ?? Beats me. Ask Marc!
      Leader: Marc       074 469 3642

Wed 6 August         Decathalon
      Legend has it that back in the day, MSC hosted a mean decathalon that included extreme
      events with “handicaps” for each progressive round. Legends don't die! Come make your
      mark in the decathalon history. (Hunt down Matt if you're curious about some of the details
      of the wacky feats from the past!)
       Organisers: Rob                084 667 1869
                   Greg                 082 557 5229
                   JP                        083 604 3840

Fri 8 – Sun 10 Aug Milner Flakte
        Have you seen Into the Wild? No?! Eish, well do yourself a favour and watch it. Be inspired:
        answer the deep longing to e s c a p e. Answer the call of our pristine Zuurberg property that
        grows stronger and stronger. The property is a treasure and there's more of it to be explored.
        We gonna set up a base camp and spend a few days marveling at the wonders that lie
        beyond. Even if you're not the most hard-core hiker, come and just chill at base camp while
        others explore.
        Grade: Depends - are you coming to climb or chill at base? Whatever your choice, it's
        worth coming!
        Leader: Claire           074 171 9985

Wed 13 Aug           MSC Social
      Will it be beach and Frisbee? Go-carting? Or does the weather seem more conducive to
      curling up with popcorn and a movie? Watch the notice board for details.
      Leader: Rob  084 667 1869

Sat 16 Aug            Rock climbing at the Hole
       Ok. So you say you like rocks. You like to climb. Why not join the crew for an
       overnight at the Hole and a day full of climbing?!
       Grade: Variety
       Leader: Dave                   072 878 9244

Sat 16 Aug             Outreach (place TBA)
       Where in Cape Town do you think: I wish I could share this place with someone else? Well,
       here's your chance to share it with high school students who don't usually get the
       opportunity to go there. Why not recommend your favorite spot to Stephan and join outreach
       on the trip there?
       Grade: Introductory
       Leader: Stephan             084 622 9774

Sat 16 Aug             TM Overnighter
       Jess is playing host up at the MSCA hut. Hike up with her and enjoy a lovely night. If you're
       keen, hook up with the roofers the next day and extend your weekend outdoors (remember
       to pack lightly!!).
       Grade: Depends which route up. Check notice board.
       Leader: Jess          072 603 3017

Sun 17 Aug            The Roof: The Return
      Back by popular demand! Did you miss your chance to hike the Roof last semester? Well,
      fret not! Get ready for a hectic day trip from Rhodes Mem to Kalk Bay (with the celebratory
      stop at The Brass Bell for a drink before we take the train home). We'll go up Devil's,
      Constantia Nek, Vlakkenberg and Silvermine. This is a great training event for people keen
       to join the Boland 90 competition next quarter
       Grade: Good fitness level and stamina required: long hike (just under 40 km).
       Leader: Tim  072 582 1644

Wed 20 Aug          MSC Social
     Are you feeling the crunch of the semester? A perfect break: hang around some
     mountain-crazy people for the evening. Watch the notice board for more details closer to the
     Leader: Rob  084 667 1869

Sat 23 Aug            Du Toit's Peak
       The Overberg mountains separate the Cape wine lands from the semi-desert climate of the
       Karoo. We pass them en route to our property, Zuurberg. This time, we're stopping by to bag
       Du Toit's peak. The hike is good, the vista stunning. Do I really need to try convince you?!
       Leader: Jem             082 884 1827
              Claire            074 171 9985
              Mikhaela 082 770 5204

Sun 24 Aug          Helderberg Dome
      Shadowing Somerset West, Helderberg is known for its stunning fynbos and bird life. Grab
      your camera, grab a friend and join JP on this one.
      Leader: JP             083 604 3840

Wed 27 Aug            AGM
      Sjoe - but the year is flying by! The annual general meeting is a time to pass on the
      leadership of MSC to next year's committee. Join us for snacks, drinks and add your vote to
      electing the new comm. Are you interested in being on the committee yourself? Anyone can
      be nominated! We're looking for people who are willing to put in time, add their ideas, enjoy
      the club's craziness and contribute what they have to offer to MSC. The only restriction is
      that the chairman/woman must have been on the committee with another portfolio prior to
      being chair. Take a look at the variety of portfolios for which you can be nominated and find
      out where you can make your contribution! (An added bonus is that it looks good on your

Fri 29 Aug            COCKTAIL PARTY!!!
       WOOHOO! The term is DONE! Join fellow MSCers for a crazy evening of fun! Tickets on
       sale during the week beforehand. Bring your friends and let's celebrate!!!
                                  It's winter. What about SKI MEETS?

The club owns some of the most pristine wilderness in the Cape (Zuurberg), and situated near
Waaihoek peak is possibly the most fantastic hut kitted out with skis and snow boards! So, when the
snow comes, up we go. If you're keen to go skiing, keep your eyes peeled on the weather forecasts.
If it's snowing, we'll be organising a trip.

Remember that Waaihoek is a huge mountain (twice the size of TM) and attracts some of the
country’s worst weather. Therefore, during winter only accredited Waaihoek leaders are able to lead
meets. A ratio of 1 leader to 8 participants is allowed. It is entirely the Waaihoek leader’s
prerogative as to who is or is not suitable for a winter ascent. Please respect this system as it is to
help ensure the safety and enjoyment of the meet for everyone. All participants MUST have both
rain jacket and pants, 2 good warm fleeces, gloves, beanie and a change of dry clothes insulated in a
black plastic bag.

                                 A LOOK AHEAD – VAC and BEYOND:

            Oudtshoorn: a perfect place for climbers in the September vac. It's got more than ostriches
                                        and caves, as you'll soon find out!!

             Got itchy feet in the September vac? Swellendam is a beautiful area and we're going to
              check out all it's got. The ride there in itself will be a feast for the eyes, never mind the
                                                hiking once we're there!

                 MSC 75th Year Celebratory Formal on 20 September 2008. Buy your ticket now!

                                Boland 90 Competition early in the 4th Semester!
                                         MSC JOUNRAL:

          Every year MSC puts together a professional publication of all the year's events. We're
         looking for your contribution! The point is for it to reflect your experience of the year, so
         feel free to contribute photographs, an account of some wacky meet (“remember the time
         when...”), poetry, sketches, some wise words or whatever else you feel inspired to share!

             Contact: Megan Greenwood      076 727 0507

“Well, we knocked the bastard off!”
                     Edmund Hillary, referring to reaching the summit of Mount Everest with
                     Tenzing Norgay.

Men trip not on mountains, they stumble over stones.

Faith will move moutains.

                     Check out Photos and More Details at
Greg Mosely              Dave Wilkinson                 Mikhaela Levitas
083 763 9943             072 8789244                    082 770 5204  

Jeremy Gorven            Marc Brighton                  SKIING CONVENOR
082 884 1827             074 469 3642                   John Vogts           082 086 3181
Philip Cranz             CONVENORS                      EQUIPMENT OFFICER
076 770 0372             Gavin Forsyth                  Davor Egersdorfer         072 344 8716                   083 489 0718
Jean-Pierre Roux         Jess de Boer                   OUTREACH CONVENOR
083 604 3840             072 603 3017                   Stephan van de Watt               084 622 9774
Robert Raw               Sarah Rivett                   EDUCATION AND
084 677 1869             082 345 2891                   DEVELOPMENT   Tim Hotchkiss
                                                        072 582 1644
Claire Corbett           Angus Morrison
083 875 3403             084 519 5245                   IT CONVENOR   Geoffrey Naude
                                                        082 060 2167
Greg Bowden              Megan Greenwood
082 557 5229             076 727 0507
    Mon        Tue           Wed        Thu          Fri                Sat          Sun
21        22         23            24          25              26               27
                     Ice skating                               Outreach Meet

28        29         30            31          1               2                3
                     MNT Bike                                                   TM Mystery

4         5          6             7           8               9                10

                                               Milner Vlakte
11        12         13            14          15             16                17
                     MSC Social                Hole overnight Outreach          The Roof
                                               and climbing

                                                               TM Overnighter

18        19         20            21          22              23               24
                     MSC Social                                Du Toit's Hike   Helderberg
25        26         27            28          29              30               31
                     AGM                       Cocktail

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