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									                                                                                   JUNE 2010, ISSUE 1

                                        St Helena Sandveld Hospice
                                        Your hospice on the West Coast

Reg: 2004/002110/08             HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE WEEK
NPO: 039-053

 Tel: (022) 713 3738             Palliative            care    To raise awareness and        The theme.
 Fax: (022) 7191285              awareness     week     2-9        understanding        of        “Sharing the care”
                                 May 2010.                         medical,       social,
 32 Saldanha Road,
                                                                   practical,    spiritual   This theme highlights the
     Vredenburg                                                    needs of people living    role of partnership to
                                 We had tables with                                          support care for people
    P O Box 308,                                                   with life threatening
                                 bookmarks and tins at                                       with     life     threatening
  Vredenburg, 7380               Pick and Pay and at the           illness.
                                                                                             illnesses. The activities on
       E-mail:                   Weskus          Mall     on   To raise funds to support
                                                                                             this    week       seek     to    designated times during           and develop hospice
                                                                                             recognize, share and
        Web Site:                the week.                         and palliative care
                                                                                             celebrate                 the
                                 The aims of Hospice               services around the
                                                                                             achievements of hospice
                                 Week                                                        and       palliative     care
                                 To share our vision of                                      programs        with     their
Palliative Care is:                  increasing          the                                 partners throughout the
The active, total                    availability of hospice                                 nation. Hospice week will
care of patients and                 and palliative care                                     also highlight how good
their families by a                  throughout the world                                    working           partnership
multi-professional                   by strengthening the                                    between family members,
team      when      the              network      with   our                                 carers, service providers,
patient’s disease is                 strategic partners to                                   funders,         government
n o       l o n g e r                enable us to share the                                  departments and other
responsive           to              provision of holistic                                   stake holders are vital to
curative treatment.                  care to patients and                                    the provision of quality
(W orld      Health                  families.                                               care.
Organization, 1990)

                                STAFF NUMBERS ON THE RISE
                                 We wish to welcome the        Booys       and  Rosalia      us. Magriet is now in
     During the current
                                 new additions to our staff    Carsten.                      Pietermaritzburg,      and
     FY we have cared
                                 complement:        Sisters    A warm hearty welcome         Maria is closer to her
     for 103 new patients
                                 Denisia Saal and Miriam       to you all!!!                 family in Ventersburg. Our
                                 Cloete, and Mrs. Dedrè        Sadly, Maria Skele and        paid staff complement is
     The percentage              Ludeke    as     Volunteer    Magriet Coetzee have left     now 18 in Vredenburg,
     breakdown of our            Services     and     Shop                                   and 2 in Langebaan.
     patients by race is:        Manager; Abrie Smit has
                                 replaced Dina Burling as                                                HBC’s back from L
     Black 13%                   the home based carer in                                                 to R:
                                 Langebaan. As our area
                                                                                                         Abrie Smit and
     Coloured 52%                served      has      been
                                                                                                         Nondumiso Zakhe
                                 increased      by      the
     White 25%                   Department of Health,                                                   Front: Maria Skele,
                                 three Home Based Carers                                                 Margie Cleophas
                                 joined   us    from    the                                              and     Nicolene
                                 beginning of May, namely                                                Storm
                                 Hendrika Julius, Elsie
JUNE 2010, ISSUE 1                                                                                    Page 2


Dalena           Maartens       term therapy, much             achieving     an    awesome
attended the Train the          needed in her field. It also   100%!
Trainer course. It is           provided her with some
                                                               On the 8th June, the team
offered by HPCA to              CPD points, which is now
                                                               had an outing to the West
e n c o ur a g e   potential    a legal requirement in her
                                                               Coast Fossil Park.
trainers to feel confident      profession.
in training in all aspects of                                  Thanks      to    Malcolm
Palliative Care.                Margie Cleophas          &     McGregor        for   the
The other motivation is to      Nondumiso          Zakhe       informative tour. We were
enable regional education       received training in TB        lucky to have a day
forums to have a group of       DOTS .                         without rain, where we
competent trainers who          An IMCI Household and          could walk to the dig and
will be able to assist with     community component            back.
training in the region.         was offered from 23-
Dalena found all of this        29/03/10, at Vredenburg        It was wonderful exposure
                                                               to some of us who had
and much more in the            Hospital.      Staff who
                                                               never been there before         Above: Dedré Ludeke in the
course, it is highly            received training were: Sr
                                                               and had the opportunity to      “scratch patch” at the West
recommended.                    Welmie Petch, and HBC’s
                                                               explore the area we live        Coast Fossil Park
                                Nicolene Storm, Margie
Gestalt Colour Therapy –        Cleophas and Abrie Smit.       in.                             Below: Maclolm McGregor -
                                                                                               leading the Fossil Park tour
Dalena Maartens also            Our learners did us proud      The tour was followed by
attended this training          completing the training all    welcoming coffee and
during May. It is a short       above 70% with Welmie          eats.


A family that was               tears   of    joy were
previously touched by           something to experience!
with Hospice, decided to
celebrate a birthday in a
dif f erent   wa y.     T he    Another tiny patient was
husband turned 70, and          born with a brain tumor.
friends who attended the        She is now 10 months
celebrations were asked         old. She was treated with
to rather give a donation       chemo, with Hospice            Breakdown of patients by
for Hospice, than give a        providing support. Her         diagnosis
present. The income of          mother took her for
R750 was donated to             spiritual and traditional        160
Hospice, with the request       healing. Unfortunately this      140                                  5
that it be spent on a family    has till date had little         120                                  54
in need.                        effect. Hospice gave             100                      6    2               2
                                support      by offering                                  28
                                                                                               27     4        40
One of our sisters found a                                        80                           1                      Chronic
                                treatment for pain control.                               1
recipient in dire need of                                         60              1       16   31              8
                                Holistic care was provided                        13
                                                                                                               10     TB
help.    The     patient’s                                        40              13
                                by also giving psycho                   2
                                                                        7                 55                          HIV
medical aid fund was                                              20              33
                                                                                               47     45       49
                                social support to the                   26                                            CA
depleted, and they would                                           0
                                family, including the
have had to use the bulk
                                patient’s 5 year old
of their state pension for
                                brother. The patient is
much needed medication.
                                now       in   a    much
We could give the
                                progressed stage of her
donation to them. The
JUNE 2010, ISSUE 1                                                                                  Page 3


 Tins are placed as an          ToysRus, and others. 1%       sufficient funds for 50               If   you  would
ongoing activity. We do         of the purchase will then     food parcels. Parcels                 like         to
derive a small but regular      be donated to St Helena       were made up to feed a                advertise    in
income from these.              Sandveld Hospice. Once        family of four for a week.            our
                                we have approval, we will     Dalena and Christie                   newsletter,
My School cards: We                                                                                 please contact
                                approach our data base to     received these parcels at
have applied to MySchool                                                                            Christie:   022
                                all acquire such cards.       about 13h00 the Sunday.
for cards. These would                                                                              7133738
                                                              From here they went with
work        as      follows:    MBMW CLUB from Cape
                                                              Sharon February to visit
Individuals    that    have     Town came to visit us on
                                                              families where people live
cards linked to the             the 16th of May. This is a
                                                              on grants only. Ms
Hospice as charity, need        not a motorbike club, but
                                                              February has previously
to present these cards          a club of BMW car
                                                              been touched by Hospice,
when making purchases           owners. They held two
                                                              and she was instrument in
at the allocated shops,         functions, one was a car
                                                              the referral.
such    as     Woolworths,      wash day, and collected

EVENTS                                                                                       Above: Christie Du Toit,
                                                                                             Dalena Maartens and
Several events took place       were given away, as well      Lucas Radebe took place        members of the MBMW Club
                                                                                             with the food parcel donation
since our last newsletter:      as   numerous    others.      at the Strategic Planning      Below: Christie and raffle
                                Curry and rice was            Session. The winner was        prize winner, Andre Boshoff
Bingo: Flippie Snyman
                                served.                       Andrè Boshoff . George
entertained us all for an
                                                              Holmes sold the most
evening of Bingo on the         Raffle: The draw of the
                                                              tickets, thank you George!
11th February 2010. Two         raffled Bafana Bafana
accommodation       prizes      shirt   autographed  by


Our annual Spinathon is         possible.                     Mall.
planned for 31st July
                                Spring ball, Table of         They will be painting to
2010, again in conjunction
                                unity and Art auction.        the sound of music,
with P.L.A.Y and with the
                                This evening promises to      forming a symphony. The
assistance of Langebaan
                                close the functions for the   yield of the day will be
Private Gym. Entry fees
                                year on a high note. We       auctioned at our Spring
are R80 for individuals for
                                have secured Longacres        ball,    18   September.
the first hour, and R30 for
                                as a venue, with Christine    Portchie             http://
every following hour. If the
                                Capendale overseeing the
spinners want to do the
                                food. On 28th of August,      has donated a signed                   FOR   YOUR
full 8 hours, the fee will be
                                we      have   approached     calendar, which will go on
R250.                                                                                                RECORDS
                                artist such as                auction.
Corporate organizations
                                Marius Strydom - http://      Other works of the artists             Our    bank   is:
are     encouraged       to
                      ,              will also be on view on the            Standard    Bank
challenge each other, at
                                Marina      Clunie  http://   evening.                               Vredenburg
R1000 per team. Scholars
will be charged R50, and                                      Tickets will sell at R180              Acc          No
will still receive the                                        per person. Our goal is to             186295073,
                                Ella      Ahlers    http://
complimentary t-shirt. The                                    include sufficient wine on             branch code 050-
Weskus Mall is providing                                      the tables. Start saving @
                                om/showartist.asp?                                                   511 and our PBO
the marketing, and their                                      R50 per month! The
                                WorkID=58370                                                         number:
involvement urges us to                                       person who sells the most
                                from Stellenbosch to paint                                           93009262.
make every effort to make                                     tickets will receive his/her
                                the view from the Weskus
this event as profitable as                                   own ticket (1) for free.
                                               We are on the web!

                                                            Page 4

We are on Facebook!             If you handle your profile    awareness       of       our
Please join Facebook as         with the correct privacy      functions and activities.
a friend, or you can            settings, you will be able
supply Christie with your       to enjoy all the comments
email address, and you          from Facebook friends.
will receive an invitation to   This is a handy tool when
join.                           we     want     to  create

         To provide specialized Palliative Care to all who require this in the Sandveld region , as well as care to the
         Chronically Ill, within our scope of operation.
         To provide specialized Palliative Care to all in need of such support in the Sandveld region.

St Helena Sandveld Hospice is the only Hospice on the West Coast, in an area from Langebaan to Dwarskersbos
that provides palliative care to those in the community who need it. The object of the Hospice service is to provide
for the care of persons suffering from cancer, aids, motor neuron disease or other illnesses no longer responding to
curative treatment. Control of pain or other symptoms, and of psychological, social and spiritual problems is
paramount and the goal of the care given is the achievement of the best possible quality of life for patients and their
families during the final phase of their disease. St Helena Sandveld Hospice also offers a much needed Day
Hospice facility, loan of medical equipment and social services including bereavement support. Treatment and
support is provided to all patients who require our assistance, irrespective of their ability to pay for that service.

The St Helena Sandveld Hospice is a section 21 company and is registered as both a Non Profit Organisation and a
Public Benefit Organisation and we are affiliated to the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa.
The Hospice is funded by donations and grants from the community, individuals, corporations, international funders
and the Charity shop.



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