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Catholic Women's League Australia Inc

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									                                   Catholic Women's
                                  League Australia Inc.
         Walking with God                 'We walk by faith not by sight' Corinthians 2-5:7

Na t i o n a l N e w s l e tter
   Issue 3
   September 2009
                                  CATHOLIC WOMEN'S LEAGUE AUSTRALIA INC.
                                    44th NATIONAL BIENNIAL CONFERENCE

   In this issue


   President's Report


   State News


   National Conference
   Pictorial Feature

                                                   PERTH 2009
National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

From the National President                                from the Redemptorist Mater Seminary followed by
                                                           Member Organisation banners and the members of
                                                           the National Executive. The beautiful singing was led
                                                           by the Bunbury Diocesan Liturgical Choir under the
                                                           direction of Mr Ian Mills. Family, friends and members
                                                           enjoyed afternoon tea at Royal Park after the Mass - a
                                                           most enjoyable finish to the day.

                                                           The 44th Biennial National Conference was officially
                                                           opened by His Excellency Dr Ken Michael AC, Governor
                                                           of Western Australia who was accompanied by his
                                                           wife Mrs Julie Michael. Dr Michael noted “I believe,
                                                           the League is such an essential advocate for Catholic
                  21 September - St Matthew,
                                                           women – because it offers them camaraderie, support
        Patron Saint of Accountants and Tax Collectors     and encouragement throughout Australia – whether
             Jesus called Matthew to “Follow me”           it be from our cities or the country and our remote
               Matthew got up and followed him             regional areas. The work that you do has a multi-
                                                           faceted and very important role because in educating
    Lord help us to answer your call promptly and whole-   and promoting the interest of Catholic women, we
          heartedly, to be messengers of your love.        all in our communities, benefit from the contributions
                Help me Lord, to do your will.             that these women – all of you - make to others. It is
                                                           at the local branches, that much of the work is done
With a great deal of anticipation, excitement and joy,     to support campaigns such as Pink Ribbon Day,
National Council members arrived at the Novotel            White Ribbon Day, Wrap with Love and many other
Langley hotel for the commencement of the CWLA             genuinely worthy causes that help change our world at
(Inc.) National Council meeting held in conjunction        local, national and international levels”. “We are guided
with the 44th Biennial National Conference. National       by our faith and supported by the power of prayer in
Chaplain, Father Laurence Murphy SDS celebrated            all our personal endeavours and circumstances”. Dr
the Eucharist for us - a fitting way to commence the       Michael then officially declared our Conference open.
                                                           We welcomed Mrs Tui Pasco, National President of
Two major items for discussion on the agenda were:         Catholic Women's League New Zealand, and Lucy
•   The Constitution, where it was moved by Special        Muru from Manus Island PNG who where present for
    Resolution, “that the revised Constitution and         the duration of the Conference - it was wonderful to
    By-Laws of Catholic Women’s League Inc. be             have them with us.
    adopted”. After prayerful discussion, Member
    Organisations, by a show of hands, passed this         For three days, after morning liturgy, our time was
    motion unanimously.                                    spent listening to and being motivated by some truly
                                                           wonderful guest speakers including our Keynote
•   And secondly, the issue of Recommendations. In
                                                           Speaker, Professor Celia Hammond vice Chancellor
    accordance with a motion passed at the CWLA
    (Inc.) National Conference 2007 in South Australia,    of Notre Dame University Fremantle; Dr Peter Dingle,
    “It was moved that Recommendations from MO’s for       Associate Professor in Health and Environment
    consideration at National Conference be presented      at Murdoch University; Deb Perry (known as
    at the National Council meeting in conjunction with    “Spoonsperry” after being judged a finalist on Channel
    the National Conference for discussion.” It is not     7’s “Australia’s Got Talent”) ensured that nobody fell
    necessary to vote on recommendations - there was       asleep after lunch on Tuesday; the inspirational Kylie
    a lot of discussion and the outcomes will be dealt     Forth who has completed an Arts Degree majoring in
    with by the Member Organisations.                      Linguistics and is now studying Law. Kylie lost both
                                                           her eyes when aged three and part of her leg when
National Bioethics Convenor, Mrs Margo Nancarrow           aged eight, due to cancer.
did not seek re-election and was thanked for her work
over past years as CWLA’s Bioethics Convenor. Dr           The Business Session led by Mrs Judith Parker
Anna Krohn from Victoria will be the new National          ran very smoothly. There was Sharing in the
Bioethics Convenor.                                        Dioceses, with questions on membership, meeting
                                                           procedures and ways of engaging women to join our
The Opening Mass held at the Redemptorist                  organization - from all accounts a fruitful session.
Monastery Church was a wonderful spectacle. The            Our National Convenors led us through some
entrance procession was led by Bishop Sproxton,            very important and challenging issues; WUCWO
National Chaplain Father Murphy SDS, Father Wally          Board Member Brenda Finlayson brought to our
Kevis from Busselton and Father Michael Moore              attention the joy that will await all who can journey

                           National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

to Jerusalem in October 2010 for the WUCWO                WESTERN AUSTRALIA
National Assembly celebrating 100 years of service.

It was moved by Tasmania and seconded by NSW that,        Greetings to all from members here in the west of
acting on a proposal from Victoria and Wagga Wagga,       our great land. I have just arrived home from a most
the contribution from CWLA Inc. to the WUCWO
                                                          enjoyable morning. Together with the State Minute
Endowment Fund should consist of:
                                                          Secretary, Patricia Richards, we were privileged
   a. A donation from CWLA Inc. equal to one (1) dollar
                                                          to share in a tour of the restoration of Perth’s St.
      per member for 2009 and
   b. Donations from Member Organisations (if they so     Mary’s Cathedral. In the words of Archbishop
      wish) and/or individuals.                           Barry Hickey, “The sight of St. Mary’s Cathedral
                                                          as it re-emerges in all its majesty, is quite simply
The closing date for such monies to be 30 Nov 2009.       inspirational”. All this has been achieved in just
                                                          over two years. Restoration has brought renewed
I extend my thanks and congratulate all who supported     life to the magnificent stained glass windows and
the National Raffle in any way. We were overwhelmed       the much loved chapels. In 1930 Archbishop Clune
when all the tickets were sold by Monday lunch time.      halted construction work at St. Mary’s Cathedral
Lucky winners were drawn out at the conference dinner     due to the impact of the great depression. He said,
on Wednesday.                                             in part, at that time, “This must be a project we
                                                          leave to future generations to complete”. And so it
On Monday evening CWLA members were invited to a          has been and it is huge! The dream of completing
Perth City Council Reception. Deputy Lord Mayor Mrs       St. Mary’s Cathedral in Perth is nearly finished, and
Janet Davidson graciously welcomed delegates and          on St. Mary’s Feast Day, 8 December 2009 we will
members to the City of Perth, in the absence of the       see the Blessing and Dedication of this magnificent
Lord Mayor who was unable to be present on the night.     cathedral.
The Closing Mass was celebrated by our National           We certainly have been out and about these past
Chaplain Father Laurence, during which we re-             weeks as Margaret Ker, State-Vice President and
dedicated ourselves as Catholic Women’s League
                                                          Dorothy Beyer, State Treasurer were there together
members to our Patroness, Our Lady Help of Christians.
                                                          with members of the Western Australian Parliament
                                                          to welcome a group of Greek students to Western
Wednesday evening saw all members in their finery
attend the Conference Dinner at the Novotel Langley
where we were treated to a delicious dinner and were
entertained by Mr Fred Rea a wonderful singer of Irish    In August State Members together with National
songs and others as requested.                            President       Karyn Kammann attended the
                                                          celebrations for the National Council of Jewish
During our Conference days we were blessed in so          Women of Australia Ltd in celebrating 80 years of
many ways and we give thanks to God for all the           service to the WA Jewish and wider community. This
graces received. The National Executive extends           was a wonderful evening and a joy to share with
special thanks to WA State President Georgie Bruce-       women from different faith and ethnic communities.
Smith and the members of CWL Western Australia for
their love and support over the past eighteen months;     We extend our love and congratulations to all
to Bev Macri and Jan Batt for co-ordinating members       members of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred
and friends to knit, crochet, carve and sew resulting     Heart as they, together with the Church of Australia,
in a magnificent supply of craft for sale during the      celebrate 100 years on 8 August since the death of
Conference.                                               its first beatified Australian, Blessed Mary MacKillop.
                                                          Many of these sisters in this community are members
Mrs Madge Fahy, as incoming National President,           of Catholic Women’s League in Australia.
introduced the CWLA National Executive
team from Victoria and Wagga Wagga 2010-                  In closing, we here in Western Australia extend a
2011. We wish them God’s blessings and                    warm welcome once again to all those who are
our love and support as they continue the                 making “the big trek” to WA to attend the National
work for Catholic Women’s League Australia.               Conference for CWLA. We look forward to sharing
                                                          some great stories, renewing old friendships and
In Charity Work & Loyalty.                                welcoming lots of new faces. Shalom.

Karyn Kammann                                             Georgie Bruce-Smith
National President - CWLA Inc.                            President - Western Australia

National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

CANBERRA & GOULBURN                                         public figures and the Marriage Movement. Their
                                                            common vision is to seek to cultivate within society
ARCHDIOCESE                                                 an appreciation that the integrity and well-being of
                                                            the family, based on marriage, is essential to the
                                                            stability, morale, security and prosperity of the
At the time of writing all our thoughts are concentrated    Australian nation. Marlena and Michael Jeffery
on the coming National Conference in Perth. From            were announced as this year’s National Marriage
information received this promises to be a very busy        Day Ambassadors. The new youth group RISE
and informative period. We look forward to renewing         (Restoring Integrity and Sexual Ethics) was officially
old friendships and making new ones.                        launched nationally, following their first conference
                                                            the day before. It was a privilege to be among those
Recent events embraced special celebrations                 present.
at St. Mary’s West Wyalong NSW Branch’s 40th
Anniversary and St. Joseph’s O’Connor ACT                   See you at the Conference in Perth, travel safely
Branch’s 50th Anniversary. Functions were also              everyone.
attended at St. Benedict’s Narrabundah ACT, St.
John Vianney and St. Jude’s Branch Weston Creek             Jacqueline Hipwell
ACT and St.Mary’s Branch Young NSW.                         President – Canberra and Goulburn

League members attended the 70th Anniversary
Luncheon of the National Council of Women of the
Australian Capital Territory and also Fellowship Day        TASMANIA
hosted by St. Columbas Uniting Church Braddon
                                                            In the middle of winter Mrs. Lola Phillips, (Southern
                                                            Vice-President of CWL Tasmania) and I braved the
                                                            dire predictions of the weather bureau that snow
On Sunday 27 July I was among the invited guests
                                                            would fall and travelled to the Midlands of Tasmania
present at the Diamond Jubilee and Blessing of the
                                                            to attend the Annual Meeting of the Oatlands
new renovations Mass of St. Christopher’s Cathedral
                                                            Branch. The weather may have been freezing, but
and the Archbishop’s Luncheon to follow.
                                                            the welcome was warm.
League members attended the “Prayers for Peace              Oatlands is a rural area and the Catholic Women’s
in the Middle East” on Sunday 9 August at the               League is the only Catholic organization in the town,
Jewish Community Centre Forest ACT. This was an             so the members have a central role in supporting
important inter-faith initiative of the Jewish, Christian   their Parish Priest and Associate, visiting the sick
and Muslim communities of Canberra coming                   and elderly, organizing the Annual Fair, street stalls,
together to provide clear witness from each faith           catering for visits by the Archbishop, Sacramental
to our common commitment to work and pray for               celebrations, etc. Some have training in leadership
peace in the world. This covered readings of sacred         in the updated form of the celebration of the Word
texts from each faith tradition, singing, music and         with Communion when a Priest is not available.
prayers led by well known leaders of each faith. The
refreshments afterwards provided an opportunity             At the conclusion of the meeting (and a very
for fellowship.                                             enjoyable lunch) a Prayer Service was held in the
                                                            nearby church, St. Paul’s, with a lay reader, as the
On Thursday 13 August, on behalf of CWL Canberra/           Parish Priest was away on leave. St. Paul’s is a very
Goulburn, I attended the National Marriage Day              beautiful church. It opened in 1851, despite Patrick
Breakfast held at Parliament House in Canberra at           O’Flanagan, the stone mason being killed when
7am – 10am. The Keynote Speaker was Australian              a wall collapsed. Fred Thomas was the architect,
born Mr. James Bogle TD MA from the UK,                     deported to Tasmania for forgery, now noted for his
barrister (London), author, broadcaster, historian,         buildings. Other names connected with this church
Lieutenant-Colonel and pro marriage activist. The           are Pugin, the great designer, and Paddy Lynch,
breakfast was intended to help put the spotlight on         who had worked with Pugin in Ireland.
marriage between a man and woman and to call for
13 August each year to be dedicated as National             The Lady of the Lamp
Marriage Day.
                                                            Before the Prayer Service one of the branch
The National Marriage Day Breakfast was supported           members, Miss Vera Fisher, a noted historian, lit
by many organisations and dignitaries, academics,           an oil lamp in the sanctuary and in answer to the

                           National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

curiosity this provoked, told the following story. Some    and on the second day were joined by our newly
thirty years ago the Parish Priest of Oatlands had         appointed auditor as well as a doctor from the parish
the oil lamp made electric. This dismayed Vera, who        who is helping us with bioethics issues.
said that lurching flames did nothing for her or the
lamp suspended from the ceiling and she begged             The weekend was marred a little by the floods in
to return to the living flame. The arrangement was         north Queensland and our members from the north
that she be responsible for its care. Some thirty          experienced concerns as to how they would be able
years on Vera is still what her workmates named            to travel home as flights were cancelled and there
her – Florence Nightingale or the Lady of the Lamp.        was concern about bus travel as highways were
She buys the kerosene, fills it regularly, polishes the    closed. However in the end all worked out well and
brass lamp several times a year and it takes her           they all arrived back at their destinations safely.
exactly one hour! The lamp is attached by a chain,
which Vera lowers to light the flame.                      On the Monday an installation Mass was held for the
                                                           new members of the State Committee. This was a
                                                           beautiful Mass celebrated by Bishop Brian Finnigan
                                                           Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane and concelebrated by
                                                           six priests from the Brisbane Archdiocese. We were
                                                           so blessed to have so many priests who were able
                                                           to attend. Unfortunately our State Chaplain Father
                                                           Bill McCarthy had to go straight from the Mass
                                                           to hospital to have major surgery. I would ask for
                                                           prayers for Father as he is still far from well.

                                                           The members of the Indooroopilly branch along with
                                                           Father’s two sisters kept us well nourished during
                                                           the weekend and made the weekend much easier
CWL Oatlands branch member Vera Fisher
                                                           for us and to them I am eternally grateful.
Euthanasia                                                 I attended the Unifem Breakfast which was held at
Voluntary euthanasia has reared its ugly head once         the Convention Centre in Brisbane. 1,200 Women
again in Tasmania. Greens Party Leader, Nick McKim         and a few men were in attendance to hear the guest
has introduced the proposed Euthanasia Bill as a           speaker who was a lady from Africa, Lulu Mitshabu,
private member’s bill to the Tasmanian Parliament.         the African Programme Co-ordinator for Caritas who
CWL Tasmania Social Issues Committee, under                grew up in the Congo. An inspirational speaker and
the leadership of Mrs. Pat Gartlan, has formed the         very well received by all in attendance.
“Coalition against Legalised Euthanasia”. The group
is working frantically to educate members and gain         Brisbane, Rockhampton and Toowoomba Dioceses
their support and the support of the general public,       have all held their Annual General Meetings during
in writing letters to the media and politicians pointing   the past three months and I was able to attend
out the dangers inherent in this Bill. Dr Nitschke         all these functions. I find these meetings very
recently visited Tasmania to put his point of view.        rewarding as I listen to the work that the members
                                                           of all dioceses do for their parishes and dioceses.
Tasmania is experiencing its wettest winter. Some          As we are scattered throughout Queensland long
places have had their biggest drenching on record.         distances need to be travelled to attend all these
                                                           functions. Cairns and Townsville Annual General
                                                           Meetings will be held in November this year and
Lillian Deane
                                                           I look forward to meeting up with the members of
President - Tasmania
                                                           these dioceses.

QUEENSLAND                                                 We are presently planning our next State Conference
                                                           which will be held in St George in the Toowoomba
                                                           Diocese. Although small in numbers the St George
Catholic Women’s League Queensland Inc. held               president is well on the way with plans for this
their Annual General Meeting and State Council             event.
Meeting in Brisbane earlier this year. The meetings
were held in Holy Family Parish Indooroopilly. We          Joan Armstrong
spent two days discussing our activities for the year      State President - Queensland

National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

         CWLA 44th National Biennial Conference
  31 August - 2 September 2009 - Perth, Western Australia

  Bishop Sproxton & Fr Laurence Murphy            National Treasurer, Noelle Guidera

  Procession of Banners             His Excellency Dr Michael and Mrs Michael with Nat. Executive

  Prof. Celia Hammond & Karyn Kammann      Kylie Forth with National Executive members

                    National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

Father Thai Vu                         Deputy Lord Mayor Mrs Janet Davidson, Madge Fahy &
                                       CWLA National President Karyn Kammann

Lucy Muru from PNG with CWL members                   Father Tony Chiera

Mary Nenke with daughter Suzanne                      National President CWL NZ Tui Pasco

                 Catholic Women League members enjoying the Conference Dinner

National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

NEW SOUTH WALES                                           and Blessed Mary Mackillop Feast Days in an
                                                          appropriate manner. Armidale Diocese continues
Father Sean Cullen Celebrates 25 Years                    their worthwhile and sometimes challenging role
                                                          with their Community Visitor’s Scheme, visiting
in the Priesthood
                                                          nursing homes. Maitland Newcastle Diocese has
On 4 August CWLA-NSW State Chaplain, Fr Sean              established a Co-ordinating Committee to plan
Cullen celebrated 25 years since his ordination           the NSW State Conference for 2010. The whole
in 1984. More than 400 people joined Fr Sean to           Diocese is very enthusiastic and plans are well
recognise his remarkable faith and commitment to          underway for an exciting, invigorating and joyful
the Catholic Church.                                      program, particularly as the theme is taken from 1
                                                          Thessalonians 5:16-18 is “Be joyful always!”
Fr Sean was only 17 when he joined St Patrick’s
Seminary at Manly where he studied theology and           All State Council members wish the National
philosophy for seven years. His ordination took           Executive every success with the upcoming National
place within the Wollongong Diocese, where he             Conference.
later became the Dean of St Xavier’s Cathedral.
                                                          Emily Potts
Over the last 25 years he has also shared the Word
                                                          Communications Officer - New South Wales
of God with the parishes of Camden, Corrimal and
now the Southern Highlands community where he
is the parish priest for St Michaels, Mittagong and       VICTORIA & WAGGA WAGGA
St Thomas Aquinas, Bowral.

“As a diocesan priest I’m a bit of a generalist – a bit   Our Annual General Conference was hosted by
like a general practitioner” Fr Sean said. “We believe    Wagga Wagga CWL and held at the Commercial
God has provided sacraments to help all people            Club in Albury on 19/20 August. It was officially
on their journey through life”. We look forward to        opened by the Mayor of Albury Councillor Patricia
sharing in the enrichment of another 25 years with        Gould, OAM.
Fr Sean.
                                                          Bishop Hanna celebrated the Opening Mass at St.
Jingle in July - On a wintery July day the Sydney         Patrick’s Church. In his sermon he spoke about the
Diocese got out their Santa hats and bon-bons for         importance of the knowledge of truth. In his talk at
the ‘Jingle in July’ luncheon, which raised money for     the Conference he reminded us about ‘freedom’
Fr Chris Riley’s ‘Youth of the Streets’. The highlight    and what it means. We have the freedom to say
was a visit from Santa Claus and his two elves who        ‘yes’ and the freedom to say ‘no’, two words that can
generously distributed lollies and entertained the        mean ‘truth’ and ‘sin’. Sin is the unmaking of what
group with a rendition of ‘Santa Baby’. A wonderful       God has made. While Australia has been spared
day was had by all.                                       from the worst of the economic mess, we need to
                                                          look at the seven deadly sins again.
Life Membership - As the Sydney Archdiocese
celebrated their CWL Annual Mass on August                General President, Jeanette Sheahan warmly
14, State President Catherine McGrath took the            welcomed our National President Karyn Kammann
opportunity to award Life Membership CWLA-                who made the long trek from Perth to Albury via
NSW to Mary Cantrall and Mary Melville. Their             Sydney to attend the conference.
contribution has been invaluable to the Sydney
Archdiocese, having undertaken executive positions        Guest speakers were excellent starting with Br
within their branch and diocese over many years.          Michael Lynch SDB from Melbourne who introduced
Congratulations to both.                                  Sr Alexandrina Pinto, SDB who was visiting from
                                                          East Timor. Sister’s father was killed by Indonesian
State Council Meeting - At the recent State Council       soldiers and she lived in the hills in East Timor. Sr
Meeting CWLA-NSW President Catherine McGrath              Alexandrina now teaches in the hills educating girls
discussed the forthcoming National Conference as          (aged 17-22) from the villages. Many of these girls
well as the various Diocesan Conferences she has          have been abused. Education enables the girls to
attended. Also mentioned was her meeting with             obtain work.
the Hon. Verity Firth MP – Minister for Women, the
Sisterhood Conference and the National Marriage           Sr Alexandrina reminded us that East Timor is the
Day Breakfast held in Canberra on 13 August.              poorest and newest country in Asia with an illiterate
All Dioceses celebrated both St Maria Goretti             rate at 50%. Many suffer from health problems,

                          National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

malnutrition, lack of proper housing, and most          The guest speaker at our dinner was Fr. John
parents can’t afford to educate their children. They    Fowles, CCS. He took us on a his “Fly Away to
are poor, yet happy. The Salesians are working in the   Heaven” trip around Australia with 13 other light
areas of education, women’s skills training centres     planes to raise funds for children in East Timor to
and orphanages. Communities are supported by            come to WYD in Sydney. What an experience. A
the Salesians.                                          parishioner donated a kit plane and he and a number
                                                        of parishioners set about building it from scratch.
                                                        He called his plane “Angel Wings”. The project was
                                                        very successful. They survived a number of minor
                                                        problems along the way (like the wheel falling off)
                                                        and made it home safe and sound. Funds have
                                                        also been used to assist the orphanage run by the
                                                        Canassian Sisters of East Timor. The sale of the CD
                                                        ‘Earth Angel’ also went towards assisting this project.

                                                        Fr Terence Mahedy, Spiritual Director of CWL
                                                        Wagga Wagga spoke on his work in Kairos, an
                                                        ecumenical organisation that runs a 3 day course
                                                        for prisoners which helps them to seek forgiveness
Br Michael Lynch, Tess Gulliver & Sr Alexandrina        and to forgive. Prayer and liturgy is an important part
                                                        of the program. It was originally brought to Australia
Having received a request for tooth brushes and         by Archbishop Francis Carroll, Emeritus Archbishop
tooth paste to enable Sister to train the children in   of Canberra Goulburn.
oral hygiene, members arrived with such a number
that Br Michael’s station wagon was packed ‘to the      Madge Fahy
rafters’ with items as per request. One member          Assistant Secretary – Victoria & Wagga Wagga
brought a suitcase full which was donated by the St
Vincent de Paul in her parish.
                                                        SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Fr Brendan Lee and Miriam Kirley (youth workers in
the Wagga Wagga Diocese) spoke on youth issues
post WYD. Father asked CWL ladies to pray for           2009 is slipping by. The National Conference of
the youth. They need support and encouragement.         CWLA is upon us. A time to reflect on what the
Speak to your children and grandchildren. God           year has been so far and to re-establish friendships
has given youth a special role to honour father and     made at past national gatherings.
mother. We need to raise the bar for our youth.
Miriam stated that the media sends a message to         At meetings and functions of different CWL branches
young people today that leads them astray. Be           and regions during the year, the discussion often
Christ to young people. Don’t apologise for being       turns to the ageing and decreasing membership
Catholic. It was hard for you in our youth and it is    being experienced. But despite that, there is still
hard for youth today. We must present Christ to         much life and hope and activity happening in all
the young. We live in a very anti-Christian culture.    sorts of areas, from what I have seen.
WYD shocked many outside the Church. Was it
the Pope? It was and much, much more: it was the        In July, three members of our State Executive
opportunity to share our faith with others.             travelled down to Kingston in the south east of South
                                                        Australia, at the invitation of some of the women in
With a sex saturated culture, more youth are seeking    the small country parish, to talk about what was
chastity. Peer to peer is the most successful way to    involved in starting a CWL Branch there. There was
evangelise. Be aware that we also feel sad when         a wonderful community spirit, with about 10 women
our friends don’t attend Mass.                          who wanted to meet as part of an organisation
                                                        bigger than their parish. While they already support
Robyn Fahy spoke on the legal process that needed       each other in many ways in the community, they
to be followed to bring about the Cause for Dr Mary     saw a need to also support each other spiritually. On
Glowrey, Sr Mary of the Sacred Heart, JMJ. It is like   24 August they were having their first formal CWL
a long narrow winding road with much care needed        meeting. We are delighted to welcome them to our
as we embark on this journey.                           ‘network’ and look forward to working with them.

National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

This year the Adelaide Archdiocesan CWL took a           WUCWO
step back from focusing on fundraising events,
and in June hosted a ‘Fun Day’ for members.
This included a mind-stimulating quiz, a paper           Karen Hurley, President General of
hat-making competition, lunch and a wonderful            WUCWO in her recent circular 6/09 asked:
musical feast from Sr Majella O’Sullivan RSJ, who,
in a melodic voice sang a variety of songs to her        I ask the members of the World Union of Catholic
own accompaniment on the guitar. It was a most
                                                         Women’s Organizations (WUCWO) to join
enjoyable, friendly and entertaining Fun Day.
                                                         in prayer, Eucharistic adoration and practice
CWL SA is affiliated with and meets regularly with       “spiritual motherhood” throughout this “Year of
other organisations. These include the Women’s           the Priest”. Let us all pray that priests may be
Information Service (WIS), the United Nations            men of communion who can feel themselves
Association of Australia, Australian Church Women,       at the full service of the “body of Christ”.
Status of Women, and Traveller’s Aid.                    May they help faithful lay people to have their own
                                                         active role and co-responsibility in the organic and
Our CWL Community Children’s Centre located in           harmonious build up of the ecclesial community, in
the Adelaide CBD continues to flourish, with 6 CWL       which there is a place for every person with mutual
members active on the Board of Management.
                                                         listening and respect.
Denice Fetherstonhaugh travels down from Port
Pirie each month to attend these meetings.
                                                         May we show our gratitude to the holy priests
Also each month two Supper Clubs meet in local           who have been spiritual fathers to us, especially
hotels – one in the southern suburbs, and one in the     our beloved WUCWO Ecclesiastical Assistant, Fr
north-west. The Supper Club meetings are open to         GianMaria Polidoro, OFM.
all, involve having a meal and listening to a guest
speaker. There is no joining fee, no raffles and they
have been going for 11 years.
                                                                    Madonna Magazine
The Adelaide Archdiocese is in the beginning stages
of developing a rural ministry programme, and CWL        Jesuit Publications generously provided copies of the
has been invited to be part of the working party to      latest (September/October) Madonna magazine to all
look at ways of supporting lay people in the training    who attended the recent CWLA National Conference.
required and with the cost involved in assisting the     They also included an advertisement for the then
Priests in country parishes. At our AGM in October,
                                                         upcoming National Conference in the July/August
Sr Liz Morris will be the guest speaker on the topic
of Rural Ministry Formation Programme.
                                                         Inside the back page of the September/October edition
In the Murray Bridge Parish, a near-city country
Parish, I was told of initiatives being taken by CWL     of the Madonna is a special offer for NEW subscribers.
members to encourage children and parents from           If you do not already subscribe to this wonderful
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                          National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

ABOUT BIOETHICS                                          not, since the intention to take life is lacking. These
                                                         acts include not commencing treatment that would
                                                         not provide a benefit to the patient, withdrawing
                                                         treatment that has been shown to be ineffective, too
                                                         burdensome or is unwanted, and the giving of high
                                                         doses of pain-killers that may endanger life, when
                                                         they have been shown to be necessary. All these
                                                         are part of good medical practice, endorsed by law,
                                                         when they are properly carried out.

                                                         "The AMA position is that patients do have a right,
                                                         after discussion and being fully informed, to refuse
                                                         a medical treatment," AMA president Andrew Pesce
There has been much comment in the media lately
about the West Australian man with quadriplegia,         told AAP. Dr Pesce dismissed suggestions the court
who sought permission from the West Australian           ruling could potentially lead to euthanasia becoming
Supreme Court to order his carers to stop feeding        legal.
him. This means that he has effectively been
given the right to choose if he wants to die through     And the Church talks about the right to refuse
starvation. (;            treatment. (From the Catechism of the Catholic
com;; www.dailytelegraph.
                                                         Church) etc) This man receives his nutrition via
a PEG - that is a feeding tube that goes into the
stomach directly through the abdominal wall. It is a        2278 Discontinuing medical procedures that
simple and safe way of receiving food when there            are burdensome, dangerous, extraordinary,
are problems with swallowing or eating.                     or disproportionate to the expected outcome
                                                            can be legitimate; it is the refusal of “over-
Of course, this issue has raised the topic of               zealous” treatment. Here one does not will
euthanasia and we would do well to heed the
                                                            to cause death; one’s inability to impede it
comments of the Chief Justice, “It is important I
think to emphasise at the outset what this case is          is merely accepted. The decisions should
not about,” he said. “It is not about euthanasia. Nor       be made by the patient if he is competent
is it about physicians providing lethal treatments to       and able or, if not, by those legally entitled
patients who wish to die. Nor is it about the right to      to act for the patient, whose reasonable
life or even the right to death.”                           will and legitimate interests must always be
Nonetheless, the ruling has instigated debate on
the broader issue of euthanasia. Last week Dr
Scott Blackwell from Palliative Care WA Inc warned       The newspaper reports did note that the man has
people not to confuse this case with euthanasia.         been seeking the advice of euthanasia advocate
Dr Blackwell says the case is not about murder           Philip Nitschke, who labelled the court’s decision
laws, but about the right of the state’s residents       ‘a victory for common sense’!! “Earlier, Dr Nitschke
to refuse treatment. “All Western Australians with       said the court decision could mean euthanasia was
legal decision-making capacity have the right to
                                                         one step closer to becoming legal”.
refuse medical treatment ... courts in Australia and
overseas have long considered artificial feeding a
                                                         What is interesting is that the Perth man plans
medical treatment” he said.
                                                         to apply for a passport to travel to Switzerland to
There are arguments for and against euthanasia           die, that is, to end his own life. So it seems that
and valuable information can be found at a very          ceasing to take food is really option B, and that
helpful site,                         travelling to Switzerland is his preferred option. Can
                                                         you see any difference between the two options?
What Euthanasia is NOT: There is no euthanasia
unless the death is intentionally caused by what
was done or not done. Thus, some medical actions         Margo Nancarrow
that are often labelled “passive euthanasia” are         Bioethics Convenor

National Newsletter Catholic Women's League Australia Inc.

SOCIAL ISSUES                                               •   tell people what we believe,

                                                            •   introduce them to the love and mercy of Jesus
                                                                Christ the saviour of ALL mankind,

                                                            •   continue to pray for each other and watch
                                                                God’s answer to prayer in our life.

                                                           Christ said, “I did not come to call the virtuous, but
                                                           sinners to repentance”. The parish shelters the
                                                           virtuous but what of the sinners? The Christian
                                                           message is far too important to be confined to the
Church Membership and Pastoral
Co-responsibility                                          The challenge is for each member of the Body of
                                                           Christ (that’s you and me) is to witness, in our little
“The future of Christianity and the Church requires        part of the world, to what we believe – and to call
the commitment and the testimony of each one of            sinners to repentance - just as Christ did.
us to grow and develop,” says Pope Benedict XVI.
                                                           How long is it since any of us has challenged what
“There is still a tendency to unilaterally identify the    is sinful, attempted to share our faith with a non-
Church with the hierarchy, forgetting the common           believer or tried to rekindle the faith of a lapsed
responsibility, the common mission of all the              Catholic?
                                                           We are intended to be the leaven - carrying Christ’s
Up to what point is the pastoral responsibility            message of hope to the world. The Christian
of everyone, especially the laity, recognized
                                                           message is far too important to be confined to the
and encouraged? Laypeople are not merely the
clergy’s collaborators, but are meant to share in the
responsibility of the Church’s ministry.
                                                           Each and every one of us is given responsibility for
If we are to carry out our mission we must first           spreading the word.

•    examine ourselves and be prepared to find a           I ask you for the sake of the nation to find ways to
     new way of behaving with one another,                 challenge society, young and old, to “turn away from
                                                           sin and believe the good news”.
•    extend true friendship - particularly to those
     who suffer - even when it calls for sacrifice and     Betty Roberts OAM
     self denial,                                          National Social Issues Convenor

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    Karyn Kammann, Maria Parkinson, Noelle Guidera, Anne Power, Barbara Paterniti, Margaret Sullivan

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