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					                                           A newsletter of YFC across Australia

                      catalyst                                                                snapshots                            ISSUE 26 SPRING 2005

In July a team from Youth for Christ conducted
a 2-week 'Project Serve' trip to Malaysia. This
trip used basketball clinics to help YFC
Malaysia in their outreach, and also gave team
members a cross-cultural ministry experience.

Led by Aaron Kamp, a full-time YFC worker in
Western Australia, the team visited local high
schools in 3 cities; Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and
Johor Bahru; conducting skills clinics,
basketball games and hanging out with the
students. Outside of school, the team ran '3 on
3' basketball competitions, attended Church                                                                                     MISSION TO
services and facilitated a 'Cultural Night'. In                                                                                 MALAYSIA
total, almost 1000 students participated in the

                                                       The team members were also delighted by the         Currently there are trips to India and
                                                       results and very happy to be given the              Bangladesh planned for next year, and possibly
                                                       opportunity to impact young lives. Bruce            another trip back to Malaysia.
                                                       Polmear, says, "This trip was an experience I
                                                       don't want to ever forget and I am so grateful      "Everyone should get a glimpse of what it is
                                                       to the Lord for the privilege of being able to go   like to minister across cultural barriers" says
                                                       and serve Him in this way."                         Aaron, "It gets you thinking outside of what
                                                                                                           we do. We can also grow a lot in our Christian
                                                       Project Serve is a new ministry of YFC              faith, through the challenges we may
Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country.            Australia. It aims to challenge and develop         encounter."
"In schools we were not allowed to share               Christians as they step outside of their
anything about what we believed about                  comfort zones, cross cultural barriers and          For more information about future Project
Jesus," says Aaron. However, outside of                reach out to young people across the world.         Serve trips, please contact Gina Dittmer.
schools, the team did have this opportunity.           Aaron, and Gina Dittmer, YFC's Project Serve
                                                       Director, share a great vision for the future of
Through the team members sharing their                 the programme.
personal testimonies, 328 young people were
able to hear messages about Christianity, and                                                                                              Kaori Nakafuji
of those people, 74 wanted to know more
about God and 11 actually became Christians.

"I consider the trip a great success considering
the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country. I
was quite impressed by the response of the
young people," said Aaron.
Sometimes our view of young                                                   Mother Theresa said "God does not
people becomes jaded. We can see                                              look at how much we do, but with
them as self indulgent, self-                                                 how much love we do it." The single
obsessed, arrogant, surly and any                                             most important need in any human
number of things we dislike.                                                  being is to love and be loved. This
                                                                              need is at its most pronounced in
We forget that we too were once                 "We love                      the years we call 'the teens'.
exactly like them, adolescents with                                           My assurance is that the Holy Spirit
raging hormones and confusion                    because                      is working in love through YFC, and,
about our identity; just 'kids' who                                           with His resilience and power, we
were trying to find meaning,                     he first                     can make a difference to the young
                                                                                                                                            From our National Director
direction and destiny.                                                        people of Australia.
                                                loved us"                                                                                   DAVID BONANNO
Time changed our understanding of                                             Thank you for partnering with us in
who we were, but for many of us a                                             loving them.
greater change came because we
came to know God's great love for                                             David Bonanno
us in Christ. This love is everything.                                        National Director


                                         1.   Help them to find community, be empathetic, and to reach out and help others. Also help them
                                              identify people in their family and wider community that they can speak with when they are troubled.

                                         2.   Be positive and hopeful yourself - model optimism.

                                         3.   Help your young person see life as a journey of discovery - every situation can teach you something.
ABILITY THAT WE ALL                      4.   Help them accept change as a part of living.
AFTER THE HARD STUFF                     5.   Help them set new and realistic goals when things go wrong.
THEY FALL PREY TO                        6.   Teach them to break big tasks down into smaller units.
DRUG ABUSE, NEGATIVE                          It is amazing what you can achieve in 15 minutes if you do those 15 minutes regularly!
SOMETIMES SUICIDE.                       7.   Live a life of integrity yourself.
                                              Be consistent with your beliefs - they need to know this is possible and desirable.

                                         8.   Help them find the balance between regular routine (an important part of life)
                                              and appropriate times of rest.

                                         9.   Help them to see taking care of themselves as an important part of being an adult - this means we
                                              have to model being responsible about our health and well being.
THEM BUILD RESILIENCE                10.      Pray for your young person and let them know that you are praying. When they ask about your beliefs
HERE WILL HELP.                               tell them about Christ. This is the greatest source of resilience anyone could have - the God of the
                                              universe is our Friend.

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