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This information sheet has been developed to provide details regarding rules and requirements
for operating vehicles on the campus of J. F. Drake State Technical College. The information
provided is designed to assist faculty, staff, students, and visitors in providing a safe, secure,
and orderly method of parking and operating vehicles on the campus.

Vehicle (Campus) Registration
Allvehicles owned or regularly used on campus by faculty, staff, and students are required to be
registered with the Office of Student Services. Each person seeking to register his or her
vehicle(s) is required to provide a valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration (tag and tax
receipt), and proof of insurance. All vehicles in the State of Alabama are required to have
liability insurance.

Parking Enforcement
All vehicles are required to park in the assigned parking zones. Parking areas for faculty, staff,
and visitors are indicated by designated markers. All other areas are available throughout the
campus for student parking). Vehicles in violation of parking in designated zones will be
ticketed by campus security personnel and/or towed at owner’s expense.

Speed Limit
The posted speed limit on the campus of J. F. Drake State Technical College is 15 MPH. Violators
will be ticketed by campus security personnel.

Loud Music
Music played from your vehicle should not be heard over 25 feet
away from the vehicle. (Consult City Noise Ordinance).

All regulations regarding loud music, parking, speeding, and other moving violations will be
enforced by campus security. Violators (individuals who excessively violate the rules or who
operate vehicles in a manner which compromises the safety of others) will forfeit their
driving privileges on campus.

Contact Information
For information regarding vehicle (campus) registration and parking decals, contact the Public
Relations Office at 256.551-3136. Information regarding enforcement-related issues should be
directed to campus security at 256-551- 5223

Questions or concerns pertaining to enforcement issues can also be directed to the Director of
Operations by dialing 551-5223 or 539-8161 ext. 209.