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                                                                                       Placécol Newsletter
                                                                                                                        Issue 3 | 2006
       Inside this issue:
  How do we prepare for you?                             p1
  Prevention is better than cure! p2
  Placécol Beauty Centres                                p2

  Skin facts!                                           p2
  Get spruced up for spring!                             p3
  Giving it your all!                                   p3
  PLATINUM PROMOTION                                     p3
  PACK FOR YOU!                                                     How do we prepare for you?
  Meet our area Managers                                 p4         The inside scoop on the Placécol Institute.
                                                                    The Placécol Institute, situated in Centurion, Pretoria, is the result of a direct need
                                                                    to create a purpose built training facility where therapists could receive world
                                                                    class skin care training. The demand for Placécol Beauty Centres in sometimes
                                                                    remote towns, further necessitated the building of the Placécol Residence where
                                                                    our full time students could be accommodated during their training.

                                                                    Placécol therapists are hand picked and need

                                                                    to complete a personal interview before
                                                                    enrolling in any of our courses. All courses
                                                                    are accredited by the Professional
                                                                    Accreditation Body for the Health & Skincare

                                                                    Industry (PAB) and exams are written under
                                                                    the auspices of ITEC - the largest international
                                                                    examination board and the National body,
                                                                    SAAHSP. The curriculum is aimed at providing
                                                                    outstanding education, resulting in career
                                                                    focused therapists with a holistic approach

                                                                    to achieving their own potential. Through the
                                                                    establishment of collaborative partners in the
                                                                    international health and skincare field, we
                                                                    encourage an environment of life long learning
Meet the Skin team                                                  - assuring you that we always go further to
                                                                    bring you the best in South African health and
Rentia Bodenstein (L) and Izelle Behr (R) are the girls with        skin care.
a passion for good skin, healthy bodies and all things beautiful!
Together they form a formidable team and they are always            The Placécol Residence is a modern purpose
looking for new ways to keep ‘Skin’ full of interesting facts       built development for the exclusive use of
and tips! Meet Leré Robinson on p3 where she gives great            students at the Placécol Institute. It boarders
advice on getting ‘Spruced up for Spring’! Let us know what         on the Institute grounds and was designed
you think of your Placécol Newsletter and perhaps specific          with security and convenience as top priorities.
beauty questions that you would like to read about in future        The building was purpose built for the student
issues. E-mail with your comments,              lifestyle, ensuring a feel of camaraderie, whilst

ideas and questions!
                                                                    ensuring privacy in a modern lifestyle with a
                                                                                                                                                              living space

                                                                    feel of luxury.
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are
                                                                    Visit or contact the
tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
                                                                    Institute on 012 664 1406 for more
                               -Ralph Waldo Emmerson                information.
                           Prevention is better than cure!
    Spoil yourself with a one hour Intensive Moisture Treatment
    One of our best kept secrets is out of the bag. The Placécol intensive               a gentle patting movement, before a treatment balm is applied to your
    treatment is yours to experience right now! Start with a relaxing Shiatsu            eyes, lips, neck and decollaté. A moisturizer and Vita E serum completes
    massage to relieve tension in your shoulders, neck and head. Your make-              your treatment. Are you in dreamland yet?
    up is removed and light exfoliation is done with a specialized exfoliator

                                                                                         This luxurious treatment is available for Normal / Combination skin using
    that is activated by steam. This is applied to your cleansed face, back
                                                                                         the Arnica Gel Mask, for Oily / Acne skin using the Purifying Black Mask,
    and decollaté. Your toned skin now receives Placécol Soft Laser Therapy
                                                                                         and Dry / Sensitive skin using the Moisturising Milk Mask. These are
    (can you feel yourself sinking away to dreamland yet?), followed by a gentle
                                                                                         specialised, professional treatments that are not available for home
    mask and massage. A serum suited to your skin’s needs is applied with
                                                                                         purchase. Make sure you reward your good winter behaviour this spring!

    Placécol Beauty Centre Menu
    How can we treat you today? We strive to offer our clients a comprehensive beauty service,
                                                                                                                   H2O Fact
    the Placécol way! Call your nearest Placécol Beauty Centre or visit for more                  Placécol has two top Water
    details on all our beauty treatments. Selected Edgards and Edgards Red Square Stores also offer
    a range of treatments, please call our customer care line for a store near you!
                                                                                                                   Purification Systems for the
                                                                                                                   production of purified water used
                                                                                                                   in the manufacture of Placécol skin
                                                                                                                   products. This water is also used in
                                                                                                                   the Placécol salons in the steamer
                                                                                                                   units as the dissolved solids in the
    Manicure                 Pedicure                  Massage                     Placécol Soft Laser             municipal water cause the steamers
                                                                                                                   to block up, and the chemical-free
                                                                                                                   steam is far more effective and
                                                                                                                   pleasant on the skin.
                                                                                                                   Read more about the benefits of our
                                                                                                                   purification system on our website!
                             MicroDermaLaser                                                                         ONLY THE BEST WILL DO

                                                                                                                           FOR YOU!

    Intensive Treatment                                   Waxing

    Q: How do I prevent my
    skin from becoming dull
                                        Q: Is it essential to wear
                                        sunscreen in the winter or
                                                                            Q: How can I prevent
                                                                            painful winter cuticles?                    Skin facts!
    and flaky in the late               can I skip it on colder days?
                                                                            A: If you suffer from painful,
    w i n t e r. M y n o r m a l        A: Don’t think that just            bleeding cuticles, especially         100 000:
    moisturizer does not seem           because you don’t ‘feel’ the        in the colder months, why             The amount of skin cells you loose in a day!
    to work as well anymore             sun’s heat on your skin that        not invest in a manicure or           4 kilograms:
    and summer is looming, I            the UV rays are not                 two during that period? Your          The weight of your skin
    want to look my best!               penetrating the protective          hands will be boosted with            15 minutes:
                                        ozone. Make sure you use at         moisturizers that can aid in
    A: Invest in a good treatment                                                                                 The safest length of time to be exposed to
                                        least a SPF15 at all times.         the prevention of painful             sunlight in one day
    product such as Placécol’s
                                        Some moisturizers and even          winter hands. Ask your                1 in 75:
    Rejuvenating serum. Placécol
                                        your foundation can contain         therapist about a
    p r o d u c t s h av e b e e n                                                                                The incidences of skin cancer today
                                        this vital protection. Placécol     CosmoSense supplement
    formulated specifically for                                                                                   1 in 1000:
                                        offers a full range of sun          that will feed your skin from
    the South African climate                                                                                     The incidences of skin cancer 40 years ago
    and you can’t go wrong by           products that have been             within, while you are
                                                                            protecting it from the                3 weeks:
    investing in a good home            formulated for the harsh
                                        climate we live in. Ask your        outside. Eat lots of fish and         The time period in which healthy skin is
    beauty routine, supported                                                                                     replaced
    by monthly visits to your           therapist about the best choice     nuts as Omega 3, 6 and 9 all
    salon for intensive                 for your skin...and when            work together to fight dry
    treatments….and drink               applying your sunscreen, don’t      scalp, cracked heels and sore         Your best defense against ageing, acne &
    plenty of spring water!!            forget your ears!!!                 fingers!                              oily skin!

Get spruced                                    whole foods like fresh fruit and

up for spring!
                                               vegetables and freshly extracted fruit
                                               and veggie juices. Eat smaller meals
                                               throughout the day to prevent excess
                                                                                                                          Giving it your               all!
                                               blood sugar, which is converted into fat                 Immune Boosters from the CosmoSense range aid
        By: Leré Robinson                      when not used throughout the day.                        in the prevention of winter colds and flu and will
                 During the cold winter                                                                 boost you for the coming season’s change!
                 months many of us want        Prevent colds & flu: Wish you could
                 to stay indoors, eat          outrun the common cold?
                 warm, home cooked
                 foods and cuddle up           The solution: Exercise! Significantly
                 under a warm snuggly

                                                                                                          normal skin
                                               decrease your risk of illness by taking up a                                     - Prevents acne & boils
                 blanket. Toward the end

                                               regular sport suited to your lifestyle. Active                                   - Improves skin appearance
of winter, however, our clothes feel                                                                                            - Boosts the immune system
tighter, our skins feel drier and our          people suffer from colds & flu far less than                                     - Improves capillary blood flow
systems are probably feeling more              those who don’t exercise at all.                                                 - Nutri-Support for Normal Skin
sluggish than usual. Here are some ways                                                                                         - Supports general skin and body health
to prevent the slump by addressing the         Prevent that dried out feeling:
main nutritional concerns with practical       Coming out of winter, many people suffer
solutions.                                     from dry, itchy skin and hair. There are
                                               various environmental and nutritional
Prevent dehydration: When we are not           reasons for this, but there is one great                                         - Supports longevity

                                                                                                         all skin types
active, our sense of thirst declines and so                                                                                     - Protects against wrinkles
                                               solution!                                                                        - Suitable for all skin types
does our fluid intake!                                                                                                          - Slows down the ageing process
                                               The solution: Oil your body! Fight back                                          - Helps boost the immune system
The solution: Make a conscious effort          by addressing your lack of essential fatty                                       - Anti-Oxidant for skin repair and healthy
to drink your six to eight glasses of spring   acids, especially Omega 3 fatty acids.Take                                         skin maintenance
water daily. Consume more high-fluid           in more flax seeds, a good quality cold-
                                                                                                                                - Protects the skin and body from damage caused
foods and avoid alcohol and caffeine,                                                                                             by free-radicals
                                               pressed flax oil, pumpkin seeds, dark leafy
because they have a diuretic effect,           green vegetables and oily fish such as tuna,
causing your body to lose more fluids.         mackerel, salmon and sardines.
Prevent empty calories: Start eating           The concept of whole body health is

                                                                                                         all skin types
more, smaller meals instead of one or          simple: Lay a firm health foundation                                             - Boosts energy
two large meals filled with warm breads        bygetting the basics right and your body         restore                         - Enhances longevity
                                                                                                                                - Detoxifies the body
and soups.                                     will be better equipped to accept the                                            - Rejuvenates the skin
                                               nutrition of whole foods.                                                        - Assists in reversing sun damage
The solution: Increase your nutrient                                                                                            - Nutriceutical Health & Beauty
density by focusing on eating live, raw,       PureLife 0827778958                                                                tonic for all skin types

..................................................................                                            GLUTEN, WHEAT AND DAIRY FREE MIELIEBREAD
  Ease into a healthier eating pattern this                                                                   1 tin sweet corn, 200 ml polenta mielie meal, 10 ml baking
                                                                                                              powder, 2 ml salt, 2 eggs (beaten), 50 ml cold-pressed
  spring, with bread that is good for you!                                                                    sunflower oil. Beat all the ingredients until well mixed. Pour

..................................................................                                            into well-greased bread pan. Bake at 180C for 30-40 minutes.


                                                                                                                                                               RS 9 10
                                                                                                                                                                R4 : R

                                                                                                                                                                 P: 5 70

                                                                                         PLATINUM PROMOTION PACK
                                                                                                 FOR YOU!
                                                                                                                 YOURS FOR ONLY R495!

      Make sure you get to the Beauty Extravaganza at selected Edgars and Edgars Red Square stores for the Platinum Promotion!
       100ml Mild Foaming Cleanser • 30ml Hydro Active Day Cream SPF12 • 50 ml Hydro Firming Mask • 30 ml Oxygenating Serum •
                                             Value R1070 • YOURS FOR ONLY R495

                                                     Offer Valid 14 August 2006 - while stocks lasts.
                         Also available from you nearest Placécol Beauty Centre and selected Pharmacies from 28 August 2006

    Meet our area managers                                                 Your nearest PBC’s:
                                                                           Toll Free: 0861 -11-22-22 |
           Beualah Beneke                                                  Gauteng
           Western Cape
                                                                           Atterbury        Pretoria       Tel: 012-991 6293
           “You have to do more than you get paid for, because
           that is where the fortune is”                                   Moreletapark     Pretoria       Tel: 012-998 2653

                                                                           Glenfair         Pretoria       Tel: 012-361 3251
           Charissa Theron
                                                                           Silverlakes      Pretoria       Tel: 012-809 2664
           Gauteng & East Rand
           “If you want to get somewhere, you have to know where           The Village      Pretoria       Tel: 012-997 2461
           you want to go and how to get there. Then never, ever
           give up!                                                        Watermeyerpark Pretoria         Tel: 012-804 2234

           Desiré Brown                                                    Mall@Reds        Centurion      Tel: 012-656 9119
           Western Cape
                                                                           Eldovillage      Centurion      Tel: 012-654 7718
           “T E A M: Together Everyone Achieves More”
                                                                           Doringkloof      Centurion      Tel: 012-667 6799

           Jackie Oosthuizen                                               Calrswald        Midrand        Tel: 011-318 0434

           North West Province                                             Festival         Kempton Park Tel: 011-394 9779
           “Whilst reaching for the stars never forget the flowers
                                                                           Cresta           Randburg       Tel: 011-678 5678
           at your feet” “Carpe Diem-Sieze the day!!”
                                                                           Riversquare      Vereeniging    Tel: 016-423 5284
           Marisa de Wit
                                                                           Mall@Carnival    Brakpan        Tel: 011-915 6512
           Competion is about passion for perfection, and passion          Mpumalanga
           for other people who join in this impossible quest!”
                                                                           Saveway          Witbank        Tel: 013-656 6503
           Naomi Blignaut                                                  North West
           Vaal triangle, East Rand & Gauteng
                                                                           Potchefstroom    Good straat    Tel: 018-297 6990
           “Winners know that setbacks are really just stepping
           stones to their goals”                                          Vaal Mall        Vanderbijlpark Tel: 016-933 9366

           Ronél van Tonder                                                Flamwood         Klerksdorp     Tel: 018-462 6970
           Free State & Northern Cape
           “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”
                                                                           Savannah         Polokwane      Tel: 082 883 4012

           Tania Burger                                                    Free State
           Eastern Cape & Southern Cape                                    Victorian Square Bloemfontein   Tel: 051-430 1789
           ‘Some people make headlines, my team makes history!”
                                                                           Welkom Square Welkom            Tel: 057-352 2224

                                                                           Western Cape
           Toinette Carstens
           Limpopo & Mpumalanga                                            Waterstone       Somerset West Tel: 021-851 4572

           “Positiewe gedagtes soos Hoop, Geluk, Selfagting en             Prekor           Durbanville    Tel: 021-975 4467    prekor@placé
           Prestasie het positiewe resultate soos Geesdrif, Kalmte,
           Energie en Liefde."                                             Worcester        Worcester      Tel: 023-347 6225
           Vanessa Carreira
                                                                           Northern Cape
                                                                           Kimberley        Kimberley      Tel: 053- 832 7719
           “The optimist sees opportunity in every danger, the
           pessimist sees danger in ever y oppor tunity”
                                                                           Eastern Cape
                                                                           Walker Drive     Port Elizabeth Tel: 041-369 0811
           Yolanie Grundlingh
                                                                           Langeberg        Mosselbaai     Tel: 044-695 2895
           Gauteng, West Rand
           “Passion makes perfect”
                                                                           Mini PBC’s
                                                                           Grahamstown      Bourke Street Tel: 046-622 8957
           Zeldi Mann
                                                                           Graaff-Reinett   New Street     Tel: 049-892 4119
           “To better someone else’s life is the biggest reward of all”.   Bethlehem        Riverwalk      Tel: 058-303 5248

                                                                           Editor: I. Behr | Research: R. Bodenstein


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